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  1. Watching on Porn Hub gives the experience of this movie a little extra layer, because it feels exactly like a porn that has all the hardcore scenes cut out. The obvious things like the slow editing, grainy sound, bad acting are there... but also little details like the anonymous nature of most of the apartment sets, the bright daylight lighting, and the stark age and attractiveness gap between the 2 1/2 couples. Neil himself kind of comes off as the Ron Jeremy of non porn films.
  2. I came here to say something about this... Seriously... could he actually breathe like this?
  4. I coincidentally watched this movie this evening. This movie has a BIG nostalgic effect for me. It reminds me so much of childhood that I feel like I can almost smell it. Re the out-of-place Nightmare band: I actually enjoy the band being of a more modern time than the rest of the setting. I guess it's hard to put my finger on, but Waterville is like an Appalachian town that could have existed in 1977. In many ways more rural parts of the country hadn't modernized much by the late '70s and this old world and new world coexisted fairly accurately. The town had some modern aspects to it. Electricity. Cars. Snowmobiles. I assume this contrast was kind of part of the point. One of the things I love about it though is how their version of modern and edgy is now over 40 years old and for me it has crossed over into quaint and classic. It's like when the Darlings come into Mayberry? (That's a reference the kids are down with, right?)
  5. PollyDarton

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    This is an amazing point that I hadn’t thought of at all. The DA would not be going to a crime scene like that I’m fairly sure.
  6. PollyDarton

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    It's one of my favorites, but regardless I would love to hear about the fallout from Portlandia.
  7. PollyDarton

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    Oops, yes. John Hurt is known for on screen penetration, too... just a bit differently.
  8. PollyDarton

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    Mantzoukas is totally right about Body Heat... which is a remake of Double Indemnity but since DI was made under the strict Hayes Code it could barely even hint at sex between Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck. The only thing that could even be a possible clue was that Barbara Stanwyk visits Fred MacMurray at his apartment, closes the door behind her and then there is a fade as if some time had passed and she exits the door. Soooo steamy! Body Heat takes that great plot and adds all the sex that should be happening between the two characters. The first sex scene between Dafoe and Madonna is pretty much a crappy remake of the first sex scene between John Hurt and Kathleen Turner in that movie. Unfortunately I can't find the complete scene on Youtube but it's HOT AF. Body Heat lead up to sex scene. It's real good y'all.
  9. I'm in Tennessee, and it's a big deal during Halloween, but I missed the window from what I can tell. It looks like the feuding casts were all performing last weekend, simultaneously. Typical.
  10. I wish! I think I'm too late this year though. Funny thing is that there are 2 groups that annually do shadow casts around here and they are apparently feuding.
  11. I've never actually seen this guys... I'll see if I can't jump in this time around.
  12. Did someone say sexy Halloween?
  13. I was surprised to hear Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique as the recurring theme. I'm sure many of you recognize it? The part that was used in the movie is it's most famous movement (Dream of a Witches Sabbath). It starts at about 46:30 in the above video. Some of you guys may know this piece of music better from the Julia Robert's 1991 Sleeping with the Enemy... or this little known movie called The Shining. It seems like a strange choice to use in a 6th installment of a Bogeyman franchise when it was used in arguably the greatest horror movie of all time.
  14. GUYS. I re-watched the movie this afternoon and I'm here to tell you mistake #1. Do you see what I see? Thom Mathews who plays Tommy is 6'3". With that information and looking at screenshots, it looks like someone buried Jason a whopping 3 feet underground. That's right guys, Martin, the drunken groundskeeper can squarely be blamed for this entire fiasco. He might be a "damn high school graduate" but I think he must've flunked math and or geometry. Either that or while digging a hole, shitfaced and stumbling, he got to about knee deep and said Fuck it. "Burying this unstoppable, serial killing machine in a shallow, badly sealed grave will never come back to haunt me."