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Can't find segments and want to laugh again

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I'm looking for two things:


1) In one of the first 7 episodes, Randy and Jason talked about a hypothetical reality show featuring John Daly, a bottle of liquor, and a gun. Does anyone know what episode it was and around what time during the episode it occurs?


2) On a more recent episode (between 100 and 115) they referred to what they considered one of the funniest Key and Peele sketches they'd ever seen, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it is.


Any help in identifying these two things would make me very happy. Keep up the great work R&J!

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Not sure about the first one, but I can help you on the second one. It was the East/West Collegiate Bowl player introductions:



"Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar, University of Middle Tennessee..."

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