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  4. Cameron H.

    Forums shutting down

    I’m really going to miss the forums. To me, it’s still the best way to have an online discussion. I met a lot of great people here and had a lot of good times. Sad to see them end.
  5. Danger’s not my middle name
  6. I just got here tho I guess I’ve always been self conscious about using my standard profile name, and not some kooky name like DonJuanSawMyButthole, or something
  7. Euripides’ Shorts

    Stubblety-Cook? No thanks, I shave.

  8. I swipe right if you wipe til white.
  9. if the vice unit of a police department owned a nissan versa, would that be the vice versa?
  10. paulscheer

    Forums shutting down

    Thanks Dan! We really appreciate you. This has been a tremendous undertaking. It means the world to us. I’ve fought with Earwolf for a long time to make this a better user experience. I’m sorry they never stepped up. Which is why I locked HDTGM over to discord and the Paul Scheer discord is kinda thriving with a full community and I feel like it can easily house unspoiled. I’d love to build out the boards for unspooled as that’s where I’ve been interacting a lot and we are making a lot of decisions. If anyone wants to help. I can make sure we give you privileges to make it the way you want. I still want it to have autonomy but I also would love to make sure there is a place where we can see what is working and take in everyone’s voices. Let me know. https://discord.gg/YA95ed2k8F
  11. So long and thanks for all the fish! What you've done here will not be forgotten.
  12. Naked Lazer Lemonade

    New Catchphrase Suggestions are moving to Twitter

    Makes sense to me. Thank you for your hard work!
  13. Jon Gabrus, Ben Rodgers, and Ryan Stanger of The ActionBoyz Podcast join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They perform improvised scenes about real wrestling, pervy dentists, and farting in church. Plus, getting mistaken for a bear, rubbing happiness in the faces of others, cheating Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and more!
  14. Conan talks to Nancy from Chicago about her work as a haunted house reviewer, and gets assigned his very own haunted house role.
  15. The term “Special education” carries a stigma so we are changing it to “abnormal education.”
  16. FictionIsntReal

    Forums shutting down

    Damn it.
  17. @DanEngler this did not make pod but I shall try with a new one for Aug 1 twitter
  18. @DanEngler assuming also the place for Close Up The Old Plug Bag themes as well? Got one ready to keep the no-repeat streak in the second half
  19. BurnSwee

    What the Fuck Plug

    My two favorite pods, like peanut butter and honey. Thanks @NickFloyd
  20. That's fair, thanks for the explanation!
  21. Cameron H.

    Forums shutting down

    Thanks for being amazing, @DanEngler! I hate to see the forums leave.
  22. award-losing filmmaker

    See yall on Twitter!!! Been a pleasure.

    Not if I see you first on Twitter!!
  23. award-losing filmmaker

    New Catchphrase Suggestions are moving to Twitter

    Question: if we DON'T want access to the @CBBCatchphrases account, do we have to specify, and does it matter if we are Scott/an Earwolf producer or not/an Earwolf producer?
  24. AlmostAGhost

    Forums shutting down

    Cheers everyone, met a lot of good folks on here
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