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Episode 10 — Poitier, Olivier, Kanye

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The man. The myth. The slapper of basses. Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers sits down to chat with Har Mar on this week’s Nocturnal Emotions! Flea recalls some embarrassing moments from his childhood such as being told he soiled his pants by his Kindergarten teacher and having his shorts fall off while jumping on a trampoline in P.E. Flea also gets real about a past relationship, reminisces about the time he & Har Mar bungee jumped off the tallest building in New Zealand, and talks about growing up with a Jazz musician step-father. Plus, Flea shows off his improvisational skills during Let’s Create A Show!

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Flea is fucking awesome. Every time I hear him talk I always think of his character Dale in the movie "The Chase". Another great one Sean!

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