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To sum it up:


Scott openly takes the music in on his first session, but remains unimpressed.


Spacehog's "The Hogyssey" (2001: Space Odyssey cover) is not as good as Scott remembers. It might as well be Phish.


Harris tries to win Scott over with some mediocre covers of perfectly good songs, but does more damage than good.


Scott's reaction to "Fluffhead" is freakin hilarious and quickly tilts his scale of tolerance.


Harris is good-humored and half-heartedly defends the band.

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The version of Thus Sprach Zarathustra that was on youtube that was supposed to be Spacehog was acutally the version recorded by Eumir Deadato. I think it is from his album "Predlude"

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I can't believe I never bothered to listen to this before. What a great show. I am not even a Phish fan, although I assume being one would probably make this a little painful with Scott ripping on them so hard

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