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  1. @Cam Bert And finished! Sorry for the watermark, but this is gonna be a 4"x6" print for when we do cons. Many thanks for the inspiration lol


  2. It's not finished yet, but @Cam Bert inspired me


    1. Cam Bert

      Cam Bert

      How cute is that! Look at that adorable derpy face! He's always just so happy! What were you thinking makers of Detective Pikachu?

    2. Cameron H.
  3. sdfagdjip too poor this time boooo! All the good stuff goes to Austin...
  4. JammerLea

    Musical Mondays Week 64 The Wicker Man

    Just thought I'd pop back in to say HAPPY MAY DAY
  5. JammerLea

    Musical Mondays Week 64 The Wicker Man

    When Sammich found the Cage version on TV last week, it was missing the bee scene as well, which is a tragedy imo, because it's one of, if not the best scene. I'm really glad everyone seems to have enjoyed the original though! It definitely surprised me when I first watched it, especially the musical element. I definitely consider it horror, though it does seem subdued by today's standards. I certainly appreciate how well built the story is, and how normal the island society appears at first glance, as opposed to the obviously bizarre community that Cage visits. It makes it a bit more realistic. And I love that Howie gets to leave them with a curse.
  6. JammerLea

    Musical Mondays Week 64 The Wicker Man

    The blu-ray we have is The Final Cut (approx 94 mins) and seems to be the "middle version" according to the info on wikipedia. But I haven't seen the other versions to know how it compares. It seemed to flow pretty well imo, so I guess the chronology helps. I only saw the film once prior, so I had forgotten some of what happens, but I think that's one of my favorite scenes in the film. The song is really great and it has a lot of emotion between Willow's beckoning dance and Howie's obvious frustration as he resists her temptation. It definitely seems like a weird reaction, but he knows what she is trying to do and he's fighting so hard to remain true to his Christian values. Ironically, giving in to the temptation might've saved him, idk There's so much more thought put into the original. Even the costume that Sgt Howie steals is significant.
  7. JammerLea

    Musical Mondays Week 64 The Wicker Man

    There's so much to the original that just builds a wilder, but more solid story I think. The conflict of religion is a big one. I also like how developed the island is, so that you only realize something is off by the behavior of its inhabitants. The virgin sacrifice aspect too is not part of the Cage version. The songs just add to the atmosphere. They are used so naturally, but are rather unsettling.
  8. I'm not sure if it's officially considered a musical, but I would say it can count as a musical lol
  9. Oh ho, I was awaiting this day~ I was going to pick something different, but then a post on twitter reminded me of this film, and I couldn't get it out of my head. Soo, I hope you're ready for
  10. JammerLea

    Wish Upon (2017)

    It's not even like the lawn is really overgrown, so someone would have had to pick up the bike every time the lawn was mowed and then put it back in the exact same spot. Like no one gave it any thought at all lol
  11. I'm so sad I can never make these because of my work schedule. The Twilight movies are so enjoyable stupid XD
  12. Yooo! I'm still too busy with life to keep up proper, but I wanted to share that I finally got off my lazy bum (I mean... not really, I'm in a chair) and updated my Musical Mondays spreadsheet so it's current! ~Click Here~ I couldn't find the thread where tomspanks picked Flower Drum Song (if there is one), but everything else is there. I'll be back in next round for my turn. I think I'll have time and I have an idea of what I want to pick.
  13. JammerLea

    Episode 207.5 - Minisode 207.5

    I'm so confused. I was trying to search JustWatch to see what streaming services have the Harry and Meghan film available, however, all but two of the options for it are linking to a 52 min documentary about them instead. The two that do work are BUY links and that's NOT WHAT I WANT. But yeah, Paul said that he watched the film on Hulu and thought it was still available. I guess not.
  14. JammerLea

    Wish Upon (2017)

    Wish Upon is only what I can describe as a horror movie for tweens written by someone who's not in tune with teenagers. It's about a teen girl who receives a magic box that grants wishes, but each time it does, someone she knows dies! It is pedictable, the box's rules make no sense, her wishes are ridiculous, the deaths are crazy, and there are pop song music montages. I laughed. So. Damn. Hard. I wanted to cry. Seriously please consider this film, it is absolutely amazing and feels perfect for HDTGM.
  15. JammerLea

    Double Dragon (1994)

    I'm gonna add another recommendation on this one! I loved this movie when I was younger and I'm pretty sure I still have the VHS somewhere. It's pretty wild and I think a tad more enjoyable than Surf Ninjas with its dystopian setting lol