God bless Jim Henson. The world is darker without you in it.   Maybe my favorite scene in movie history is Kermit riding a bike. I know Kermit rode a bike earlier in Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas (which, I think everyone should check out if you haven't seen it). I know the whole muppet gang rides bikes in The Great Muppet Caper. I even know Frank Oz lamented that Gonzo on the balloon was way more complicated to film and all people want to know about is kermit on a bike.   Well, Kermit riding a bike blows my fucking mind every time I see it. I've read how they planned to do it and how they eventually did it. But all I see is a frog riding a bicycle and I'm never going to see anything else.   Maybe this is veering to close to the old "CG is ruining movies" trope. Not since the T-1000 have I watched something that truly, completely blew me away. Instead of wondering how it was done, I always assume it's just a computer. Not to take anything away from the special effects artists working on computers, but "I bet it took a team of people a month to animate that scene" doesn't leave the impact that "KERMIT IS RIDING A BIKE!!!!" does.   So, Kermit riding a bicycle is, for me, the last piece of real, honest to god movie magic.
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