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  1. DrGuts1003

    Episode 236.5 — Prequel to Episode 237

    If they are going to have Valerian be an episode while we are in quarantine, then I demand that the Swordfish episode also be released. BTW, by my count, I believe there are six episodes still not yet released. Megaforce, 2.22, The Visitor, Governor Gabbi, Abraxas, and Holy Matrimony. That’s 12 weeks worth of shows. Hopefully we’ll be out of quarantine by then.
  2. DrGuts1003

    236 - THE GREAT WALL (Live)

    It seemed like June was a fan of Matt Damon’s hair in this film, but someone who wasn’t a fan of it was Damon himself. In an interview he said “I mean they put 700 extensions in, it took like 12 hours and then I had to try and keep them. By the time they cut them out it was like a rat’s nest. I took a picture of it, I think there was stuff living in there.” He also said that he just left the pile of hair on the flood of a production office in Hungary when he was finished filming. Maybe that’s how they set up a sequel...a new breed of Tao Tei were living in Damon’s hair and grow up to once again wreak havoc on China.
  3. DrGuts1003

    236 - THE GREAT WALL (Live)

    Nobody could seem to figure out what type of accent Matt Damon was going for in this movie. And apparently that was by design. In an interview with Yahoo, Damon discusses the character's accent, which he created with acclaimed Hollywood dialect coach Tim Monich. "The accent we made up," he says. "It had to be understandable. It couldn't be modern English. And then [Monich] made rules for it -- the way he does with any dialect we're working on -- so we kinda cobbled it together that way.” Who wants to speculate on what those rules could possibly be? I’m guessing they were based on the color of the outfit each character that Damon spoke to was wearing. If the person wore blue, Damon spoke in an Irish accent. If the character wore red, he spoke with a Texas twang. And so on.
  4. DrGuts1003

    Episode 235.5 - Prequel to Episode 236

    The announcement of next week’s film is now always at the end of the minisodes. Next film is The Great Wall starring Matt Damon.
  5. DrGuts1003

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    And is that another HDTGM film, Unforgettable, I see there?
  6. DrGuts1003

    Coronavirus movie group lists

    I’m surprised Snake Eyes isn’t on this list.
  7. DrGuts1003

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    So Michael’s blood contains the Corvinus strain. According to an Underworld wiki “The Corvinus Strain, the parent strain of the Vampire and Lycan Strains, is a recessive genetic anomaly that, when inherited in its active form, gives its carrier immortality and superhuman strength, while additionally possessing the capability for another stage of mutation when subjected to gene-fusion. Thus, the Corvinus Strain uniquely has the ability to sustain and harbor both viruses carried by Vampires and Lycans. This anomaly is the only known gene that is capable of combining properties from both the Vampire and Lycan strains that would otherwise destroy themselves on contact due to the incompatible components contained at their cellular level.” I don’t really have much to add other than Corvinus coincidentally looks too similar to Coronavirus. And as such, I now plan to quarantine myself from any more of these terrible movies.
  8. DrGuts1003

    We need to start a coronavirus movie group

    Since we are all stuck at home, I propose that they make all old HDTGM episodes available for everyone to download and listen to to help pass the time.
  9. DrGuts1003

    We need to start a coronavirus movie group

    Bad news for Paul and Jason...I just read that Fast and Furious 9 has been pushed back until next year due to Coronavirus.
  10. DrGuts1003

    Non-political alternative to HDTGM?

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I do get annoyed when the discussion of politics stops the momentum and comedy of the show dead in its tracks. And I think here is where the difference between Jason and June can be seen. Jason can sometimes make political comments/ jokes but it’s seemingly always with the purpose of making the audience laugh, whereas June will sometimes (not always) get on her soapbox to preach on behalf of one of her causes. I think the most glaring example of this is the Striptease episode which featured a long rant from June without any laughs. I don’t necessarily disagree with June’s points, but I listen to this show to laugh and mock terrible films. Again, I’m not going to the extremes as the original poster and claiming that I’m going to stop listening to the show. But I do understand the frustration some may have when it feels like the focus is only on how these movies do not hold up in the eyes of our ‘woke culture’. There are plenty of things to make fun of in these films that do not involve social politics. I hope no one is offended by this; I just wanted to add my perspective on the topic.
  11. DrGuts1003

    Episode 234 - Prelude To A Kiss

    Not much was said in the episode about The White Hotel, the book that Peter reads and discusses with Rita. Like many things in the movie, it’s brought up in a clunky way with Peter saying “I read The White Hotel today” and expecting Rita (and the audience) to know what it’s about as if it was a book that everyone was talking about and in the cultural zeitgeist at the time. The White Hotel came out in 1981, 7 years before the play and over a decade before the movie. But despite its awkward introduction, I can see why the playwright chose to have his characters discuss it. It is the story of a woman who overcomes her neurotic fears of life through her therapy with Sigmund Freud only to be exterminated by the Nazis during the Second World War. The book posits questions like, given the world's cruelty, should she have refrained from seeking help, from pursuing a cure? What was the point of all her efforts to find health if she was only to die so soon after acquiring it? In Prelude I think Rita is meant to be a woman consumed with fear. Her insomnia, her reluctance to have kids, her questions to Peter right before the wedding, her getting her veil caught on her sleeve, and her tripping in the aisle are all meant to reflect that anxiety. And so what the play/movie is trying to suggest is that we cannot, indeed should not, govern our present lives by our fears for the future. We do not know what life holds, but we do have the capacity to make choices in the present that can make us happy in the present. The only problem is that Meg Ryan has such an effervescent presence on screen, that those fears come off more like quirks than deep-seated anxieties.
  12. DrGuts1003

    Episode 234 - Prelude To A Kiss

    For the second show in a row, HDTGM does a movie that got Two Thumbs Up from Siskel and Ebert and surprise, surprise, both films have a clear connection to Chicago. I love Siskel and Ebert and am grateful for what they did for film criticism, but man, their objectivity went right out the door when it came to all things Chicago.
  13. DrGuts1003

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    When Jordan is at home watching TV with his kids, there is a pile of VHS tapes next to the TV. The only title that is visible is the 1987 classic Disorderlies. Who knew Air Jordan was a fan of The Fat Boys?
  14. DrGuts1003

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    I too was laughing at the modest house that Michael Jordan supposedly lived in originally, but then I had a thought...was that house in Chicago or Birmingham, AL? Jordan played for the Birmingham Barons baseball team and we later see him play at a golf course in Birmingham. Perhaps that house was not his permanent residence, but rather a second home or just a rental while he played baseball.
  15. DrGuts1003

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    Are Patricia Heaton and Dan Castellaneta (aka the voice of Homer Simpson) big Knick fans so they just used them for that scene? Or did they have to audition for those nothing roles?