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  1. GrahamS.

    Come To Daddy (2020)

    I would agree that Wood’s character is WAY too weird and desperate in the first half, but also think it’s a really good performance. It gives the film some surprising emotional weight.
  2. This is not a “so-bad-it’s-good” pick. I LEGIT LOVE THIS FUCKED-UP MOVIE. It is a hoot. The acting is excellent, the cast is amazing, and the plot is such a genre-bending mixture of extreme violence, dysfunctional family dynamics and cringey interactions that it feels like a Coen Brothers Movie on PCP. As a bonus, it also gets funnier the further you get into it. It would be fun to hear the gang’s reactions. The plot, as far as I dare to describe it: Elijah Wood has received a letter from his long-lost father (whom he hasn’t seen for over 30 years). Eager for reconciliation, he tracks his father (played by Pontypool’s Stephen McHattie) down in a remote cabin. His father does not seem pleased to see him, however, and this extremely strained reunion rapidly deteriorates within the first third of the film. That’s the jumping-off point for a fucking wild roller coaster ride that somehow manages to stay on track through plot twists that would derail most movies. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re attuned to it’s wavelength, it’s pretty unforgettable. I haven’t laughed so hard while cringing in a long time. And you will never view pens or BBQ forks the same way again.
  3. I think both systems have their pluses and minuses. Metacritic’s biggest minus is that RT covers a surprising amount of film/TV. While RT might not provide a ton of reviews for a film made in the 1940s–say The Maltese Falcon, for example—it will at least have SOMETHING. Unfortunately for Metacritic, if the film/album/videogame/etc. came out before approx the year 2000, you’ll have a hard time finding it on the site.
  4. Great choice! Was also one of the movies I was tempted to pick for my last choices.
  5. GrahamS.

    Breakfast of Champions (1999)

    I just watched that preview. Holy fucking shit. Would make an interesting double feature with Hudson Hawk.
  6. GrahamS.

    Breakfast of Champions (1999)

    I’ve never seen this but I remember it was a massive commercial/critical flop RIGHT AFTER The Sixth Sense. Sixth Sense was in the summer, this came out in the fall amongst much more iconic movies like Being John Malkivich, Fight Club, etc.
  7. GrahamS.

    Altered States (1980)

    This deserves a bump. It’s not a “bad” movie but it is fucking insane and it’s incredibly trippy. It has an insanely convoluted plot with William Hurt giving a performance that varies from charmingly uptight asshole to psychotically uptight asshole. It’s an ambitious mix of art house sci-fi/horror with an over-the top, exceptionally well-made b-movie. The best parts of the movie are such a sensory assault that you just roll with it. Plus there’s body horror, a primate rampage, and cultural appropriation all before the third act even starts! It’s such a unique roller-coaster ride (BTW, the film is fully aware of how ridiculous it all is and subverts itself so often that it is genuinely unpredictable) that I could see it being covered on HDTGM or Unspooled, but I’ll suggest it here. Now streaming on HBO Max.
  8. GrahamS.

    Trailer Talk

    I’ve heard of it. Sounds interesting!
  9. GrahamS.

    Trailer Talk

    I agree! One of the most entertaining releases I’ve seen this summer. A welcome break from stress. i would just recommend NOT watching the preview and go into the movie cold.
  10. GrahamS.

    Trailer Talk

    When I first used Paul’s text line, i recommended Color Out of Space (which was produced by Mandy’s producers), and he responded, saying he knew about Color and he hinted about a project that he was involved in. At the time, I thought he might be doing working on a special for HDTGM or Unspooled with the producers, but MAYBE he was referring to this movie? Honestly, it was a short text, so who knows, but I’ll add this to the rumor pile!
  11. Yeah, I haven’t listened to most of the back catalogue of minis. The regular eps themselves took a long time to get through.
  12. GrahamS.

    Episode 244.5 - Prequel to Episode 245

    I was excited to just have my C&O be read on the episode! Thanks Paul!
  13. Yeah, some of us raised this point in a different thread. A lot of comedies—especially “edgy” ones—rely on gay panic or other problematic issues for laughs. That didn’t really start changing until maybe the last five years, approximately. The same goes for anything that uses “edgy” humor, which includes this podcast. I also have Stitcher and have listened to the back episodes and have thought “oof, that wouldn’t fly today” in parts (since I work in special ed, I remember Jason used to say “retarded” semi-frequently. I would just roll my eyes and acknowledge that it was a different time period). Having said that, they have changed with the times and a lot of those older episodes are still very funny—you just have to be ready for those moments where the comedy risks being offensive and decide whether or not it’s still worth listening to.
  14. GrahamS.

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    Depending on your tolerance level for weird demon effects, it’s totally worth watching and is only $2.00 to rent on Amazon.
  15. There are a number of HDTGM movies on this list. To me, the only movies that are truly bad are ones that are hateful//hurtful/offensive towards a group of people, or boring.