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    We need to talk about Party Time. Whose dog is that?! Why does he rsp? How does a dog in 1912 know rap? Was he planning this rap? Like is he the cruise director for the animals? Would you burst into rap about party time if a mouse thanked you for not ending up "in someone else's digestion "?
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    I literally cannot believe that this movie ends with a “Hey, the movie’s not over yet...” That is fucking bonkers!
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    Not even sure where to start on this. So, I'll just start at the beginning. The music in the opening is very strange sounding. It sounds like parts of it are being played backward. This kind of reversed music played under a lot of the movie. It would have been so much better without any music because the backward sounding music was kind of unsettling.
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    So Michael’s blood contains the Corvinus strain. According to an Underworld wiki “The Corvinus Strain, the parent strain of the Vampire and Lycan Strains, is a recessive genetic anomaly that, when inherited in its active form, gives its carrier immortality and superhuman strength, while additionally possessing the capability for another stage of mutation when subjected to gene-fusion. Thus, the Corvinus Strain uniquely has the ability to sustain and harbor both viruses carried by Vampires and Lycans. This anomaly is the only known gene that is capable of combining properties from both the Vampire and Lycan strains that would otherwise destroy themselves on contact due to the incompatible components contained at their cellular level.” I don’t really have much to add other than Corvinus coincidentally looks too similar to Coronavirus. And as such, I now plan to quarantine myself from any more of these terrible movies.
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    I'm literally just sitting here cackling actually petting a white fluffy cat like a Bond villain. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME!
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    I don’t know about you, but I enjoy graffiti that randomly mentions a music genre— which would be a non sequitur if not for it being anachronistically performed at that very instant.
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    This is quite the build-up! As long as it’s not another crappy cartoon!
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    1000%. I really don’t understand picking the fifth movie of a series and then saying, “I don’t get it.” It’s like reading the last chapter of a novel and then complaining that it “doesn’t make sense.” Like you were saying, I, Frankenstein, or the even the first Underworld, would have probably been better picks. They have a lot of the same issues they had with this movie, but at least they wouldn’t be wondering who prominent characters are from the series. I really don’t think the fifth movie in a series should have the onus of explaining *everything* that’s ever happened to these characters. I mean, they seemed to have a problem with the initial expo dump and then they complained that they didn’t have enough information to understand what was going on. That first flashback is just the “Previously in...” page of a comic book. It’s catching you up to speed on relevant plot points, but it’s not supposed to be a substitute for having watched the previous films. It’s supposed to be a refresher, not a detailed synopsis.
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    I think I, Frankenstein would have been a better movie to go with because it is legit crazy. You are asking the same level of questions about that movie as the hosts are of this movie and the only difference is this movie's questions have been answered in the prior films. I, Frankenstein makes up tons of batshit lore on the spot and you just go with it. Also I watched all these movies no so long ago and my official ranking of the films is: 3 > 1 > 5 > 2 > the animated thing > 4. The forth movie is shit and I just remember not having fun with its level of crazy. I think, X-23ing Selene aside, the problem is the film makers took a side. So this series is basically Vampire vs Werewolf and the first film you get Selene and Scott Speedman who are the heroes of their factions. Neither one is better than the other and you can pick the side you like. Much like things like Warcraft, there is no "bad" side. Both sides have bad people but you are not a bad guy for choosing Horde over Alliance (in fact this is the only and right choice...) and you're not wrong for picking werewolf over vampire. However, as the films go on the Vampires you come to realize are kinda dicks. They basically hunt werewolves and use them as slaves. They keep them oppressed , deny them rights and privileges and for literally doing nothing wrong. It was after the third film that the producers had to look at the vampires and ask "Are we the baddies?" So the forth film really ramps up how evil the werewolves are and how they are doing all these horrible things hoping for a vampire genocide which then forces you into being like "Wow, werewolves are evil I guess I'm team vamp." No! That's why the fifth film the conflict is among the vamps which seems to be the logical place to go, and better than rehashing the same story again.
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    What I still don't get is how Scott Speedman thought he was too big to return to this series.
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    Yeah but it fails at world building in such spectacular fashion while those have found the right formula to excel exceptionally well. That's only if she can take him "Higher." I never saw this film but have seen the others in the series and I realize that the prequel is easily the best of the series because it's Michael Sheen acting the fuck out of a horrible story and making it palatable. The first one is insane for how quickly they try to create a world filled with lore and backstory but try to focus on Kate Beckinsale being in a skin tight bodysuit. There are interesting ideas like getting memories from a person's blood, which was an idea introduced in the first one when the vampires are going to bring their next leader up to speed on current events after a hibernation period, but then they started using it every 10 minutes in the sequel and it was quick diminishing returns.
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    I was OBSESSED with the first movie, Queen of the Damned and Buffy as a nerdy tween girl. Honestly these movies are what a 2000's Hot Topic would be if it could be a movie and I love them (and Queen of the Damned) for that ridiculous fact. I'm not even going to touch how stupid crazy the prequel movie was.
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    This for the win! I just realized: Underworld is like John Wick for goths, or Fast & Furious for manic depressives.
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    The second is pretty great. I think my least favorite is Awakening, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. The point is: these are perfect movies and anyone who disagrees with us are dumb-dumb wrongheads. Oh, and Scott Speedman and Scott Stapp are 1000% the same person, right
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    I admit I wasn’t excited to see a political interview in my feed. I also didn’t listen because I don’t vote in LA. But I know a lot of people do. I think it’s within Paul and June’s right to use their platform for, what they think, is the greater good. This is a free podcast. They don’t owe me anything, On the other hand, I also wonder what is about JUNE’s politics that is offensive? (Moreso than Jason’s 9/11 jokes?) It is a fairly well-known fact that women run for office less than men do. I think both parties could benefit from June’s book. I sincerely hope this isn’t another example of the forum complaining that Cameron Esposito is too loud, when Jason and Pete Holmes were also shouting. (And without knowing what is in other people’s hearts, I cannot know.)
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    I remember when I was a kid, my dad always complained that the cartoons I watched would rot my brain. Most probably weren’t this crappy, but some probably were.
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    THIS MOVIE IS INSANE WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?! I tried to rewatch it because unlike gigi it was not as fresh on my mind and if my memory is correct I saw The Room, Titanic II, and this all in the same weekend in 2012, so I literally blocked everything except the Dog Rap out of my brain. But as I tried to rewatch I was struck by that first scene of the ship sinking how they just reused the same animation over and over as new things happened to the ship. It was too hard to watch that stupid girl's face go through the same surprise multiple times.
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    Oh fuck, their “mucho gusto/put on your dancing shoes-to” song had me baffled.
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    I thought it was weird they made him from New York. I know Americans were on the Titanic, but he's just a detective. It would have made way more sense to have him be English. I think you're right it's "funnier" was their thinking. Speaking of unusual choices for character ethnicities, what was up with those mice? Why are there offensively caricatures of Mexican mice?
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    Yes, she definitely stayed on but didn't sing Nearer My God to Thee. Weird. YouTube commenter bobisheaux says:
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    So my big question was did they give this movie to like three different animation studios so they could get it out faster? There are so many different styles and quality of animation. You have the cartoony people, the more realistic people and then the animals. There is no consistent style for any of them or any reason. If you were to tell me they took two separate movies about the cruise ships and tied them together by doing their own in house animated sequences I would 100% believe you.
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    This movie motivated me to clean my apartment while it was playing in the background! Thanks, movie! I usually procrastinate on stuff like that, but for 70 minutes, you changed my ways!
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    This is my Letterboxd review. @Cam Bert added The Three Caballeros.
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