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    How has no one mentioned Gabby's reaction to her paycheck? She's astounded at the amount, and asks if that what she makes for the year then is even more amazed when she finds out that's her weekly paycheck. The Governor of California's salary is $210,000 per year which breaks down to about $4000 per week (or about $3000 after taxes, etc.) So Gabby, a college student and businesswoman, thinks that $3000 is an amazing yearly salary?
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    I created my EarWolf account to share a little bit of info I have about this movie. I happen to know how this movie ended up on Amazon. I worked for the company that put it on Amazon. The filmmakers used a company called Distribber to help them self-distribute. Distribber and its parent company sadly went bankrupt and no longer exist but I was still working with the company when this movie was released on Amazon. Distribber ended up getting way behind on paying the residuals out to the filmmakers' who did business with them and incurred a lot of debt. This sadly led to a lot of independent filmmakers losing out on thousands of dollars that was owed to them when the company went bankrupt. The philosophy behind Distribber was to help independent filmmakers have a way to release their movies without going through the traditional distribution model. Distribber could release movies on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Netflix, Hulu, etc., without having to go through a major distribution company. On top of that, the filmmakers took 100% of the profits. They had to pay an upfront fee to cover services that ensured the movie and all its assets (feature, trailer, captions, etc) met the specs of each platform. It all gets very technical and boring as to what all goes into getting a movie into a file that is able to stream on Netflix or Amazon. But every streaming service has different levels of quality that they'll accept and as you all saw with Governor Gabbi, Amazon allows just about anything to be uploaded. Also, Amazon allows anyone to upload a movie. You need to have a specific deal with Netflix or Apple to release on their platforms (Distribber had these deals) but Amazon will take anything from anyone. If you have a home movie of your child taking her first steps, you can upload it to Amazon for people to rent or buy in HD or SD. You do need captions and they have to be in the right format. You also need to come up with some artwork in Photoshop for the thumbnail that the customer sees. But these are the kind of things Distribber could help with. So June was right when she saw this as just an intimate family film project. Those are the kinds of movies Distribber attracted. If you had enough money to throw around upfront, you could put your movie on a wide variety of streaming services in many different countries around the world. But Distribber did not offer any marketing services. So most of the movies released on Distribber didn't make any kind of profit, because no one knew these movies existed. It's quite possible that the HDTGM audience made this one of the top 10 most successful Distribber released movies. I only hope Gabbi got to benefit from that and the residuals aren't still tied up in court.
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    Sorry, I’ve been in the weeds this morning. There were quite a few movies I wanted to choose from, but I chose the one described in multiple reviews on Letterboxd as being “the horniest.” You’re welcome. We are watching: Currently on Amazon.
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    I want to never stop talking about this movie. My favorite line has to be when the Senator berates the the moonbats for messing up the plan(?) and says: "I think I was perfectly clear on this matter…Wasn’t I not? " Haha…If he was explaining the plan with phrases like “Wasn’t I not”, then no, I don’t imagine he was very clear at all. I also loved the scene where Mark was getting ready to help Gabbi move the dresser and Gabby is frustrated that Mark is taking a long time to remove his jacket. They use a clock wipe to show how long he is taking, however the only thing that occurs during the wipe is that he places his jacket on the bed. How long did that take? Did he do it in slow motion?
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    As a musical theatre actor and someone who went to school for musical theatre I wanna point out two things. 1. Andrew Lloyd Webber set a book of poems by TS Elliot to music so most of the lyrics are not his at all. That is why there is no story because it was originally just going to be a song cycle of poems set to music that eventually became a show. 2. I think it’s important to point out that Cats is more of a dance show than it is a singing show. This is why it doesn’t work as well in a movie platform. The real power of the show comes from the incredible dancers on stage dancing and doing great physical work and tricks and that is what makes it so compelling in person. That does not translate well when the whole movie is being done with motion capture. I you think of the show more in the sense of a cirque show that has always been more the vibes to me. More about the spectacle less about the over all story telling.
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    Agreed on all accounts. The meta stuff was really interesting but took me by surprise. So, I couldn't fully appreciate it because, by the time it kicked in heavily, I felt I had missed a lot. Cinco said this was better on a second watch and I have to assume he's right. Ben Vereen though. Amazing.
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    I watched this movie the night before Biden was announced as winning the presidency, and listened to the podcast hours after the media outlets FINALLY called it. My biggest wish now is that we live in the world that Governor Gabby takes place where you vote one day, the winner is called the next, and that person IMMEDIATELY takes office and begins to govern. You guys talked about how crazy it was that she was in school to get a degree in baking - but I’d love to know what the curriculum entails. Clearly there is no crossover education with general culinary skills as she is completely unfamiliar with the term “ala carte.” I also can’t figure out why she was outsourcing the baking of the brownies to Stoner. Maybe cut out of yoga a few minutes early and whip the batch up yourself? Not to mention when the “mud pie” is served at the State Dinner (which looks like a backyard with a giant fountain) - she says SHE made it! AND they use canned whipped cream. What self respecting baking student would use canned whipped cream? Disgraceful.
