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Episode 11 — A Prairie Home Companion

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Get ready for a classic as Rafflecast Presents: A Prairie Home Companion hosted by Garrison Keillor! We hear the news from Lake Webogon and a wonderful song based on a beloved film of the 90’s by the Doo-wop group Lights, Camera, Doo-wop!

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The fact-check no one needs: PHC is no longer syndicated by PRI (which was formed, in large part, to syndicate PHC, since Keillor seems to have had a problem with NPR going back some decades)...PHC has moved along to American Public Media...APM...meanwhile, PRI seems to be losing/dumping every show they have except for THIS AMERICAN LIFE (well, keeping a few others, too), with those that didn't go to APM mostly seeming to migrate to PRX, the Public Radio Exchange...dunno why, yet.

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