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  1. Blast Hardcheese

    Episode 240: Megaforce LIVE from Montreal!

    The pacing of this movie was very stilted in spots. It felt like some scenes and cuts were just allowed to linger a little too long and it undercut the momentum of the film. It felt like Barry Bostwick would say a line of quippy dialog and then the cut would linger long enough so that his smug grin would eventually flatten out. Like Jason, Megaforce also reminded me of the toy and cartoon series from the 1980's like G.I. Joe (which premiered in it's 3 & 3/4" version the same year Megaforce came out), M.A.S.K., Centurions, Captain Power, Chuck Norris and His Karate Commandos, Rambo (yes, that Rambo!), and every other property wherein a specialized, state sanctioned militaristic force for freedom is designated specifically to take on their centralized polar-opposite evil adversary. The opening info dump at the beginning of Megaforce even sounds like the voice-over from the G.I. Joe cartoon: "G.I. Joe is the codename for America's highly trained special mission force. Its purpose: to defend human freedom against COBRA; a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world." More to Jason's point, "Ace" and "Duke" are also G.I. Joe code names (Ace piloted the Skystriker jet, and Duke was G.I. Joe's second in command). To further tie this movie in with children's toy and entertainment properties, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers also had a Super "Megaforce" designation at some point during their run. The Power Rangers, like Megaforce, also had a member named Zachary "Zach" Taylor (according to the movie's IMDB page, Megaforce's Zac Taylor forewent the "h" at the end of his name, however). Speaking of Zac Taylor, when Punky Brewster's Dad (PBD) first meets him, Zac is wearing a pair of headphones to which PBD asks him if he's listening to Gladys Night and the Pips, even though he and we can clearly hear the classical music coming Zac's headphones. Zac replies that he's actually listening to Vivaldi, to which PBD then asks which season Zac is listening to: "Winter?" "Spring," Zac clarifies. Soon after, Zac quotes Macbeth, which PBD keys into. Yet, instead of finding commonality, PBD bristles with resentment, doubling down on his simmering colonial-ish racism. Here PBD is, a stranger in a strange land, and he's alienating the one person he has any kind of cultural relationship with because they're black. After the mission goes south (somehow), PBD and Zara fly in to the war zone (in a helicopter Ace destroys at the end of the film for no inexplicable reason, yet everyone seems cool with, nonetheless) and tells Ace and his team that they can't cross the border for risk of igniting a full-scale war. Okay, so why not fly all--or at least some--of the team out in the very long, two-prop helicopter PBD and Zara just flew in on? We see at the end of the ensuing battle that Megaforce's equipment is essentially disposable anyway, so why risk the lives of his crew when Ace can load up as many Megaforcees as he can on the PBD's helicopter instead?
  2. Blast Hardcheese

    HDTGM Quarantine-palooza! (Online Playlists and Mixtapes)

    Ah, The Go! Team. What an amazing and wonderful band. My wife and I saw them play about two years ago and we had so, so, so much fun. You can't not move while listening to any of their songs. I have two mixes posted on my Mixcloud page that have The Go! Team songs on 'em:
  3. Blast Hardcheese

    HDTGM Quarantine-palooza! (Online Playlists and Mixtapes)

    Okay, NOW I know what I'm doing with me day. Thanks for these recommendations, TWB!
  4. Blast Hardcheese

    HDTGM Quarantine-palooza! (Online Playlists and Mixtapes)

    Decided to compile and post a collection of some of my favorite instrumental soundtrack songs:
  5. Blast Hardcheese

    HDTGM Quarantine-palooza! (Online Playlists and Mixtapes)

    Graham, this playlist is awesome! So many great choices here: Spoon, Tribe, Pixies, Beasties, Ghostface, etc, etc. This is my job search playlist for today. Thank you so much.
  6. Blast Hardcheese

    HDTGM Quarantine-palooza! (Online Playlists and Mixtapes)

    Aw, man. You just made my day! Of course I'll be your mommy!!! I brought nothing in return... EXCEPT FOR THIS! Enjoy!
  7. Blast Hardcheese

    HDTGM Quarantine-palooza! (Online Playlists and Mixtapes)

