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    This is amazing Shannon! Thanks for putting this together! I want to be able to answer all questions right now but I can't so I'm picking three and running with it lol Favorite catchphrase? Always always always, "What's its mission?!" June says the BEST shit and I wish I had snagged some of that merch before Disney yanked it off the site but alas I missed that and now it's forever stuck in my mind as one of the actual best moments of the show. I have to also give a beautiful shoutout to just "bonkers" because it is this show that has put that into my everyday vocabulary lol. The amount of things I have called T to B bonkers is in and of itself a little bonkers. Have I said it enough yet? Bonkers! The episode you revisit the most? "Sleepaway Camp" and "Deep Blue Sea" without a doubt. I do usually do a double feature of Deep Blue Sea and Lake Placid back to back since they were taped on the same night and PFT is in both, but DBS is the one that I absolutely love to listen to the most out of the two. And Sleepaway Camp is just a golden statue of an episode. It should go down in podcast history purely for the 10 minutes they spend trying to figure out who is related to who. It's also the episode I tell people to start on if they are just getting into the show. A perfect little nugget to get them introduced to the wild theories and hilarious banter between the three hosts and the guest. It makes me happy LITERALLY every time I listen. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff. God, where do I start? I think it's safe to say that as a member of this board, that this show has meant a hell of a lot to me from the get go. I was a little late getting into it, joining in 2014, but once I did I felt immediately welcomed by the crew already here and it felt like an easy transition to start posting my own thoughts and C&Os. The way that Jason, June, and Paul have brought together a large group of people who all have a love for movies (good or bad... but mostly bad lol) is absolutely astounding. I love the people that I have met because of this podcast. I love that I was able to actually MEET other fans of this podcast. I love that Paul interacts with us and chimes in and values our opinions and asks us every time to keep going because he loves reading what we have to say. Oh lord, I'm getting verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves for a bit... Anyway, this podcast above all others has never strayed away from what the core mission was supposed to be, and that's 4 friends talking about shitty movies that confound them. And now they have thousands of other friends talking along with them still trying to figure out how the FUCK did these get made??? I love this community, and I love this show, and I love Jason, June, and Paul. Thank you for 200 episodes (plus many mini eps)! Thank y'all so much for the entertainment and for staying true to who y'all are, and especially thank you for never quieting yourselves when people want you to shut up and stick to comedy. I think that above all else makes me feel safe as a fan of this show. I know this podcast and this forum are safe spaces for us all to come without fear of being ridiculed or yelled at or thrown away because any of us are not considered "normal" or what have you. Ugh I'm truly getting emotional so I better stop now lol. Thank y'all again and much love from your resident Texas photographer!
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    Years and years of listening to this podcast and something in one of these movies finally broke me to the point that I have to post about it. And it's just SUCH an awful reason. It's 7 minutes in, and Emma Roberts says that Jane Seymour is teaching her how to cook, "like, four Michelin stars cook". The Michelin guide tops out at 3 stars. And the line VO where she says it *almost* makes it sound like a joke, but IS IT A JOKE? I honestly can't tell if this was just an awful non-joke or they couldn't be arsed to know how the Michelin Guide works. In a movie centered around food. I had June's reaction to the release date of this movie.
