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  1. When Jason tried comparing this movie to Harry Potter, Paul questioned who Voldemort would be in this film. I think the answer is pretty obvious:
  2. I found Data’s treatment after kidnapping Mama Disguisey to be rather bizarre. He somehow drugs/brainwashes her into thinking she’s still cooking at home. If he has such ability, why doesn’t he use that to help him steal the Constitution and other ‘stuff’. And then he periodically threatens her by having a pair of arms rising out of a pile of flour?!? Are they real arms? If so is the person in the flour also a Master of Disguise?
  3. Here is a story about a woman named Amethyst Realm who claims she only has sex with ghosts now. She had been engaged to a man, but they broke off their engagement after he caught her having sex with a ghost.
  4. For those who didn't freeze frame, here is what the newspaper article says that Kate's boss shows her in the first eighth of the movie: "Ashford County has a secret. Hollygrove Inn closes two weeks out of the year every year since Henrietta Forsythe took ownership in 1951. An establishment once famed for it's annual Christmas events now accepts no patrons from December 14th till December 26th. While we can't say for sure why, we can speculate that it may have to do with visitors that have reported seeing the ghosts. What ghosts inhabit the inn? Many visitors come each year seeking information about the paranormal occurrences at the property sometimes booking a stay exclusively for this reason. Henrietta Forsythe has experienced quite a bit of tragedy growing up at the inn at the end of the 19th century. Her uncle Daniel Forsythe was involved in illegally bootlegging alcohol while the controversial temperance act was in effect. He frequently traveled from Ashford to Canada as a rum rummer to help keep the [unclear] inn afloat. [The rest of the paragraph is cut off] The tragedy did not end there. In 1934 a guest hung himself in his room. The man used a false name and he's never been identified. There was a kitchen fire that kept the inn closed for 2 years in the 40s until it was decided to re-open. The Crystal Dining Room of the Inn is particularly active, and many spirits have been spotted there at the tables or in the mirrors. The Hollygrove Inn and has a rich and fascinating history (that is what the sentence actually says). As this account goes: "The incident sounds very melodramatic. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a presence in the room - a feeling that some unknown being was in the midst. As I opened my eyes, I saw a grayish figure at the side of my bed, to the left, about four feet away. It was not a distinct person, but a shadowy mass in the shape of a standing figure. It remained still for a moment, then slowly floated to the foot of the bed, in front of the fireplace. After pausing a few seconds, the apparition slowly melted away. It was a terrifying experience. I was so frightened I could not scream. I was frozen to the spot... For the remainder of the night, I could not fall asleep. It was spent trying to conjure a logical explanation for the apparition. It was not a reflection of the moon as all the curtains were completely closed. Upon relating the incident to my husband, he said the ghost was included in the price of the room" Virtually everything discussed in this article is infinitely more interesting than anything seen in this movie.
  5. The behavior of the tavern lady and the way people behave around her with regards to Daniel makes no sense. This is a small town and this inn closes every two weeks in December for several years. There have been newspaper articles written about how it closes because of a ghost. Yet she asks the innkeeper to let her use the inn as if she’s unaware of why the inn is closed. Then the innkeeper and Kate go to lengths to try and hide Daniel’s true identity from her, but there’s pictures of Daniel all throughout the house. And I would imagine that the story of his murder is probably the biggest thing to have ever happened in that town, so surely everyone would be familiar with him and his story. How does she not put two and two together? Similarly, the sheriff seems to just think Kate is crazy when she claims there’s a ghost in the inn. Does he just think all young women are hysterical loons or has he never heard why the inn closes every year?
  6. DrGuts1003

