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  1. GrahamS.

    R.I.P.D. (2013)

    I also saw this in the theater when it came out. I think I had a mind-wipe similar to June because I remember nothing from it other than it was fucking awful. I would recommend it but I don’t think I could rewatch it.
  2. GrahamS.

    The Irishman (2019)

    If you are a fan of Scorsese’s work in the 70s or with Goodfellas, I doubt you will be disappointed. The cast is fucking great, with DeNiro and Pacino turning in their best performances in a long time. In many ways it feels like a film that was made in the 70s. Scorsese is not simply playing his greatest hits here. Which means (and this might bother people who are expecting intense old-school Scorsese) the film is long and contemplative. It didn’t feel slow to me, but it is very leisurely paced. In a 3 1/2 hour long film, there’s about 5 minutes of mob violence, some of it offscreen and most shot in a less visceral way than Goodfellas. It is perhaps one of the least romanticized gangster films ever made. In this respect, it is the polar opposite of Goodfellas. i loved it.
  3. GrahamS.

    Parasite (2019)

    Giving this film a bump because it should be seen. It’s a wild ride, but everyone I know who has seen it had really liked it (including my parents!).
  4. GrahamS.

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    But honestly, I thought Leo gave a much better performance in Once Upon... than in The Revenant (once again, that movie suuuuucked. Art-house torture porn. It seemed like he was reacting more to extreme conditions than he was given a character to portray. And I’ve seen that movie twice—because I thought maybe I was being to hard on it the first time. The second time I just fast-forwarded through most of the Leo stuff and watched Tom Hardy. By the way, in reality, the person Leo’s character was based on wasn’t avenging his family. He was pissed because his colleagues stole his gun and left him for dead. Now THAT’s a revenge movie). I wouldn’t be pissed if he was nominated this year.
  5. GrahamS.

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    If you’re going that far back, why not say he was robbed for This Boy’s Life? i thought he was really good in The Aviator (and Gilbert Grape as well). I liked Christoph Waltz in Django, but it was pretty much the exact same performance he gave—and won an award for—in Inglorious Basterds. And I’ve never really seen him vary from that tone or type of performance.
  6. GrahamS.

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    The Revenant just sucked balls. I don’t blame Leo. He had no character to work with. It was definitely a make-up for his previous successful performances that didn’t win anything.
  7. Of all the bonkers movies that you could cover, this is the one with the most critically-acclaimed classic buzz. BUT IT’S FUCKING BONKERS!! LIKE ART-FILM JACOB’s LADDER-TYPE BONKERS!!!!!!!! The film begins as Burt Lancaster shows up at a friends’ pool dressed only in a swimsuit. He announces his plan to swim in every pool in the county on his way home to his loving family during this one day. The rest of the film follows him on this cross-pool road-trip (like LITERAL roads. This film takes place mostly by pool or by foot). it starts slowly but gets progressively odder from it’s weird beginning. Burt Lancaster Is FUCKING AMAZING at this relentlessly chipper man whose chipper ness just seems...off. The ending is worth the build up. This film knows how to milk its melodrama (it’s directed by Frank Perry, who would later go on to direct Mommie Dearest). When I said that this film was Unspooled-adjacent, I wasn’t (entirely) kidding. It’s genuinely well-made and good and fucking weird. It would be an ideal candidate for either show! I just want to recommend it to HDGTM because I would LOVE to hear you guys wrap your minds around it. Legitimately, highly recommended.. P.S. There’s a sequence in there that will have June (and perhaps everyone) yelling “Keep Burt Lancaster AWAY FROM THAT CHILD!!
  8. GrahamS.

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I agree, I think her primary motivation for the climax came out of grief, rage and ego (yes, Abra is powerful, but I think Rose can’t accept that a girl can get the better of her.). I bought it. Since Rose has known some of these people for centuries, I can see why she’d be irrationally pissed. I dunno, I think there are far more questionable/stupid motivations for characters in horror movies in general—just see the recent Pet Sematary remake (which I enjoyed in a so dumb-it’s-fun way). i didn’t even realize that was Jacob Tremblay. He was great. That was a rivetingly awful scene. More spoilers (since we’ve already covered a few)..., Did anyone else find the scene where Abra ignores the bathtub ghost bad-ass (aka the final scene) ? Also, I want to celebrate this film for having a black psychic young woman who survives and is the hero, rather than being anticlimactically murdered like (the terrific) Scatman Crothers.
  9. GrahamS.

    The Lighthouse (2019)

    There’s a spoiler tag? I don’t know how to hide things either.
  10. GrahamS.

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I read a review that said the scene would have worked better if Henry Thomas was in silhouette. I kind of agree, but I thought that scene was so well-written and ambitious that I still found that scene really powerful. I didn’t explicitly say it before but Rebecca Ferguson was fucking awesome. And the girl (apologies for not checking her name) was great, too.
  11. From what I remember of this movie, Tim Curry is great but Tom Cruise is AWFUL, a near career-worst, totally miscast performance. Doesn’t help that this came our right around or after Top Gun. I thought his performance was terrible when I was eleven or twelve (and I liked the Police Academy movies back then, to give you some perspective on my critical eye) and even when I watched the director’s cut on dvd, I thought he and the actress from Ferris Bueller (whose name I’m blanking on) were totally miscast. Though That is a fucking AMAZING costume that Tim Curry is in.
  12. GrahamS.

    The People Under the Stairs (1991)

    It’s a refreshing movie for having a black hero in a horror movie in the early 90s (they talk about how the black horror-loving audience was virtually ignored in the 80s in the excellent doc Horror Noire, which is a Shudder original. This film and Candyman are mentioned for standing out during this time period). It’s also fucking bonkers! I hope they do it at some point.
  13. GrahamS.

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    It does have some throwbacks to The Shining that are kinda jarring (especially in the beginning), but it is its own story and is much more emotionally engaging than Kubrick’s iconic, chilly film (which I do like). Ewan McGregor has his best part in a while (that I’ve seen) and is great, but the whole main cast gives really strong performances. I did like the book that this was based on and I generally like Mike Flanagan’s horror films a lot (he did Gerald’s Game and The Haunting of Hill House series for Netflix, as well as Oculus and others), but the preview for this left me underwhelmed, so I was pleasantly surprised with the result. I think it’s the strongest theatrical adaptation of a King novel in a long time, but I don’t want to over-hype it. I’m interested in what other people think.
  14. I think every performance he gives is great, whether the movie is good or not. I’ve never seen him phone it in. He even did a voice as the main character in a computer game series—Gabriel Knight—where he played a New Orleans supernatural detective and he was awesome doing THAT. Even his Pennywise in the TV version of IT (which has a decent first half and a shitty second half) is iconic. So I can’t choose, although Clue is also a lot of fun. which performance terrified you, Tay-loe? Or did all of them?
  15. GrahamS.

    Episode 225.5 - Minisode 225.5

    Just kidding about Madonna and glass! Her real kinky perversion was getting Guy Ritchie to direct Swept Away. Has HDTGM done that movie yet? Because they should if they haven’t.