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Episode 109 — Herbie Does Not Smile

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Welcome in the New Year with Ku-Ku & Wie-Wie as they chop it up with returning guest Tom Lennon! Recorded live at the Los Angeles Podfest they chart down the top 5 songs on the Korean Billboard 100. They also discuss Dogtown and the Z Boys, getting catapulted from Laos to Korea, and Mickey Rooney buying condoms. Also charted are the five highest grossing films written by Tom Lennon and Ben Garant. Tom dishes on how his movies got made and how he stood up to the people who wanted to see Herbie the car smile. There’s also a really tender and sweet moment between the hosts. Enjoy!


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Wie-Wie totally had me cracking up in this episode, especially with his Top 5 Chandeliers and Laotian germ barrier! Love this show! :)


Btw, is anyone going to Who Charted Live during the SF Sketchfest? I'd love to meet some fellow Chartists!

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what about fever pitch? i think thats what really took fallon out of movies..great live ep!


Ooh, good point.


Good episode, and I'm glad it allowed Ku and Wie (and Stard) a light week. The new intro was a nice touch, mostly because it means we'll presumably still be getting a new Tooch!

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