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  1. Slip into the past for some Modern Love. We watched:
  2. Cameron H.

    Episode 253.5 - Minisode 253.5

    I didn’t hate the Gibson Hamlet as much as I thought I would. I heard about Hawke’s Cymbeline about a year ago. From the description, it seems to be about a Son’s of Anarchy type motorcycle gang. I’m curious.
  3. Cameron H.

    Episode 253.5 - Minisode 253.5

    Unsurprised. We talked about this movie a while ago in our Musical Mondays thread. When I was in college, also an English major (*high five*) a theater major friend of mine introduced me to it. As I recall, her feelings about it were mixed. Personally, I have always enjoyed it. I don’t think it’s supposed to be a highly polished movie or anything, just Branagh having fun after his exhaustive production of Hamlet. I find its flaws charming rather than detrimental.
  4. Cameron H.

    Episode 253.5 - Minisode 253.5

    I believe it was @EvRobert. And you’re right. The answer is always Rockula.
  5. Cameron H.

    Episode 253.5 - Minisode 253.5

    I haven't listened to the mini-episode, but I just learned what next week's movie is and I am outraged! I love Love's Labour's Lost!
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  7. Cameron H.

    Episode 253. Cats

  8. Cameron H.

    Slightly Shame-Filled Self-Promotion

    This is a really cool idea!
  9. Cameron H.

    Episode 253. Cats

    Does everyone want to share their cat name? I’m Piddledimple the Literary Cat.
  10. Cameron H.

    Episode 253. Cats

    I said something similar in my Letterboxd review. I feel like this movie would have been better with either practical costumes (like the stage show) or been a full on CG animated movie. Like, you’re watching this movie for the dancing, and ultimately, even the real stuff looks fake.
  11. Cameron H.

    Episode 253. Cats

    Yeah, I think Phantom would definitely fall into “Thank God this Got Made” territory.
  12. Cameron H.

    Episode 253. Cats

    While I respect that Jason doesn't like Musical, here are three suggestions that HDTGM should honestly cover: (Because it's gross and I think it would blow Jason and June's minds.) (A Cannon film and all that entails) (A legitmately amazing cult classic)
  13. How about Wednesday at 6? Is that cool?
  14. That's cool. When's a good time for you?