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    Hey all, Producer Devon here. Of course making Closing Up The Plug Bag remixes from the episode audio is a tried and true tradition, but just in case anybody wants to take Scott, Ben and Horatio's individual tracks to reassemble them with a little more control, here are the stems! Happy remixing! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/18tgr7pewbheztu/AABeubapmIuGFZ6NrHomQ1RVa?dl=0
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    Every time a sport bar waitress goes to heaven an Angel Gets His Wings
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    Every Tool's a Hammer, if you put parachute pants on it
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    Shut the gape! I can’t! It has my fist in it!
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    Jump another little bump, c'mon, I did this on the day the first episode of the year was released
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    i just want four walls and adobe flash for my girls
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    Last night I took a bath with Bubbles. I borrowed the bubbles from my next door neighbor, Candy. Then I ate candy. Junior Mints to be exact. My girlfriend brought them over when we fucked...which was why I needed to take a bath.
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    In fact, that's the only payment he'll accept for coming on my show!
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    Remembering the nightmare that was "the peanut butter solution" also reminded me of this little gem.
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    This should win for the name alone…
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    Oh hm it appears the invite links only last for 24 hours. Here's one that I believe will last forever https://discord.gg/5fwTmtSpG8
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    It's a Memphis Kansas Breeze song in reverse! https://twitter.com/twlldun/status/1301806534687690752/photo/1
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    For Mac, I use Ferrago. It's a really great piece of software that lets you quickly pull audio into your show.
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    It's on DVD, that's how first watched it.
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    Until this year, I had yet to meet anyone who knew about the Comedy Bang Bang TV show, let alone the podcast. I relocated to a new area and finally I met a guy at the office who had heard of the TV show and vaguely remembered watching "for about 3 minutes." When Scott & Co. made a stop in my city on this latest tour, I couldn't believe how many fuckers came out of the woodwork for the live show! Where have all these people been? Where do they hang out? Why haven't we met? Why are all of them wearing plaid shirts and extremely tight-fitting blue jeans?
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