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    @gigi-tastic had asked me to post her pick for her if she wasn't able to. So...I'll take away the suspense. This week, in honor of it being Halloween month, we will be watching...
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    I sort of have a Prince story. Not sure if I should tell it but I will, you guys just be cool. I used to work at a book publisher and we did a book with him. And the contracts person told me that his reps asked that the book contract be printed on purple paper. She said she didn’t have any and I was like, you better get some. But I think she told them no. And this makes me sad. Especially since he died. Like was it too much to go to Office Max and get some colored paper? I bet I would have made the end of his life better.
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    Eugene Levy always took me some getting used to, his performance is so bonkers. But I've grown to really love it, it's so funny.
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    I think the thing that causes your biggest complaint is the movie is improvised. So, the funniest takes are just whatever they said in the moment or the funniest bits overshadowed the actual plot threads being any resolution. So, if a three hour cut exists, it solves your problem but I bet that cut drags.
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    A couple months back, a bunch of us forum folks watched and discussed Purple Rain, and something that struck me watching that movie, and something that continues in Cherry Moon, is that Prince seemed to be completely unafraid of coming off as the bad guy in movies that centered around him. This is especially evident in Purple Rain where his character, The Kid, is extremely flawed and problematic. I think it would be tempting for a musician at the height of their fame to want to be portrayed on film as a sort of idealized version of themselves, and I find it absolutely fascinating that Prince was unafraid to play the more unsavory characters and allow his co-stars to play the moral centers. Similarly, as discussed in the podcast, I always think it's endearing when celebrities allow themselves to come off as goofballs. Especially for someone like Prince dabbles with artifice. It's an interesting juxtaposition to see someone who is both acutely aware of their carefully calculated image and also doesn't really seem to care if that image is slightly tarnished. Honestly, the more I think about Prince, the more I like him.
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    My dream job is production design on stuff like these album covers or the made-up computer interfaces that they use in movies. My favourite of which is probably the vampire scroll decoding app that someone happened to have in one of the Blade movies, I think. Anyone else reminded of Alice Cooper's Flush The Fashion with that Cry for Help album cover? Edited to add a fun fact: the late Phil Hartman used to design album covers in the 70s, including for bands like America. He basically had Michael Beck's job from Xanadu.
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    I really enjoyed how the movie played with Mitch and Mickey’s relationship. There are hints throughout that her motives aren’t entirely pure, but O’Hara plays it so well that you still buy her con.
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    That has always been pretty much my impression of the film as well - baby boomers stuck in the past, oblivious or just not caring how the world has passed them by. And while I get that comparisons to Spinal Tap are inevitable given that a lot of the same people are in both movies, it's also important to remember that a lot of the energy and appearance of the earlier film is down to Rob Reiner as a director.
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    When Young Steinbloom told Mitch that Mitch was Mr. Steinbloom's favorite, I expected him to say that to all the groups.
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    I agree with this. It really is kind of like the flip side of Spinal Tap in it that the true antagonist is self-importance. These are characters who are barely remembered even within their own circle (“I remember this song. It’s pretty. It had the kiss.”), so the fact that they’re even doing this huge show is a big deal. And even then, the show isn’t what you’d really call a “big deal” as it’s a PBS concert that will amount to basically nothing. So the movie is about a bunch of has beens trying to recapture a moment that never actually was.
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    Will Mitch lose his mind and never return? Do the Folksmen figure out what to play? There's drama there, it's just not as showy as a drummer exploding. And I'd argue that's the point. That's the nature of such a quiet folk music world. The big drama is when the opening act opens with the song the next band was going to play. The jokes are quieter, the drama quieter, the music quieter. This isn't about rock stars, it's about a bunch of corny musicians.
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    Using A Mighty Wind to fill our sails, we sail on to...?
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    “It’s blowing you and me...” We watched:
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    I'm so excited! Sorry I'm a day late I honestly thought today was Monday. I can't time anymore
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    Hell yeah. I was just thinking the other day I need to watch this again sometime.
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    I'm positive that this is not an original observation on my part (but I'm too lazy to Google it, despite being on a computer at this very moment), but did Prince invent the emoji? In his song titles, Prince would often substitute words with letters and symbols (i.e., U for "you," 2 for "to" or "two," a drawing of an eye for "I," etc.) That carries over to this film, where the first note his character, Christoper Tracy, receives reads, "She wants U. Ask for the moon." The song "Love or Money" (the B-side for the song "Kiss" from the accompanying soundtrack for this movie, Parade) is billed in the credits as "♥ or $." Even the subtitles (on Amazon Prime, anyway) utilize this Prince alphabet, as well. I disagree that it was a mistake not to film this movie in color. This movie has a weird timelessness in black in white that, if it was filmed in color, would have dated this film horribly. Under the Cherry Moon feels like an issue of Interview magazine in movie form, so the black and white film choice seems in-line with that high-fashion aesthetic, as well. A couple of times during this film, we see a middle aged man in a hat with two beautiful women in tow. Were they supposed to be the Greek chorus of this film? Or is Nice just that small? The best part of this movie for me was Prince taking a bath, with a hat on, yelling "FASCIST!" while dive-bombing a rubber duck in rose pedal water. The rose pedal budget for this film, by the way, must have been insane. Paul, you and June MUST watch Purple Rain. It's a great, albeit slightly flawed film that also features Morris Day (who almost steals the show). However, if and when you guys watch this movie, it must be a double feature that also includes the sequel Graffiti Bridge, which I guarantee will floor you beyond anything you've witnessed in Under the Cherry Moon. Graffiti Bridge, Paul: I shit you not.
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    I take affront with Jason saying Purple Rain is a better movie. Under a Cherry Moon is by FAR the better film. Maybe I just really hate The Kid the character he plays in Purple Rain but I always feel like it's just a depressing watch except for the music parts. Oh and seeing that lady get thrown in a dumpster. That will never not be so crazy it doesn't delight me.
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    Same. I felt like he was doing a very broad performance and that everyone else (except Fred Willard but I think that's by design) was much more grounded. I get Mitch is supposed to be burned out but it was cartoony in comparison to everyone else. I didn't dislike it but it put me off at first.
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    Not necessarily. Unlike a play or something, they all have their own sets that are completely independent from one another. Not quite the same thing, but I played in a Battle of the Bands with 20 something bands, and while we all got a chance to do a sound check, we didn’t sit through them. You’d do your thing and then go off and wait for your turn.
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    Again, I think the movie is showing how uncool folk is. Where you expect there to be drama, there isn’t — except for *them* there is. Does that make sense? It’s a bunch of Mr Rogers and this is as edgy as they get. I loved the New Mainstreet Singers, because it was about how a group can evolve to the point it’s unrecognizable, but is able to kind of “cash in.” They only have one of the original 9 members so they can technically call themselves the same band, but they’ve gone from being this quasi-Christian group to this color worshiping cult. It reminded me of how Mike Love gets to call his group “The Beach Boys” even though Brian Wilson has more original band members in his current band.
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    Not to mention they could only get three groups to play. The influence Mr. Steinbloom was reputed to have was illusory as well. ("Illusory". Thank you Word-of-the-Day calendar!)
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