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    To me, more unbelievable than a nutcracker doll coming to life was Kate's impromptu Christmas dinner. She invites all of her friends over on Christmas morning for a 1pm dinner and somehow they are all free and able to make it. Did none of them already have their own dinner plans for Christmas? Kate also mentions that she still needs to go and buy a turkey for the dinner. I am not sure where she is going to find a supermarket open on Christmas day that has a fresh turkey available to buy. Then she somehow manages to buy and get that turkey cooked in time for the 1pm dinner. There were at least 10 people there, so you figure a 15 to 20 pound turkey which would take 3.5 - 4.5 hours to cook. I have a feeling most of the people at that party ended up with Jessica St. Clair-level digestive issues from undercooked food.
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    I remember reading a paper once about how we should be more aware of the fact that it's so acceptable to perpetuate "cat-hating" tropes and jokes when cats are, at the same time, often associated with women/feminitiy. Then I thought there might be a similar pattern with coffee versus tea jokes. Then I thought about the association of tea with Asian cultures and wondered if there's a correlation with the unfortunate stereoptypes regarding the emasculation of the Asian male. Then I remembered the time I sprialed into several minutes of private thoughts about grammatical punctuation when I read on a T-shirt: "Does anal retentive have a hyphen?" and had to remind myself that I do overthink a lot of things. I will say that Americans are very much obsessed with refrigeration. After moving from California to live overseas for over a decade, it's weird if I **don't** purchase milk purchased in a box from the shelf, and I've never had to worry about keeping eggs in the fridge. The answer to it is the American food industrial complex, of course For more rabbit-hole falling, coffee doesn't actually dehydrate you since that's not technically what a "diareutic" means. I wish they would have talked about the ice skating scene more. Yes, it's obviously plastic, but it's equally obvious that the actors were not wearing skates at all, right? Was this because the actors can't skate? Because there's some union rules about stunt people? Were the Lifetime producers following some kind of checklist? I mean, maybe it's not a "Bad Scene" at all, becuase it's actually pretty impressive that the cinematographer framed everything just right, that the editors chose just the right cuts, and the actors, well, they did their best.
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    All right everyone... this is gonna be predictable as all get out. It's four days until Christmas and my holiday-themed Twitter name is literally "Gonzo is the best Charles Dickens" (hell, my Twitter bio contains the phrase "Listens to Black Metal, tweets about Muppets",) so this week's holiday pick is...
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    The movie was originally in black-and-white when released but has since been colorized. I highly recommend the color version. It's easier on the eyes and to distinguish various details. If anyone wants to see the black-and-white version I plan to Kast it on Thursday night at 9 p.m. Eastern and Friday night at 7. The colorized version will be Kasted on Friday at 9 p.m. Eastern. It's available for free at TubiTV, and for rent on other services. It's also available if you have subscriptions to various services, Fandor being one of them. I own it on Prime so I will probably show that service's copy on Friday. It's not much different from the Blu-Ray. Here's the Justwatch page. EDIT: It's only 70-some minutes long so you won't have too much of your time to ask to get back.
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    So, before there was the band Oingo Boingo, led by Danny Elfman, there was a performance troupe called The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, led by Danny's brother Richard. Danny was in the group as well as Richard's now-ex wife Marie-Pascale. Richard wanted to capture the spirit of the performance troupe as well as the energy and created this movie. It is decidedly NOT family-friendly nor good taste-friendly. Starring Herve Villechaize and the bartender from Rockula, I give you
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    I was really annoyed that so many people in the movie kept saying Chip was dressed like a nutcracker. Of course we as an audience recognize that he's a nutcracker come to life, but why would anyone in this town think he was dressed like anything other than a soldier of some sort? The style of nutcracker they keep referencing is wearing a soldier's uniform- the only thing that makes it obviously a nutcracker is the weird mouth. If Chip had some ridiculous Jaws-from-Moonraker type thing going on, I could see it, but as-is he's just a dude dressed up like a Coldstream Guard.
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    Can Real Men™ drink tea? Press Haha for Yes, Sad for No, Huh? for Huh?, and Hedgehog for Juuuuuune.
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    Crazy thought but should we all post photos of our dads??
