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  1. Official Movie: Jupiter Ascending! This seemed to be the movie that most people agreed on. Runners up: Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels:Full Throttle.. I have not seen either of these, so let’s start with one in case it’s too excruciating to make it to two. Extra Credit: Whatever Other movies you want to pick. I might shoot for John Carter, Tremors, or Popeye. If people want to add extra credit suggestions for last minute viewing, do it!
  2. Ok, our list thus far (meaning that people other than me have mentioned these choices); Charlie’s Angels 1 and/or 2 The Craft Jupiter Ascending John Carter Monty Python and the Holy Grail Tremors The Wicker Man Like I said, I’m happy to watch more than one movie, but we should find at LEAST one that appeals to all of us. So far, that MIGHT be Jupiter Ascending (but I’m also happy to watch John Carter and/or Tremors in addition to that). I’m going to say the official deadline for adding choices/voting is tomorrow, April 3rd by 6 PM, PST (that sounds official)! if you want to add more choices after that point, great, but consider saving them for the following week.
  3. I haven’t seen Jupiter Ascending, so are your opening references to that? Haven’t seen Charlie’s Angels either, or the Craft (which is on Netflix as well) . we can pick more than one movie. We can have runners-up. I just want to have one that everyone has watched by next Tuesday. how about everyone (who wants to) make two suggestions and then we choose from those? This quarantine doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so I’m planning on keeping this theme going. If no one votes for anything else/makes definite picks, I’ll choose a couple for Tuesday in order for structure, but I don’t NEED to choose them every week. For this week, here are my votes: The 1970s The Wicker Man and The Craft. Both on Netflix. But if people want to swap those out, great!
  4. Holy fucking shit. I totally forgot that this movie was THIS violent and THIS insane. I legitimately feel bad if anyone who watches this gets triggered—on the other hand it’s like if you crossed Flatliners with Dead Again, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, Requiem for a Dream, A Christopher Nolan movie, General Hospital and Children’s Hospital. NO ONE IN THIS MOVIE RESEMBLES A RATIONAL HUMAN BEING. And it’s all so professionally acted—no one is phoning it in—that it’s truly bizarre. i have to include this review by Roger Ebert (rest in peace). UNFORGETTABLE | Roger Ebert February 23, 1996 In the annals of cinematic goofiness, "Unforgettable" deserves a place of honor. This is one of the most convoluted, preposterous movies I've seen - a thriller crossed with lots of Mad Scientist stuff, plus wild chases, a shoot-out in a church, a woman taped to a chair in a burning room, an exploding university building, adultery, a massacre in a drugstore, gruesome autopsy scenes and even a moment when a character's life flashes before her eyes, which was more or less what was happening to me by the end of the film. What went wrong? The movie has been directed by John Dahl, a master of noir, whose "Red Rock West" and "The Last Seduction" were terrific movies. "Seduction" starred Linda Fiorentino, who is back this time. Her co-star is Ray Liotta, from "GoodFellas." The supporting cast includes the invaluable Peter Coyote and David Paymer. It's a package with quality written all over it. But what a mess this movie is. The premise: Liotta is a Seattle medical examiner, working with the police. Everyone in town believes he murdered his wife, but he got off on tainted evidence. "Wear a crash helmet if you go out with him," a woman advises Fiorentino. She is a university researcher whose experiments with rats indicate that the brain stores its memories in a spinal fluid that, if transferred to another rat, gives that rat the first rat's memories - but only when there's a strong stimulus to trigger them. A cat, for example, to chase it through a maze. Liotta hears Fiorentino explaining her theory, and sees a way to clear his name and discover his wife's murderer. He will inject himself with his dead wife's brain fluid, mixed with Fiorentino's secret elixir, while he's in the room where his wife was murdered. The stimulus will kick in, and he'll witness her murder through her memories. How does he obtain her brain fluid? Well, luckily, it's stored in a clear vial in the evidence room of the police department, so he can simply steal it. Good thing this stuff has a long shelf life, eh? And so Liotta is off on his quest. Soon he's joined by Fiorentino, who warns him that 30 percent of the rats in her