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Dream Analyze Phish Guests

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Who would you guys like to see on an episode of Analyze Phish? I have a few in mind


Chelsea Peretti - Scott mentioned once that she wanted to d one and I think it would be hilairous to hear her reactions


Jason Mantzoukas - He makes everything funnier, and going to school in Vermont he at least has to have some familiarity to them


Matt Besser - I know he is a phan, and I would like to see him on to help convince Scott


Howard Kremer - I know he'd hate it, but his reactions would be great

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Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanaugh doing a crossover episode of Mike and Tom Eat Snacks where they talk about Phish Food ice cream.


Also, you really need to get Brian Poesehn or another anime fan to talk about the seminal series "Fist of the North Star" in a segment titled "Analyze Fist."


Moments like these scream out for analysis.



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David Cross

Patton Oswalt

Henry Rollins

Bill Murray

Amy Pohler

The ghost of Bill Hicks

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