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    I also wrote that Daniel's hair was like a Brooklyn baristo. It was old timey in the way steampunk is old timey which is to say, fiction. My understanding was that Daniel appears in the middle of December and the innkeeper just was like, "okay I will leave" and left him alone to read (or jerk off) or whatever. Like Jason, I was also perplexed by him ironing. Because if I became corporeal for 12 days I wouldn't do any chores. That innkeeper would have to clean up after me. Daniel also had an old iron, the kind you heat up with a fire. Where'd he get it? Is that inn still using old irons? Someone should introduce them to electricity. I am also irritated by this "12 Days of Christmas" starting 12 days BEFORE Christmas. That is how Hallmark is, trying to have 12 movies each year. But the 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas and continue until Epiphany (also called Three Kings' Day) when the Wise Men are supposed to have arrived to see the Baby Jesus. I don't know when Twelfth Night stopped being celebrated in America, but he is from the past so he should know this. I am going to hold it against him.
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    I know this topic was covered in the podcast but I want to share my first hand experience with this. My family was a camping family. We tented for awhile then eventually upgraded to a camper. Every long weekend and most of the summer was spent camping. We tended to go to the same campgrounds all the time and they were great. Then the ownership changed and they started putting in cabins and such so it was time to find new camp grounds. Now this was the late 80s and early 90s so sure enough if the campgrounds had a pool right next to it was a small shop full of cheap candy and the odd arcade machine. What child would not want to play games when surrounded by nature? We are camping one long weekend and there is a boy in the site next to ours who is about the same age as me so we start talking and decide to hang out. We explore the woods, rides bikes, etc. but eventually we pop into the shop for some snacks. There we see the arcade cabinets. There was Double Dragon and the game looked like fun. We go back to our camp sites and get some quarters and run back to the machine. The two of us start playing the game together. It was a real fun game. We were having a great time. "Look out kid I just met!" "No worries, got your back Cam Bert!" I think we only needed to continue once maybe. We were doing great. We get to the final boss and he was tricky but we quickly figured out how to beat him. The boss was downed and there were high fives a plenty. We look back at the screen and there are our two characters just standing there. The game is still going. We were both utterly confused and didn't know what was happening. We both questioned whether the game was bugged. Then as we were trying to figure out what to do, I accidentally hit his character and noticed I was hurting him. So I just proceeded to start killing his character. The new kid noticed and panicked and started trying to fight back but it was too late. I was already ahead and too skilled for him. I killed his character and the game proceeded to end. The kid was livid. He started shouting and yelling at me and I remember saying "We still beat the game." He wasn't having it he started crying and ran off to his camp site. I eventually made my way back to mine and when I got there my mom was also very upset. She explained that he had got back crying and saying it was all my fault and his mother was upset. I explained to my mom what happened and she didn't seem to care. I explained until I was blue in the face that's what we were suppose to do but she wasn't budging. I was just playing the game and that is what it wanted us to do. This was the game's fault yet somehow I am in trouble? I had to go over to his camp site and surrounded by both our families give him two quarters and apologize for killing him in the game.
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    If your property is haunted and located in Massachusetts, where Spirit Of Christmas is set, there are laws regulating if and when you must disclose this to the potential buyer. According to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 93, section 114 "...(c) that the real property has been the site of an alleged para psychological or supernatural phenomenon. No cause of action shall arise or be maintained against a seller or lessor of real property or a real estate broker or salesman, by statute or at common law, for failure to disclose to a buyer or tenant that the real property is or was psychologically impacted. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions of this section shall not authorize a seller, lessor or real estate broker or salesman to make a misrepresentation of fact or false statement." The short version is, if I'm reading the law correctly, a homeowner does not have to voluntarily disclose their house being haunted. If the buyer asks, you can't lie about it supposing you believe the house is haunted.
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    I think Madonna was so excited to see the birthday cake during the dinner scene because it had burning candles on it, and she new hot candles were in her and Willem Dafoe’s futures.
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    Wouldn't it have been such an easy fix to say that Willem Dafoe's character had learned how to make black powder in the 25 years that he had been prisoner/guest there? Then they'd have a reason to escape with him since he's infinitely more valuable than a couple of saddlebags full of gunpowder. I bet the recruiting numbers for the Nameless Order are pretty great in years 1 through 40 after a Tao Tei attack. Start to dip some after that and then in year 59 there is no way those guys are hitting their quota.
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    Friend, assuming you are asking this question in good faith, I will say right now that there really isn't an alternative. Discussions of art and culture are inevitably going to intersect with politics, because you can't discuss the messages behind the media without revealing at least some your political orientation. I would suggest instead examining within yourself why you would expect to avoid "politics" in general or if it's really just a particular kind of politics that bothers you and why.