experiments have died of heart attacks. No problem: He takes a nitroglycerin pill, to reduce his risk of a heart attack, right before injecting himself. The plot careens through an endless series of astonishing developments. Fans of those old horror films of the 1930s will remember that all a Mad Scientist has to do is inject himself with a miraculous substance, and it works perfectly, almost every time. That's what happens here. Liotta drains brain fluid from corpses. From comatose cops. From a victim of the drugstore massacre (she was an art student, so he learns he can draw - and sketches her murderer). And the fluids kick in right on time. It's never really explained how he deals with four or five conflicting sets of memories, all sloshing around in his brain. No matter. His mental life resembles a human channel-changer. All he needs is a stimulus, and whoosh! - he has a flashback. Sometimes he thinks he is a killer, and repeats old crimes. Meanwhile, the list of suspects grows shorter because, as we all know, the secret killer has to be someone in the movie, and there are only so many possibilities. Fiorentino played one of the most forcible women in recent movies in "The Last Seduction." As her punishment, she now plays one of the least. Get this: The movie's device for keeping her in the picture is that because Liotta may have a heart attack, she'll follow him around to be sure he's OK. That puts her on the scene for a series of amazing revelations, and gives us someone to explain the ending, which functions without any question as the single least appropriate intro in history for Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable." The actors play this material perfectly straight, as if they thought this was a serious movie, or even a good one. That makes it all the more agonizing. At least in the old horror films, the actors knew how marginal the material was, and worked a little irony into their performances. Here everybody acts as if they're in something deep, like a Bergman film, or "Chicago Hope." I have nothing in principle against goofy films. Hey, I'm the guy who liked "Congo." But "Unforgettable" is truly strange - a movie that begins with an absurd premise, and follows it doggedly through a plot so labyrinthine that at the end I found myself thinking back to Fiorentino's experiment. The first rat couldn't find its way through the maze, and was cornered by the cat. The second rat, after an injection of brain fluid, zipped through the maze. Trying to find my way through this plot, I felt like the first rat.
  5. I will post my thoughts about Unforgettable later, because honestly, I’m still slogging my way through re-watching it. It is bonkers, but ugh. i am trying to make this more interactive, so this week I’ve chosen Netflix as the streaming service and made a list of suggestions for viewing. People can (hopefully) find something to vote for on the list or add their own suggestions. I don’t care if the movie is “good” or “bad,” just looking for something fun to watch. Based on the number of responses (If there are responses) and/or votes, I’ll announce the official movie of the week by midday Friday. We can plan on having watched the movie by Tuesday (?). Again, open to suggestions on the date. Here’s my list. Some of these films are good, some are junk that is fun to poke fun at, some have been covered on HDTGM. This list is in no way comprehensive. if I was to make an official, “serious” pick, it would be The Wicker Man (original 70s version). That film is a trip. If you liked Midsommar, this film is worth checking out. Here’s the rest: 2012 Bad Boys spider Man 3(HDTGM episode) Goldeneye Indiana Jones and the Kingdom the Crystal Skull Bad Boys 2 Wild Wild West (HDTGM episode) Ghostrider Popeye Jupiter Ascending(I believe this is an HDTGM episode) Tomorrow Never Dies Tremors Free Fire Charlie’s Angels Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle John Carter Godzilla (HDTGM episode) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (OR The Life of Brian)
  6. You guys, my waking thoughts this morning were about Dr. Giggles, a slasher film from the early 90s starring the dude from L.A. Law (he was also the bad guy in Darkman). I have a weirdly burning desire to watch it battling with a more rational desire not to. I have not seen or thought about this movie in almost 30 years (since it played on HBO nonstop when I was a teenager). I think I’ve officially become mentally unglued.
  7. Just bumping this because I’m planning on talking about this tomorrow. Hopefully I’m not the only one who will have watched it, because it’s fucking Looney Tunes (except there’s no basketball. Or cartoon characters).
  8. GrahamS.

