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Looking for a movie

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I've been trying to think of this for about a week now... I think the guy who was the star was on CDR/CBB plugging the movie.


It's a sort of stand up comedy/documentary/dramatized reality, semi-real, semi-fake. I think it was produced by netflix, or at least watchable on netflix instant.


Does anyone have a clue what I'm thinking of?

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Appreciate the quick response, but that's not it. It came out at least a year ago, probably 2009 or 2010. (I might be confusing a few details w/Sleepwalk with Me though)


I believe the comedian in the movie played guitar, but the only guitar playing comedian I can think of that was on Bang Bang was Nick Thune.



Edit: Actually after looking at the episode I'm thinking you might be right, since another guest on the Birbiglia ep plays guitar... I swear I'm thinking of another movie though.


Fuck haha.

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Do you mean Punching The Clown? It stars Henry Philips, who was indeed the other guest in the Mike Birbiglia CDR ep. You had all the clues and yet...


Yes, thank you! I guess I should've listened to more than a minute of that episode just now haha. Awesome. I'm going to check that out in the next few days.

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Punching the Clown is really good. People should see it, because people usually like things that are really good.

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