    Thanks, Graham. Yeah, it sucks, but it is what it is. While I was grateful to have that job while I did, being laid-off has essentially afforded me a new opportunity to pursue a career in what I actually went to school for: creative writing (articles, reviews (record and film), interviews, etc.) Despite the current pandemic, I'm going to remain optimistic in forging a new career path that utilizes the 15 years' worth of creative writing, editing and story planning experience I've built up. Three weeks of being out of work is depressing and demoralizing enough; I'm ready and motivated to get back on my feet.
  8. Blast Hardcheese

    HDTGM Quarantine-palooza! (Online Playlists and Mixtapes)

    Three weeks ago, I was Covid-canned from my J-O-B of nearly five years, so I decided to drown my sorrows in some shoegaze-y noise-pop. In the interest of trying to stay creative and motivated, and made this mix and I am sharing it with anyone on this board with a ear towards static gossamer noise-pop: Enjoy!
  9. I remember seeing the trailer for this movie and thinking that the leads were supposed to be related instead of love interests. Maybe its "attractiveness bias," but Dane Dehaan and Cara Delevingne (who are, in their defense, very attractive), look like they could be siblings. In this movie, they have zero on-screen chemistry and come across more like and antagonistic and quarreling fraternal brother and sister. The movie falls flat for me because of Dehaan's character especially, who is supposed to be this roguish Han Solo type, but doesn't really look or act like he has the years of experience behind him performing this insanely dangerous line of work. Han Solo, Indiana Jones, James Bond: I believe that these guys have seen some shit and shrug it off with a rye comment and a smirk to stave-off the gravity of what they've been through. However, just like in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (another dumpster fire that HDTGM definitely needs to cover), Dehaan comes across in this film like an immature fancy lad pretending to be an adult, rather than the scruffy, hard-scrabble rule-abiding-rule-breaker he's supposed to be. They may be long in the tooth for it now, but Clive Owen could have played Valerian, with Eva Green playing Laureline. Just a thought.
  10. Blast Hardcheese

    3rd Annual(?) Howdies

    I wish Paul would start a podcast called How Did We Get Scheer. The premise would be simple: Paul sits down with a guest who is given a one-sentence description of Paul's past exploits and the remainder of the show is the show is the guest asking follow-up questions as Paul's story unfolds. Paul F. Thompkins would be the first guest interviewer.
  11. Blast Hardcheese

    Episode 236.5 — Prequel to Episode 237

    Holy shit, right?!? Going into this movie cold, I totally thought they were.
  12. Blast Hardcheese

    3rd Annual(?) Howdies

    -Best Jason Shutting An Audience Member’s Shit Down (aka, “Hey, Bro...?”) -Best “How Did We Get Scheer” (Tales from Paul’s Past). -Best June Just Not Having It.
  13. Blast Hardcheese

    Episode 236 — The Great Wall (Live)

    Be that as it may, to me Matt Damon sounded like he was doing an impression of Liam Neeson doing an impression of an American accent. Imagine Damon’s character from this film doing the “particular set of skills” speech from Taken and you’ll get the idea.
  14. Blast Hardcheese

    HDTGM Quarantine-palooza! (Online Playlists and Mixtapes)

    This is a great playlist! That Walkmen song is one of their absolute best. Here's the first in a planned four-part series of mixes featuring bands from 2020 I recently put together:
  15. I've been meaning to corral an online playlist/mixtape group thread here on the forum for a while, but never got around to it for one reason or another (re: laziness). Thanks to the on-going pandemic, however, this is about as good a time as any to share and listen to compilations of music (just like those good ol' homemade mix cassettes and CDR's of recent yore!) The inspiration for this thread came from both Zouk's recommending the phenomenal band Mannequin Pussy a couple of episodes back (thank you!) and his Amoeba Records What's in My Bag video. I figure that our HDTGM community, likewise, has amazing taste in music and want this thread to serve as a forum for all of us to share our online mixes and playlists (via Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.) I made this mix last year (but never got around to posting) for Jason, June and John called A Politcal Song for Jason Mantzoukas to Sing: Anyone else have online music mixes that they would like to share?