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    It's time for... How Did This Get Named? So as some of you might be aware and I mentioned last time they did one of these movies the franchise in Japan is not called Fast & Furious. Rather it is called "Wild Speed" which, if I have to take a side, is a better name. So as the series went on they just attached the 2 and Tokyo Drifter to the movies. Easy peasy. However the Fast movies are always clever with their titles and that kind of clever doesn't translate when the name has already been changed. So Fast & Furious the forth became Wild Speed Max. This was followed by Mega Max, Euro Mission, Sky Mission, and the latest being Wild Speed Ice Break. Now Hobbs and Shaw is coming out so what to do about the name? Well throw the Wild Speed in there so they know it's part of the franchise but people might not know who Hobbs and Shaw are. You are taking two unlikely people and putting them together. It's like surf and turf so some other unlikely... I got it! We shall call the movie... Wild Speed Super Combo! So actually I went to a special midnight screening of the movie. In Japan for big movies usually on opening night you get little bits and bobs. For example I got a poster for Rogue One, a Hulk weeble for Endgame, and a Deadpool key chain for Deadpool. My present for attending the midnight screening of the show was this shiny massive sticker. It's exclusive to the Kansai area as well so suck it Tokyo! Here's the thing, I don't really have anywhere to put it but it is a collectors item. However, if Tall John or Jason would like to give this sticker a loving home I'd be more than willing to send it their way.
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    Ok so let's get to the nitty gritty here. Men can be and are sexually harassed. Much like domestic violence it's 100% something that does happen to men but is not talked about nearly as much as what happens to women. Nearly 1 in 5 ( roughly 17%) complaints to the EEOC are by men. A survey by Quinnipiac University found 20 percent of men surveyed had been harassed. While they government does not track the gender of perpetrators researchers say that men are more likely to harass other men then women ( though women can be perpetrators). The number of men who have reported harassment has stayed pretty steady for the past decade. The movie is correct in the idea that a lot of sexual harassment is about power. It's also a way to punish people who do not meet the ideal gender norms and for men in particular, those who are not sufficiently like the idealized version of their (perceived) gender. Many men do not report their harassment much like many male victims of sexual and domestic assault. they feel they will not be believed because we live in a society that thinks only women can be victims. A 2014 study found that Canadian woman were twice as likely to report harassment Han their male counterparts( 20% vs just 9 %) To quote a survivor who told his story in this really great article from the Washington Post : "Funk, 53, said he was at first hesitant to talk about what he said he was experiencing at work. “ ‘You are a man. You should be able to protect yourself,’ ” he recalled thinking to himself." But even incredibly "masculine" men can be subject to harassment. In 2016 Terry Cruz says he was groped by Adam Venit at a party. Venit is a very well known executive who works at William Morris Endeavor. He's not alone. Brandon Fraser claims in 2003 former HFPA president Philip Berk groped him. These are both famous men, powerful in their own right yet they both have stories about harassment. While this movie is 100% the panicking of rich straight white men in the wake of the Anita Hill Clarence Thomas testimony ( yet here we are in 2019 with another sexual predator on the bench. I'm not going off on that rant) there is a germ of truth in it. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone https://www.canadianwomen.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Facts-About-Sexual-Assault-and-Harassment.pdf https://poll.qu.edu/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=2502 https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/social-issues/men-account-for-nearly-1-in-5-complaints-of-workplace-sexual-harassment-with-the-eeoc/2018/04/08/4f7a2572-3372-11e8-94fa-32d48460b955_story.html https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/statistics/enforcement/sexual_harassment_new.cfm
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    Okay I believe it is time for the moments in movies when I get most frustrated... That's right it's time for This Week in Feminism. I was delighted to hear an audience member mention things that I also wanted to mention, because one of my first points was, "Where are the fucking women?" But the response of the crew didn't satisfy me and here's why - Yes, Hattie is a badass through and through. She was an operative for MI6 and went head to head with Luke Hobbs without even blinking an eye. She sacrificed herself so that Idris Elba wouldn't get the virus, and at the end of the day it was her plan that got the blood machine so that she could ultimately live. Definitely a badass. However, that doesn't actually answer the question. Hattie is one woman. To answer the question, "Where are the women?" with, "Well Hattie is a badass," implies that multiple women can't just be in scenes talking