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Please please PLEASE do Mac and Me. I've just recently watched it for the first time since I was a kid and hoooo boy, has it ruined my memories. I felt so overjoyed at seeing how bad this was that I had to register on here just to recommend it. If you were looking to review a cheap knock of off E.T. with Coke and McDonalds product placement throughout, then look no further.


This is simply, a classic.


Keep up the good work, James.

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This movie is so bad, it is truly spectacular.


It has a zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Paul Rudd plays a terrifying and disturbing clip from this film every time he promotes a film on Conan's show, and overall it's a terrible, terrible movie. I personally find it to be hilarious, others I've watched it with, are livid with me for making them watch it. Also, the entire movie is a product placement for McDonalds and Coke.


I think this would be a spectacular addition to the podcast.


P.S. Even if it doesn't make it on the podcast, you should watch it for the scene alone where the alien (Mac) dances on top of a table at McDonalds while dressed in a bear costume.

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