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    Live from Boston, Paul, June and Jason discuss the 2016 action film The Great Wall. They talk about space dogs, Matt Damon’s accent, magnets, and much more. ... am I the only one who didn’t know this was about aliens OR Pedro Pascal? I don’t know what is going on anymore.
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    Wouldn't it have been such an easy fix to say that Willem Dafoe's character had learned how to make black powder in the 25 years that he had been prisoner/guest there? Then they'd have a reason to escape with him since he's infinitely more valuable than a couple of saddlebags full of gunpowder. I bet the recruiting numbers for the Nameless Order are pretty great in years 1 through 40 after a Tao Tei attack. Start to dip some after that and then in year 59 there is no way those guys are hitting their quota.
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    “YEAH! Magnets, bitch!”—Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad (a quote I’ve always wanted to use! And this film would have been so much more awesome if Matt Damon had said it in his multi-flagged accent!) Honestly, I cant believe that line wasn’t referenced during the show. As for the movie, I saw the preview for this before it came out in the theater, so unfortunately the space dogs reveal was ruined. Although my reaction to the preview—when I saw the space dogs—was still “what the fuck?” On a positive note, I will say I liked the use of color in the film, except for the building in the finale (was it a temple??) that was SO rainbow-colored that it looked like My Little Pony threw up in Rainbow Brite’s house. I think I know why the army wasn’t using it’s gun powder all the time: the public must have been huffing it if they had to spend time in places like this. The army sold the gun powder to the public to make a profit so they could pay for their drum troupe (which were awesome, but were they PRACTICAL in a battle against space dogs?). Speaking of that black powder, wasn’t there a sequence where they shot a bomb right next to Matt Damon to save him from the Tao Tai? Wasn’t he so close to the blast that he should have been dead but miraculously survived? Just checking. The CGI was laughably terrible at several points. During most of the battle scenes, I laughed out loud at how generic it was. Unlike Jason, I felt like I was watching this movie on fast forward. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film set up SO MANY conflicts just to blow past them a couple of minutes later!!!! This happened too often to mentally keep track of each time, but it seemed every scene was a set up to a conflict that was resolved by the next scene—or even occasionally in the same scene! One example is how Matt Damon is about to be executed for stealing the black powder, then a couple of minutes later he’s back in action. Perhaps because of the aliens, This film REALLY reminded me of Live. Die. Repeat. (AKA The Edge of Tomorrow). I would have loved it if Matt Damon had been stuck in a time loop and every time he reset, he had a different accent.
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    Is the Nameless Order really nameless?
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    Taking it day by day. My dad may/may not be sick but he seems to gradually improving from where he was last week, which is good. I’m Watching plenty of movie/tv, playing videogames, listening to podcasts/music. should be reading more but don’t seem to have the attention span for it right now.I’m working into it. Honestly, I’m not a die-hard stoner, but I’ve smoked up a fair amount.
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    Hi all! Last week was—I’ll be honest—fairly rough for me and this film was too trippy or cerebral or whatever to get into. I watched about twelve minutes of it. Perhaps I will give it a chance when not concerned about family illness (my father had a slight fever that hopefully is not related to COVID-19, and has been feeling slightly better and slightly crummy alternately. He’s doing fine, but it’s a bummer because I live two blocks from him and can’t see him or my mom right now). Anyway, I like weird, but that was too weird for the current moment.
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    Fiona really killed it with the second opinion song.
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    When you want to advertise your movie why not produce a poster that makes no sense and tells the audience nothing?
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    To quote a joke i saw on Twitter, today is Day. I'm doing pretty well, got my books, my music and my pods, my plants and my fish, some very dumb text chains going on, couple of drive runs to my mom to bring her food and stuff for her crafts ( and to help with my sanity ), BUT i may be going back to work tomorrow? My country is on a National emergency shutdown until the 3rd of April ( at least ), but our HR hasn't said anything else since they were forced to close because an entire section of my company told them they wouldn't go back decided to close out of " respect for the workforce " 2 weeks ago, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I mean, if things are good, that’s great! No one should feel guilty or anything. We need our personal wins. I’m glad things are going well for you
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    Things have been weirdly good for me and it feels strange talking about it since I know a few people who lost their jobs and a coworker's cousin has Covid-19. So, I'm kind of like "maybe don't say anything."
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    I just wanted to check in with everyone. How are you holding up?