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    Seems to not have made the cut on the ep but at the show Jason started in almost immediately at how weirdly pervy and sexual this movie could be and I agreed completely. The very first sentence that we hear Martin Landau speak is "This log has a will of its own." To which I could only respond, "That's what she said." This totally set the tone for me for the whole rest of this bonkers movie. So many wood puns turned double entendre. The wallpaper on Paul's Mac would attest to the perv quotient of this movie as well. Both shows were so great! 6 for 6 at Chicago shows and they just keep getting better! Thanks guys! And check out this Jason-being-a-creeper progression during our photo op, had no clue why the lady taking the photos was taking so many pictures and laughing so hard until hours later!
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    Hey HDTGM Family! In case you missed it from a while ago, here's the shirt Paul and Jason were thrilled to see on me... Gish & Gertz! Made by yours truly and yes... I did send the guys their vey own based on their request. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0WRHzXHYa6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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    Basically, this is Memento, but Guy Pearce is John G (Joey Pants). The protagonists of both are amnesiacs who murder people based on manipulated memories of a murdered wife.
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    Do you think Marvin being the referee because he is both an alien and a Looney Toon and therefore impartial was intentional or is that giving this movie too much credit?
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    Is this the first podcast episode where someone has joined via text? HDTGM still innovating after all of these years. The absurdity of the situation made me crack up with every June interjection. My favorite part of this movie was how the ghost world was still very bound to earthly law with Daniel being restricted by the property line rather than just haunting the house like a usual ghost story. If over the years the inn had sold off some of their property to a neighbor would Daniel still be able to go into that area or would he be bound by the newly drawn property lines?
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    I’m wondering how the fake lawyer first met up with Johnnie. He says that he always met him outside the office? Does the lawyer just go cruising around looking for naive guys with accents? Who arranged their first meeting? Ruby and Johnnie don’t tell each other their names until they’ve been walking around town for at least half an hour. The old couple at the fancy event... they’re swingers right? Why else would they grab two people half their age to dance with? At the final performance, the guy comes out and drums for LITERALLY TEN SECONDS and two impatient men in the audience loudly ask “where is the violinist?” And “where are the dancers?!”
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    I was surprised the hosts (yup, still calling them hosts) didn’t comment on the conversation the judges have during the middle of Johnny and Ruby’s performance. The female judge calls it “completely indulgent” and one of the other judges says “I disagree. Don’t we want to evolve? Don’t we want to progress?” I have so many questions about this conversation like - Is what they are doing really all that progressive? - If the female judge had such a negative attitude toward the performance, how did they end up winning? - And perhaps, most importantly, is this supposed to be the main lesson of this movie - to be more accepting of non-traditional expressions of art? That works better if the movie was centered around the school trying to stop Johnny from playing the style of music he wanted, but Johnny’s not a student and the school seems to fully embrace contemporary forms of dance and music. That conversation was as pointless as the subplot involving Johnny’s violin being stolen, which added no dramatic tension to the movie.
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    As a fellow man who is not flexible, I want to support Paul. This is the second episode his flexibility has been a topic. Let him be as flexible or inflexible as he is. Did anyone else think the dancing in this was very badly filmed? Especially the break dance scenes. The camera was very dynamic and the editing kept cutting back to different dancers. I get the desire to highlight a specific dancer, but the way this was filmed detracted from the dancing. The camera would often move with the dancer which made their moves seem less impressive. I think a more static camera would have benefited everyone.
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    A couple BTS photos for you. No digital cameras at the time this was shot, so a couple Polaroids I picked up on set.
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    haha an "awooga" old timey horn would be perfect
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    I have no idea how I keep making my replies so janky. I don't know what it says about me that (I think?) I understand this messy movie. So Cool World is an alternate dimension, Deebs didn't create any of it. They make mention a few times that Cool World has always existed and that humans have passed through it very briefly. We also see that at least one film from our universe has made it into Cool World. My assumption is that this happens after Doc Whiskers opens the dimensional portal into our 1940s and sucks Harris in. The rift between dimensions is now tenuous and certain individuals- the movie doesn't explain but let's just say through dreams or comas or mental breaks or some unknown set of circumstances- can pass briefly between worlds. This is how Deebs is entering Cool World prior to his introduction in the movie. He thinks he's just dreaming up a fantasy world and makes a comic series off of it. Doc Whiskers probably had the sense that beings from each universe cannot come together because it would start the destruction of one or both worlds. Time travel stories all have that rule about not interacting with past or future versions of yourself, I'm not sure if that rule applies to multi-verse stories as well, I don't really read those. At some point after settling Harris into Cool World, Doc Whiskers enters our world as he previously had planned and takes the spike with him. Holli wants to enter the world she's seeing in the film(s) and though Noids; she has all Cool World has to offer and now wants what she can't have. I think she and Deebs start doodling out because they've broken the laws of physics in our universe and can't sustain form. But I'll give you this one; I have no idea if Harris knew he could come back to life as a doodle after being killed by a doodle. That's the only part that doesn't make sense.