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    What was your first episode of HDTGM? Since the very beginning. To make a short story longer, I was listening to Comedy Death Radio back in it's early early days, like episode 7 or so. I was always a fan of Paul's from Human Giant and various things he did and I remember him coming on to promote this new show he was doing with his wife and friend Jason. I love movies and Paul so of course I was going to tune it. I was instantly sold and in love and have never looked back. Favorite catchphrase? Not sure if it is a catch phrase per say but whenever I hear Jason or Paul in a real serious tone say "June, what did you think this was about?" or any similar phrase that starts with "June..." I start laughing before she can even respond in pure anticipation. Not strictly catchphrases but any Paul's Blockbuster or sad childhood stories and Jason's "Ladies, I'm single" moments always get me good too. A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) Deep dives on JVCD's buns, June thirsting for Ernest, Sleepaway Camp confusion, Blowing out the candles, What is it's mission, spaghetti robots, what is a street fighter, and many many more. Honestly, I don't know the timestamps for them all are but if we could just get a compilation of Paul's Blockbuster stories I would be happy. On a personal note, I'll never forget when my Sharknado 3 comment was read and all the really nice things Paul had to say about it. The episode you revisit the most Sleepaway Camp, After Earth, Congo, lots of the ones with Jessica St. Claire The movie that you loved or hated watching Loved: RAD, The Wraith, Airborne and others in combination with movies I already loved like The Last Dragon or Miami Connection Hated: Seriously, fuck The Lake House. How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine It's my Friday going home from work routine. For me the episode is released almost exactly when I finish work on Friday so I get to listen to it while I take my near hour long commute home. It's like starting my weekend off with a bang and ending my week with a laugh. Thursday is longest work day of the week and is also the night I watch a good 80% of the movies for the show. It's my punishment/reward for a long day's work. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff I'll start off with the fluff first because that's easier than talking about feelings. I live in Japan so my options for streaming a lot of these things are limited. This means I often have to research the movie and go out and find a physical copy. This has led me to finding some other great bad movies but has also made me laugh a lot at the sometimes weirdly translated titles and promotional materials. Often trying to find a reason or why to the change is fun and interesting to me. On a deeper and more emotional level it is honestly all the incredible people I've met her on the forums for this show. It's starting to sound a bit like old hat at this point but it's so very true. I was listening to the show from the start but never thought about participating. I was having fun just listening. Then I noticed something in the first Sharknado movie, and I came to ask a question which was ignored. In fairness to the people at the time asking about a convenience store that is shown for less than a second in a very dry manner, not the best way to start. Then I started reading the mini-episode threads in which everybody was just talking. Some of it was about the movie and some of it was just talking about music, their lives, etc. I replied to one, and somebody responded back. So I wrote more and more people responded and I responded in kind. Just like that without any questioning or judging I was accepted by all the wonderful people here. It became a joy to check in every day and just see what people were up to or what they were listening to and things like that. I did my best to try and entertain people with silly stories or weird deep dives of small details that got to me. This year in September marks the 11th anniversary of my father's passing. Being away from home and not just away but far away made it very hard. I was very depressed for awhile naturally, but I thought I had got over it and got the best of it. I thought I had a handle on it because years had gone by and I was feeling better. Then about two years ago I had a string of very unfortunate things happen and I slowly became very depressed again. It was at this point I realized it wasn't a temporary thing because of my father's passing but it was something that had always been there that I had learned ways of hiding, ignoring and pushing it away. It took awhile but I started talking to professionals and soon things got better again. It was at this point I realized that I should focus on things that make me happy and brought me joy and one of those things was being here and interacting with everyone. When I came back I was warmly greeted and it was like I had never left and I realized how much coming here truly meant to me. Not only that but how much all of you guys meant to me. Though I have not physically met any of you, I have talked to a lot of you for a long time and do consider you friends. So much so I will refer to things you have said as "my friend said this" in daily conversations. It means a lot to me that random people that I have never met are willing to share so much of their lives and their personal problems, fears, desires, etc. with me. I feel some of the friendships that I have made here are stronger than some of the ones I've made in real life. I don't take it that lightly either. I am very humbled anytime anybody cares to hear what I have to say about something or even simply wants to know what's going on with me and my life. I feel like I can't scrape together enough words or the right words to say how I feel about the friends I've made and the people I've met here. Now with the ever growing MM threads and the rabb.it viewings and Unspooled I feel like I'm just getting to spend more and more time with people I like, getting to know more about them and even meeting new ones along the way. So simply thank you all for being there and thank you all for being so awesome. P.S: Though Ted Neeley handsomeness reports have stopped temporarily and the fact you all poo-pooed her raisin coleslaw my mother still checks in with me about you guys by asking me "what are your movies friends up to?"
