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Episode 6 — Raising Money

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Learn about the different ways on how to raise money and how to pay that money back on today’s episode of Seth Godin’s Startup School. Seth discusses television, the importance of advertising, and the long tail.

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Wolfie, your description does not do this episode justice :) there is some much more in here than just raising money, in fact the raising money part was a tiny blip in the whole show. this was a much better episode, i really understood what Seth was saying and found some great nuggets, 2 and half typed pages of notes!


the only part i'm struggling to understand is at the end, where Seth says when it's your story it's harder because it means so much to you so you don't want to screw it up. then he says your job is to be an actor and tell a story that persuades the audience that your idea is right.


i'm not understanding if he is using the "be an actor" as a way to escape the fear that you'll tell the story incorrectly, i.e. be a proxy and deflect the blame for a bad story to an invisible storywriter not yourself


but at the same time Seth is saying you need to persuade the audience that you are right, which sound dangerous and scary.


do you think he was just saying this is what you need to do for tomorrow, be an actor - make it interesting (pressure), or was that a way to get around the fear of telling your story (protection against critics)?

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