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    Blink twice if you’re being held hostage. Blink 182 times if you hate music.
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    The dried grape industry is raisin money
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    Roses are red, violets are red, these nightvision goggles are pretty cool!
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    When life gives you Lyme Disease, make Lyme Diseaseaid.
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    My tokens maybe fungible but my toilet isn’t plungable.
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    I love the crack of the bat though as far as butt-cracks go it’s one of the smaller ones.
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    Listener's choice is Hoop Dreams.
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    Hi. My name is Scott Ackerman. And for the next hour; let’s laugh. Together.
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    It's not small, it's just big dick energy efficient.
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    To pee is human. To flush is divine.
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    You think I'm a buddy cop action comedy film? You should see The Other Guys
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    Doo Doo, a Poo Poo, a Female Poo Poo, It's Coomidy Boo Boo, It's Comedy Bang Bang!
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    Chapter the 32nd: In which our intrepid protagonist visits Constantinople and is baffled when he finds himself in Istanbul.
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    I’ll start the show. If you beg. Beg me like a worm.
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    Milk, milk, lemonade; ‘round the corner, Bear Grylls waits.
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    I wouldn't hold your breath on Middleditch ever being asked back.
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    My milkshake brings all the slightly outdated references to the yard.
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