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    Thanks, Shannon, for putting this together I'm not even sure where to start with this...but I'm sure I'm going to write too much. What was your first episode of HDTGM? - Honestly, I can't say that I remember - probably Godzilla or one of the others that I was already familiar with. What I remember more vividly was seeing this crazy banner ad on Cracked.com of three people (I didn't know who they were at the time) Photoshopped up to look like the movie poster for Junior. To be honest, it was a long time before I mustered the courage to click on that link. But day after day, it was there - luring me in with its siren song. I don't know who made that graphic, but they did an amazing job. It caught my eye and held my attention - demanding that I give this thing a chance. Favorite catchphrase? - June - "He's so small?" ; Paul - "Hello, people of Earth..." "When I worked at Blockbuster..." ; Jason - I can't think of anything specific, but I have always loved Jason's quieter moments. Especially in studio episodes, he'll say something quietly that kind of goes under the radar, but is really funny. The one that comes to mind right now was in I Know Who Killed Me and he says something like "I yelped. I Yelped Thai food restaurants because I was hungry..." Jason is incredibly witty and I love when that side of him shines from beneath the bombast (which I also love ) A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) - It's probably cliche at this point, but listening to them unravel the relationship of the people in the boat in Sleepaway Camp is pretty epic. The episode you revisit the most - I've always had a soft spot for Safe Haven. I also love Stayin' Alive and Tyler Perry's Temptaion: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. The movie that you loved or hated watching - HATED: Hard Ticket to Hawaii and Ninja Terminator; LOVED: Rad, Last Dragon, Miami Connection What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff - I'm not even sure where to begin... I discovered HDTGM a little over four years ago. At the time, I was working a job that essentially had me behind the wheel of a car for 9-plus hours a day. While the job itself wasn't terrible, it was a pretty lonely existence. But one day, to my great fortune, I discovered this silly little bad movie podcast. Suddenly, the hours I spent on the road weren't so lonely. I had three or four friends in my ear discussing the types of movie's that I loved with the kind of humor and intelligence that I hoped I did when speaking with my own friends. And it wasn't just that they were funny, which, of course they were, but that they were legitimately good people. You could just tell. The way they spoke and presented themselves came off as so genuine - so caring. They lacked the artifice that one often expects from celebrities. So, the weeks began to fly by. I would laugh and feel so much joy and it made the whole work week that much more bearable. I couldn't wait for the next episode. Often, I would lay up somewhere and just listen through the newest episode before getting started with my day. It wasn't long before I wanted to be a part of the discussion. So I joined the Earwolf message boards, and, without hyperbole, it was one of my best decisions. Since then, coming to the boards has become a daily ritual for me. It's here that I've witnessed Paul's kindness and generosity first hand. And, for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure, Paul Scheer is, no joke, a genuinely good dude. He's always been encouraging and indulgent of us silly little forum people -our little community of continuity obsessed dumb-dumbs. It is also here on the message boards that I met some of the best people I have ever met. (Although, I've always maintained that HDTGM has always attracted a higher quality of fan, so I guess it's not that surprising.) There are literally too many people to name, but people whom I've formed real, lasting friendships with. People that I can't imagine going a day without speaking to at least once. The people on these boards have been with me through so many of my personal joys (the birth of my second son) and tragedies (the near-death of my father a couple of weeks ago). I know that with these people, I always have someone I can rely on. Whether it be a gif battle to pass a boring workday or a PM to ask if I'm doing okay, they are always there when I need them. These friends, whom I sincerely love, would not be in my life it weren't for HDTGM and that's something that is absolutely immeasurable. My life has changed so much since that day I wrote my first C&O on the side of a deserted country road. The job has changed. The kids have grown up (at least a bit). And the free time I used to have to listen to episode after episode has all but evaporated. But whereas other podcasts have been dropped, and I may not have the time to listen right away anymore, HDTGM has remained a fixture in my life - and will continue to be for as long as it exists. It brings me joy. It makes me laugh. And that's a priceless commodity. Every week, HDTGM pushes back on all of life's bull shit, and for an hour or so, you can forget about everything else as Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas take you by the hand, look you square in the eye and ask, "Where does the butt start?"
