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* Obviously, I am mashing up the awesome Curtingston 'lets all go to the movies' Caricatures and I think Peter absolutely nails the icon of the clapboard+question mark.

[so clearly the credit here is those guys not me - I just thought they went together for ultimate greatness]


* I wanted to put some Birdemic birds in the sky or the film reels at the side could have infamous stills inside them (Sleepaway Camp Angela Monster, Coathangers and my all-time favourite 'Spaghetti Robot')




And btw... I seem to remember the Nicolas Rage shirts were an issue when it turns out 'someone' in Hollywood was a little litigious?

So - is it better if a HDTGM icon does NOT have stills, images, icons, actors from the works themselves?

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Weekend at Bernie's came out when I was young and it was the first time I wondered to myself, "How did this get made?"


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Nothing like running films through the meat grinder of insanity to answer the question...HDTGM?


Big fan of the show--best part of every other Tuesday! Thanks again for keeping the show free!

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