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    I also wrote that Daniel's hair was like a Brooklyn baristo. It was old timey in the way steampunk is old timey which is to say, fiction. My understanding was that Daniel appears in the middle of December and the innkeeper just was like, "okay I will leave" and left him alone to read (or jerk off) or whatever. Like Jason, I was also perplexed by him ironing. Because if I became corporeal for 12 days I wouldn't do any chores. That innkeeper would have to clean up after me. Daniel also had an old iron, the kind you heat up with a fire. Where'd he get it? Is that inn still using old irons? Someone should introduce them to electricity. I am also irritated by this "12 Days of Christmas" starting 12 days BEFORE Christmas. That is how Hallmark is, trying to have 12 movies each year. But the 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas and continue until Epiphany (also called Three Kings' Day) when the Wise Men are supposed to have arrived to see the Baby Jesus. I don't know when Twelfth Night stopped being celebrated in America, but he is from the past so he should know this. I am going to hold it against him.
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    If your property is haunted and located in Massachusetts, where Spirit Of Christmas is set, there are laws regulating if and when you must disclose this to the potential buyer. According to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 93, section 114 "...(c) that the real property has been the site of an alleged para psychological or supernatural phenomenon. No cause of action shall arise or be maintained against a seller or lessor of real property or a real estate broker or salesman, by statute or at common law, for failure to disclose to a buyer or tenant that the real property is or was psychologically impacted. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions of this section shall not authorize a seller, lessor or real estate broker or salesman to make a misrepresentation of fact or false statement." The short version is, if I'm reading the law correctly, a homeowner does not have to voluntarily disclose their house being haunted. If the buyer asks, you can't lie about it supposing you believe the house is haunted.
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    Is this the first podcast episode where someone has joined via text? HDTGM still innovating after all of these years. The absurdity of the situation made me crack up with every June interjection. My favorite part of this movie was how the ghost world was still very bound to earthly law with Daniel being restricted by the property line rather than just haunting the house like a usual ghost story. If over the years the inn had sold off some of their property to a neighbor would Daniel still be able to go into that area or would he be bound by the newly drawn property lines?
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    For those who didn't freeze frame, here is what the newspaper article says that Kate's boss shows her in the first eighth of the movie: "Ashford County has a secret. Hollygrove Inn closes two weeks out of the year every year since Henrietta Forsythe took ownership in 1951. An establishment once famed for it's annual Christmas events now accepts no patrons from December 14th till December 26th. While we can't say for sure why, we can speculate that it may have to do with visitors that have reported seeing the ghosts. What ghosts inhabit the inn? Many visitors come each year seeking information about the paranormal occurrences at the property sometimes booking a stay exclusively for this reason. Henrietta Forsythe has experienced quite a bit of tragedy growing up at the inn at the end of the 19th century. Her uncle Daniel Forsythe was involved in illegally bootlegging alcohol while the controversial temperance act was in effect. He frequently traveled from Ashford to Canada as a rum rummer to help keep the [unclear] inn afloat. [The rest of the paragraph is cut off] The tragedy did not end there. In 1934 a guest hung himself in his room. The man used a false name and he's never been identified. There was a kitchen fire that kept the inn closed for 2 years in the 40s until it was decided to re-open. The Crystal Dining Room of the Inn is particularly active, and many spirits have been spotted there at the tables or in the mirrors. The Hollygrove Inn and has a rich and fascinating history (that is what the sentence actually says). As this account goes: "The incident sounds very melodramatic. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a presence in the room - a feeling that some unknown being was in the midst. As I opened my eyes, I saw a grayish figure at the side of my bed, to the left, about four feet away. It was not a distinct person, but a shadowy mass in the shape of a standing figure. It remained still for a moment, then slowly floated to the foot of the bed, in front of the fireplace. After pausing a few seconds, the apparition slowly melted away. It was a terrifying experience. I was so frightened I could not scream. I was frozen to the spot... For the remainder of the night, I could not fall asleep. It was spent trying to conjure a logical explanation for the apparition. It was not a reflection of the moon as all the curtains were completely closed. Upon relating the incident to my husband, he said the ghost was included in the price of the room" Virtually everything discussed in this article is infinitely more interesting than anything seen in this movie.
