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"Crazy shit that happened in old adventures" segment name

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Because I can be obsessive about such things I thought I'd compile the suggestions so far. Then we can just add on in one forum. Each name/set of names starts with the user name who suggested it/them. If I missed any I apologize.


RIP Spirit Bear

"The Wizard Regales With Nerdly Tales"



"Past Adventures Segment"

"Brian Posehns Rape Fantasy Minute"

"Nerd Poker Lore"

"Nerd Poker Presents: Sweatin' to the Oldies"

"Nerd Poker Presents: Remember that Time..."

"Memories of Parties Past"

"Nerd Poker Presents: Precious Moments"

"Nerd Poker Presents: How to Party-wipe"

"Nerd Poker Presents: Fucking Up Your DM in 3 Easy Steps"

"Telling Stories While Everyone Else Hits a Bong"

"Nerd Poker Story Time"



Previous Exploits in Nerd, Nerd Heritage, Pio-Nerding in the Past, From the Vault of Nerd,


Remember When.., The Nerd Old Days, Ghosts of the Nerdy Past.



"A Brief History of Shit We Did In The Past"

"Remember That Time When Something Awesome Happened?"



'Legends Of Might & Morons'


Brendan H

- Glory Rolls (bad pun on glory holes, in case you couldn't tell)

- Perception Bonus

- Buenos Botches

- Fables of Fail and Furor

- Dice Rolls & Ice Holes (of Yore)

- Roll Again



I think the segment should continue a good rift off the poker theme. Perhaps something




All In (Can stand up when this segment is announced and a mock pushing in all your chips)

The Kicker



Other Dimensions?


conor fitz

"A Song of Dice and Ire"

"That's how we rolled"



For the retelling of glorious tales I suggest F*cked-up Fantasy Flashbacks. And for extra


nerdy moments you can refer to it as F3.


This F3 moment was brought to you br DammitallTM .

Has your fighter been fried by a lightning bolt? Has your wizard been wacked by an axe? Give them DammitallTM this round and they'll be back in the battle next round! DammitallTM, sold in 2d8, 2d10, and now the new 3d12 sizes!

Found at Adonis's Apothecary on the leech and newt aisle.


Yes, I included my entire post. I'm narcissistic that way, sue me. :P

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I think they should call it "In Memorandum of Spirit Bear"

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...it's easy. "Krazy Shit of Yore", or KSOY, if you want to make stupid radio station jokes.

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Epic True Tales of Awesome Adventure: The Botch-roll Chronicles


or just


The Botch-roll Chronicles

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Great Podcast!!! You are all playing great!!! Brings back youthful memories of Dungeon Mastering for my friends back in college, many, many, eons ago....


Props to Sark, truely a Master among DM's!!


Sticking with the "Poker" theme for the Old Adventures segment - how about:


"Nerd Poker - Hand Histories, Bad Beats, & Suck Outs from Adventures Past"


Get your dicks out & let the masturbation, and BJ references / jokes begin!!!!

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My suggestion for 'Crazy Shit' segment name:

"Old Hands"


In poker you play hands and these guys have been playing for years which is what this segment is all about. Think this one is just simple, goes with the theme of the show title and says it all.

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I was just thinking since in the latest episode they mentioned how it would be neat to make a sealed envelope of how much stuff was known so we could compare what was improvised versus what wasn't like a little time capsule, that would be a great idea for it, the "D&D Time Capsule" since it is stuff from old games but not just "crazy shit" and sometimes things related to how they run their campaign, etc. So there's my entry:


"D&D Time Capsule"

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I'm not so concerned with the name, I just want to hear Patton sing as a dwarf.


I've said it before this show is the perfect vehicle for one-off guest stars. FIrst up, Scott Aukerman as Borat as a brothel owner.

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