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    Yes. It's not super common, but it can happen in the social insects i mentioned if the colony is under stress or if there aren't any suitable partners elsewhere, which would be the case here, as it seems that there is only one Taotei colony. Even in mammals, it happens in zoos ( not so much nowadays ), in feral cat colonies... Inbreeding is the way you got all the different dog/cat/fish/bird/cow/goat/sheep/insert-any-domesticated-or-somewhat-domesticated-animal-here breeds. And some fruit flies actually seem to favor incest, because why change a winning formula? If your children inbreed, that's your successful genes beeing spread. And then there's mites, where at least one species has the male impregnating his sisters while still inside the womb. You asked. But there are lots of different, non sexual reproduction strategies. Maybe all the Taotei we see are clones, or clonal. Aphids can have super complicated life cycles, where at one point, clone females are born already pregnant with the next generation of ( different bodied ) clone females. In the words of a famous philosopher, " Life, uh... Finds a way ".
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    LIsten I am the right age for this movie. I was 7 years old when this was in theaters, and yes I did eat it the fuck up. Did I think this was a masterpiece up until listening to this episode? Yes... Here's my actual question though - How can June and Jason destroy this movie so much and then turn around and pledge their love to something like Drop Dead Fred?! #TeamSanity
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    OKAY! Back with my pick! Decided to go with one that's been on my list for a while. Something that has been near and dear to my heart for a long time. So without further ado, I present to you:
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    For those who didn't freeze frame, here is what the newspaper article says that Kate's boss shows her in the first eighth of the movie: "Ashford County has a secret. Hollygrove Inn closes two weeks out of the year every year since Henrietta Forsythe took ownership in 1951. An establishment once famed for it's annual Christmas events now accepts no patrons from December 14th till December 26th. While we can't say for sure why, we can speculate that it may have to do with visitors that have reported seeing the ghosts. What ghosts inhabit the inn? Many visitors come each year seeking information about the paranormal occurrences at the property sometimes booking a stay exclusively for this reason. Henrietta Forsythe has experienced quite a bit of tragedy growing up at the inn at the end of the 19th century. Her uncle Daniel Forsythe was involved in illegally bootlegging alcohol while the controversial temperance act was in effect. He frequently traveled from Ashford to Canada as a rum rummer to help keep the [unclear] inn afloat. [The rest of the paragraph is cut off] The tragedy did not end there. In 1934 a guest hung himself in his room. The man used a false name and he's never been identified. There was a kitchen fire that kept the inn closed for 2 years in the 40s until it was decided to re-open. The Crystal Dining Room of the Inn is particularly active, and many spirits have been spotted there at the tables or in the mirrors. The Hollygrove Inn and has a rich and fascinating history (that is what the sentence actually says). As this account goes: "The incident sounds very melodramatic. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a presence in the room - a feeling that some unknown being was in the midst. As I opened my eyes, I saw a grayish figure at the side of my bed, to the left, about four feet away. It was not a distinct person, but a shadowy mass in the shape of a standing figure. It remained still for a moment, then slowly floated to the foot of the bed, in front of the fireplace. After pausing a few seconds, the apparition slowly melted away. It was a terrifying experience. I was so frightened I could not scream. I was frozen to the spot... For the remainder of the night, I could not fall asleep. It was spent trying to conjure a logical explanation for the apparition. It was not a reflection of the moon as all the curtains were completely closed. Upon relating the incident to my husband, he said the ghost was included in the price of the room" Virtually everything discussed in this article is infinitely more interesting than anything seen in this movie.
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    Also, for next year, there’s only one choice really... It’s got your 12 Days connection, your Saved by the Bell connection, and it was, like Holiday in Handcuffs, an ABC Family movie. (Special shout-out to @SaraK for introducing us to this wonderful film)
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    So that game image is from the video game adaptation made for the movie's release, similar to how they made Street Fighter: the Movie: the Game for the JCVD movie where they made a Mortal Kombat type game using the actor's images. In the original Double Dragon games, he looked like this: Also of the original game play style, they never had powers in the first game, but you would learn new moves as you defeated more and more enemies. You start with just punch and kick, but soon can do jump kicks, spin kicks, uppercuts, and even kneeing your opponent in the face while holding their head like it was a Muy Thai fight. The ending where you fight your brother was also a common trope for beat-em-ups of the 80s and 90s where two players would play through a whole game only to have to fight each other at the end to see who the better player was. I distinctly remember this being the end of Die Hard: Arcade where for some reason there is only one seat available on the escape helicopter and the players have to fight each other to get it, which is so weird considering you worked together to get there in the first place.
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