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    Initially, I wasn't super into the narration. I'm not a big fan of voiceover, it has to really fit perfectly, and I didn't really think it was needed here at first. But Gonzo and Rizzo won me over pretty fast. They quickly feel both necessary and not at all in the way of the story, which is a good trick of writing. And of course this
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    As for this one, the idea of using Gonzo and Rizzo as narrators is genius. They're both such wonderful comic relief and get a lot of the exposition out of the way to make room for songs and character development. I love how unique the three spirits all look, and how genuine Caine's performance is. He goes from being the perfect embodiment of the greedy Scrooge archetype to a joyous lover of humanity in such a believable way. And hell, this is probably the best Tiny Tim: a mythological ideal of childlike innocence, one impossible to create with an actual human child. But an adorable little frog puppet? Holy shit, I believe in that Tiny Tim. He's like Baby Yoda, buy fuzzy and with an adorable singing voice!
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    This is probably the best version of A Christmas Carol. It makes me wish Michael Caine also did a straight version just to see what it was like.
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    Happy Holidays to all of you amazing forum people!
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    I do appreciate going through old HDTGM films, but maybe that should be the rough guide and if something comes up we all decide we must see we can jump off the path every so often. So maybe the default is an HDTGM film and every month we can decide as a group if we want to deviate to something else? (Like, we should probably do this Roped we just learned about together right?)
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    At the end of the movie after Chip reverts back to doll form he's wearing a sash and a scarf. This brings up two questions. First, he can turn things into miniature doll form? Like the scarf she bought him was not magical yet he puts it on and because he's wearing the scarf it too shrinks down with him? Why did he even put the scarf on? So she knew it was him? She'd already put it together so now he just ruined a perfectly usable scarf. Second question, what's up with the sash? He never once in the movie wore a sash. He didn't have one in the box he came in either. Where did this sash come from and why put it on when turning back into a doll?
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    re: the ice skating Danica McKellar, star of numerous of these Christmas movies herself, posted a behind-the-scenes of them filming her ice skating scenes because she does not know how to ice skate. https://www.instagram.com/p/CITIr48nB9P/
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    Nutcracker dolls originate from late-17th century Germany, particularly the Ore Mountains. Decorative nutcracker dolls began being popularized outside of Europe after the Second World War, when numerous American soldiers stationed in Germany came home to the United States with German nutcrackers as souvenirs. The Nutcracker ballet was originally produced in 1892 with a score by Tchaikovsky. It became popular in North America during the 1960s. The ballet's protagonist, Clara, shares her name with the aunt in Nutty Christmas (Conchata Ferrel who also played the aunt in Krampus). When MJH has flashbacks to earlier scenes in the movie, they are not just random time-wasters. She is reflecting on how the specific events of ballet mirror her own recent experiences. ...And souldn't he really have cracked the nuts with his teeth?
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    Chip was not hot (sorry) so it was baffling to me that everyone who saw him was all "AWOOOOGA HOTTIE ALERT." The fact that he acts like a not-very-bright child who had too much sugar doesn't help, either. I wanted them to mention the dancing scene at the ball! Almost every other couple dancing was two women. At first I was like, is this queer representation??? But then I realized that that scene had exactly the same energy as when you go to a ballroom dancing class and there are 20 women to 5 men so a bunch of the women learn to lead, just so they can dance at all. Are Santa Ex, Justin, and a couple dudes at the bar the only men in this town? No wonder MJH is so ready to jump Chip and army-guy-nephew. There are NOT a lot of fish in this sea.
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    Quick poll - does anyone else keep a photo of themselves as a child next to their bed? No one? Nope? K thanks.
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    i cannot believe the gang didnt comment on the "movers with a union moving van", remember they are wearing fake handlebar mustaches and one guy is eating string cheese non stop..
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    They should have been nicer to the folks at the Cards For Humans game, and I broke my 666 post count for this. Eh, well spent I guess. May the HH forums live on through history as something that was fun and good
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    I like these posters. Let's throw Scrooge to the back or do without him completely, because, he's not central to the story or anything!
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    When the nutcracker left on Christmas Eve, didn't the card say "See you next year"? I swear it did, and at the end of the movie all I kept thinking was how awkward things were going to be....or how amazing for MJH. I need that sequel where he comes back to life and soldier boy is there frosting her cookies and suddenly Barry Watson pulls out his sword. That's an instant holiday classic.
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