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    I went into this movie pretty neutral on The Monkees. I know they were a manufactured band, but like what was said before, so were a ton of respected performers. You think any of those girl groups who recorded with Psycho Asshole Phil Specter wrote their own songs? ANYWAY, I always viewed the TV show and their music as pretty safe, pre-packaged versions of the British Invasion, and it certainly wouldn't be the first or the last time entertainment companies tried to ride the coattails of a pop culture trend. So yeah, some catchy songs, some magazine covers. Cool. It's not really for me but I wish the Monkees and their fans the best. But THIS, man, this is NUTS. The intercutting of Vietnam War footage is fucking crazy in the context of the era. 1968 was the year of the Tet Offensive and most of America was still in favor of the war at the time. Somewhere in 1968, the mood really shifted on the conflict. According to Wikipedia, 'Head' started production in February of 1968, which means the Tet Offensive, which started on January 30th of that year, was in the minds of every American. For the band to position themselves in contrast, almost as if they were complicit in the same sort of media manipulation that led to the war, is pretty astonishing. Maybe it was inspired by drugs, maybe it was youthful exuberance and naivete, maybe the movie is a series of psychedelic skits (it CERTAINLY wouldn't be the first 1960s art film to do that), but I have to give them respect for actually putting this together and releasing it. I mean, fuck, Victor Mature, star of films directed by John Ford and Cecil B. DeMille, makes a few brief appearances, one about 30 seconds before Frank Zappa appears on a Hollywood backlot. This shit is crazy.
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    I have Headquarters but I've also listened to it maybe twice in my life. My recollection is that it was fine but wouldn't have made a splash at all without all the baggage/fame of being The Monkees. I don't remember anything on it being nearly as good as their hits (which isn't a totally fair comparison when you have some of the biggest songwriters of all time writing your music). The best Headquarters music was maybe on par with the album cuts from their first two albums and even that's kind of a big maybe. I see both sides of why they wouldn't get into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. Of course, plenty of hugely famous, respected singers never wrote a song or barely played instruments get in. So, why not a "fake" band who have several hits to their name? But let's be honest, the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame doesn't recognize the true value of The Monkees.
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    This is not the Rosario Dawson/Kathryn Heigl thriller HDTGM did this past summer. This is the delightfully, insanely convoluted sci-fi noir that Ray Liotta and Linda Fiorentino did in 1996. I’’ve decided to make one movie suggestion per week and this is it! I’ve recommended it for HDTGM before and now it’s streaming on Hulu and well worth the price of subscription (honestly, I think Hulu has more interesting shows and movies than Netflix). I won’t try to summarize the plot. I’ll just link to the trailer. I will say it features Ray Liotta shooting up dead peoples’ memories like heroin. Here’s the preview: I’m hoping people will join me in watching and add their opinions. I’ll make another movie suggestion next Tuesday and am happy to have other people participate as well. Just wanted to try to get this thing rolling!
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    A vampire who backs bare-assed into a crucifix has hot cross buns.
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    I've been meaning to corral an online playlist/mixtape group thread here on the forum for a while, but never got around to it for one reason or another (re: laziness). Thanks to the on-going pandemic, however, this is about as good a time as any to share and listen to compilations of music (just like those good ol' homemade mix cassettes and CDR's of recent yore!) The inspiration for this thread came from both Zouk's recommending the phenomenal band Mannequin Pussy a couple of episodes back (thank you!) and his Amoeba Records What's in My Bag video. I figure that our HDTGM community, likewise, has amazing taste in music and want this thread to serve as a forum for all of us to share our online mixes and playlists (via Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.) I made this mix last year (but never got around to posting) for Jason, June and John called A Politcal Song for Jason Mantzoukas to Sing: Anyone else have online music mixes that they would like to share?
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    This is a great playlist! That Walkmen song is one of their absolute best. Here's the first in a planned four-part series of mixes featuring bands from 2020 I recently put together:
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    Yeah, this isn't clearly intended as a fantasy like Star Wars is. There's no "a long time ago in a courtroom far far away" tagline. I think complaints about the realism are fair game (though IMO overrided by lots of other virtues).
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    Ok, Omaxem just sent me some advice on how to post the playlist. Let’s see if this works! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1t91V560Ew3w9kBhhRU0hd?si=ikwXwN4ISkCRUF4y9vRVlA
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