    Episode 228.5 -Minisode 228.5

    My understanding (but I can’t say with 100% certainty) is that the Ebell show is cancelled due to scheduling conflicts with one or more of the hosts. They’ll be doing The Spirit of Christmas in studio instead. And they’ll do another show at the Ebell at some point in the future. I imagine that they recorded this minisode before the show was canceled and when it was Paul added new audio to explain the cancellation but they either forgot about that later reference to the Ebell show in the episode or didn’t feel like editing that out. Again, if I’m wrong someone else can feel free to correct me.
  7. Awesome, thanks for getting an answer to this. Can’t wait to roast some chestnuts by a trash can fire and listen to this.
  8. I just saw on Facebook who will be the guest for this episode. Without spoiling anything and because I don’t know how to use spoiler tags on these forums, I’ll just say that everyone’s Christmas wish will come true. But I was curious when this episode will drop. The next scheduled episode is the 20th, the night this show will be recorded. Will we get a regular episode on the 20th and then this one on January 3rd? Will they delay the release and drop this the week of Christmas? Will this be a bonus episode? Or a Stitcher Premium exclusive?
  9. Are these the type of ‘battles’ that Paul typically saw at Taco Bell? EDIT: Actually the video in this article seems even more appropriate.
  10. The one scene that made me laugh the hardest is when they are at that benefit and Johnny and the “villain” have their violin battle. Johnny starts and as he is playing, the orchestra conductor standing behind him starts to conduct the rest of the musicians. Why?!? First of all, why is he trying to help one of the waiters out? And how does he know what instructions to give his musicians? Even if he recognized the song Johnny was playing, there’s no guarantee that he will stick with the same tempo or the same song since he’s trying to outplay the other violinist and display his wide range of skills. You also inexplicably again have a crowd just stand around and act like this violin battle is totally normal, like with the subway dance battle earlier in the film. It is not until a tray of champagne gets dumped over that the snobby crowd suddenly demands that security escort the entire dance crew (and also the event’s entire wait staff) out of the building.
  11. To settle the debate on whether the actor playing Johnny was actually playing the violin, here’s an excerpt from an interview with the actor Nicholas Galitzine, himself: ”While Galitzine appears to be an accomplished musician himself playing Johnnie in High Strung, the actor was unfamiliar with the instrument before landing the part. Prior to his casting, he had only played guitar. “They gave me some time before and during the filming where I had very extensive crash course training. I had an amazing tutor in London, and then throughout the filming, sort of day and night whenever I wasn’t filming I was kind of practicing to make it authentic,” Galitzine told uInterview. ” [Director] Michael [Damian] is a musician as well, and we kind of spoke to each other and I think sort of he understood my musicality and what I could bring to the role acting-wise. So, I mean, eventually it worked out quite well ‘cause I think most people think I actually play the violin, which is great. [Laughs] Mission accomplished.””
  12. Paul said that the sequel had no link to the first movie, but that is not correct. Jane Seymour reprises her role as dance instructor Oksana in the sequel. Jane Seymour was also an executive producer on both films.
  13. I was surprised the hosts (yup, still calling them hosts) didn’t comment on the conversation the judges have during the middle of Johnny and Ruby’s performance. The female judge calls it “completely indulgent” and one of the other judges says “I disagree. Don’t we want to evolve? Don’t we want to progress?” I have so many questions about this conversation like - Is what they are doing really all that progressive? - If the female judge had such a negative attitude toward the performance, how did they end up winning? - And perhaps, most importantly, is this supposed to be the main lesson of this movie - to be more accepting of non-traditional expressions of art? That works better if the movie was centered around the school trying to stop Johnny from playing the style of music he wanted, but Johnny’s not a student and the school seems to fully embrace contemporary forms of dance and music. That conversation was as pointless as the subplot involving Johnny’s violin being stolen, which added no dramatic tension to the movie.
  14. DrGuts1003

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    Were you one of the crew members who went to the dance club with them and got them to play 20 Questions?
  15. DrGuts1003

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    I wanted to talk about their romance as well...I found a People Magazine article from March 1994 (the movie came out in November of that year) and it goes into detail about how their romance blossomed while on set. Here are some excerpts from the article: "The meeting, apparently, had the feeling of fate. “I knew it the second I met him,” says Alyssa. “I called my mom and told her, ‘This is the man I’m gonna marry.’ ” Scott couldn’t have agreed more. “I could have asked her to marry me two weeks after we met,” he says. “I’m convinced we’re like two halves of the same soul.” Their particular brand of puppy love is on display wherever they go. “It’s nice when other people notice,” says Wolf. “People get all oogily around us.” Oogily? “That’s our word,” explains Alyssa. We’re talking terminal cuteness here. To her, he’s Love Bug; he calls her Angel Face. True, Scott, who graduated from George Washington University with a finance degree before pursuing acting, was “very, very content to be single” at the time of their first meeting, he says. But a week later the two went to a dance club with film-crew members and “started playing these stupid games like 20 Questions,” recalls Alyssa. “After that we played Truth or Dare, and someone dared us to kiss. I wanted to slip that guy 20 bucks.” Scott’s resistance quickly faded. “It didn’t hurt that she was incredibly cute,” he says of his intended. “Yeah, I was physically attracted to her. I don’t know how you can be a human male and not be.” At the end of the Cleveland location shoot, a bereft Milano returned to her home in Los Angeles and wrote a page-and-a-half poem about Scott, who had five more days of shooting left. “It was real sappy,” she says. “It could have been a Hallmark card.”" "In August (1993), Scott moved into Milano’s two-bedroom, Spanish-style house in the San Fernando Valley. Then, just before Halloween, he surprised her with a 1940’s-vintage diamond engagement ring hidden in a pumpkin. After he proposed (on one knee) and she accepted, they decorated the gourd with a carved heart and the legend “Alyssa loves Scott.” “I got the ring,” she says. “I figured I’d better write that.” But my favorite quote comes at the end of the article: "She also lets people know that, cuteness aside, what she wants is a serious thing. “I really don’t want people to look at this as another couple who met on a film set,” she says. Not a chance, seconds Scott. “This is anything but that. You can interview us 25 years from now—and we’ll prove it.”" It's now 25 years since the movie came out. How'd that work out Scott?