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  1. And which evening are people planning on? Just curious. Shit, the smiley face didn’t turn into a creepy emoji.
  2. I have used Kast once awhile ago, but how does it work again? I have the app on my computer. Do you send a link out to the group?
  3. Not that I have anything against frogs. Just weird zombie-frogs.
  4. Somehow my zombie emoji morphed into a creepy frog thing.
  5. Intruded by it in a good or bad way? I
  6. There might be other guests, but that’s the one I’m talking about! He’s kind of a psycho, so watch out.
  7. I wanted to pick a good Halloween-themed movie with an emphasis on the soundtrack, so I went with... The Guest (I don’t think we’ve done it, or at least I didn’t see it on Cameron’s Letterboxed list)! it’s unfortunately rental-only, as far as I can tell, so if people object to that (which I totally get, given our national shitshow) I can come up with choices that are more widely available (my second choice would be Us, but again that’s only on HBO).
  8. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but does June have a side job involving Paris’ tourism board? Or did she have a traumatic experience in her life involving an inability to travel to Paris? June seems to care so deeply about Kelly’s disinterest in Paris that it’s clear this film hit some emotional chord for her. I pray for June’s emotional recovery and I might watch this movie to shed light on this mystery (I’m agnostic, so I don’t know who/what I’m praying to, but I shall perservere! Also, I somehow doubt that the film will provide me with any answers at all, but I must try!).
  9. GrahamS.

    Musical Mondays Week 102 A Mighty Wind

    Another One of my favorite lines—that goes by so fast it’s easy to miss— as Micky is desperately looking for Mitch:”Is there a cockfighting ring nearby?” the image of Eugene Levy as that depressed character on a downward trajectory that involves cockfights ...that’s some funny shit!
  10. GrahamS.

    Musical Mondays Week 102 A Mighty Wind

    I also love how Jane Lynch’s character moved into the folk scene from doing porn.
  11. GrahamS.

    Musical Mondays Week 102 A Mighty Wind

    Some of my favorite parts: Jennifer Coolidge's open-mouthed humming Jane Lynch's WINC cult HarryShearer's lecture about the Spanish Civil War and his abrupt exit. Fred Willard (RIP) Bob Balaban's increasing obsessive compulsive behavior and his terrible introductions "The Type of infectious that's good to spread around." Eugene Levy/Catherine O'Hara Seeing the folk.version of Spinal Tap
  12. GrahamS.

    Musical Mondays Week 102 A Mighty Wind

    "I didn't post here last week. " Wha Happened?" You might ask.(I was sick). Personally, I love this movie. It reminds me of all the cheesy PBS folk concerts I used to watch with my parents. It feels so spot on to me in terms of the music that I could believe it was a documentary about a PBS fundraiser. Plus, of all the Christopher Guest films, I just think it's the funniest. I watched Guffman and Best in Show this summer and they make me smile, but this one makes me laugh out loud. I would argue the point is less about the individuals having a traditional arc, but an examination of these peoples' love of this fossilized crap. That's why the shots of Bob Balaban's overly emotional sister and bored brother are important (and hilarious)-- they represent the audience who eats this shit up and/or is largely indifferent to it. I also think that the Eugene Levy/Catherine O'Hara characters give the story a more emotional core than.most of his films have (even if their relationship is bullshit, they bring a weird pathos to it).
  13. GrahamS.

    The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)

    So, so bad!
  14. I haven’t seen that since I was a tyke!