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    The comments on female guests "screaming/shrieking/yelling" during live shows are getting boring. I've listened to the episode and she is matching the volume set by the men, but nope apparently it's just her fault and she's the one no one can listen to. We get it y'all.
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    Can we get a spinoff podcast where Paul just tells stories from his bizarre childhood please? Scheer Tales. Like and Subscribe.
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    I hope you all will subscribe to Paul's new show on Stitcher Premium! (Shout out to my BF for making this for my BFF, "that girl" with the question; I was sitting next to her! )
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    Hot damn! I not only made the C&O for the first time, but i won the coveted Nothing! This is the best day ever...
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    What was your first episode of HDTGM? Twilight Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1. The friend I made a secret pact with to love/hate-watch all the movies in the theater pointed me at this episode. They had me at "Not-Tom-Skerritt." Favorite catchphrase? "This guy gets it" A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) I traveled to Chicago from DC to see the "Striptease" show. June's nuanced take on the vulnerability of sex workers, and also the fact that Paul and Jason weren't even holding up their mics while she was talking made for an unexpectedly emotional memory for me from a show where people scream over each other (to my delight) more often than not. I know it wasn't popular with a lot of people, but in the audience it went over huge. Also, this isn't one particular moment but anytime Paul says something that makes the other hosts basically stop the podcast--I love it. The episode you revisit the most Definitely "Solarbabies." I feel like I can admit to you all that most nights I'm falling asleep to random parts of that episode. The movie that you loved or hated watching I can't believe I used the entirety of my time in the United first-class lounge watching "Ninja Terminator." That was brutal. Probably the most unexpected "I love this" movie was "Death Spa." How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine Every other Thursday/Friday night I'm usually watching an HDTGM movie. My favorite way to listen is on the 2-hour trip to visit my parents in the country on some Saturday mornings; I love to have that stretch of road and nothing to interrupt the podcast. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff HDTGM is my main podcast. I listen to a lot, but it's the one I totally fangirl for the most. It is very sappy to say, but the two live shows I've been to were so incredibly affirming. I'm taking my boyfriend this weekend to a live show and I'm more emotionally invested in this than him meeting my parents. Also the forums rock. Truly one of the nicest, smartest places on the internet.
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    Reading everyone else's responses so far made me cry. I love all y'all dumb-dumbs so much it's literally bonkers. This is truly the best community and I feel so incredibly fucking lucky to have y'all in my life.
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    None of the above. I wish we could have learned more about her lesbian affair.
