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  1. GrahamS.

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    Is that picture Paul McCartney’s Iggy Cardust?
  2. GrahamS.

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    Holy shit,This picture is nightmarish. It’s like he’s trying to mash Ziggy Stardust and Cats together.
  3. GrahamS.

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    I tried to rent this and couldn’t find it. It was a movie I saw in early childhood and have revisited throughout the years. It’s definitely an animated LSD trip (although since I’ve never taken LSD, I’m making an assumption and you know the old saying: when you assume, it makes you into an asshole. Or something like that).
  4. GrahamS.

    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    Ford V Ferrari was actively OK, I just don’t give a shit about auto racing. basically, the academy has set up these awards to—surprise, surprise—largely be as bland as possible.
  5. GrahamS.

    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    I’m legitimately excited to see Parasite get some love and I hope it takes Joker out. i don’t see how Joker was nominated for best adapted screenplay. I have not seen Little Women yet, but it clearly deserves the win here.
  6. Haha, I’ve never seen it. A similar film that I can’t stomach based on previews (which I know is not fair) is Yesterday. Does not appeal to me and for a Danny Boyle film looks pretty bland.
  7. What was the debacle you’re referring to?
  8. Are you comparing them in terms of acting ability? Gotta side with Hutton here. Actually, any known celebrity is a better actor than Breen, that’s some sort of accomplishment, I guess.
  9. GrahamS.

    Favorite Movies of 2019

    I just saw Uncut Gems and I’m also adding it to my list of the best that came out this year. The previous movie by the Safdie brothers—Good Time—was also really good. For recommendations, I’ll also flash back to 2017 (I think) for Thoroughbreds. This is its last month streaming on HBO. I really liked that film.
  10. GrahamS.

    Best of the Decade Part 4

    Hi there! I know I’m late to the party, but... Here are two films from the 2010s that weren’t mentioned at all in the episodes. both really struck a chord with me. Both of these films I saw three times in the theater and would add to best of the decade. Guardians of the Galaxy. It is—by far—my favorite of the Marvel movies (although I really like Black Panther) because it helped me through a time in my life when I was really depressed. It is a goofy popcorn flick, but also has a genuine emotional core that gives it an additional layer that most Marvel films don’t have for me. Chris Pratt’s speech about the group being bound together through loss is a genuinely moving speech for me. It has a place in my heart right next to the original Star Wars trilogy because of that speech, and maybe even surpasses it, because I can’t think of a speech in Star Wars that is as well-written. I, Tonya. I did not expect this film to be as good as it was. You could accuse it of being too indebted to Scorsese, but the film transcends that comparison (in my opinion) because it found it’s own footing by just being really fucking well-made, from its amazing acting to its multiple POV narrative, writing, directing, etc. it’s a film that succeeded in showing how willing we are to write people off as one-dimensional, when real-life is much more complicated. And honestly, I liked it way better than Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street (which I think is 90 minutes of a great movie, thirty minutes of a good one, then an hour of diminishing returns). That’s my belated two cents, for what it’s worth!
  11. I have to ask: why doesn’t he name all of the characters he plays in all his movies Neil Breen? It seems like it would fit perfectly.
  12. This film is SUPER unfindable. Before they did the Seattle show, they had to post a special link to Vimeo in order for the paying audience to watch it.
  13. GrahamS.

    Favorite Movies of 2019

    They were decent choices—better than what Green Book looked like (I can’t bash it because I never watched it). i always enjoy Ricky Gervais.
  14. It’s a magical day!
  15. i wonder if it’s available to rent from Netflix? Just a random thought (not stream—actually rent a disc).