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  1. I just noticed in the credits that Paula Abdul was the choreographer
  2. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    If Paul & Amy ever put out their live Beatles ep of Unspooled, you guys will be shocked how they refer to Give My Regards To Broad Street. (They didn't enjoy it.) haha
  3. AlmostAGhost

    Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Yea I was reading on The Shining a bit last fall when I went to see the remastered re-release and it seems that when it came out, it wasn't particularly well-received. I know that hasn't stopped other movies from making the list when their rep grew, but I reckon that because of it, combined with all the other Kubrick movies on there, is why it didn't make the list. It seems to be seen as fairly niche, still. (I agree it probably should be on there though.)
  4. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    I always loved the animation but when I watched it last year or so for the first time as an adult, I was basically appalled at the voice actors who sounded so bored and uncharming, which is like the opposite of what Beatles should be
  5. that's all the proof i need, it def took place in the Arctic summer
  6. AlmostAGhost

    Best of the Decade Part 4

    I wrote down all the suggestions from this episode. Producer Josh's list Honorable mention: Avengers: Endgame 10. Under The Silver Lake 9. Lady Bird 8. Snowpiercer 7. Phantom Thread 6. The Grand Budapest Hotel 5. Black Swan 4. Paterson 3. Moonlight 2. Mother 1. Inside Llewyn Davis Engineer Devon's list Honorable mention: '71 10. Four Lions 9. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 8. A Field In England 7. The Master 6. Under The Skin 5. The Raid 2 4. Raw 3. Moonlight 2. Lady Bird 1. Phantom Thread Paul's Famous Friends Jorma Taccone: Attack The Block Leslye Headland: John Wick, Mad Max: Fury Road, Black Swan Adam McKay: The Act of Killing Michael Weber: World of Tomorrow Conan O'Brien: Bone Tomahawk Levar Burton: Get Out Jenna Fisher: Bridesmaids Felicia Day: What We Do In The Shadows Janet Varney: Under the Skin Patton Oswalt: Mad Max: Fury Road Ike Barinholtz: Mad Max: Fury Road (someone who didn't say his name): Mad Max: Fury Road Seth Rogan: Mad Max: Fury Road Sarah Silverman: Bridesmaids, Wolf of Wall Street, Brittany Runs A Marathon, Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Justin Roiland: Her Emily Gordon: Would You Be My Neighbor?, Get Out, Phantom Thread, The Babadook Rob Huebel: The Lobster, La La Land Bendavid Grabinski: Mandy, MacGruber, Mad Max: Fury Road listener calls Shaun the Sheep, Cabin in the Woods, About Time, You're Next, Shame, Coco Swiss Army Man, Pitch Perfect, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Arrival First Reformed, Upstream Color, Detroit, Birdman, Killing Them Softly, Her, Her
  7. AlmostAGhost

    Best of the Decade Part 4

    Now that Paul & Amy have gone deep on their favorite films of the 2010s, they're ready to hear from everyone else! This week they finish off Unspooled's Best of the Decade miniseries with picks from Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Leslye Headland, Seth Rogan, Adam McKay, Jenna Fischer, Jorma Taccone, Rob Huebel, Emily V. Gordon, Justin Roiland, LeVar Burton, Janet Varney, Felicia Day, Michael Weber, Conan O'Brien, Bendavid Grabinski, and the Unspooled listeners. Plus: Engineer Devon & Producer Josh get on mic for their own Top 10 films of the decade. Next week we return to the AFI list with Dr. Strangelove - pitch us your "Dr. Strange___" movie! Call the Unspooled voicemail line at 747-666-5824 with your answer. Follow us on Twitter @Unspooled, get more info at unspooledpod.com and don't forget to rate, review & subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts.
  8. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 83 The Commitments (w/ Once)

    Cool, yea it makes sense. I wasn't following the thread so close with the holidays, so I'm happy for another week to get these done too
  9. AlmostAGhost

    Musical Mondays Week 83 The Commitments (w/ Once)

    ooh i was wondering what the 'w/ Once' meant in the title! i love the Once soundtrack but actually never watched it. I will try to watch both films this weekend
  10. AlmostAGhost

    Best of the Decade Part 3 (2016-2019)

    wait, do i follow you on there? what's your letterboxd name
  11. AlmostAGhost

    Best of the Decade Part 3 (2016-2019)

    Yea same. Moonlight and Get Out for sure, and I'd be cool with Black Panther or Spider-Verse repping superhero movies on the list if they wanted. I do think Lady Bird made a pretty decent cultural mark so maybe it could fit too.
  12. AlmostAGhost

    Best of the Decade Part 3 (2016-2019)

    Haven't listened to the ep yet but my picks: 2016: Moonlight, Arrival 2017: Get Out, Lady Bird* 2018: Black Panther, If Beale Street Could Talk, Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse (bonus b/c I flipflop all the time which superhero movie I like more) 2019: I dunno yet. No pick for me. I still have to watch a lot. Current faves are Ad Astra, Parasite, Lighthouse. I'm surprised they'd cover 2019 since they could easily just wait and do it in Feb at Oscar-time like they did last year. @sycasey 2.0 is Lady Bird not 2017?
  13. You've seen enough of these to know there's more than one choice! haha 12 Dates is up there tho. Christmas Inheritance is appallingly bad. A Snow Globe Christmas is a super weird premise that would be hilarious for them to talk about.
  14. You can't rule it out, logically