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  1. GrahamS.

    The One (2001)

    Jet Li’s. I know you don’t Face/Off, but I fucking love that movie and it was perhaps Woo’s one Hollywood film where he had free rein. Jet Li has...maybe that one movie with Morgan Freeman?
  2. GrahamS.

    The One (2001)

    Another way to describe this movie is that it steals some of the worst qualities of the Matrix trilogy and dumbs them down.
  3. GrahamS.

    The One (2001)

    Yes!!!! I honestly couldn’t tell if he was trying to do an accent or not. And it was really weird to see him with hair! I think he looks better now!
  4. GrahamS.

    The One (2001)

    Honestly, it’s hard to believe this film hasn’t been done before. It is fucking bananas. I watched this while stoned, but I was sober enough to recognize that the characters speak in gibberish non-sequitors trying to make the plot seem mysterious, then when the plot is revealed, they speak only with exposition. Basically, there are multiverses and bad Jet Li is trying to kill all the other Jet Li’s so he can inherit their power and yadda yadda yadda. I have rarely seen a movie that has such a noisily expositional opening that explains NOTHING. Plus, since there are several realities, we get to see the same basic action sequence done twice so it can save money in the budget (?). Don’t know why else they would do it. yet it moves so fast and is so stupid that it’s a lot of fun, especially while not totally sober. And the special effects look really bad. And it has 14% on RT. And it’s free on Hoopla. Truly, I think this would make a great episode. Here’s a very funny review from Roger Ebert. https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/the-one-2001
  5. I think there’s a good chance he’ll be like Steven Soderbergh, where he says he’ll quit and might lay low for awhile, but come back to movies or streaming platforms in some capacity.
  6. Rob Huebel and other friends will be helping. Rambo:Last Blood is on Amazon. I’m sure they’ll post the commentary track on YouTube so you can still hear it if you miss it.
  7. I read the book—or novella, I think (isn’t it a Bachman book?)—when I was whipping through Stephen King books in high school. I remember the film was well acted, I just remember it feeling creepily exploitative with no real point to it and wondering who the hell it was made for. Haven’t watched it since, have no desire to watch it again. Too many Nazis in real life. I also think a third Kill Bill would be fucking awesome.
  8. That’s a very entertaining book, but it’s hamstrung by the fact that she’s hellbent on portraying him as a talentless dweeb. I’m not saying that he’s flawless (she did mention that Roger Avary didn’t get his share of the credit for Pulp Fiction’s success, which is—by various reports—true), But—and bear in mind that my memory is rusty since I read the book many years ago—she acts like Tarantino stabbed them in the back by disowning the film....which I don’t blame him for, because the film is WAY less nuanced than a typical Tarantino project and, is totally over the top and generally sucks (in my humble opinion). Tarantino only has a story credit—Oliver Stone rewrite the script as a satire because he’s so deft with light, topical humor (that’s my snarky asshole side right there)—and I think NBK pales in comparison to any Tarantino film (except maybe Four Rooms, but that film is such a train wreck it’s at least fun to watch). To make a long story short (too late), while the book is undeniably entertaining, Hamsher is so bitter at points that she is an unreliable narrator. Plus she went on to produce Apt Pupil, a Bryan Singer film (which has it’s OWN giant bag-of-worms scandal behind it) that also fucking sucked. i am interested to see what his final project will be. I was kinda hoping for an R-rated Star Trek. Hell, give him the reins for a Star Wars spin-off.
  9. You can probably thank the Twilight Zone movie for the decline in big crazy practical stunts and effects. Yeah, I know. That was a fucked up, tragic accident. personally, I think cocaine would push me off an anxiety-ridden cliff.
  10. During this quarantine, I’ve had time to dig into this question (most recently watching movies like The Blues Brothers and Tango & Cash) and confirm what I’ve always felt: practical effects just feel more visceral and less dated. Even if they are badly done, they have a tangible quality that, say, the rampaging gorilla in Rampage does not. I’m not saying CGI isn’t effective when it compliments practical effects (Christopher Nolan does this exceptionally well), but watching the bonkers stunt choreography in The Blues Brothers (or the insane set design in Tango & Cash)is more exciting than most modern day action flicks. I also thinK most 70s/80s action flicks benefitted (not health-wise, but meaningless spectacle-wise!) from the fact that people were coked out of their gourds the whole time, which added to the sheer package of insanity. It’s harder to convey that vibe through computer effects (unless the results are Birdemic or Sharknado). Totally unrelated sidebar: My problem with Stranger Things’ 80s nostalgia is that it doesn’t feel like the Duffer Brothers are doing coke off of every possible surface. It’s set in the 80s but doesn’t feel very 80s. It feels like a sanitized theme park ride. OK, that’s the end of my pandemic-inspired self-important post that also blatantly ignores the harmful effects of cocaine (I prefer snorting glue/huffing paint myself). Feel free to disagree/call me on my bullshit!
  11. Honestly, I think it would be more entertaining if Paul tortured Amy with a Transformers movie on Unspooled.
  12. For the record, I’ve never seen QOTD and would 100,000,0000,0000,000% rather watch that than a Transformers movie.
  13. The Transformers movies are beyond bad. They’re more like an aural/visual lobotomy. Plus they’re racist, sexist, boring and LONG! If they do cover a Transformers movie, don’t watch the whole thing, just watch the CinemaSins Everyrhing Wrong With on YouTube. They compress the whole experience into twenty minutes and you’ve saved yourself 2 1/2 hours +.
  14. GrahamS.

    3rd Annual(?) Howdies

    Personally, one of my favorite Episodes is #212: Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 A. They have tons of shit-talking about Canada because Seth Rogan is a guest, B. At least two funny one-liners from Rogen. The most outrageous/tasteless is after one of Mary Lou’s victims is killed by strangling and then the ghost throws her out a window and it’s confusingly ruled a suicide (32:40) Seth Rogen: “because she was pregnant, she had to kill herself twice.” Everyone’s shocked reaction—particularly Charlize Theron’s—is priceless, with Jason jumping right in after. 11:09 Jason: Listen, we all know Canadian dads love to tongue-kiss their dAughters. Canadian bashing continues.... Seth: it’s called a Saskatchewan goodnight. C. June’s ignorance of smoke bombs is hilariously mocked (18:18 onward) there’s just lots of funny stuff in this episode!
  15. If you have problems with Crackle and you are a fan, it’s definitely worth renting or even buying it. I know I shouldn’t discuss the film yet, but it’s THAT good.