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    I know this is kinda repeating something I said earlier but I do think the "we're not slaves" line from Stella Star is one of the funniest lines in the movie. Yes, Stella, you kinda are. See you committed multiple crimes and were found guilty by a court of Krangs. As a result you were sentenced to life in a hard labour penal colony. This is the good news bad news situation. Assuming Space prison has similar laws to the United States, once you are a prisoner you are now a ward of the state. This means they can not work you to death. They have to provide food and care for you. If the radiation does burn your skin off like you complain about they have to treat that. Unfortunately they are allowed to subject you to penal labour which as a form of unfree labour does make it "slave labour." You have the right to complain and register complaints but that doesn't mean they have to listen you. However this is your punishment for committing crimes and breaking the law and as a result they are allowed to force you to work for 12 hours. However, if Space law is more like say North Korean law then you probably aren't afforded those rights and as a prisoner in a penal labour camp. In that case, yes you are a slave and they can do what they like with you. I'm sorry if you thought "hard" labour meant just a little light lifting.
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    I cannot express how much having something like The Jane Club could have helped my mother. My mom was a single mother and was also very dedicated to her career. She also had to deal with a nurodivergent child. On her own . I wonder what she could have achieved if she had had a place like The Jane Club where she could go to work and take me along. I remember when she was a in quality auditing for a bloodbanking company/ organization that she would bring me to work with her on the weekends and I would literally wonder the building going into any unlocked room I could find like an absolute feral menace. I realize now as an adult they 100% probably had security cameras and my mom 100% got yelled at. The only thing that makes me feel a bit sad about the Jane Club is from what I know you have to pay to be a member and it looks pretty pricey so it makes me think about mothers like my mom who would have benefited greatly from such a place but could never have been able to afford it. Hopefully in the future they make scholarships or grants available for care givers who are less financially well off.
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    Have we discussed that her name is literally Star Star? Stella is the Latin for star. Random fact about me : I have a tattoo on my wrist that says Stella Fulgens which means Star Bright.
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    Yeah, I was pretty blown away when he said he didn’t like it. I thought Clue was pretty much universally beloved. I know I quote it all the time.
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    Holy shit guys... I had that clue VCR game. During the Drop Dead Fred episode I remember noting that Jason had it all wrong with the Clue quote and I'm pretty sure someone on the board pointed it out, so I let it go. The Tim Curry Clue movie is one of my top 10 desert island favorites, so I knew Jason's quote was wrong and I figured he had just gotten it mixed up with Haunted Honeymoon or something. Since there was a lot of love for Clue in our house, my mom bought my brothers and I the VCR game. I never played the game but I watched the dumb video a million times. I remember a lot of images but not many details, like Mr. Green having a business card that just said "Business" and when asked what kind of business he was in he would say something like "None of your business." There was a even a sequel, which we also had. Paul (and the comment submitter) pretty much cracked my brain open today because I had not given it one thought in about 30 years. Childhood memories UNLOCKED. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woJVCOEoVCM
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    We should introduce her to “Manos: The Hands Of Fate.”
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    Aw I'm very sad because the one time I get over my phone anxiety and decide to call in I was not chosen
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    Even if you personally can't stand mob movies, there really isn't an argument for keeping The Godfather off any list of the greatest American films. It's clearly one of the most successful, most critically lauded, most influential movies ever. I wouldn't say this about too many movies, but this is one of those where if it's not on the list then the list loses credibility. Anyway, as to the complaint about Michael's arc not quite tracking . . . I'm not sure this is actually a problem. Part of what I love about The Godfather is how much it plays like a Shakespearean tragedy. In those plays, there's always a lot of ambiguity as to what really drove the main character to his fall. For example, did Macbeth become a bad guy because of the witches' prophecy raising his jealousy and ambition, or was it because he was always violent by nature and was going to do it anyway? The answer isn't in the play, it's the thing you puzzle over. I think there's something similar with Michael Corleone: did he transform into a cold mob boss because of circumstance (his father being hurt and no one else being good enough to take charge, finding potential happiness in Sicily but having it ripped away, etc.), or because that coldness was always in him? The movie purposely leaves this open to interpretation.
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    If you need a license to drive a car, than you should need one to aromatize!
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    That’s how I feel. I was going to say exactly, “It shouldn’t be smelled unless someone is kissing your neck.” It should be a more intimate thing. The problem is when people douse themselves. That’s not right.
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    I like perfume but I like it when it's light and I think (hope?) only I can smell it. It's for me, not other people. I want it to be like other people would have to smell my neck to know. It's a big fear that I have that I'm putting on too much and other people are annoyed or their allergies are triggered.
