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  1. I'll let you know once my weekend schedule is more clear. Thanks!
  2. I am unable to watch Hamilton because Japan has Disney Deluxe with is Disney Plus but with a much more limited release schedule and offerings. Maybe in a few months. Also looking forward to this pick. This is one of those musicals again I always feel like I should watch because it's a classic but never have.
  3. Cam Bert

    Episode 243 - The Peanut Butter Solution

    I believe this is Michael's picture
  4. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 95 The Wiz

    I thought the movie versions were terrifying but they didn't even capture one tenth of their nightmare potential.
  5. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 95 The Wiz

    Has anybody here read the Oz books? I had a curious thought. So in the original we had flying monkeys. In The Wiz the flying monkeys were these weird motorcycle human hybrid things. Now in Return to Oz there are no flying monkeys but there are the wheelers which are people who ride around on all fours with wheels for hands and feet which is not a million miles off from human bicycle hybrids. Now I'm curious if that was from the Oz books or is it a weird callback to the flying monkeys in The Wiz or just coincidence?
  6. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 95 The Wiz

    I think the advantage of Return to Oz and Wizard of Oz is that we spend a fair amount of time with Dorothy pre-Oz and we get to know her as a character. We know her motivations and fears and that. Here, we barely get to met her and just her Aunt who loves her wanting to get out and see the world. It's all very short and really boiled down. To this extent I think the metaphorical nature of Oz gets kind of muddled. In the original all the things she sees are parallels to things in her real life or real world adding to those whole "was it all a dream" type situation. If we draw that out to the idea that Dorothy is a homebody afraid to get out there, the things she sees and experiences should further this notion which I think it only does to a certain extent. Sometimes it feels like it is doing things because that's what happens in Wizard of Oz and not because that would be the next logical step. Edit: Sorry morning brain I should expand. The things Dorothy sees in the original are all things to help her realize that home is not so bad. That's why the friendly farmhands are her friends, the evil witch is the mean old woman and her ticket out is a travelling huckster. If in The Wiz the thing was Dorothy should get out and see the world and not be a homebody the metaphors should be things that would want to motivate her to get out there. I get this film and the musical from what I understand is suppose to be about the black experience in America and I got that. I think the journey and metaphors serve that more than they serve as development for the Dorothy character. As a result I found her just there to move the story along (though I like as Cameron pointed out she's one at the end the puts things together) and the encounters and that don't really relate to her arc of "shy girl needs to get out more."
  7. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 95 The Wiz

    No, that would probably be Glenda.
  8. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 95 The Wiz

    I agree. I think her character was just underwritten and none of the problems could really be laid on her.
  9. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 95 The Wiz

    So I overall enjoyed the movie. Mostly for it's music and wonderful production design. I thought the make up and costumes were fabulous. Story wise there are some problems. I think Dorothy here has real weak motivations and not a real arc. In addition I thought some of the metaphors worked better than others and they seemed to forget about that at points. However updating the poppy fields to be drugs and stuff like that I thought were good and creative.
  10. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 95 The Wiz

    She does gather a party as well. It is all very RPG
  11. You know I hear he might have had a drug problem...
  12. It would be he. I wasn't sure where people fell on separating his work and his actions.
  13. Okay, sorry for the delay all. So I had a pick and it was one I've been wanting to do for awhile now. Then I read some news this morning on my way into work that changed my mind. It reminded me of another movie that I've always been interested in checking out. However, I can foresee maybe some problems with this pick. It contains a person who has become a controversial figure and some people maybe put off by that and not want to watch. I can respect and understand that. If that is how the majority feels I'm more than willing to go back to my first pick. So with that preamble out of the way my pick is... Screenplay by the late Joel Schumacher. R.I.P. Now I would much rather watch the actual Broadway version of the play. Unfortunately from what little sleuthing I have done I can not find a version that I can get here in Japan or is not region blocked.
  14. Sorry all busy morning at work. Give me an hour or so and then I’ll have something up
  15. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 94 Funny Girl

    I agree with a lot of what has been said but I will throw on top another thing I had a problem with is I found both of them to be selfish people. I found out after watching that this was based on real people and it made me wonder if it is an accurate representation of the real people. Fanny was forever just doing whatever she wanted without care for the audience, the producers, the directors, her co-workers, and later her husband. I get that she was driven and everything but her raise to success was underplayed for her to be such a selfish character to me. Like mention she claims of being ugly and that hold her back, but we don't really see that. We get a scene a start but ultimately because she gets helped out right away so it doesn't matter and wasn't really a struggle. Everything she does just always works out for her and we don't see any of the struggle, so she just comes across as selfish. It doesn't help that she rarely has any moments where her defenses are down and actually talks to people. It's just a series of snappy comebacks. That's not to say Omar Sharif was any better. Again a man who leads a girl on and then just disappears for a year and a half because he does things on a whim and follows luck and fortune just makes him come off as selfish as well. The only reason she's falling for him is because he's handsome, because personality wise he's selfish and only thinking of his needs. There is no doubt once they spent time together they did fall in love but I found it hard to get invested in their relationship.