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    Also, for next year, there’s only one choice really... It’s got your 12 Days connection, your Saved by the Bell connection, and it was, like Holiday in Handcuffs, an ABC Family movie. (Special shout-out to @SaraK for introducing us to this wonderful film)
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    I wrote down all the suggestions from this episode. Producer Josh's list Honorable mention: Avengers: Endgame 10. Under The Silver Lake 9. Lady Bird 8. Snowpiercer 7. Phantom Thread 6. The Grand Budapest Hotel 5. Black Swan 4. Paterson 3. Moonlight 2. Mother 1. Inside Llewyn Davis Engineer Devon's list Honorable mention: '71 10. Four Lions 9. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 8. A Field In England 7. The Master 6. Under The Skin 5. The Raid 2 4. Raw 3. Moonlight 2. Lady Bird 1. Phantom Thread Paul's Famous Friends Jorma Taccone: Attack The Block Leslye Headland: John Wick, Mad Max: Fury Road, Black Swan Adam McKay: The Act of Killing Michael Weber: World of Tomorrow Conan O'Brien: Bone Tomahawk Levar Burton: Get Out Jenna Fisher: Bridesmaids Felicia Day: What We Do In The Shadows Janet Varney: Under the Skin Patton Oswalt: Mad Max: Fury Road Ike Barinholtz: Mad Max: Fury Road (someone who didn't say his name): Mad Max: Fury Road Seth Rogan: Mad Max: Fury Road Sarah Silverman: Bridesmaids, Wolf of Wall Street, Brittany Runs A Marathon, Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Justin Roiland: Her Emily Gordon: Would You Be My Neighbor?, Get Out, Phantom Thread, The Babadook Rob Huebel: The Lobster, La La Land Bendavid Grabinski: Mandy, MacGruber, Mad Max: Fury Road listener calls Shaun the Sheep, Cabin in the Woods, About Time, You're Next, Shame, Coco Swiss Army Man, Pitch Perfect, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Arrival First Reformed, Upstream Color, Detroit, Birdman, Killing Them Softly, Her, Her
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    If Lily was already a Forsythe, maybe she was actually their mom who they French kissed. I don't know much about prohibition but I'd like to chime in on it being easier than going to Canada (did he walk in the snow all the way there?). My great grandfather was a bartender and then when prohibition hit, his census occupation just changed to "beverages." Sneak level 100.
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    I recognize that it’s common in these types of movies for someone to watch over their love interest while they sleep, but let’s not forget how utterly disgusting and ridiculous people can be while they sleep. Aside from just your standard twitch and snore, people are also prone to talking, drooling, and farting in their sleep. So, no thank you sexy, steam punk baristo ghost. I’d rather maintain some small bit of my allure and take my chances with the restless, malevolent hell spawn currently plotting my destruction.
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    For anyone who hasn't watched this yet and plans to I watched it at 1.5x speed and doing that it almost matched the pace of a normal film. Towards the end of the movie there is an insert shot of a digital alarm clock going from 11:59pm to midnight and although I have no evidence I feel almost sure that Neil Breen waited until that time of day to film that rather than realizing he could just set the clock.
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    Heubel noted during the cleared-off-desk sex scene that they should have scored the shirts before ripping them off. It looks like they may have, but it didn't work.
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    Did anyone else notice that Joey "the Lips" is a member of the "Well-Meaning White Musicians with Inexplicable Backstories Playing Traditionally Black Music Because They Claim to Be Sent By God" Club?
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    I think my favorite thing about that birth certificate photo isn't anything you listed, but the fact that this movie has Daniel pegged as a man from the 1920s when this in fact reveals he died December 24th 1919. He never even made it to the 20s. This also begs the question of the whole idea surrounding him being a "rum runner" during Prohibition. For his final 6 months of life there was a technical war time prohibition on anything with an alcohol content greater that 1.28%. In October 1919 they did finally pass the Volstead Act, which banned the sale of all alcohol, but the country lacked the resources to enforce it at the time. To me this means that the idea of rum running probably didn't even become a thing until the actual 20s, because the country was not actually considered "dry" until January of 1920. After Daniel's death.
