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Episode 7 — Listener Questions

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Today’s Love, Dad is a very special episode where we answer your e-mail questions! Dave & Jeff give some advice on what lies ahead for an expectant dad, discuss how kids are sometimes pressured into a religion, and weigh in on how to deal with a bully situation. We also examine the idea of rough housing and letting kids be kids. In addition to all this question answering, we’re also treated with a clean joke of the week!

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As far as the pre-birth period for a guy, Jeff and Dave were pretty much dead on. One thing I would suggest, because this is what I did, is just after your wife gives birth and you guys are admitted to your recovery room immediately begin studying what the nurses do with the baby when they come in. They will be in the room constantly and they can show you how to properly change diapers, hold the baby, and many other things. That way once you guys leave the hospital you are pretty much set for the first couple months. By that time, you will be a pro and then wonder how fast your life has changed in such a brief amount of time.


Also, it was good to hear about Jeff's pugalistic past. For some reason I would never have imagined him doing such things and I'm sure Dave felt the same way. When you were telling the story, all I could envision in my mind was Jeff in some sort of scene from West Side Story!

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Hey Guys!


Wonderful show this week as always. I've been listening since the first episode and I feel you guys are really hitting your grove in this episode. There is a really nice back and forth between you to. I really enjoyed the question about religion and to hear the two different approaches you are taking. My wife and I just had a son 4 months ago and his name is Gabriel, neither of us are religious at all but we both have a spiritual understanding of the world. I LOVED hearing Dave say "life is suffering", thats one of the basic fundamentals of the buddies religion. It's how we choose to deal with that suffering that allows us to either be content or to be constantly suffering.

Also the whole bullying thing is something I think we all need to be aware of as parents. It's something I know I will need to face at one point or another. I can't remember if it was Jeff or Dave that suggested an open and frank discussion with all parties involved. I felt that was a very enlightened approach, and depending on how the other parents react could be a good way to solve it.

Earlier this week Gabriel was at day care and another child without malice threw a book and it hit him in the head. I immediately went to, now he's going to hate books after having had this traumatic experience of being hit in the head by one. Then I thought to myself, when I was in third grade someone tripped over the cord of a big metal film projector which toppled over and landed square on my head. I hold no ill thoughts towards projectors, or movies.


Jason Hesbach

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