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  1. taylor anne photo

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I see what you're saying, and I'm telling you based on what I know about the way Leo acts I believe he would be better than what I witnessed from the others but whatever lol.
  2. taylor anne photo

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I haven't seen The Revenant so I honestly can't comment on his performance, but I definitely believe that Tom and Will outshined him because they're genuinely amazing and underrated actors. However, I did see the others and while Fassbender was amazing as Steve Jobs, I did not find it to be an award winning performance. Same with the others. I also am in the same mindset about The Danish Girl and just ugh fuck that movie, but all three of the other men have done better performances in their careers. If I were voting I probably would have voted for Leo as well.
  3. taylor anne photo

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    And honestly I looked up the rest of the nominees that year and if anyone won above him then it would've been ridiculous. I can see an argument for someone not even being nominated that deserved it but out of all the nominees Leo was definitely the winner that year for sure.
  4. taylor anne photo

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    You know that was just a "finally let's just give him this award" more than anything else. The performance he should have won for was Django Unchained because he was legit terrifying in that movie.
  5. taylor anne photo

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I read that Jacob's first take of that scene was so unsettling that Rebecca Ferguson stumbled over her lines because she was so upset. If that kid doesn't win an Oscar before he is 15 then there is some bull shit afoot lol.
  6. taylor anne photo

    Mirror Mirror (2012)

    We no longer live together, but we're still friends and trust me... she's not LOL But yeah The Huntsmen really wasn't a good franchise either, but at least Charlize Theron was a better queen and it looked prettier to me lol.
  7. taylor anne photo

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I still saw Rose as utterly desperate, but this time it was out of grief. I don't think she was using her head against Abra at all, and I thought it conveyed that pretty well. When I saw that Jacob had been cast I honestly had expected him to have been Young Danny, cause honestly it would've fit pretty well and we all know he would've killed any of that fear from the original story. But even though his part was so small, you're right, he nailed that shit and it really got me when they tortured him.
  8. taylor anne photo

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    When you put it like that, I like it a lot more, but during the viewing I did not like it at all. I was kind of hoping they would just leave Wendy and Jack faceless throughout the film, which thank god they did during the ax flashback. To me - casting new actors in these extremely iconic rolls just kind of took me out of these really great moments. I'm more fine with Wendy being casted again to show new footage, but there was something about recognizing Henry Thomas that made me go, "Oh and there's Henry Thomas," not, "Oh my god he's seeing Jack now!"
  9. taylor anne photo

    Forrest Gump

    And that gets us into a much deeper theological conversation about life lol.
  10. taylor anne photo

    Forrest Gump

    He probably would've been drafted. If you were in college then you were exempt. I'm not sure about them drafting college graduates, though, nor do I know about how they recruit back in the day. I know now they definitely want them before they hit 24, because that's when a man's brain stops growing, so they very much are trying to mold minds to be exactly how they want them to be.
  11. taylor anne photo

    Forrest Gump

    My thoughts pretty much echo everything already said. I liked this movie when I was younger, but I think I just liked it because society was telling me I should or something, because even as a kid watching it I remember being like "okay well now I've seen it, and I'll proceed to forget pretty much everything about it." Besides the like most iconic parts of this film, I think this is very forgettable. I am shocked that it made it onto this list.
  12. taylor anne photo

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I really enjoyed this! After a while I did start to think that it kinda dragged on, but I can totally tell it was Mike's style of horror and I looooove Haunting of Hill House with my entire heart! Rebecca Ferguson killed this roll and I agree that Ewan did a lot better than I've seen in quite sometime! I'm afraid that people that don't like it are blaming it on the film itself, when I found the things that I didn't like as much to be direct adaptations of Stephen King lol. He can get so silly in his writing sometimes and so many things hearkened back to Dreamcatcher for me and I was like okay Stephen we get it you're obsessed with this concept lol.
  13. taylor anne photo

    Musical Mondays Week 79 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    See, in my opinion, the shadowcast isn't meant for those that strictly want to watch the movie. Obviously they would all be distracting if you're just trying to do that. I think if you go to a shadowcast performance you're meant to watch the cast up front and yell things.
  14. taylor anne photo

    Musical Mondays Week 79 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Oh I thought that part was obvious lol. It was Pennywise.
  15. taylor anne photo

    Musical Mondays Week 79 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    I just rewatched Clue last night!!! He's so fucking good in it! And like kinda really hot??? I think Frank is my favorite performance of his, but he's so good in everything I've seen him in, and he's the reason why I'm fucking terrified of so many things and have to shower with music playing or else I'm convinced he's standing just outside the shower curtain waiting to kill me......