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    I'm not sure if you grew up Catholic or not, but this was not a thing I knew about until my lapsed Catholic friends talked about how they celebrated this, so I assume this idea was really heavily adopted in only certain subsets of Christianity. Cause my Methodist ass certainly was never raised to give a fuck past the 26th lmao. Also, slight correction on the amount of Hallmark movies each year lmao. I work in graphics for a TV listings company so I have direct contact with Hallmark's graphics in order to make sure everything shows up properly when these movies air. They premiered 40 new Christmas movies this year, and they started airing them on October 26th, because fuck Halloween right? One more point, because this is extremely important in my household, Hallmark has three channels (the main one, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, & Hallmark Drama) and ALL of them have been taken over by their Christmas agenda. Why does this matter? Because on HMM every night at 11 PM CST they air two back to back episodes of the one and only Murder She Wrote. This means since literally the end of October my house has been without Jessica Fletcher in a free manner and this is a TRAVESTY!
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    The only reason I even suspected this might be the case is, when I bought my first house, I asked my realtor to specifically show me haunted houses in my price range. He told me that my state also requires you to disclose but only if asked. My realtor was once asked to do a quick estimate (not a full appraisal) on a house he later found out might have been haunted. Like the appraiser in the movie, he was in and out in minutes because he was legit too scared to do the job. So, I don't want to say The Spirit Of Christmas could happen, but maybe????
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    OK, enough. Put your working-class hands together for the saviours of soul, the hardest-working band in the world. Yes! Yes, yes!
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    What makes this more bonkers is she's the one who gives us the exposition drop of Lily marrying the brother, having a baby "scarily soon," and then both her and the baby dying. This woman must have face blindness with regards to Daniel and is just straight up rude with regards to the fact that THIS INN IS CLOSED AND SHE KNOWS WHY!
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    Taylor, I am so indeed lapsed Catholic. But I also know this from being an English major and studying Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. I thought they did 12 nights of Christmas movies? Or do they have so many it is all the time now? I don't get Hallmark or Lifetime. Tell me everything. They need to make a Murder She Wrote Christmas special! Let's crowd funding it!
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    The newspaper headline on the story about Daniel says “Missing, Feared Dead.” He very clearly died within sight of the porch. He can see the party guests and I would imagine someone should have seen him, before or after he was hit. Even if they didn’t see him that night, how is it possible that no one searched the woods before they wrote an entire article about his disappearance? Everyone knew he was expected to come home that night. Wouldn’t you search nearby first before you put anything in the paper?
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    I get that couples don’t have to enjoy all the same things, but damn Daniel was pretty harsh in describing his fiancée’s taste in books as “nonsense.” I mean, you don’t have to like everything I’m into, but could you at least not act like an elitist prick?
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    For sure this. Turn it into a haunted house tour in October and the 12 days leading to Christmas is obvious. You could probably pay for half the year in that month and a half. If you can't get the rest of the year paid for in an old timey, New England inn, what are you doing? I don't remember why the law firm needed the sale to happen by the end of the year. But the ghost only shows up for 12 days. Why didn't they schedule an appraisal anytime that isn't December 13-25? A sale this important and time sensitive seems like someone could have planned around that.
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    I don't know if they said when Daniel was murdered, but Prohibition ended in 1933. The undercut was definitely a popular hairstyle for men in the 1920s and 1930s. The version Daniel has is certainly more modern but it's not an outrageous hairstyle for a prohibition era man. I don't know if it's popularity died because of WWII, but I've always suspected that. Hitler and the Hitler youth had a similar haircut to the modern undercut. I remember when it first started coming back in style a few years ago, I remember reading fashion message boards talking about the "Hitler youth" haircut and how to ask for it without specifically asking for "Hitler youth" since that's an awkward conversation at the barber.
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