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    I watched a Friday the 13th documentary where the director of this movie said that the credit card was shown for so long because he wanted to allow time for an audience member to yell out, "Don't leave home without it!" He said that a lot of the jokes in the movie are meant for audience participation.
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    Ayyyyy I remembered this round! I'm proud of myself!!! This time I wanna get into the Halloween spirit! We're gonna be watching...
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    So, for any one wondering, according to what I could determine through online research, the amount of force it would take to punch straight through a person’s chest and rip out their heart is approximately 50kN (kilonewtons). To put this into perspective, this is about ten times the force exerted by a professional boxer - who average about 5kN per punch - and over twice that of the bite of a Great White Shark (18kN). Furthermore, it would take nearly 1,100 lbs of pressure (far greater than mortal man is capable) to crush a human skull in one’s barehands, and depending on the situation, leverage, and torque, it would take anywhere from 30-200kN to rip a person’s arm from its socket. All this is to say, Jason’s a pretty bad motherfucker. Especially for someone who was, until very recently, a desiccated corpse.
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    I would like to see an AvPvF. I wanna see if she can out-jog them all.
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    Seeing Jason become ambulatory after a lightning strike reminds me of 19th century galvanism and how parading corpses across Europe and shocking them with electric currents to make them twitch for the gawking throngs was once a real, popular, and extremely macabre pastime. A contemporary source, describing the process being applied to the recently executed murderer, George Foster, once wrote: “On the first application of the process to the face, the jaws of the deceased criminal began to quiver, and the adjoining muscles were horribly contorted, and one eye was actually opened. In the subsequent part of the process the right hand was raised and clenched, and the legs and thighs were set in motion.” Of course, it was these types of experiments that eventually inspired Mary Shelly to write Frankenstein which subsequently led to the whole concept of a lightning strike imbuing a corpse with new life. It’s a trope that’s become pervasive, and it’s incredibly bizarre to me how we all just sort of readily accept it. Anyway, I don’t suppose any of this is terribly relevant to the movie, but I can never pass up an opportunity to point out just how absolutely fucked up and ghoulish our ancestors were.
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    In the climactic showdown, Tommy and his boulder have rowed out to the middle of the lake and have challenged Jason to a final confrontation. Jason, recognizing that he must either accept this affair of honor or forfeit his rights as a gentleman, is quick to oblige and underwater strides his zombie ass to face his foe. As he breathlessly awaits Jason's arrival, Tommy sets the lake ablaze and scans the water for any ripple of movement. After interminable seconds, a flurry of bubbles break the surface of the flaming lake and Tommy leans over the port side of his vessel and prepares his noose. However, both he and the audience are taken by surprise by Jason when he springs up not from the port side, but from from the starboard side of the boat! This is, of course, a classic and well executed misdirect on Mr. Vorhees' part. However, I can't help but wonder what caused the torrent of bubbles to break the surface of the water in the first place. I mean, he can't possibly be in two places at once. Without any other explanation put forth by the film, I can only assume that from beneath the boat Jason was laying down some strategic, underwater farts in order to distract Tommy and get the drop on him. The full extant of Jason's powers are never truly explored, but I think that it is safe to assume that tactical, supernatural flatulence must be a part of his arsenal.
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    Early in the movie, there is a scene which shows children sleeping in their beds, each with a book laying on their chest, which presumably is the book they are reading before they fall asleep. The last kid apparently has been reading Jean-Paul Sartre’s 1944 existential play “No Exit.” At first, I thought it’s just a gag (kid reading super-serious literature,) but after some googling the synopsis of the play, I feel it might not be the case. The play goes like this: 2 women and a man found themselves in a room after they died. The room has no window and mirror, only a door which cannot be opened. The three characters all did something terrible during their lifetime. Furthermore, Woman A finds herself to be attracted to Woman B, Woman B is attracted to the man. The man initially is not attracted to either of the 2 women, then later succumbed to the seduction of Woman B. But he is only willing to have sex with her if both women say he’s not a coward; the man was executed for desertion, so he wants people to assure him he’s not a coward. Woman B complies, but Woman A refuses, partly due to jealousy and partly because she’s a sadist. Then the door suddenly opens after the man’s several attempts to open the door, but he refuses to leave the room until he convinces Woman A he’s not a coward. However, Woman A tells him she will never give him the approval he so desires. Also, neither of the women wants to leave the room as well for various reasons. This is when the man realizes they are in hell, and what is torturing them is none other than each other. In Jason Lives, after we see the kid with the Sartre play, the movie cuts to a shot of the hamster cage, with a hamster frantically running a hamster wheel, almost like trapped in a loop. Maybe the movie is saying that Jason and the characters in his movies, especially Tommy, are kind of like the characters in the play, trapped in a metaphorical hell. Jason can never stop killing and avenge himself and his mother, as there will always be horny teenagers. Tommy and characters in Jason-verse will forever be haunted by the unkillable monster that is Jason. Oh, if the plot of “No Exit” sounds familiar, maybe it’s because it serves as one of the inspirations for the sitcom “The Good Place,” in which Jason Mantzoukas is a recurring character.
