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    George and Ringo playing bingo. Where's Paul gone? He's on the John.
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    Climbed to the top of the Madderhorn only to reach the bottom of the Disappointerhorn.
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    Bonanas for Bonanza is the only podcast on earwolf worth listening to, rewatching the only show on T.V. worth watching: Bonanza. If earwolf doesn’t produce all 431 episodes of the podcast that the listening public deserves, I will know that those heads of the Earwolf are none other than the obvious, Werewolves, and have no choice but to rid them of this earth with the required silver bullets. So, 431 episodes or I start learning how to turn silver into bullets. Don’t make me learn stuff!
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    Remember kids; you can't spell Anaconda Shave Grammy without Macho Man Randy Savage!
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    Unicorn horns are horse porn and narwhal tusks are smut musk; I want classier, like a pole dancer with moose antlers.
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    My clock is all messed up. Talk about sloppy seconds...
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    I get it Because AC/DC means alternating current and direct current respectively, Thunderstruck is a playful pun on the band's electric name
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    Broke both ankles in a rocket skate accident; broke both wrists in a pocket-bate accident.
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    I came, I saw, I hammer, I screwdriver, I shovel, I out-of-work Tarzan, please hire for construction work.
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    You don't have to be mad to work here you just have to be disappointed.
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    Today on Comedy Bang Bang, a 30% chance our guest didn't set up the expensive microphone we sent them
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    I don’t want to go to the public pool but take out the “L’s” and I might just reconsider.
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    Darth Vader is my Daddy
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    Voting for the annual Spoolies awards is open! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSekrnnKzdKZq1K7pI9uybIVbqo4MGsf2J2ghq3IuuIBZYUzNQ/viewform
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