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    I know this topic was covered in the podcast but I want to share my first hand experience with this. My family was a camping family. We tented for awhile then eventually upgraded to a camper. Every long weekend and most of the summer was spent camping. We tended to go to the same campgrounds all the time and they were great. Then the ownership changed and they started putting in cabins and such so it was time to find new camp grounds. Now this was the late 80s and early 90s so sure enough if the campgrounds had a pool right next to it was a small shop full of cheap candy and the odd arcade machine. What child would not want to play games when surrounded by nature? We are camping one long weekend and there is a boy in the site next to ours who is about the same age as me so we start talking and decide to hang out. We explore the woods, rides bikes, etc. but eventually we pop into the shop for some snacks. There we see the arcade cabinets. There was Double Dragon and the game looked like fun. We go back to our camp sites and get some quarters and run back to the machine. The two of us start playing the game together. It was a real fun game. We were having a great time. "Look out kid I just met!" "No worries, got your back Cam Bert!" I think we only needed to continue once maybe. We were doing great. We get to the final boss and he was tricky but we quickly figured out how to beat him. The boss was downed and there were high fives a plenty. We look back at the screen and there are our two characters just standing there. The game is still going. We were both utterly confused and didn't know what was happening. We both questioned whether the game was bugged. Then as we were trying to figure out what to do, I accidentally hit his character and noticed I was hurting him. So I just proceeded to start killing his character. The new kid noticed and panicked and started trying to fight back but it was too late. I was already ahead and too skilled for him. I killed his character and the game proceeded to end. The kid was livid. He started shouting and yelling at me and I remember saying "We still beat the game." He wasn't having it he started crying and ran off to his camp site. I eventually made my way back to mine and when I got there my mom was also very upset. She explained that he had got back crying and saying it was all my fault and his mother was upset. I explained to my mom what happened and she didn't seem to care. I explained until I was blue in the face that's what we were suppose to do but she wasn't budging. I was just playing the game and that is what it wanted us to do. This was the game's fault yet somehow I am in trouble? I had to go over to his camp site and surrounded by both our families give him two quarters and apologize for killing him in the game.
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    As a fellow man who is not flexible, I want to support Paul. This is the second episode his flexibility has been a topic. Let him be as flexible or inflexible as he is. Did anyone else think the dancing in this was very badly filmed? Especially the break dance scenes. The camera was very dynamic and the editing kept cutting back to different dancers. I get the desire to highlight a specific dancer, but the way this was filmed detracted from the dancing. The camera would often move with the dancer which made their moves seem less impressive. I think a more static camera would have benefited everyone.
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    So are we gonna talk about how this old violin is magically an electric violin at times?
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    A couple BTS photos for you. No digital cameras at the time this was shot, so a couple Polaroids I picked up on set.
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    I just wanted to say how proud I am of June for getting arrested today at the weekly climate change protest. I'm miffed that all the articles about it talk about Robert Kennedy Jr. Like we care about him when Actress/Activist June Diane Raphael is in the mix! I feel like that should be the next teepublic shirt.
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    I am sad I didn’t get to see this live since I am in NYC. Stupid family. I sort of want to know what June would think of CENTER STAGE now. If Paul is flexible now, what does that mean for June’s anti-male flexibility/splits movement?
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    So that game image is from the video game adaptation made for the movie's release, similar to how they made Street Fighter: the Movie: the Game for the JCVD movie where they made a Mortal Kombat type game using the actor's images. In the original Double Dragon games, he looked like this: Also of the original game play style, they never had powers in the first game, but you would learn new moves as you defeated more and more enemies. You start with just punch and kick, but soon can do jump kicks, spin kicks, uppercuts, and even kneeing your opponent in the face while holding their head like it was a Muy Thai fight. The ending where you fight your brother was also a common trope for beat-em-ups of the 80s and 90s where two players would play through a whole game only to have to fight each other at the end to see who the better player was. I distinctly remember this being the end of Die Hard: Arcade where for some reason there is only one seat available on the escape helicopter and the players have to fight each other to get it, which is so weird considering you worked together to get there in the first place.
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    Coming soon to a theatre near you! It's RUPERT! The wise-cracking, fun-loving Australian urchin who rose to become the world's most beloved man and newspaper oligarch! For the Rupert Murdoch lover in YOUR life! Coming on Trumpsday, 23rd of Trumpruary, 2122!
