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This documentary was recently name-dropped by Thomas Dolby on the Nerdist podcast, but I thought it might also be of interest to fans of this podcast. It's called 'Cracked Actor' and is 50+ minutes of David Bowie high on coke, both on stage and in interviews. Enjoy:


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In France, there was a child singer named Jordy that took the country by storm with his dance hit "Dur Dur D'etre Bebe" and the live performance (featuring crowd shots of Whitney Houston and Michael Hutchence) was CRAZY:




Somehow, this song was popular--maybe because it was a little baby singing--enough to be televised. And Whitney's expression was priceless.]

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Jordy was actually in a recent episode -- my favorite one so far, #63. It kind of got overshadowed by Kars 4 Kids, everything was a blur after that.

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I just discovered that existed and freaked the fuck out.


Also this is me and Wesley the second time I saw him: https://scontent-b-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/1535707_10151878527451129_1803851636_n.jpg


I was incredibly nervous because he recognized me nearly two years after we first met. This was also shortly before he died and he did not look well, so it was a bittersweet event. If anyone's interested I've got a pretty good story about the two times we met.

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I know this show tries to be positive but how about the video for the song "Complicated"? Seeing it again recently reminded me of why I don't like her:



How could anyone watch this video and feel anything but white hot, seething hatred? It starts with her and her annoying teen friends picking on that poor hot dog guy. And whenever they're not being horrible, inhuman monsters they're doing the most "at the mall" bullshit imaginable. Avril basically got license to do total wish fulfillment, and she chooses to do the most cliche annoying teenager stuff imaginable. Complete with one of the most fake-looking basketball "stunts" I've ever seen. AND SHE GOT PAID MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR THIS.


And the fact that she is a "punk" rock singer makes this even more personal for him. Notice that I put the word punk in quotes.

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