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    Thank you so much for setting this up Shannon! What was your first episode of HDTGM? I think it was the first Twilight one that Doug Benson. It was love at first listen. I know that I obsessively listened to Catwoman, Leprechaun In The Hood, I Know Who Killed Me, Sucker Punch and Jingle All The Way right after Favorite catchphrase? oh that is a hard one. I know that I now use phrases like Absolutely Bonkers, Cuckoo Bananas, Next Level Crazy a lot in my every day life but I really love : The one and only June Diane Raphael: WHAT'S IT'S MISSION?! (I so regret not getting a tote bag when I could have. Honestly I will go to my deathbed regretting it) Just because something is difficult DOESN'T MEAN ITS GOOD (I 100% agree btw) Where's Scribbles??? Paul: Put her in a bra! Where does the butt start? (really any story of Paul's childhood but that's more a favorite moment) Jason: GIVE ME YOUR BABY ( 2 episodes) Help me Betty White with an urn if ashes (The Last Dragon) from Nick Kroll on the From Justin To Kelly show about the awful outfit one of the male characters was in: A Sarong never felt so right! (I don't know why but it's always stayed with me) Nicole Byer Bloodsport episode ( about the audience member who did the splits) HOW's YO DICK?! (Asking the important questions I personally want to know as ALWAYS!) A clip or moment that you'll always remember? The moment in Howard The Duck where June is trying to prove Howard tried to fly and he does and she screams THERE! RIGHT FUCKING THERE!!! I love how triumphant and vindicated she is. It was EVERYTHING! I (quietly) scream it to myself when I finally find stuff I've been searching for. (Starts talking about it around 47:51. They move on. They look at the DVD around 1:14:00. Sticher suddenly stopped working for me so I hope that's close enough?) The monologues from Miami Connection The Faberge Egg discussion in Freejack (As a history nerd who likes jewelry history I was losing my FUCKING MIND ) The episode you revisit the most Teen Witch, Bloodsport, Miami Connection, Hard Ticket To Hawaii, Hercules In New York, Howard The Duck, The movie that you loved or hated watching Loved: Rad, Teen Witch, Body Rock Hated: Hurricane Heist Blues Brothers 2000 My mind was so blown I can't even: A Night In Heaven How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine I have a really hard time sleeping. I've always been a late night person so I usually stay up every Thursday night until it's technically Friday and the episode has been uploaded. I'm disabled and mostly volunteer here and there in between doctors visits so I don't usually have to get up early and can usually get away with it most weeks. It's also really helpful when I'm trying to get to sleep but my mind won't turn off so I just put on an episode and fall asleep. Though that has resulted in me having weird dreams about Paul,June, and Jason visiting my grandmother's house.... On the upside dream Jason tried to teach me how to make a citrus sugar body scrub so that was cool. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff Ok so I'm going to get kind of dark and depressing for a bit. I think about a year and a half or a year or so after I found the podcast one of my 5 uncle's died. 14 months later my mom (these are all her brothers) also died suddenly. A year after that a great aunt died. Then my grandmother and her dog were killed on their way to my apartment the next year. A few months later? My best friend and cat both died suddenly on the same day. My last remaining cat died the next year. I had six years where I was just... surrounded by death and misery. I might not have been as close to my great aunt or uncle but people who I love were . I had never lived alone before my mom died and suddenly I was all alone. Losing my grandmother and best friend two and a half years later made it feel worse. One of the things that honestly kept me from just curling up and giving up was this podcast. Whenever I feel the sadness or anxiety I put on this. When I was alone for the first time in my first shitty apartment I would come home from class and I would have episodes downloaded onto my laptop because I lived to far out to get internet. This podcast helped me feel less isolated and alone. It reminds me there's joy and light in the world. Bad movies and comedy so there's got to be something worthwhile in this crazy world . I was so excited this past June to get to go to finally see the show live in Chicago and it was WONDERFUL. Even though I was running late and had a panic attack trying to get my cab , the second I sat down it was fun and delightful I honestly laughed my anxiety away? I've never gotten over a panic attack so quickly. I'm kind of new to the boards compared to some people and everyone has been so welcoming and has made the podcast even better. I look forward to Friday's every week to not just hear the podcast and what Paul, Jason, and June are going to talk about but also what all my fellow Balcony Monsters have to say (let's admit it : We're all balcony monsters at heart)!
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    Same, on all counts. To reiterate what Paul said, if anyone reading this needs someone to talk to (confidentially and for free) call 1-800-273-8255. Their site has resources for Spanish speakers and deaf/hard of hearing people too. And if you're trans and you want to connect with fellow trans people who understand what you're going through, the volunteers at Trans Lifeline are waiting. Call 1-877-565-8860.