to each other because we already have the one woman being a badass and that's good enough right? They also mentioned the team of vigilante women lead by Eiza Gonzalez in Russia, but here's my problem with them - Only Eiza has any lines. There are 4 other women in this group and their only purpose for this movie is to look sexy in lingerie and be intimidating. That's not really showing any other badass women considering we never actually got to see them in action. The marketing for this movie completely hyped up Eiza's role and it really disappointed me that she didn't have anything better to do for a longer portion of the movie. Michelle Rodriguez had posted after F8 that if this franchise didn't step up it's representation of women then she would leave the series, and I think with this movie they took one tiny baby step in the right direction. Now I know this movie is a spin-off and has nothing to do with the set of movies that Michelle was actually talking about because she's in the camp of "fuck Hobbs & Shaw" but it's still part of the series none the less. With Hattie being a total badass and being central to the plot instead of a side character I do think that they want women to be part of the story, but in my opinion, even though Hattie is a total badass, she's just a plot point she's not actually involved in her own story a la Natalie Portman in Thor: The Dark World. If you took that virus out of Hattie's blood she no longer becomes relevant to this story, and it still all resolves around Hobbs & Shaw more than likely doing the bulk of the work to get the virus away from Eteon. She's kidnapped twice to be rescued by the two men, and in the final climax fight of the whole movie she's regulated to sitting in the rain with a gun pointed at her head. To me, this isn't badass empowering writing. This is lazy "feminism" that is stuck in the early 2000s. But honestly the thing that frustrated me the most is that this didn't even pass The Bechdel Test. It would've been so fucking easy for them to do. They had multiple named women who were literally standing in the same room together, but never once do any of them address each other, instead they talk to the men about things the other woman brought up instead. The female guard with Helen Mirren doesn't have a name - Fail Hattie is the only woman on her entire team - Fail Eiza is the only named and speaking woman on her team - Fail Hobb's daughter never speaks to the woman she is staying with - Fail Hattie and Eiza stand face to face and only talk to Hobbs & Shaw - Fail Hobbs's mother doesn't have a name (she is named on IMDB but they never once say it in the movie) - Fail There are no lines between Helen Mirren and Hattie at the end of the movie - Fail It's the simplest of things that in 2019 should literally be the bare minimum for writing female characters. I'm not asking for the entire story to be changed, because honestly the overarching thing doesn't bother me despite poking holes in the "baddassery" of it. But to not have two women even speak to each other when they're literally standing face to face discussing ultimate plans for how to get a blood machine is absolutely ridiculous. Literally I just want women to be able to talk to each other about things not related to men. That would be grand.
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    I'm worried that Paul doesn't understand how chests are actually measured. He mentions that the McLaren is generously 80 inches wide, measuring from one end of the interior to the other, and that The Rock is about 50 inches while Statham is 41 inches, but I'm very worried that they do not know when you are measuring your chest you measure around your body. It's the circumference that gives you that number. There's no way that those measurements make sense if you are measuring their chests from arm pit to arm pit alone. That would mean that The Rock's width from arm pit to arm pit would be over 4 feet long. That's literally not possible, y'all. Any woman getting measured for a bra knows this lol.
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    Steve Mnuchin’s role is particularly interesting since it was CLEAR to me as someone who work in costumes and wardrobe that every aspect of Katherine Heigl’s costuming, makeup, and hair is supposed to look like Ivanka Trump. There is no way this wasn’t intentional.
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    They should be available everywhere. I'm honestly torn between wanting to use the hedgehog for its intended purpose and ONLY using hedgehogs from now on.
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    After considering many options for a symbol of "friendly encouragement about thorny issues", I've added a new reaction type that I hope everyone will find suitable.
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    Conspiracy theory: Jason Mantzoukas is Michael Bay. He *is* on Twitter.
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    This can't be a shirt... but it deserves to be made! #illbearookandtakethatcastle #notmycastle #paulscheernewcastle #paulscheeriscastle?
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    At the risk of upsetting Tyrese Gibson, I wouldn't mind if they sacked off the rest of the Fast/Furious movies, and just stuck with Hobbs & Shaw. I'd watch 2 hours of The Rock and Jason Statham trying to play FIFA and talking shit to each other.
