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  1. CaptainAmazing

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    Am I the only one who remembered that a casino having War as an actual card game that you could play was a joke in Vegas Vacation? So apparently there are real casinos that offer it? (I keep trying to include a screenshot, but the forum's uploader keeps failing)
  2. Yeah, that first thing is basically why Metacritic has a better system than RT; it also lumps them into a third group of “mixed” reviews, wheras RT only puts them into positive and negative. Unfortunately, MC isn’t nearly as big or established as RT and they also don’t have as many reviews per movie.
  3. CaptainAmazing

    The Cannonball Run (1981)

    Watched this last night and came to make sure it had been recommended by someone. One thing I look for in seeking out movies for a non-ironic watch is how much name recognition they have. A planned (I think now-cancalled) Lego movie was going to be “like Cannonball Run.” A minor-leage baseball team near-ish me has changed their name to “The Cannonballers.” I feel like society tricked me into watching this. I have learned the lesson that “culturally significant” does not always equal “good.” Would I have enjoyed it more if I had gone into it as an intentional so-bonkers-its-good kind of watch? I dunno, maybe. Wouldn’t have fixed all the racial stereotypes, but overall it would have been a more watchable movie. But it becoming an HDTGM movie that I’ve seen would make if worthwhile. I’m a little but short on time right now, but I may come back later and talk about the actual bonkers things in the movie itself.
  4. CaptainAmazing

    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    The better page would be the thread on the episode of the main part of the HDTGM forums.
  5. CaptainAmazing

    Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

    Just saw this for the first time and kept asking “what the fuck even is this movie?” More importantly, how have they not done it yet? I think their tendency to do all the Fast & Furious movies negates the whole “can’t do anything tounge-in-cheek” argument. I am proud to give this suggestion the bump it deserves. I only ask they wait until it can be done as a live show.
  6. CaptainAmazing


    Are we accounting for Jurassic Park's early mastery of CGI?
  7. CaptainAmazing


    It bugs me a little too much that that isn't Dreyfuss's line.
  8. CaptainAmazing

    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    According to JustWatch, it’s also free with ads on Tubi. Also still free on Amazon if you have Prime. I’m sure you’ve already spent the money, however.
  9. CaptainAmazing

    A Gnome Named Gnorm (1990)

    So it had a completely different title in some English-language markets. Between this movie and Don’t Tell Her It’s Me, I’m starting to think it’s the sure sign of a “winner.” (Yes, I realize DTHIM changed titles and different moments after its release and this one is had different titles in different markets. Don’t be “That Guy.”)
  10. CaptainAmazing

    Holy Matrimony: LIVE

    Something about the wording of a similar answer in a thread about that episode In another thread suggested that maybe it had a chance of getting released once the show that he’s in with Cheadle ends. I actually went ahead and added it as a “missing episode” to the show’s TV Tropes page, and apparently that’s the first podcast to get one listed on there.
  11. CaptainAmazing

    Volcano (1997)

    Wait, so it stole all that from Cliffhanger?
  12. CaptainAmazing

    Debate: Worst HDTGM cops

    Maybe it’s getting a boost because I saw that movie done live and actually watched the movie itself, but the cops in Unforgettable (from what I remember from seeing it almost a year ago and a quick Wikipedia glance) : -Can’t be bothered to look up the main antagonist’s criminal record after she is accused of stalking, which turns out to be serious. -Do not believe a staking victim in the slightest, and are in fact uber-skeptical of her for no apparent reason. -Completely let someone who appears to have murdered go because the evidence against her is “circumstantial.” -Have absolutely never heard of anyone making a fake Facebook profile and refuse to even believe it's likely. They also see nothing suspicious about the account being created so recently and definitely don’t comb it for anything that could give it away as fake.
  13. CaptainAmazing

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Wait, I think I’ve found a working link to the right one.
  14. CaptainAmazing

    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Uh... Can’t find it on Google either. EDIT: The correct fundraiser Appears to be here.
  15. Was thinking of the Murnau one. Haven't seen the Herzog one, but may need to see it instead.