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    Governor Gabbi should be named as Kamala's replacement in the Senate!
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    I just want to cheer on our actual Vice President from California Kamala Harris!
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    This movie made me physically ill. (Not joking.)
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    I went to a Second City Toronto show in 1987. One of the skits was David Cronenberg's version of Anne of Green Gables. Anne was a space alien who could kill people with a zap from her pointed finger. Mike Myers played Anne.
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    This was what got me. It really didn't feel artistic in any way. It felt very amateurish to me.
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    I also feel like I was oversold on the horniness of the movie.
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    I want Gabbi in the House as a potential Squad member.
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    This movie had seemingly no understanding of how anything in politics works. One correction for June, I'm not sure about every state, but in California lieutenant governors are elected, not appointed. Cali's current governor Gavin Newson ran and was elected twice in 2010 and 2014. I remember voting for him, and Wikipedia confirms he had to run. For further credibility, I have taught AP Government. Some of my favorite stuff in the movie was that the Balse was the lieutenant governor, but the dipshits he hung out with named Brown and Jo were congresspersons. Why were they there? They're federal government officials. State representatives are not referred to as "congressman" and "congresswoman," they are assembly members. I'm not saying they have no interest in state politics, but they woudn't be hanging out in Sacramento EVERY DAY. That's insane. Sacramento county does have the 6th and 7th districts, but even in that case one of them would live in the other district which is not super close to the actual city of Sacramento. Also the man who seems to be their boss is named Senator Mack. In that case at least, maybe he's a state senator and his presence makes sense, but he wouldn't be bossing around the lieutenant governor and two congresspeople. And somehow he feels he can fire the lieutenant governor of California! That's not how it works. Not even the governor can fire the lieutenant governor. He has to either resign, lose a recall election, or we have to wait until the next election. I guess if he was arrested at the end, that would work too, but he's still can't be fired by a Senator. Nor can Gabbi/Gabby choose her replacement. The lieutenant governor would take over. If Balse were in jail, she'd be replaced by the President pro tempore of California's Senate. Also, another connection to The Room that I feel like no one stated specifically. Real life Gabbi's IMDB says she is a native of Sacramento. I believe that about as much as I believe Tommy Wiseau is born in the USA. I promise I'm not trying to come off anti-Immigrant, but come on! The only time Gabbi sounded confident in her lines was when she was speaking German. She must have been born and raised in Germany or Austria. She just lives in Sacramento now, right? Finally, I was fascinated by Gabbi's black friend's adr. I suppose she could also have been a German immigrant, but was I the only one who thought that actress got busy with something else and Gabbi just did her voiceover in like a silly voice?
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    Just to be a nerd. Sorry. ADR doesn't stand for Additional Dialogue Recording (although I definitely thought it was too for years and I work in film/tv) It actually stands for Automated Dialog Replacement. And for a super running ADR gag check out Matt Berry in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. His character's lines are ADRed by himself just to mimic a cheap shitty 80's style. You lot have all seen Garth Marenghi, right?
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    So technically it would be legal for Gabby ( Gabbi?) To run for governor as California is one of the few states with an age requirement of only 18. HOWEVER in 2010 Proposition 14 passed which prohibits write in candidates in the general election. According to the Wikipedia " It was a constitutional amendment that effectively transformed California's non-Presidential elections from first-past-the-post to a nonpartisan blanket primary (similar to a two-round system). This had the unforeseen consequence of effectively eliminating third party candidates from the final ballots. " Therefore its my understanding that it would have been impossible for Gabby to have been elected as she was never a part of the primary and had no party. She would be seen as a write in candidate. Regardless wouldn't it just be seen as a typo? Why couldn't they have another emergency election ? I'm sure that could have happened as soon as she was decided the winning candidate.
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    I thought this movie was pretty great. Darkly funny in the right spots and Dan Stevens was perfect for the role. Liked that they didn't hold back once he finally went on his rampage. Also that final shot made me bust up!
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    I was going to make a very un-PC joke but managed to stop myself. YOU'RE WELCOME.
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    Its dumb but I really liked the sister's diner outfit. I know that's weird but no diners near me have cute uniforms ( that probably itch and are awful but let me have the fantasy!) And frankly after years of tv and film telling me they would I feel a bit sad. I liked the color combo! Very peppy. Also sidenote on the topic if costumes no woman I know sleeps in underwear and thigh highs. That's... Not a thing. Sure sleep in underwear I guess but unless those are the socks you wore that day and you were exhausted and just passed out I don't know anyone who's rocking bedtime thigh highs. I myself now have a good sized collection of very cute (very pricey) pj sets. Because pandemic. Can I go outside? No but I cam wear shorts with beach dogs
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