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    That happened to me on the Rockstar episode. It got to the point where I am almost certain that one of the people who called in, just came on the boards, and just read my posts, and just repeated them verbatim. It didn't make me think "Fucking asshole, stealing all my hard work!" because I had a fucking BLAST finding little caveats, it's one of the few movies where I get to really deep dive into it, because it's the shit I know and love. But it was more a case of "Mate, join in with us! Have some fun",
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    I mean, this film doesn't understand how anything works: email, computers, forklifts, corporate structure, Prozac, virtual reality, marriage, the law, sex...
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    I was a big Michael Crichton fan when I was young, I read a lot of his books. But I stopped when he got on his “global warming is a hoax” era. I believe he served as a consult for the Bush White House. That was very disappointing for me from someone who was into science and was a doctor. This movie makes me think he was very right wing all along. He’d be on TV saying these women are ruining men’s lives and such.
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    I’m listening to the episode and had some info on a part of the movie that confused you. When Disneyland first opened you bought ride tickets in addition to paying general admission. So whoever wrote that line(assuming it’s Crichton) was thinking about pre-1981 Disney.
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    Funny story. I wrote that post 13 feet in the air. I was doing a photoshoot that needed a birds-eye-view and so I had to climb this rickety scaffolding and once I was up there I was NOT coming down until the shoot was over. So while I had time to kill I wrote the Aluoette post. I guess it's not that funny and barely a story... but you guys get the jist.
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    I haven't finished listening to the whole ep yet but before I forget, I want to talk a little bit about Wattpad and other apps like it, since (as some of you know) work in publishing. The audience member has a correct description of Wattpad. Plenty of original books and some fanfictions posted on there have been picked up my major publishers. Just this year they announced their own publishing arm. They had previous had a film arm which produced the Netflix movie "The Kissing Booth" which was written on Wattpad and was one of the most watched movies on Netflix for several months. But, as June points out, it would be odd to have an editor at the Wattpad 2017, since they only announced their publishing line this year--unless she is some kind of content editor which it didn't seem like she was. I think in this case the "ChapterPad" of the movie might also have been inspired by some other publishing start-ups of the time. With smart phones getting more popular, a lot of people were intrigued by the idea of people reading on their phones (and 70% of traffic on Wattpad is from mobile devices). There were companies that would send you a chapter of a story each day to your email, for example. Alternatively, it could be an app you subscribed to that would provide the content. In this case, I could see why Rosario Dawson would be needed as an editor, and why she would have to do things by chapter, rather than all at once. This kind of publishing is called "serial" (not like the food, like the killer). It used to be quite popular when newspapers and magazines were the thing. Most of Charles Dickens' novels, which we now read in long form, were originally serialized in the newspaper. Here is a NYT article from the time about some of the "new" apps: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/12/books/review/new-apps-provide-a-world-of-literature-one-chapter-at-a-time.html Publishing likes to find ways to make new things do the old way, instead of imagining what the new things could do.
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    In defense of Vin Diesel (a sentence I never thought I’d write), from what I understand, it’s not that he demands to know what every “I am Groot” means, so much as James Gunn had a special script created for him to translate what he’s actually saying so he can give it the proper inflection. For example, when he’s dusted in Infinity War, according to the directors, his “I am Groot” was him crying out “father” (i.e. Rocket Raccoon)
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    I think there's also a question of intent. On the board, while there is the element of getting picked out and included, there's still the conversation between everybody, like the LOL thread, that shit took off and became it's own episode in its own right. However, calling in, you're doing that to specifically get yourself featured on the episodes. So, jacking other people's conversation, and using that to draw attention to yourself, and get a "good job, kid" has me in two minds, one side thinks "Are you that needy for attention, that you feel the need to swipe someone else's thoughts, and pass them off as your own?", but the other side is "Well, someone thought I had something interesting to say".
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    Man, I hate to gripe because you all know how much I love HDTGM, but I really wish that if they're going to take phone call C&O's they weren't using the calls that are points people brought up on the boards. Of the three calls, two of them were points brought up by forum people (specifically @Vegas820 and @RyanSz). And, of course, the third call was actually brought up on the show, so I don't even know what was up with that. I mean, I'm not saying that I brought the heat this week, I know I didn't, but there were plenty of other people here who did. I'm not sure why their observations were bumped so someone could bring up something that was literally brought up on the show. I get trying to pick posts that give Paul something to bounce off of, and I get that people can come to the same conclusions independently, but it really bums me out when people take the time to come onto the boards to share their funny and insightful observations only for someone to just call in on their way to work or something and gank their point. (This isn't even to mention the amount of times some of these calls he been almost verbatim recitations of things people have written here, but that's a whole other bag of worms). I don't know, it just kind of annoys me. But congrats to @Cam Bert, @Smigg, and Justine for the win!
