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    I wasn't happy with my original submission, so obsessed over this one more
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    Give me liberty or give me head!
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    Cream on my eggs like yo name Cadbury
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    Bob’s your uncle, mum’s the word. Now doctor, diagnose my turd.
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    Sit down to pee? Sure, maybe when the pee starts coming out of my butthole!
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    Why is the character who asks, “Is this guy bothering you?” rarely the protagonist?
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    Gimme another hit of acid, I'm only tripping ball
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    Apparently my password can't be "Life Goes On" because it doesn't have any special characters. Uh, hello, yes it did?
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    Be the change you have in your pocket, basically useless..
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    I had a dream Scott and I were neighbors but when I came over he got really pissed.
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    Listen to Buttholes (& Plugs).mp3 by Corey Miller on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/xF15R
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    My phone doesn't recognize my face unless I'm getting pegged. How can it tell?
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    Quit farting in the bathtub and listen up
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    Why ya gotta be hamperin' my camperin'
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    Folks who don't want DC to become a state are ok, but I find the pro-state much more stimulating
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    Wild cat meat sausage: breakfast lynx.
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    Your poops become a weapon and...you poop a 9/11.
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