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    I battle clinical anxiety and depression every day and let me just say that I could not agree more with everything Elektra has said here. I've never met anyone that suffers from a mental illness that wasn't actively trying to be the best and nicest person they can be. Also, Elektra, we love you so much here and every time I see you post it makes me happy.
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    I looped the Little Italy double take that Jason wanted on the episode. What do you guys think?
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    I know they talked about how they thought the two leads appeared to possibly be siblings. However, they didn't mention how, by the end of the movie, their grandparents are married. Which makes them step-cousins? Or something? I don't know. It's weird that they're in a relationship and their grandparents are married.
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    SPOILERS!!!! Here is a video of the Jackal's reveal---
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    Found this comment about the Charles Barkley doll on a YouTube clip from the film:
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    If you're interested you'd better hurry, tickets are going fast!!
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    What was your first episode of HDTGM? My first episode of HDTGM was Punisher: War Zone. Years after this movie's theatrical release, I was curious-enough to watch this gonzo action film. After doing so, I scoured the Internet for more information on it and stumbled upon the HDTGM episode with Patton Oswalt and director Lexi Alexander. I was hooked on this show--the first I have actually ever listened to--instantly. From there, both my wife and I started devouring all of the back episodes between the weeks when new episodes would appear. My wife, Amy, now listens to a wide range of podcasts (My Favorite Murder, James Bonding, The Dollup, Myths and Legends, Sordid Details, Do You Need A Ride?, etc, etc.), and her listening habits/fandom can be directly attributed back to HDTGM. When Patton Oswalt came to Powell's Books here in Portland to promote his book, Silver Screen Fiend, my wife and I asked him to sign a DVD copy of Punisher: War Zone (which he graciously did) and we thanked him for essentially introducing us to this wonderful podcast that has been a huge part of our lives. Favorite catchphrase? "Hello people of Earth." While "What's up, jerks" and What's it's mission?!?" are great catchphrases, Paul's "Hello people of Earth" will always be my favorite. This is going to sound cheesy, but Paul's introduction makes me feel, as a listener, included in on this wonderful thing only my fellow bad movie-loving misfits know about and enjoy. A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) The one moment from an episode that comes immediately to mind is from the Batman and Robin episode where Jessie Falcon does the imitation of the X-Men movie producer: "They will be on snowboards, claw fighting the entire way down." The episode you revisit the most I bring this episode up quite a bit, but hands-down my favorite is 88 Minutes. This episode is nothing but wall-to-wall jokes, laughter and spot-on insight into an insane (and insanely re-watchable) movie. Pete Holmes laughter is infectious, and his Al Pacino impression ("Give me your fuckin' phone, you cock sucker!") is absolutely amazing. This episode (much like this week's, Action Jackson) is so much fun to listen to. It's one I definitely go back to when I need a comedy pick-me-up. The movie that you loved or hated watching Van Helsing. I both loved and hated this movie. I remember only watching the first couple of minutes of this movie when it first came out on home video and turning it off about 10 minutes in: the campy acting and trite action movie plot were too much for me at the time. Thankfully, when it was announced for HDTGM, I watched it from beginning to end with my wife, who was absolutely giddy at the film's sheer a awfulness. Seeing her enjoy the insane plot contrivances, blistering CGI and over-the-top hammy acting made watching this film so much fun. My wife's pretty much the best bad movie watching partner in the world. How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine I have Fridays off from work, which is when new episode and minisodes usually land. While I'm straightening up the house, doing laundry and generally getting shit done, HDTGM is beaming either from my TV or through my earbuds. When there is a particular movie I really want to comment on, I'll sit down and take the time to craft observations I hope Paul, June, Jason, and the message board will hopefully find entertaining, funny and not a complete waste of their time. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff  This is going to sound sappy as all get out, but HDTGM is like family to my wife and me. We've spent seven years listening to this show, and it never fails to entertain us or lift our spirits when we're down. Not to give away to much of the store, but I suffer from depression (anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attacks, etc) and I've been slowly learning how to positively navigate my way through it all. HDTGM plays a huge part in helping me tackle my depression. When I lost my sister in 2014, and my mom was diagnosed with cancer a year ago (she's recovering now), I'd listen to old episode of HDTGM to get me through. I don't know Paul, Jason or June personally, but I love, admire and respect them as if I did. That old cliche about people you'd want to get a beer with? It totally applies here. This show has been there for me when I needed it most, helping me to realize the world is a great place with wonderful, talented and like-minded people in it. Our fellow fans on the message board are an absolutely delightful and intelligent group of compatriots, and my wife and I look forward to their hilarious insights and observations each week. Thankfully, there's no troll-like shittiness there: just people who love bad movie as much as my we do. HDTGM means quite a bit to us. If the show ever makes it's way up to Portland, there will be two goofy fans up here waiting to welcome you guys with open arms (arms we promise not to utilize to grab the mic during the audience Q & A). Thank you Paul, Jason, June, the crew, and the message board for making HDTGM one of the absolute best things in the world!
