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    As a bald/balding man who smokes a pipe on occasion and is severely disgusted by feet, this episode really spoke to me.
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    This is the second time that Paul has read a C&O from me but did attribute it to me. I’m beginning to feel like Homer when Mr. Burns wouldn’t remember his name.
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    That reminds me: When Dylan decides to start writing everything down, the first thing he grabs is a roll of paper (wax paper? shelving paper?) from what looks like a kitchen drawer. Among the items in the drawer is a random piece of oddly folded aluminum foil ... ... and is that a hat? Is that a tinfoil hat? Is there any other plausible explanation for pre-worn, previously-crinkled tinfoil kept in a drawer like that? And if he's the kind of person who is prone to tinfoil-wearing to keep the satellites from reading his thoughts or whatever, then is this movie telling us upfront that Dylan's about to go totally off the deep end? That would call into question his entire reliability as a narrator and, I daresay, tosses the ending of this movie into Jacob's Ladder territory.
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    At the very end of the movie, which takes place 10 months to a year later, Dylan checks his watch and says out loud, ’11 o’clock…no plane”. So we can assume that every single day for the past year he checks for the occurrence of each premonition from the Grand Central Station incident. I’d love to see a bunch of shots of Sarah showering or trying to get some work done, etc and Dylan popping in to say “Hey Honey, 9:15 and no drip!”, or Dylan: “Hear that, Sarah’. Sarah: ”What, I don’t hear anything” Dylan: “Exactly! No tires screeching!” Sarah: [Rolls her eyes and shakes her head] In the end, it seems that the whole first part of the movie *is* about a man suffering from mental illness and the last scene shows how Dylan is now coping with his issues using medication and some kind of affirmation therapy…’11:00…no plane”
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    Don't forget that although Dylan's body is 30 years old, his soul is at least sixty. Which makes sense because signing your name to your texts is a total boomer thing to do.
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    When your boyfriend tells you he is the man that killed you 30 years ago and will again it’s best to get away as fast as possible
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    The episode does a great job of pointing out the large flaws of this movie, but there were several small things throughout the movie that really irked me. 1. I found the throwing away of the trays with the flight info to be incredibly wasteful. Why not throw out the paper with the flight info and just reuse the tray? 2. I was bothered by Teresa Palmer putting her ice cream cone inside the cup with Dylan's phone that was being used as the speaker. There is no way his phone or that speaker are not a complete sticky mess with melted ice cream. 3. Dylan ended every text message with "D." You are not sending letters or even email, you do not need to indicate who you are in every text message. What an unnecessary waste of time. 4. If Jonas does not intend to kill Teresa Palmer, then why does he bring a gun with him when they try to go away together for the weekend?
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    Did anyone else notice when Dylan first walks up to Sarah in the bar, she asks if he wants to get out of here. He says yes. Cut scene to a bar. But weren't they just at a bar? If I say i want to get out of here it is because i need a change of scenery but they simply switched bars. Maybe the first place was a restaurant but it definitely had a full bar and therefore i was confounded on their choice. I was expecting them to go to a park or someones apartment, not another bar. Second did anyone else notice that the police did not give a f*** about Dylan when he was dying on the floor of Grand Central Station. Only two cops were shown hovering over Jonas but they were no longer securing the scene, they instead appeared to be talking oblivious to the dying person. Does this mean the final scene of Dylan as a pilot never happened because Dylan bleed out ( not from a gun shot wound but) from the apathy of first responders.
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    Let’s talk astronomy. If a Star only 30 light years away goes supernova we’re all dead.
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    Also to my knowledge, the plane is considered to be in the jurisdiction of the country its registered to, until it hits the landing strip of the country its going to. This money plane has to be registered to some country right?
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    I believe this is Michael's picture
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    This kid goes bald and freaks out. He tries a wig and freaks about that too. Why didn't he just borrow a hat from Connie? He clearly has a never-ending supply. Problem solved, movie over, all of our time saved.
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    Hi everyone! I'm sorry that my inability to check email last night meant I delayed the pick today. I am never around here anymore but that doesn't mean I don't miss you all, and I am especially appreciative of watching you all generate great work over on Letterboxd. I had a bit of a struggle this week with what I would pick: should I pick the standard HDTGM-worthy thing to make fun of, or something that would pep us up in this difficult time? In the end, I chose the latter, a generally well-received musical based on a Broadway production that launched an international career. What's that you say? "They didn't make a Broadway musical of Across the Universe!" Yet. They haven't made it yet. Anyway, I noticed that this movie had been added to Netflix, I had never seen it, but my wife said "oh, I want to see that!", which is as much as to say, I'm picking that, instead of the terrible movie I was going to pick. So, let's all watch the movie version of the Broadway musical that would eventually launch the career of Rachel Berry! No one in this thread had reviewed it on Letterboxd yet, so hopefully this is a new experience for many of us! It's nice to be back! I'll try to remember to be around more! (I've said that 3000 times in the last 3 years. Sorry guys.)
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    I find it highly unlikely that an aviophobic air traffic controller (and expectant father), who was once under review for nearly causing a deadly collision, would have the means and the time to accrue the prerequisite hours of flight time required to become a commercial pilot in just under a year. According to Dr Google, he would have to put in AT LEAST 1500 hours just to be considered (which works out to just under 38 weeks) -- and that's assuming he can afford to rent and fuel a plane for 8 hours a day, five days a week. This isn’t even take into account for training time lost due to convalesce after a grievous gun shot wound to the kidney. I mean, there's a reason why people don't just decide to become a pilot on whim.
