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  1. Omaxem

    236 - THE GREAT WALL (Live)

    Yes. It's not super common, but it can happen in the social insects i mentioned if the colony is under stress or if there aren't any suitable partners elsewhere, which would be the case here, as it seems that there is only one Taotei colony. Even in mammals, it happens in zoos ( not so much nowadays ), in feral cat colonies... Inbreeding is the way you got all the different dog/cat/fish/bird/cow/goat/sheep/insert-any-domesticated-or-somewhat-domesticated-animal-here breeds. And some fruit flies actually seem to favor incest, because why change a winning formula? If your children inbreed, that's your successful genes beeing spread. And then there's mites, where at least one species has the male impregnating his sisters while still inside the womb. You asked. But there are lots of different, non sexual reproduction strategies. Maybe all the Taotei we see are clones, or clonal. Aphids can have super complicated life cycles, where at one point, clone females are born already pregnant with the next generation of ( different bodied ) clone females. In the words of a famous philosopher, " Life, uh... Finds a way ".
  2. Omaxem

    236 - THE GREAT WALL (Live)

    And why do they all have names?
  3. Omaxem

    236 - THE GREAT WALL (Live)

    Assorted musings: - The preview for this film was one of the first times i remember seeing a piece of media, and out loud, for real, saying " Oh NO...! ". I became, as the kids are saying these days, " Woke " and " Shook ". - I told my co workers about it. Then i had to show them the preview, because they thought i was kidding. They too were shook ( not all of them got woke though ). - I thought they'd be fighting dragons. Would it have been stupid? Yes. Would it have made more sense? Yes. - Whenever i see the Great Wall of China i think about the Futurama gag where they knock it down and then the Mongols invade. - When June was relating to the Taotei, she said " fightfightfight ", like on the Itchy and Scratchy Show theme song. COINCIDENCE??? Yes. - The Taotei life cycle is very insect like. Ants, wasps, bees and termites all have social hierarchies, and each has a different body type ( maybe the ones around the Queen were drones ). Cicadas have a very long larval development stage, as a reproductive strategy to minimize the number of predators that they face when they eventually emerge. The Taotei life cycle seems to be 60 years, which would definitely make it longer than the average human life expectancy in the middle ages. Unfortunately for them, humans have developed the concept of time, so they knew when they were coming. Guys, maybe the Taotei were REAL, and Matt Damon helped make them extinct. - Migrating birds have tiny metallic beads inside their heads, and that's how they know where to go, using the Earth's magnetic field. Do magnets screw them up? I don't know, try it out with your local geese. - Jason Mantzoukas seemed confounded by the idea of bipedal animals; Examples of bipedal animals include: Jason Mantzoukas. - This film wasn't as bad or cringey as it seemed at first, but the same can't be said of Matt Damon
  4. My " Most Listened in 2019 " from Spotify, edited down to just 37 songs/ 2 hours and 37 minutes. Indie, folk, alt, some electro. Hope someone likes it https://open.spotify.com/playlist/04JnBTXgq7iSoGmApT5tG1?si=ZJBWbp1mSxq6HrVJ0Z8J2A
  5. Omaxem

    Episode 235.5 - Prequel to Episode 236

    To quote a joke i saw on Twitter, today is Day. I'm doing pretty well, got my books, my music and my pods, my plants and my fish, some very dumb text chains going on, couple of drive runs to my mom to bring her food and stuff for her crafts ( and to help with my sanity ), BUT i may be going back to work tomorrow? My country is on a National emergency shutdown until the 3rd of April ( at least ), but our HR hasn't said anything else since they were forced to close because an entire section of my company told them they wouldn't go back decided to close out of " respect for the workforce " 2 weeks ago, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. That's insane. Apparently that's what they're charging for movies that didn't get released in the theaters because of the , isn't that like twice the price of a " normal " movie ticket in the US?
  7. Omaxem

    Color Out of Space (2019)

    Yeah, i legit liked it I think that's the trick with Nick Cage. Mom and Dad and Mandy are also good examples of this. The plot is pretty close to the original story, updated in a believable, very plausible way, the fx aren't amazing, but the budget probably wasn't that big and they use them well, and the narrator being a POC is a really nice FU to H.P. Lovecraft.
  8. Omaxem

    Episode 235.5 - Prequel to Episode 236

    YAY! I WIN! AND John butchered my name TWICE, in DIFFERENT WAYS! I don't think they need to see Resident Evil, they already did Ultraviolet which is basically bargain bin RE anyway. Yeah... It's not like it's a deal breaker or anything. If you SO is uncomfortable with something, don't ask/guilt/force them to do it. Also, you don't have to share everything.
  9. I liked the ending of Legion, you can't say that they 100% nailed it, but ending was very sweet, and the were a a great take on But hey, GrahamS, lets start building a list. Are we going full Cage? Definitely down for Raising Arizona and Mandy, and i still haven't seen Color Out of Space but that one def looks like HDTGM material. We got 2 weeks ( at least ) from work starting today, i'm adding The Lighthouse and Portrait of a Lady on Fire to my must see list.
  10. The Witcher is fun, less Game of Thron-ey than i thought it would be, and better for it ( Although there are dragons. And nudity ). I'm crossing my fingers for a couple of days to finally watch the last eps of The Good Place. Hope everybody is ok, and taking precautions. Be safe yall.
  11. If you look at box office, Underworld really doesn't make that much worldwide. According to Wikipedia , number 4 got the best results ( 62M US, 160M WW ) but that was against a 70M budget. If you discount the first one, most of them kinda just scrape by. And if you compare it with Resident Evil, it's nowhere near as successful - The five Underworlds had a combined budget of around 207M, with a BO of 540M, while Resident Evil had a combined ( six films ) budget of 288M, with a worldwide BO of 1.230M. Yup. One billion. Who's watching these films? Maybe China? I dunno. Is Underworld a money laundering operation? Probably. Fight me/Don't fight me. Also, " If you want a freaking story sit down with my wife and watch Lifetime " - Me, a gay European man.
  12. I'm afraid Foodfight! would break them. I don't think June in particular would make it through it. A Sound of Thunder enrages me. The moment i saw they were covering it, i had to see it again. I couldn't help myself. Just finished it, and i can't go to sleep now, i'm... i'm really angry. Stupid effing fillum
  13. Guys, you think it's too late to call Social Services on Pauls parents?
  14. Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Airplane! always make me feel better. Outside of film, there's the " Travel Bug with August Lindt " ep from S01 of The Andy Daly Personal Pizza Party Podcast, and lately this:
  15. We have different definitions of what a gem is. For those who are willing to go further into the Breeniverse, just know that this is his masterpiece. Pre-Fateful-Findings films are just as crazy, but not as " good ", and his later films get nastier and more bitter, and are much less enjoyable " enjoyable ". Neil Breen is a very angry multimillionaire. Neil Breen saw 6 Underground, and he both wished he had made it and also lived it IRL. Neil Breen believes he is Ryan Reynolds. PS - The kissing sounds... Ewww.