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    You wondered who put up a tombstone for Jason Vorhees? The director’s original ending would have answered that. Tom McLoughlin originally intended for the caretaker to live until the end. Then he’d be visited and paid by a man he called “Mr. Vorhees”- Jason’s father!
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    Maybe it's the just because the actor looks much older but I have a hard time believing that in 6 years Corey Feldman went from the kid in Part IV and start of Part V to this guy. That means him and Horshack are suppose to be like 18 or so? What weird casting.
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    Oh, she 100% teams up with the Predators. Once Jessica understands their culture, after deciphering ancient hieroglyphics beneath Cabot Cove, she accepts what they are doing and helps them eradicate the xenomorphs - earning herself a badass acid scar in the process. Sadly, Sheriff Amos Tupper does not survive...
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    She would definitely sass out the chief for jumping the gun on Tommy as well. We should kickstart the Friday the 13th/Murder She Wrote crossover I really want to see this now.
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    If I know Jessica Fletcher, by the end of the movie she would have confronted Jason in a room by herself, got him to confess, and convinced him to turn himself in.
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    Mistake #2- Bringing Arnold Horshack for backup.
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    Omg I just realized my name is tayloeannephoto in the title of this and now I'm wondering if I should just change my name to match lmao.
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    I though it was pretty crazy that when the sheriff and his deputies arrive at the camp his first order is “don’t wake the kids.” Motherfucker, there is a sadistic monster on the loose brutally murdering every person that crosses his path! You wake those kids up and get them the Hell out of there!
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    So the one boy camper seems to have fallen asleep with a comic book open. Due to the limited appearances by the very visible character of El Aguila it is easy to recognize this comic as Power Man and Iron Fist #99. So what? Well, it is very odd. You see there is nothing about this comic that connects it to Friday the 13th or Jason at all. The issue starts with the titular characters falling off a bridge into water and El Aguila carries a sword which a machete kinda resembles but that's about it for tenuous connections. "So what?" I hear you saying, "It's just a comic book, they just grabbed one and threw it in there." No, that is where you are wrong. See there has to be more of a reasoning behind this comic choice. Power Man and Iron Fist #99 which has a cover date of November 1983 which means it really came out in September 1983. Jason Lives was released in August of 1986 which means they probably were filming early 1986 which would make that comic almost three years old at that point. Was their budget so tight that 65 cents for a current issue would break it so they had to pull something from the quarter bin? Maybe the camp had comics for the kids to read, but why would a newly re-opened camp buy a bunch of back issues? Also when you think about the timeline of the movie it makes less sense because this film doesn't take place in 1986! Part 2 is set two months after the first film, and Parts 3 and 4 follow the day after the previous films. So when Tommy appears as a child in Part 4 that's 1980. In parts 5 and 6 Tommy has now grown up which means this film is suppose to be taking place in 1990! So somehow a kid in a summer camp in 1990 is reading a comic book from 1983? Why? It just doesn't make any sense. Why would that be at the camp? Why would he bring a quarter bin comic to camp if it was his? Why bring or have the second part of a three part story arc? There has to be a secret meaning behind this issue!
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    Just an FYI, I won't link it but this episode can easily be found online with a Google search. Zeke got his nose bit off. He became a plumber because he didn't mind the smell. There was a gas leak that caused an explosion killing Zeke. Now he wears a mask to cover his face and wanders the camp looking for his cursed plunger. If you have the plunger, he'll suck out your brains.