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    Programming note: Earwolf is migrating its files to a new hosting service and, as a result, every HDTGM episode is currently available for download. If you want to save them before they once again disappear behind the paywall, now would be a good time. You can plug the new feed URL into an RSS reader or see this set of direct links to every mainline (i.e. non-minisode/rerelease/bonus) episode:
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    I was truly flabbergasted that Jazzy's downfall never paid off, especially after falling in love with the mysterious, bad boy known as Paolo. 1. When Jazzy started showing up late for class after meeting her new man... I immediately thought, "Okay, here comes her addiction to pain medication that Paolo introduced her too." = Nope 2. Oh... Jazzy is warned to be safe on Paolo's motorcycle... "here comes the late night accident that will sideline her for a long time." = Nope 3. Jazzy is too tired in the morning and can't get out bed.... "Here we go! She. Is. Pregnant!" = Nope And another thing, "fuck you Jazzy" for not wanting to get out of bed towards the end of the movie. The headmistress LITERALLY told you the day before that you have no more chances of fucking up. You should have made your full character turn at that moment. Why isn't Jazzy waking up Ruby; which would bring a nice turn in their relationship.
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    Gene Kelly does more with rolled up sleeves than most actors can do with a full-on nude scene.
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    Speaking of that cow milking scene, I was waiting for Gene to make a “this is udderly ridiculous” joke. He didn’t
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    I literally said out loud at least five times " Christ he's hot" or various versions of that. Gene Kelly can GET IT even in the great beyond.
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    I just want to say Judy's suit jacket look? ICONIC!!!
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    I have to say, I literally gasped when comic relief guy broke the tractor. I was horrified.
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    B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bonus content-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t! So I really wanted to do something Christmas related because I love Christmas music. I spend a good two weeks in November every year just combing throw all my Christmas music to make a new playlist every year. So I thought while I'm picking a movie why not pick some Christmas music for you guys as well. Everyday this week I'll add a new song to this thread to many inspire you or add something new an interesting to your playlist. See my problem is there is tons of Christmas music out there but everybody seems to stick to the same versions of the same songs. There are lots of options. Also, nothing more would delight me than a whole thread of Christmas music. For starters, want some Spanish flair to your Holidays but tired of Feliz Navidad?
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    Well first off no Thanksgiving planned musical, I apologize. I honestly thought it was last week for you guys. At first I was going to get us in the holiday spirit by kicking thing off with a Christmas musical. However, there aren't that many and I didn't want to steal anything away from somebody that might want to do one next month. So I thought about this for awhile. There are a few musicals I think are a bit out there that I wanted to cover. I found one, not going to say which yet, that I really wanted to do but I don't think it is streaming anywhere. I tried using a few sites but was getting conflicting results as to what was streaming and what wasn't. Finally, I thought why throw caution into the wind with a film I don't think any of us have seen and pick something with two leads that everybody loves that might warm us up if where you're from is starting to feel a little cool. I present to you... I don't think it is free anywhere (sorry) but it is a cheap Amazon rental from what I can tell.
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    A quick anecdote. While filming on the Cuyahoga, the crew accidentally turned over a small boat. One the boat? A $20,000 camera. Which, I suppose, is still somewhere on the bottom of the river. Also, while we did our best to let residents know that there would be a pretty incredible explosion on the river sometime during the summer afternoon that scene was filmed, we couldn't tell everyone. 911 was flooded with calls from people who reported the river on fire again.
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    For those who need a visual, here is a shot of Alyssa Milano in her pants from Double Dragon:
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    To all my Holiday Romance nerds, have you seen this????
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    i had to look up what the video game version of Abobo looked like because I couldn't remember and must say, the film was pretty accurate
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    I’m thinking the podcast should be called ‘Trashcan Fire’.
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    I like this movie a lot. The music is good. It looks great. But Barnum sold his "freaks" on their physical differences and racist ideas. He didn't think of them as family. He profited off of them and treated them horribly. I'm kind of fine, or at least understand, whitewashing a movie to make a real life person seem not so monstrous by the cultural standards of today. I'm not fine changing that person to a champion of equal rights.
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    Double Dragon is available to stream on Tubi. It also streams through my heart 24/7.
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