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  2. Meow, you could chip a tooth on those frogs legs.
  3. I sat upon the washing machine/ until I felt it in my spleen / and twixt my legs burst forth a sheen / of viscous mucus most supreme.
  4. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 89 Rock, Rock, Rock

    I think you could show this to your kids as homeschooling, so they learn all about finances
  5. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 89 Rock, Rock, Rock

    I'd there's one thing kids these days like, it's this rock and roll music. If there's two things kids like, it's banking!
  6. Today
  7. Candy is dandy, but dandies aren’t candy. Spit him out right now.
  8. Sorry, I’m late. Homeschooling... We watched;
  9. It’s Doctor E. Science Theater 3000. I didn’t go to school for eight years to be called Mister E. Science Theater 3000.
  10. There’s a place in France where the ladies wear no pants. It’s called La Place de la Femmes Sans Pantalons.
  11. Got a crust butt, make you bust nut
  12. Yesterday
  13. Cameron H.

    3rd Annual(?) Howdies

    For sure! (on both counts) I'm not sure where "Ladies of the Eighties" came from...
  14. Cameron H.

    3rd Annual(?) Howdies

    Added "Best Paul Intro Line" to the list
  15. Elektra Boogaloo

    3rd Annual(?) Howdies

    Nomination for a best audience question. Body of Evidence Live. 1:11 minutes in. “Confusingly large.” also which episode was “Ladies if the 80s” first discussed, that had to be a spin-off nomination.
  16. Just say you’d like corned beef on your sandwich and stop describing it as rubinesque.
  17. If you’re wondering why there aren’t any sour patch adults maybe you should stop eating their young.
  18. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, around the corner, the fudge is madey
  19. I’ve been using earplugs for about a month but can still only fit the tiniest of dicks in my ears.
  20. Don’t worry, I brought ear plugs, nose plugs and butt plugs.
  21. Cameron H.

    3rd Annual(?) Howdies

    Oh man, listening to these old minis makes me sad for all the posters who are no longer with us. I miss @Amy the Gorilla For consideration, Ep 136 Hell Comes to Frogtown Abuse of someone in the Crowd 4:11-5:50 (Podcast nerds/the woman knitting in the front row during the show) 1:06:06 ("I'm considered the Jason of our group...") There are a couple of other things I could pull from this episode, but with 100 episodes to go through, I think it's best to hold them off unless a specific category is looking anemic.
  22. So im listening to the intro to "Skating unlimited" and im taking a lonesome walk away from my fellow man (cuz im a hero) and you guys are going like"president/precedent" and right as you all start singing "taft in a bath" i look down and see............ THIS! (its a shoehorn i lost in my yard when i was late getting my tuxedo on) k. byeeeeeee! p.s. unicorn productions @youtube (my daughter's) look for best worst sea captain, i think. please click like and subscribe.
  23. You say “tomato,” I say “live review fruit.”
  24. Theirs not to reason why, / Theirs but to sit and spin.
  25. A penny for your thoughts would make me broke so instead just give me what's in your wallet.
  26. jjulius

    Color Out of Space (2019)

    I think those moments feeling 'out of place' is what made them work so well. He's under the incluence of something from another world. If his performance felt right, it would have been wrong.
  27. Cameron H.

    Episode 236.5 — Prequel to Episode 237

    Years ago, in preparation for Rhinestone I ended up watching Urban Cowboy. I kept thinking it was far bleaker than their normal fare.
  28. Yonder lies, my wife and her soiled thighs. Wet spot.
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