    236 - THE GREAT WALL (Live)

    I mean, that’s how I shoot arrows in public. It’s natural selection, man. You got a problem with that?
  9. GrahamS.

    236 - THE GREAT WALL (Live)

    I won’t lie: I like that. Fuck easily pinned-down accents!!!
  10. Further information about my playlist—it started as a playlist for my brother’s 40th birthday (that’s why there are so many songs from 1979 if you look at the playlist in chronological order. It kind of plays as the greatest hits/songs we liked throughout the decades as well). Then—during the past few months, I just decided to pour my entire album collection into it. I’m glad I did it because it has helped me get through the quarantine. Since I started adding entire albums after awhile—and didn’t bother editing out the tracks I didn’t like because I’m lazy—there’s definitely skippable stuff here but on the other hand, if there are artists you like, you will find entire albums instead of singles, usually. I recommend listening to it on random, but it’s kinda a choose-your-own-adventure playlist so have fun!
  11. GrahamS.

    236 - THE GREAT WALL (Live)

    “YEAH! Magnets, bitch!”—Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad (a quote I’ve always wanted to use! And this film would have been so much more awesome if Matt Damon had said it in his multi-flagged accent!) Honestly, I cant believe that line wasn’t referenced during the show. As for the movie, I saw the preview for this before it came out in the theater, so unfortunately the space dogs reveal was ruined. Although my reaction to the preview—when I saw the space dogs—was still “what the fuck?” On a positive note, I will say I liked the use of color in the film, except for the building in the finale (was it a temple??) that was SO rainbow-colored that it looked like My Little Pony threw up in Rainbow Brite’s house. I think I know why the army wasn’t using it’s gun powder all the time: the public must have been huffing it if they had to spend time in places like this. The army sold the gun powder to the public to make a profit so they could pay for their drum troupe (which were awesome, but were they PRACTICAL in a battle against space dogs?). Speaking of that black powder, wasn’t there a sequence where they shot a bomb right next to Matt Damon to save him from the Tao Tai? Wasn’t he so close to the blast that he should have been dead but miraculously survived? Just checking. The CGI was laughably terrible at several points. During most of the battle scenes, I laughed out loud at how generic it was. Unlike Jason, I felt like I was watching this movie on fast forward. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film set up SO MANY conflicts just to blow past them a couple of minutes later!!!! This happened too often to mentally keep track of each time, but it seemed every scene was a set up to a conflict that was resolved by the next scene—or even occasionally in the same scene! One example is how Matt Damon is about to be executed for stealing the black powder, then a couple of minutes later he’s back in action. Perhaps because of the aliens, This film REALLY reminded me of Live. Die. Repeat. (AKA The Edge of Tomorrow). I would have loved it if Matt Damon had been stuck in a time loop and every time he reset, he had a different accent.
  12. Ok, Omaxem just sent me some advice on how to post the playlist. Let’s see if this works! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1t91V560Ew3w9kBhhRU0hd?si=ikwXwN4ISkCRUF4y9vRVlA
  13. GrahamS.

    Episode 235.5 - Prequel to Episode 236

    Taking it day by day. My dad may/may not be sick but he seems to gradually improving from where he was last week, which is good. I’m Watching plenty of movie/tv, playing videogames, listening to podcasts/music. should be reading more but don’t seem to have the attention span for it right now.I’m working into it. Honestly, I’m not a die-hard stoner, but I’ve smoked up a fair amount.
  14. I’ve never been able to successfully post anything on here from my Spotify playlists. I don’t know if it’s not allowed, or if there’s some technique I don’t know about, or what. Having said that , I do have a playlist on Spotify that has the entire collection of music I like from the sixties through now. It’s not a mix, it’s a collection that you can make into mix if you play it on random. There’s over 300 hours of 5,000+ songs, from classic to new funk, pop, hip hop, r&b, folk, grunge, etc. I didn’t censor stuff that I like, so there may be material—like Fleet Foxes—that people might find horribly offensive. Just skip over it and there are songs from other perspectives—like Eminem—to balance it out. The playlist is called the big 40 by justanotherwriter—us (that’s me)! Check it out if you want!