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    Is it too early to put my tree up… your mom’s butt?
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    TIM HEIDECKER returns to make a special new channel with The Boys.
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    Please make a wise choice. We don't want protests.
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    You have to be friends with the admin or at least invited to the group. Let me know what your ID is and I'll send a friend invite. I try to send a room link about 15 minutes before the movie time. I don't think the link changes each time but you can't enter until I open the room. You can also create your own room for your own shows. It's the sharing that gets tricky. I have found using Google Chrome works best for me. There's a Chrome extension to share browser tabs with Kast. When you start sharing in the room make sure to click "Share audio" in the bottom of the window before you click what you want to share.
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    Jingle bells, Batman smells, probably because his bat-suit is stored in a cave full of bat shit.
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    The female version of Matt is Mattress
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    Good I think? I'm very much a scaredy cat and don't do thrillers or horror unless its with other people or for a group thing. So I now have a reason I can watch it
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    I wanted to pick a good Halloween-themed movie with an emphasis on the soundtrack, so I went with... The Guest (I don’t think we’ve done it, or at least I didn’t see it on Cameron’s Letterboxed list)! it’s unfortunately rental-only, as far as I can tell, so if people object to that (which I totally get, given our national shitshow) I can come up with choices that are more widely available (my second choice would be Us, but again that’s only on HBO).
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    This film is one of the few that can compare with the Exorcist as one of the most influential of all time. And it still holds up today. If we're going to send the aliens one tiny-budget movie, I think it should be this. I think in 1968 Vietnam was more salient than civil rights. LBJ didn't run for another term because his handling of the war was so controversial. The CRA & VRA had been passed in 1964 & 1965 (respectively). Also, this was filmed in 1967 and McGovern didn't announce himself as a presidential candidate until August 1968 (RFK and later Gene McCarthy were the "dove" rivals of LBJ and later Hubert Humphrey for the nom). Since he only reluctantly threw his hat in the ring and his candidacy was brief, I wonder if that commercial isn't from the 1972 election (when he actually obtained the nomination). So I'm inclined to think Romero is giving an accurate account of how the film was made. He didn't shy away from politics in later films. I agree with Amy on "horror" films with unlikable characters whose deaths you root for. That's not scary. This is related to why most "horror-comedies" are just comedies in horror garb rather than actually working as horror movies.
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