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    Omission: As Jason points out, Dylan works out on gymnastics rings as if he’s training for the olympics. I think we can assume they didn’t come standard with the $20k apartment, which means he hung them himself. He uses them every day, and seems to have a pretty strenuous routine. This can’t possibly be the first time a strap has broken - evidenced further by his comfortability in the repair process. So are we to believe that in all those times of climbing the rafters he never noticed the Jake Redmond satchel? Furthermore - why would Jake Redmond have had this hidden? It was his apartment - where he lived alone. I can imagine his lady friend having HER letters hidden, but this makes no sense.
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    So the three people who died in 1987 were reincarnated because their souls left their bodies when they were killed in entered the bodies of babies born that same day. Ergo, this movie is positing that babies don't have souls until they are born. Fetuses must not have souls. Which makes this the most pro-choice movie ever. Interesting how a movie that's all about fate is REALLY all about the right to choose.
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    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE CRIME IN INTERNATIONAL AIRSPACE! In researching "international air" and "committing crimes," you find that the same laws apply to international waters. One article, again more specific to crimes committed in International Waters, notes that "the simple fact is, no one lives in international waters forever. Once you reach the port, you may have to show responsibility for the crimes that you’ve committed. That is, if no one catches you before. So no, international waters are not technically no one’s land where you can do whatever you want." And as Jason brought up... what crimes were actually being committed on the plane? I mean the only illegal activity outside of gambling without a license, is The Concierge shooting a guy for cheating. Yes, we see people betting on how long someone will survive a snake bite or a pool of piranhas, but the act of those specific events are happening on the ground where laws will surely punish those perpetrating it! Also Paul, based on your past experience... what were your feelings on the acting of the guy being devoured by Piranhas?
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    Putting aside Joey’s fake hairline, the fact that Paul, June and Jason didn’t recognize Thomas Jane or that Kelsey Grammer clearly says his nickname is The Rumble (what the hell is a Grumble team!)… the most upsetting issue is why the bookkeeper wore an earring so high up when he in fact has an available hole in the “normal” spot. It was soooo distracting!
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    I was genuinely terrified that there was going to a scene where they made magic paint brushes from magic growing pubes. I truly had the fear of God in me.
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    *** HUGE SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE *** W in the actual F.
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    This movie started me on a deep research dive, because I overcome being deeply disturbed by trying to understand. And it finally made me break down and get an account. Things I learned during my google binge: This godawful abomination started as a bedtime story the director Michael Rubbo would tell his son (shades of Geostorm, anyone?). The producer Rock Demers started his production company and the "signature children's series" Tales for All as a response to learning about child suicide rates in the '80s because he wanted to "give [kids] an appetite for life, in spite of everything." Said production company/Demers is trying to make a remake: "Our goal in tackling a remake was to connect the dots between these ideas and give audiences satisfying conclusions to the unanswered questions asked in the original. What does Micheal see during the great scare? Who sends the ghostly intruders? Why does Micheal’s hair grow out of control? And most importantly, once he learns that he can paint his way into another reality, what will his quest be? As we tackled all these elements, the full potential of the story unfolded and we began looking at a tremendously powerful story of grief and the importance in believing in that we do not see." Also according to IMDB trivia "Producer Rock Demers has said when he and director Michael Rubbo began the film, their goal was to create a "gentle, frightening film." He felt the theme was "If something frightens you, find out why. In most cases you'll discover it wasn't so frightening after all." This movie was syndicated on both Canadian and US television. In Canada, because Canadian children's films were few and far between, and in the US because Disney/Eisner bought it and just...played it. All the time. Skippy peanut butter paid for product placement (what a weird message to send to consumers. Use our peanut butter and grow 6 ft long pubic hair, kids!). The best thing I found is this article by Courtney Fathom Sells. An excerpt: "I even became unable to wear striped jersey shirts to school because Michael sported one in the film and I felt almost definite that I would soon see a similar fate if I continued to mock his costume design. When I noticed one of my pals wearing such garb at church one Sunday, I prayed to God to forgive him, for he had clearly not seen The Peanut Butter Solution." Sells is a maker of short documentaries, and even made a film called The Fright about how this movie traumatized the kids who watched it. Unfortunately, I can't find the film online anywhere despite my librarian sleuthing skills. If anyone wants to reach out to Sells via his website to see if he'll re-release it, I would love to watch. Oof. What a movie.
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    If nothing else, this episode reminded me to pick up a big bottle of V8 when I was at the store today.
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    I wonder if the filmmakers were going for something poetic by having the meetcute between a pilot and a dancer happen by way of an aerial ballet? No one asked why Sarah was on the plane in the first place? I thought that might have some bearing on the character or plot, but, like most things in the movie, Nope. Paul asks, why go to Grand Central at all if it's supposed to be the site of this tragedy? Well, Jonas' Plan A was to go to the airport, when he picks up Sarah. So yeah, he WASN'T going to go, but then The, I don't know, Unvierse or something sends a text that informs him the plane is canceled, and Jonas very casually says "Yup, let's go to Grand Central." Then elsewhere Jason asks, was Jonas going to kill the woman at the end? He not only has the gun from his studio, but it's in a big holster on his left hip. We can put aside the question if the woman would even have noticed this (perhaps she thought he was just happy to see her?) -- but since we know they were first headed to the airport until he got a text from the airline, does that mean he was going to roll up to the airport with a loaded gun on his hip? There's just so many things about this movie, which I guess makes it pretty perfect as far as HDTGM goes!
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