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    If everybody would just shut up, I could remember which tire swing I left the baby in
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    At your age you are still figuring out who you are. At my age I know how much I suck.
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    Some days you bust a nut, some days the nut busts you.
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    If you're hairy be wary, if you're leery be weary. If you're sick of this fucking pandemic then welcome to Comedy Bang Bang.
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    I went ahead and put this up over on Discord. We might as well start getting used to it over there.
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    Good afternoon! Coming soon the HDTGM Message boards will be migrating to Discord! There are a few reasons for this, but most important reason is that the Earwolf Forums have become difficult for new listeners to come and participate. @JammerLea@AlmostAGhostand I have been working on making this transition as seamless as possible, providing a space that is inclusive where the HDTGM community can grow. As of now, the Discord Room, with Paul, Molly, and Cody's blessing, is officially open! Of course, there are sure to be a few growing pains, but ultimately, this will be an exciting step forward. Important Information: C&O's for A Gnome Named Gnorm have already been culled for the mini episode dropping 1/22 C&O's for the next movie will be pulled from both the Earwolf Message Boards AND The HDTGM Discord to be read on the mini episode dropping 2/5. After 2/5, ALL C&O's will come from the HDTGM Discord. I have great affection, and it's sad to see them go; however, after working on Discord, I do think it will be an fantastic change of venue. I hope to see you all there Discord Link: https://discord.gg/WbvbFyYp
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    A 720p copy of the movie was found on YouTube.
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    I’m not kidding when I say I could have listened to 8 more hours of their Blockbuster/laserdisc talk. So funny and interesting and so many parallels to my own experiences with video stores growing up. Paul should start a third podcast called Block Talk.
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    yea. we don't want to try to steal Paul's community there. if people want to chat about politics or the NBA or whatever, he's got a big Discord and places to do that. we'll have a few extra channels for side convos, but mostly we're sticking to awful movies. (and we have set up spots for our HDTGM watchalongs and Musical Mondays). that should keep it better focused and more forum-like, I think.
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    It is something we the mods are constantly discussing, and will be flexible and take any suggestions into account. We are going to use a few focused channels, especially for 'current' episodes. Every two weeks, we'll sort of 'clear it' in a way. If you want to talk about older movies/episodes, there's other channels for that to happen. People don't post Corrections & Omissions for old episodes anyway, so I don't anticipate too much cross-talk there. And really how often to people bump up really old threads here? We all stay fairly well-focused on the most recent eps. We'll have to see how the chatting develops though (and also consider how it is useful for Paul and crew) and be willing to adjust on the fly. I've been in some big Discords and discussions happen all the time and quicker. My biggest worry is it may be a little harder to write longer thought-out posts for Corrections & Omissions but we're confident it will end up there as we all get used to it. We are doing our best to set it all up like a forum, so to make the transition easier. Also, the big Discords I'm in have much more close-knit connections. We can chat a little more than we do here. Like, I don't know where almost any of you live, yet I chat with all of you all the time. We can converse now in Discord! That said, this is a pretty much purely a HDTGM Discord. I don't anticipate it being as broad as other groups, like Paul's own Discord.
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    Off-topic:RE: moving to Discord—how exactly is that going to work? I’ve looked at it and was pretty overwhelmed, If I’m being honest. No offense meant to the people who’ve worked on it, but it seems like huge numbers of people commenting in a variety of ways within several specific-yet-generalized categories (chat under HDTGM, for example, seems like it will be difficult to follow if you want to talk about specific movies/episodes because there’s so much going on). Maybe it’s because I’m 46, but I’m a little bummed that it feels so..complicated. and I’m concerned that the close-knit feel of the forum will get lost in the internet vacuum. That concern may be totally unfounded, but I’m basing it off my initial reaction to Discord. But I’m not against change, so I guess I’ll see.
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    I loved the “deleted scene”. Didn’t like the talk of moving to Discord.
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