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    Long time listener and first time caller (or words to that effect). This piece of shit is right up my alley. Cheesy scifi knockoffs are the best. I actually watched this horror show on television when I was a child and I remember thinking it was pretty good. Children are stupid. Although you covered the (movie?) pretty well, there are some amazing behind the scenes facts I just had to share. You can really dive into a rabbit hole researching this one. There is a reason you sensed such amazing chemistry from Stella and Elle is because Caroline Munroe (who played Stella Star) actually was in a relationship with Judd Hamilton (who played Elle). They recorded albums together and even got married. The real story her though is our good pal Akton (played by Marjoe Gunter). Marjoe was born to a fanatical, Pentecostal couple and was raised from birth to be an evangelist. He was publicized as the world's youngest preacher and even presided over a wedding at the age of 4. By his 20's he had become dissolutioned and decided to participate in a documentary which would expose the hypocrisy and deception of religion. The documentary is called "Marjoe" (his name is a combination of Mary and Joseph). You should really watch it. Hard to describe just how crazy it is. This also explains his mysterious persona and those hypnotic eyes. Any of his movies are well worth the hdtgm treatment. Lastly, the amazon queen was played by Nadia Cassini who actually was an Italian adult film star. No wonder it gave you that feeling.
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    If they had a Marvel/Clue movie where they plotted to actually murder each other in an old mansion, I would totally get behind that! I’ve gotten pretty jaded with comic book films, but that would be a fun crossover. Just put your Avengers action figures on the Clue board to try it out!
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    I had the Clue board game as well. I vaguely remember that being an attempted trend in the 80s—incorporate your VCR into your board game! I vaguely remember there was one for Trivial Pursuit, too. i think we played the interactive Clue game once or twice but I watched the video a bunch of times. Don’t remember a damn thing about it.
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    If people follow the walk through a single spray in the air, I don't think it's a big deal. But I also think perfumes/colognes generally don't smell good. I'd rather have the absence of odor than any manufactured smells. I'm just really sensitive to perfumes in general and, other than hand soap which I can't find unscented anywhere, I don't have anything in my house with perfumes.
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    I would add something worthwhile to this discussion, but I had to get so stoned to make it through this movie that I barely remember it. And I watched the Mystery Science Theater version. i remember...bright twinkly lights. The feeling that the space journeys were very slow and plastic-y. Lots of plastic in general. Being confused as to what everyone was talking about, Hoping that they kept the set warm for the skimpy outfits. vaguely thinking that the woman should be kicking ass but it seemed like all the men were saving her. Even the robot did. I dunno, that could just be the pot talking and it’s possible I hallucinated large chunks of this film. generally being amazed at how terrible all the men’s hair looked.
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    10/17 The Godfather 10/24 The Godfather Part II 10/31 The Grapes Of Wrath 11/7 Forrest Gump
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    Amy mentioned that the Joker isn't funny, but honestly, I thought that "nobody's laughing now" was a pretty good joke, even if it lacked delivery. That made me question De Niro's reaction, since I would think most comedians would feel a little sympathy for a guy who had a decent idea for a joke and needs more reps on stage to work it out. The choice to make De Niro's character unnecessarily callous in that moment is another example of the script spelling something out in black and white when it could have been more gray. (And this reminds me of the thing that infuriates me most about the script: why was there video of Fleck's performance at all? In 1981, none of the audience members are going to be bootlegging open mic night with their huge 1981 camcorders. So are we to believe the club takes video of all their open mic nights? For what purpose? Just in case someone bombs so bad, they can send the tape to late night shows? That seems like an incredible waste of tape. I needed an explanation for this, because it felt like lazy writing by someone who wanted to ret-con a typical 21st century occurrence into a point in history where it didn't belong.)
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    Finally! All my useless snooker knowledge has a use!
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    I had no idea that Clue had such a vibrant and thriving extended universe.
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    I have the same fear. I had an eye exam earlier this year and the optometrist's assistant started sneezing while I was in the room. She told me it was a seasonal allergy unrelated to me, and I could just barely smell what I was wearing, but I immediately assumed she was lying to be nice/professional and I was triggering her allergies, and I felt like garbage the rest of the day. Jason Lives is pretty good, although I don't know if I'd say it's the best of the series. I'm partial to 4, but I think I like the first four and then six and seven equally.
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    I need to back up June and Paul about cologne. Anyone wearing perfume and cologne can stop. I'd even argue people with scented deodorant, scented anything can stop. If you want to have something to cover up odors in your bathroom or near a litter box or something, that's cool. I don't want you bringing new scents outside your home.
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    Oh I'm very familiar with Manos: The Hand of Fate thanks to Thanksgiving marathons of MST3K. #RIPPeppy! Though maybe dying in the desert was the best way to go in the movie....
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    (Some SPOILERS in here if you haven't seen Joker.) Also, what kind of network talk show in the 1980s would want to show low-quality footage of some unknown amateur comedian? Would they really consider that worthy of an on-air bit? Not to mention that such talk shows aren't generally broadcast live, so Arthur's on-set stunt probably wouldn't have actually made it to air. My other big question is about the backstory with his mom. The asylum has all kinds of records about his mother's mental issues, making stuff up, abusing him, etc. Why does this all seem like news to him? He doesn't remember any of it? Seems like if she was allowed to keep custody of Arthur there would have been a parade of social workers coming to their apartment.
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