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    I liked the live version significantly more than this version. I can appreciate the movie to an extent. I like that it's kind of dirty looking in a way few movies are. The music is good. That's kind of it for me. The live version just pops in a way this doesn't.
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    I have always loved how Dorthy takes the witch’s shoes like she’s in RPG trying to gear up her character.
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    That's always been my impression of The Wiz as a movie. The energy of the live show didn't translate to the screen, for whatever reason.
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    I loved this, it was very entertaining! The music is awesome. Some of the sets and things maybe lean too weird-as-fuck, but I don't mind that at all. I'm so glad I watched this! Hm one of the main critiques of the original is the whole is message is "there's no place like home" which makes little sense after visiting a magical wonderland like Oz. Here, it makes a bit more sense because Dorothy is such a homebody introvert. But that said, Diana Ross isn't very good in this; she's the weak point in this movie if you ask me. Which sucks because out of everyone in the film, she's the one I'm a big fan of. She doesn't get the arc or motivation across well.
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    No, that would probably be Glenda.
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    So Dorothy is the dungeon master?
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    Something I really liked about The Wiz is at the end of the movie it’s Dorothy, and not the Wizard, who confirms that the things her companions sought they possessed all along. I think that’s more emotionally satisfying than the kind of gag/satirical ending in The Wizard of Oz (e.g. A diploma proves you have a brain whether that’s true or not)
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    I agree. I think her character was just underwritten and none of the problems could really be laid on her.
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    So I overall enjoyed the movie. Mostly for it's music and wonderful production design. I thought the make up and costumes were fabulous. Story wise there are some problems. I think Dorothy here has real weak motivations and not a real arc. In addition I thought some of the metaphors worked better than others and they seemed to forget about that at points. However updating the poppy fields to be drugs and stuff like that I thought were good and creative.
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    She does gather a party as well. It is all very RPG
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    I’ve seen the Live version, and I liked it. They wrote a new song for it that I quite liked. I’d link it, but you might just to watch it.
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    Overall, I agree. I enjoyed the music and choreography. I found out that people felt Diana Ross was too old at 33 to play Dorothy, so that makes me feel a bit protective of her. I thought she did a great job.
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    It sounds like this worked though? That's good news. The only other way I think it might work would be a discord server but I think streams can only do voice chat?
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    Oh ya I'm planning to, my nieces filled me in on it all! I'm still in the season 1, just 20 eps in, so I have a ways to go. The set-up reminds me of Buffy in a way, which helped me connect to it pretty quick.
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    Ah finally got to crack open this gif for C&Os: As for Floor is Lava, I've watched a couple episodes and it's been entertaining, but I cannot stand the rapport between the teammates because it is so forced and hokey. It's clear a producer told them to act like the kool-aid they are dodging is real lava, but every team has gone overboard with this to the point where I'm watching the show on mute at times. It also doesn't help that the host sounds like Guy Fieri's brother.
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    Off-topic. The (UK) National Theatre is putting up a filmed performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream, from today at 2 p.m. Eastern to next Thursday just before 2 p.m. The performance itself looks amazing but I love this clip for putting modern touches into a classic play. Even if you're not interested in the play at all please view this clip. "Unlock your calendar I beseech you."
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    A staccato note is a short but impactful sound; a sort of musical chode, if you will.
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    I’d go #1, as well. I only listened to the soundtrack first as I didn’t really have another option.
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    There's no Corrections & Ommissions, but I still want to clarify the Bugs Bunny thing. Yes, Bugs Bunny's carrots was definitely inspired by Gable, but the name of Bugs is taken from the animator Ben "Bugs" Hardaway, whose design pages were labeled "Bugs' Bunny" (note the apostrophe) and the name stuck. Having names like "Bugsy" and "Doc" in the movie is coincidence and shows the names' commonality rather than a correlation. And as much as the discussion is getting caught up in the genre trappings of the film, which many say makes it worthy of the list, I think there's a lot going on with a psychological context that's more deep when you place it in history. Is Colbert's character representing the upper class and Gable's the lower? If so, is Peter then admired for "punching up", or is Ellie admired for "leaving" her station? Is there a celebration of community (like the bus scenes, getting a hitchhike, "we're all in this together" kind of thing) or a celebration of using community to your advantage (your individual needs manipulate the situation)? And although the age differences of the characters aren't so pronounced, it's still a bit weird. Tho that line of thinking makes me wonder how much is it a coming of age kind of story for Ellie.
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    Jason Mantzoukas is 100% correct regarding Ahsoka
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    Nice to hear all the love for various comics like Nick Drsano's Sabrina and for the work of Matt Berry, who has been one of my favourites in comedy for a while now. If you haven't seen Snuff Box yet, or Toast of London, you should.
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    Between this John Carter, and a Wrinkle in Time i'm feeling like Disney should maybe take a break on adapting bonkers children books.
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    The song is actually taken from Benjamin Britten's opera of Dream. I will keep that in mind for a future pick.
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