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    Correction So I'm writing the day after seeing this live in Berkeley while it's still fresh in my head, so I don't know what will make it to the final cut of the episode. So with regard to the overall timeline of the series, the first movie takes place briefly in 1958 when Mrs. Voorhees kills the two counselors that she blames for Jason's accident, before the film cuts to 1979 when the son of the original owners of the camp was attempting to reopen the camp. Part 2 starts with Jason, who had actually lived and was presumed dead only because his body was never found, is around 34 and has survived due to being taught survival skills by his mom as well as learning various things at the camp before his accident. Parts 2-4 basically take place over the course of a week as the camp is desribed as being quite large and the killings were taking part in remote areas around it so subsequent victims weren't hearing about the killings in prior films. Jason is only really knocked out at the end of 2 and 3 but is finally killed by Tommy Jarvis in 4, which leads to a copycat killing teens in a blind rage in part 5, followed by his resurrection in this film. The reason the actor's switched for Tommy between 5 and 6 was because the actor from 5 apparently was an actual counselor or something for a church group prior to filming 5, decided against coming back to the sequel, filmed another film, and then went into the seminary. This isn't the worst case of continuity error as in Part 2 Jason has a full head of hair and part of a beard while in 3, which literally set the following day, is completely bald and even more deformed. For the odd shifting tone, basically the writers were surprised to be doing another F13 movie, so they decided to voice that along with frustration with New Line by adding lines like the Gravedigger breaking the fourth wall and asking the audience "why would someone dig up Jason, can't they just let him rest already?" and a few other things like the snappy editing style that blended different conversations, which I have to assume insprired Luc Besson in how he shot and wrote the Fifth Element, which is filled with that shit. As for the rating, prior to this film all the movies had to be severely cut down because they were initially given X ratings, so the director didn't want to deal with that and went for a lighter overall film, which ended up giving it the best critical reviews of the entire series. The budget was also a big bone of contention between the director and studio, which led to some petty shit done by both sides. One of the producers was a real penny pincher and was actually calling dibs on various items purchased for production that he was going to take home when filming was over, namely a large and expensive swamp cooler. Upon hearing this, the director decided to get some payback for how little financial support he was getting by placing said cooler on top of the RV, right before they shot the crash scene, so the large box seen flying off the top of the rv when it starts flipping isn't a TV as Paul thought it was, but rather this massive swamp cooler that a producer was hoping to take home for himself. To answer June's questions, Jason did run after people in parts 2-4 because he was still a living person, it wasn't until this film to Jason X where he has supernatural powers due to being undead. His grave was also meant to be explained in this film as being paid for by his father, who had abandoned him and his mother when Jason was young, but decided that paying for the city to not cremate his son and have him properly buried would act as a sort of repentance. This alternate ending was cut because of the gravedigger being killed in the movie and the fact that the studio didn't want to have to worry about creating the dad's backstory in the sequel. Also Berkeley can straight screw itself in regards to hosting a show like this as they had a full theater of people on a 95 degree day and didn't turn the air conditioner on, until the near end of the show after Jason complained about it, but by then it was too little too late. It was literally cooler outside of the theater by the time the show was over.
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    I now work with one British guy and am very close friends with a few more that live here in Japan. I was explaining this movie to them, none of them had heard of it, but most thought it sounded like a ploy to get a typical pub going musical avoiding type of gentlemen interested in musicals.
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    So if we ignore his Town that Feared Sundown look in Friday the 13th part 2 you can say Jason is a simple man who knows what he likes when it comes to fashion. In pretty much every movie he wears a navy work shirt and some navy or gray docker. It's a simple and practical look. Sure every now and again he has some sort of undershirt or adds a khaki jacket but the look is pretty consistent. Yet for some reason, and this movie and this movie only does he decide to accessorize. First he puts on a pair of gloves and this works. He would go on to keep those gloves for the rest of his appearances. It's practical and makes sense. Touching all those dead bodies and welding weapons is hard on the hands and you have to take care of them. However his other decision of adding a tool belt to jazz up his outfit seems like a questionable idea. I mean it makes sense practically. Just carrying a machete around all day would kill your hand and your grip which you would need later for twisting heads and grabbing people. It would be better to keep it safely affixed around your waist. The downside is it is very hard to take a mass murder seriously when he's wearing a tool belt let alone one that clashes with his colour scheme so much. It's probably best the tool belt didn't stick around.
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    GUYS. I re-watched the movie this afternoon and I'm here to tell you mistake #1. Do you see what I see? Thom Mathews who plays Tommy is 6'3". With that information and looking at screenshots, it looks like someone buried Jason a whopping 3 feet underground. That's right guys, Martin, the drunken groundskeeper can squarely be blamed for this entire fiasco. He might be a "damn high school graduate" but I think he must've flunked math and or geometry. Either that or while digging a hole, shitfaced and stumbling, he got to about knee deep and said Fuck it. "Burying this unstoppable, serial killing machine in a shallow, badly sealed grave will never come back to haunt me."
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    I watched with captions and it didn’t help me. Like I knew they were speaking English, but I couldn’t understand what they were talking about.
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