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  2. Mikedw1970

    Episode 56 - Jesse Eisenberg

    That was the most uncomfortable podcast ever. Why did I listen until the end? Why did you even “air” it? It was almost as bad as the banter with Gourley. Get rid of that guy, by the way. The chemistry is no good. You only need Sona. I can’t be bothered to check correct name spellings. It’s late.
  3. For this performance the Funk Soul Brother will be portrayed by the Funk Soul Cousin
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  5. The Boys welcome ROB HUEBEL back to audition for the new Medical Police class.
  6. RyanSz

    The Punisher (2004)

    One performance that should be applauded in this was Will Patton's who actually gives a solid job as Travolta's right hand man, who is a closeted gay man who has hidden feelings for Travolta. I didn't realize the hidden feelings aspect until reading a retrospective review that points to the scene where Travolta kills Patton after that stupid chieftain knife fighting monologue and how Patton doesn't fight back until the knife is literally driven into his body, because he up to that point thought Travolta had finally figured out Patton was gay and returning the feeling, even sharing Patton's preference to rough sex when he grabbed him by the throat. You can actually see Patton caressing Travolta's hand around his throat before he realizes that Travolta has other intentions. As far as Jane's performance as the Punisher goes, I had the chance last year to talk to Tim Bradstreet who worked on the covers for the bulk of the Punisher covers in the early 2000s and he could not stand how Jane played the character, given that the movie came out as Punisher Max was running strong in stores and was a very stark contrast to what was shown in the movie. He said that the movie was a major punchline in the Marvel offices after it fizzled in theaters, used alongside Daredevil and Catwoman as examples of why comics won't be taken seriously in movies.
  7. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    Exactly. It's weird because a lot of movies add obstacles only to resolve them minutes later. Fame is almost the exact opposite in that every plot point is almost never resolved or, in many cases, even addressed again. Also, Doris is one of the few characters who has a logical arc. She wants to act but is too scared to perform in front of others. She finally gets the nerve from her love of Rocky Horror. This is years later though. It's ridiculous that a school so competitive that it requires auditions let's anyone stay who presumably can't act and showed no interest/aptitude for dance or music. What was she doing until her junior year? This should have been a story for freshman year alone. Putting her story next to Ralph who lives a full lifetime to become a drug addict/failed comedian in the span of four years. It's a very weird pacing of stories for everyone.
  8. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    I agree. There are small moments that just kinda flesh out what life in the school was like. There are a few highlighted extras that you see in scenes, but we never get more from them than that kind of slice of life. Those moments are great and add more to the kind of documentary feel. I just think back to the scene in which Coco gets a ride home from Bruno's dad. She pretends to live in a nice apartment to secretly take the subway.So she's ashamed of where she's from but it's not like Bruno was a rich kid or anything. Yes he had all that electronic equipment but his dad is a cab driver. Then I started thinking about "Oh, does she not want him to know where she lives because he likes her." Which again, she seemed to be vibing with him at the piano. Then none of it matters because there is not resolution to it any of it. It got me thinking "Oh, is that suppose to be a slice of life scene?" If it was it just seemed to be odd those were the characters chosen to make that point.
  9. "'I think I'm stuck in Groundhog day, somebody seriously help me!' Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang for another week, I'm Scott Auckerman. And thank you to 'I think I'm stuck in Groundhog day, somebody seriously help me!' for that catchphrase submission."
  10. GiveMeYourBaby

    Predators (2010)

    A lot of big acting choices on display.
  11. GiveMeYourBaby

    Splice (2009)

    Maybe too gross to talk about.
  12. GiveMeYourBaby

    Dolemite (1975)

    They really should do a run of blaxploitation films. I remember Black Belt Jones was another good one.
  13. GiveMeYourBaby

    Tremors (1990)

    Maybe do one of the sequels. They got pretty bad.
  14. GiveMeYourBaby

    The Punisher (2004)

    Travolta's acting is practically Cage-ian.
  15. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    Sorry I couldn't be here for my own movie, but I had a weird day. I agree with a lot of this. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this going into it. I really like the auditions segment. That was a half hour of movie based on probably a day or week of the students. Then four years is condensed into an hour and forty five minutes. Since we're condensing their time so much, we barely get to know these characters. We alternate between conversations that don't lead to much and the most important moments of these kids lives. Both extremes are presented with the same weight (which kind of makes sense because I understand "unimportant" conversations can be the most important when you're a teen). For a movie though, it's weird. We're functionally seeing 10 minutes of each characters entire year and sometimes it's just them sitting around telling the audience what their lone character trait is. Each new year felt like they were cramming in something slightly crazier to "progress" the "story" for the character. On the other hand, there are some great moments. The movie feels really alive in parts. I think the acting is really solid. I wish this was longer so we could actually get to know these characters or get to know them beyond some cliche stereotype. Basically, I can see why this was a successful television show because the biggest problem is we need more time with these people to truly appreciate them. I know some characters were really cut short or almost entirely removed to let others shine. So, I wouldn't be surprised if they filmed four hours of material. I'd be really interested in a super long director's cut of this. This is weird for me because I felt like Irene Cara didn't actually stand out much. The imdb trivia said one character was basically cut to let Irene Cara shine and I couldn't tell you anything about her character. She sang Hot Lunch Jam and get assaulted on camera and I couldn't describe anything else that happened to her. I guess she's supposed to be the star of the film but I'd put her under Doris, Montgomery, Ralph, Leroy and electronic music kid. I thought the movie was going to be better about race when they had Raul insist on going by Ralph and liking Freddie Prinze. I think it does say a lot about non-white people wanting to assimilate themselves to succeed in the arts without explicitly saying it while the other stories very much announced everything about themselves in big bright letters.
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  17. Strip the nips and dip the tip; grip the hips and let it rip.
  18. Inquiries into the stink of the sutures shall shrink in the skinny pink light of the future.
  19. When life gives you the coronavirus, garnish it with a lime wedge.
  20. Cameron H.

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    I have to say, I had a HUGE problem with Bruno’s choice of hot dog toppings. Chili and sweet relish?
  21. Went down a rabbit hole on this in the "Bad Movie Recommendations" forum a while back and the thread finally surfaced again, allowing me to post it here. (So that's why there's not a lot of terribly new stuff on here). I've noticed that a lot of the movies that they do fall into certain categories, like the following: 1. Something that was aiming absurdly high and failed so miserably (Gods of Egypt, The Jazz Singer remake, Battlefield Earth) 2. Something that was aiming low and still failed miserably (Howling 2, Sleepaway Camp, Star Wars Christmas Special) 3. Trying to rip off something else and failing so miserably (Mac & Me, Beautiful Creatures, Congo) 4. Weak celebrity vehicles, especially those with someone already famous for something else "looking to get into acting" (Crossroads, Spiceworld, Kazaam) 5. Attempts to take an existing franchise (not always already a film one) "In a different direction" (Superman IV, Halloween III, Super Mario Brothers) 6. Notorious bombs/duds (Gigli, Stop or my Mom will Shoot, Batman & Robin) 7. Notoriously so-bad-they're-good movies (Birdemic, Zardoz, Gymkata, The Room) 8. Straight-up next-level bonkers stuff, regardless of its infamy (Face/Off, The Room, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Surf Ninjas) 9. Absolutely anything related to the Fast and the Furious movies. Any others that I'm not thinking of?
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