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  1. Hey guys! Sorry I've been so MIA lately and didn't even participate in my last pick lol. Work has been a bit hectic, but I'll try to pop in when I can. If you're making a new sign up list then maybe don't have me on there, until I'm able to participate more and then I'll ask to be added in the rotation. I do miss you guys! Sorry I suck, lol.
  2. Oooh I'm not sure if this one counts as a musical or not? I know the remakes are for sure, I'm not sure how musical this one is lol
  3. I've been good! Lot of changes and been a bit hectic but all good things hope everyone's been doing well
  4. Panic pick, but have wanted to watch the original and think it's on Amazon Prime/streaming right now.. A Star is Born (1937) And I'm sure we can definitely discuss/compare the remakes (especially the latest one)
  5. Sorry I've been MIA in the forums : ( I have missed y'all and being in the discussions Let me think of a pick real quick!
  6. kateacola

    Musical Mondays Week 44 Easter Parade

    It was this one :
  7. kateacola

    Musical Mondays Week 44 Easter Parade

    I know I somewhat mentioned in the last thread, but there was a nod to the Top Hat dance number where Ginger wore the dress with the feathers. Astaire really hated that dress... I wonder if it was his idea to parody it in Easter Parade? http://prettycleverfilms.com/costume-design-film-fashion/ginger-rogers-the-infamous-feather-gown/#.W1-g0VBKg2w
  8. kateacola

    Musical Mondays Week 44 Easter Parade

    Yea I can get that.. I do feel like he was charming, but feel like it was like he could turn on the charm whenever he wants, but also got a vibe that he is kind of demanding/intimidating. I wonder if that's how he was like in real life? Like from reading up about him and also about the relationship he had with Ginger Rogers off-screen... I can def see that.
  9. kateacola

    Musical Mondays Week 44 Easter Parade

    I thought Judy was pretty charming herself, and funny! This scene I literally lol'ed.
  10. kateacola

    Musical Mondays Week 44 Easter Parade

    That was one of my favorite scenes. I loved his dancing in the toy store with the drums and only Astaire could steal a toy from a kid and still come off charming af.
  11. kateacola

    Musical Mondays Week 44 Easter Parade

    Yea, I don't know that she'd be better off with Lawford really. Like everyone else said earlier-- I also wasn't sure what his purpose was or what his deal was. I think he cared about Hannah more than Nadine for sure, but not convinced he really loved her. But I appreciated that he wasn't pushy with Hannah to try to convince her to go with him.
  12. kateacola

    Musical Mondays Week 44 Easter Parade

    It really is. Especially since in both cases I'm not sure why Hannah and Eliza (in My Fair Lady's case) go for the older grumps and not the younger, much nicer guys who sing lovely songs to them.
  13. Probably me, lol. I rarely write reviews and like garbage movies.
  14. There's definitely a nod to Top Hat in this movie, so I'm sure we'll go there!
  15. Lol, I think I'll stick with my pick and not have everyone hate me.