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  1. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 101 The Runaways

    To be fair, The Runaways released four more albums than the Sex Pistols who were also semi-manufactured. Punk music can definitely be localized and a lot of influential bands don’t tend to have huge (or any) hits. Kind of like The Velvet Underground or Operation Ivy. They are huge within the scene, but not necessarily to laypeople. The Runaways at least had some commercial success.
  2. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 101 The Runaways

    Lita Ford gets pretty short shrift too. Her whole character is “fight a couple of times with Jett.”
  3. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 101 The Runaways

    And before Fuchs, their bassist was Micki Steele, later of The Bangles. What was weird though is the moment Shannon was flipping through the band bios and he’s like “Robin Robinson, bass, smart as Hell” or whatever he says. Why even draw attention to it? I just thought it was funny. It was like telling the origins of the Beatles, omitting Pete Best, and replacing him with Rango Orbb.
  4. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 101 The Runaways

    Overall, I thought the movie was fine. I kind of want to get more Runaways records, especially the ones after Currie left. I didn’t realize that they released two more albums with Jett fronting the group. Not that this is portrayed in the movie, of course. That’s pure Wikipedia right there Most of all, I was impressed with KStew’s physicality. She really captured Jett’s body language.
  5. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 101 The Runaways

    I think it depends on what you call “hits.” They have other well-known(ish) songs, but I’d say “Cherry Bomb” was their big one.
  6. How to Become a Chainsaw Artist: The Cheri Curry Story We watched:
  7. Cameron H.

    Episode 248.5 — Minisode 248.5

    I get it. I remember around Hard Ticket to Hawaii time, I wasn't overly fond of the pics. However, Paul has said in one of the minis that they kind of go through phases. If they do too many big budget movies, Cannon movies, dramas, ninja movies, etc. people complain. In other words, no matter what they pick, they can't please everyone all the time. And if that's the case, then they might as well just pick movies that they feel like doing -- which I think is ultimately great for everyone. I honestly don't think there's anything more to it than that. I'm pretty much a HDTGM completionist, and I try to keep current with them as much as possible, but I have also gotten to the point where if I'm not super excited about the movie pick, I don't jump through hoops to make sure I watch it before the episode drops. Like, I don't blame you if you're disappointed with their picks, but I promise it won't be long until they are back to doing something you are into.
  8. Talking B-Ball, addressing a controversy with the director of VelociPastor, and more on this week’s mini episode! Paul offers up advice on the Help Line, goes through Corrections and Omissions for The VelociPastor, and shares a deleted scene from the 2:22 episode. Plus, we announce our next movie! Subscribe to Unspooled with Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson here: http://www.earwolf.com/show/unspooled/ Check out The Jane Club over at www.janeclub.com Check out new HDTGM merch over at https://www.teepubli…wdidthisgetmade Where to Find Jason, June & Paul: @PaulScheer on Instagram & Twitter @Junediane on IG and @MsJuneDiane on Twitter Jason is Not on Twitter
  9. If you want, you can go next ( I may need to be reminded, though)
  10. “Hello world! I'm your wild girl. I'm your ch-ch-ch-Runaways is a fantastic movie that I like.” — Dick Byrne, Great Takes Magazine Seriously though, I’ve been wanting to see this
  11. Take your time We know you’re good for it.
  12. Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! Take care and be safe.
  13. Calling it! @theworstbuddhist, whatchoo got?
  14. Thanks man, I'm so frazzled I forgot to even do what I said I was going to do...