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    I love these two hidden gems... 1. During one of the man / woman scenes on the street, you can see posters for Predator along the wall: 2) After being pick-pocketed, we see Action Jackson's wallet stating he was born in 1938. Wow! The filmakers made a conscious effort to say Jericho is 50 yo? Where was the "I'm getting too old for this shit" comment? 3) On a side note, here is a handy chart to show all the crossover actors who appeared in this movie, but also Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Commando and Predator. As I call this film... It's the Kevin Bacon of 80s Action Films.
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    Reading all of these is making me feel like the Grinch when his heart grows ! I love you guys so much and I'm so glad that this podcast has brought all of us weirdos together to bask in our complementary weirdness.
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    I've been holding off, saving my 1000th post because I couldn't think of anything sufficiently epic. Well, I'm glad I waited! Here goes... This episode was good, I liked it!
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    What was your first episode of HDTGM? The Punisher with Patton Oswalt and Lexie Alexander. I was part of a different message board (Oleg Rules! If you get that you're one of my peeps) where we bonded over bad 80s and 90s action movies. One day this crazy (I say with love) German guy recommended that ep and I loved it, but I wasn't quite on the podcast train yet. Sometime later, I discovered it again (I'm not sure how, probably due to my love for The League and my own [and continued involvement in] Fantasy football and the joke that I was the Andre of our league) and I listened to their ep on Cobra and totally fell in love. Favorite catchphrase? Give me your baby A clip or moment that you'll always remember? (timestamps are nice ) I don't remember the episode, but Jason talking about his love of Gilmore Girls for the first time. That lead me to the Gilmore Guys podcast and now Good Christian Fun. The episode you revisit the most Cobra The movie that you loved or hated watching Confession, I rarely watch the films unless I know them already and want to revisit or something really grabs me, but I do listen to every episode. Hudson Hawk made me realize how much i love that movie. Same with Rad How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine I'm a wedding DJ mostly, and that means I spend a lot my Saturdays traveling, sometimes for hours, to get to a wedding job plus an hour or two to set up. Knowing I have an hour or two of Paul, June, and Jason to keep me company every other week is a...well it's almost a blessing. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any sappy stuff I don't talk about this a lot, but from May 2016 to May of 2017, I was homeless. I was working two jobs, trying to get back on my feet but as I'm sure many of you know it's hard to get back on your feet. I was living mostly in hotels, but sometimes in my car. And knowing that I had HDTGM, Paul, June, Jason, and their guests helped get me through some dark times. I remember sitting in my car, in a parking lot of a Wal-Mart waiting for my job at a restaurant to start and listening to Rad I believe it was, and just founding so much joy in that episode. Thanks to Musical Mondays, I joined the board (Just before the High School Musical week, iirc). Thank you Paul, June, Jason, and all the behind the scenes crew of HDTGM.
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