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    A humble first submission for the closing theme
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  3. 4 points
    Be that as it mayonnaise, I mustard relish our thyme together. Lettuce ketchup.
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    He died doing what he loved: jerking it in his car while driving
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    I mashed up this year's theme with Once In A Lifetime! I kept thinking about the syllables matching up so I did it. Also because my view of the world is through the lens of Talking Heads. I'd rather you use my real life name from the soundcloud if you play it on the show
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    Apparently my password can't be "Life Goes On" because it doesn't have any special characters. Uh, hello, yes it did?
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    Forgive me if this isn't placed in the right post, I hope you like my remix of the Closing up the Plug Bag theme. Short and sweet! Clo-pen Up The Plug Bag!
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    My phone doesn't recognize my face unless I'm getting pegged. How can it tell?
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    Shoot for the moon, for even if you miss, at least you tried to kill that werewolf-enabling ball of bitch
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    You can't spell "Earwolf podcast" without scatplow fedora
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  15. 2 points
    Poop dipe, wipe-wipe, swipe right.
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    Who made you Judge, Judy, and Masturbator?
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    The Prodigy and The Crystal Method are so close they’re basically Chemical Brothers.
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    Fuck it, continue eating bees, see if I care
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    Row, Row, Rowan Atkinson, gently down the Bean...
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    A hunter fired his gun once and shot a John, a Cougar, and a Mellencamp. How is this possible?
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    I've been trying to move air around my apartment all day and I gotta say, I'm not a fan
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    Excuse me, are you an heirloom tomato farmer? ‘Cause I’d love to take a bite of your beefsteak.
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    I scream, you scream, we all scream all the time for no reason. The neighbors are complaining.
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