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  1. DrGuts1003

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    Were you one of the crew members who went to the dance club with them and got them to play 20 Questions?
  2. DrGuts1003

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    I wanted to talk about their romance as well...I found a People Magazine article from March 1994 (the movie came out in November of that year) and it goes into detail about how their romance blossomed while on set. Here are some excerpts from the article: "The meeting, apparently, had the feeling of fate. “I knew it the second I met him,” says Alyssa. “I called my mom and told her, ‘This is the man I’m gonna marry.’ ” Scott couldn’t have agreed more. “I could have asked her to marry me two weeks after we met,” he says. “I’m convinced we’re like two halves of the same soul.” Their particular brand of puppy love is on display wherever they go. “It’s nice when other people notice,” says Wolf. “People get all oogily around us.” Oogily? “That’s our word,” explains Alyssa. We’re talking terminal cuteness here. To her, he’s Love Bug; he calls her Angel Face. True, Scott, who graduated from George Washington University with a finance degree before pursuing acting, was “very, very content to be single” at the time of their first meeting, he says. But a week later the two went to a dance club with film-crew members and “started playing these stupid games like 20 Questions,” recalls Alyssa. “After that we played Truth or Dare, and someone dared us to kiss. I wanted to slip that guy 20 bucks.” Scott’s resistance quickly faded. “It didn’t hurt that she was incredibly cute,” he says of his intended. “Yeah, I was physically attracted to her. I don’t know how you can be a human male and not be.” At the end of the Cleveland location shoot, a bereft Milano returned to her home in Los Angeles and wrote a page-and-a-half poem about Scott, who had five more days of shooting left. “It was real sappy,” she says. “It could have been a Hallmark card.”" "In August (1993), Scott moved into Milano’s two-bedroom, Spanish-style house in the San Fernando Valley. Then, just before Halloween, he surprised her with a 1940’s-vintage diamond engagement ring hidden in a pumpkin. After he proposed (on one knee) and she accepted, they decorated the gourd with a carved heart and the legend “Alyssa loves Scott.” “I got the ring,” she says. “I figured I’d better write that.” But my favorite quote comes at the end of the article: "She also lets people know that, cuteness aside, what she wants is a serious thing. “I really don’t want people to look at this as another couple who met on a film set,” she says. Not a chance, seconds Scott. “This is anything but that. You can interview us 25 years from now—and we’ll prove it.”" It's now 25 years since the movie came out. How'd that work out Scott?
  3. DrGuts1003

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    Another joke that the hosts (yup, still referring to Paul, Jason, and June as "the hosts") missed is when a news anchor mentions that the river has caught on fire again, which is a reference to the Cuyahoga River which has caught on fire at least a dozen times including famously in 1969 when both Time Magazine and National Geographic did a news story on it and it led to the creation of the EPA. The Cuyahoga River is in Cleveland, which is where Double Dragon was filmed.
  4. DrGuts1003

    Episode 226.5 - Minisode 226.5

    I’m thinking the podcast should be called ‘Trashcan Fire’.
  5. I think they recorded last year’s Christmas movie episode around Halloween so it may be too late to suggest a film for this year’s holiday episode, but nonetheless I still recommend they do The Night They Saved Christmas, a made for TV movie from the 80s. It stars Art Carney and June Lockhart as Santa and Mrs. Claus, Jacklyn Smith as the mom, and a young Scott Grimes as the lead kid. It’s about Santa trying to stop an evil oil company from drilling at the North Pole.
  6. DrGuts1003

    Episode 226.5 - Minisode 226.5

    I know the corrections and omissions are meant for the main show, but I wanted to point out that Grace Jones’s May Day from A View to a Kill was not the Bond villain with killer thighs (although it wouldn’t surprise me if she has killed people with her legs before). It was actually Xenia Onatopp (played by Famke Janssen) in Goldeneye.
  7. DrGuts1003

    Trailer Talk

    Here’s the Fantasy Island trailer that Paul talked about in this week’s minisode.
  8. DrGuts1003

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    I just came across a site that contains a full early draft of Body of Evidence that includes several things that got changed once they actually filmed the movie including: Madonna filming one of her lovemaking sessions with Willem Dafoe and using the tape to blackmail him. Frank Langella’s bisexuality being discovered during cross-examination of him, not during Madonna taking the stand. Anne Archer confronting Willem Dafoe in the parking garage after the trial, high on cocaine, yet giving him information that makes him realize that Madonna was guilty. There’s also a scene where Willem Dafoe(who was named Dulaney in this early draft) tries having rough sex with his wife and here’s the dialogue from that: It’s a full script, so it’s a long read, but for anyone interest in the process this story went through, it’s worth checking out.
  9. DrGuts1003

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    They don’t really get caught, yet they are not really subtle about their relationship either. I mean, why exactly is he going to dinner with Madonna? This happens very early in the case, so they have no reason to celebrate yet. I know this is pre-social media and even pre-OJ trial, but I have to believe that a lawyer going to dinner with his client, who is accused of killing her millionaire lover, would attract some attention.
  10. DrGuts1003

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    After Unforgettable, we have another movie that ends with the female villain in a flowy, all white outfit. You just knew she would be shot and become a bloody mess when she appeared in that outfit. There seems to be a lot of odd connections like that in these tour films after the hosts brought up the houseboat connection between this and DDF.
  11. DrGuts1003

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    The hosts kept talking about how that was Willem Dafoe’s stepson that we see early on in the film, but I don’t recall anything explicitly said that would indicate he is not actually his own son. The awkwardness of their conversation seemed more a case of Dafoe being the stereotypical clueless, workaholic dad. The one thing I did notice, however, is when Dafoe and his son leave the restaurant, the kid puts on a Chicago Bulls hat. That is a bold move considering they live in Portland and the Trail Blazers had just just to the Bulls in the NBA Finals in 1992. I assume we never see the kid again for the rest of the film because he was beaten to death by the repressed residents of Portland who weren’t having kinky sex as a way of releasing their energy and frustration.
  12. DrGuts1003

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    The judge’s name is Mabel Burnham. Is this meant to be a warning to Willem Dafoe that Madonna “may burn him”, either figuratively by helping her get away with murder (allegedly) or literally with the candle wax? Also, I was glad to see the hosts love the judge so much, but was disappointed they didn’t mention the one moment where she yelled “Keep your rude mouths shut or get out of my courtroom!” to the people watching the trial. Rude mouths? I guess lightly murmuring when big revelations occur is considered rude.
  13. DrGuts1003

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    Can someone help me on the joke and/or symbolism of why Joe Mantegna gives Willem Dafoe the last doughnut during that pre-trial hearing?
  14. DrGuts1003

    Episode 225.5 - Minisode 225.5

    If I’m in the minority, I’ll shut up, but personally, I would prefer the actual episode be left as uncut and whole as possible rather than getting these “deleted scenes” in the minisodes. I mean, I get cutting dead air during the time when Paul is walking from the balcony (those monsters) back to the stage, but otherwise leave every joke/comment in the actual episode. Even if it is not fall down hilarious, I would still rather hear it than have an episode hacked all to pieces. I feel like the StarCrash episode was particularly choppy and difficult to contextualize at times.
  15. DrGuts1003

    Episode 223.5 - Minisode 223.5

    Although my posts weren’t poached by callers this week, I was still dismayed that neither my discussion on the A. Friend reveal nor the Happy To Be Me doll were discussed by Paul on this week’s episode. I thought both had the potential for good discussion/jokes. Oh well, I’ll try again next week.