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    While I have my own relatively mundane story about the choir director at my church (who later served a lengthy jail sentence for plying other teenage boys with alcohol and smut), I was thankfully old enough and cynical enough to see the writing on the wall and extricate myself from that nightmare-in-the-making. But I wanted to take a moment to say I'm glad all of you are here and able to turn this terrible movie into a net positive. And, if we're talking Spike Jonze dance videos, to share the greatest perfume ad of all time:
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    Omission: Dude, totally fuck a hotel room door electric key card reader, for real. I've stayed at a bunch of hotels lately, and the fact that it takes 20 swipes before the door will open is probably the most realistic tech thing in this movie.
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    you know your movie had a fuckboi when the opening scene with a woman smashing a guitar over a man's head has you screaming "YAS GIRL!" I'm a bisexual woman and watching this movie I came to realize that Paris and June should have ended up together and had the only healthy relationship in the film. They lived together, have a deep close relationship between the two and have for years, care about the others happiness and want the best for the other / support them. They belong together! I don't think Paris would have ever needed June to change her appearance. I think she supported her friend for her friend's sake but I truly think she loves her just fine. They are so clearly in a sapphic relationship and if this movie wasn't written by incel Nice Guys I would love to see that explored. Except not because watching Paris Hilton act is far too painful. But the story of women constantly being sexualized by the male gaze while in a committed same sex relationship is nothing new. The optics can get worse on both sides if the woman is bisexual, pansexual, or queer like I am reading Paris's character to be. Then both lesbians and men judge you as not being one thing truly. Men tend to try to " turn " you regardless whereas some lesbians just refuse to have anything to do with you.
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    I love this! I do feel men like women like Paris who let themselves be viewed as dumb and blank canvases for them to fill in the details of what they think that the woman really is. They enjoy having the ability to see what they want. I just finished this and June does end up with the main love interest. Unfortunately as you mentioned she goes through truly painful procedures in order for him to see her as a viable person worthy of love. I actually didn't hate Paris' character in this. She very clearly cared for her friend, they have a deep close bond. She looks out for her, multiple times she tried to say she was uncomfortable with the situation and felt her boyfriend was pushing things. She works for a non profit and is passionate about yoga and fitness. When it comes to her friend's transformation She feels supportive because she thinks she wants it and isn't like forcing her. She has some layers. Not many because this movie is a hellscape written by Nice Guys but she's not The Worst. She even is happy when her boyfriend leaves her for her friend because she wants her to be happy.
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    Yes this. I wanted more Helen Mirren. I want the next one to be Helen Mirren and Vanessa Kirby training the Rock's daughter to like kick ass, possibly because Hobbs and Shaw were kidnapped? I am spitballing here. But I know Helen Mirren can beat the shit out of people; I have seen Red. (Her and Brian Cox are the best part. Bruce Willis is useless.) @taylorannephoto and @tomspanks and I are going to have a spinoff called How Did This Get Made Up. (Also for the record I always refused to use Kat Von D's eyeliner because I disliked her and now I feel vindicated. I just got a Maybelline gel eyeliner that is supposed to be real good. Will keep you posted.)
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    Surprise bitches I'm back. Since Hobbs & Shaw drops tomorrow I had to come back to reveal my thoughts, because oh boy do I have them lol. I'm very excited to bring back This Week In Feminism too, because even though I was gone for a few months does not mean I have changed a thing lol. Buckle up, y'all lol. I also had to come back once I heard them announce 2:22 because, while I have not seen that movie so I'm sure it is terrible, Michiel Huisman is my fucking man, y'all. Ever since I saw him on Orphan Black I have been in love with him, and he is a much better actor than I'm sure they will talk about so no matter what I have to defend this stupid movie. Go watch Hill House cause that is a much better representation of his skills lmao. But he's so hot y'all. He's just so hot.
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