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  1. Omaxem

    Does anyone like/understand Tenet?

    It's pretty but vacuous. I liked it fine, but have no desire to see it again, and found it really surprising that people kept saying that you needed to see it several times to Get It. I think I got it. Eh. It's definitely not as bad as Interstellar though, which made me groan out loud in the theater with the whole love thing I had really been enjoying it up to that point, and boy did it go downhill fast after that. I don't think I've been so upset about a ( normal, not HDTGM-type ) film ever since.
  2. I know The Crew doesn't usually go in on smaller films, but they've set the precedent with Governor Gabby and, I mean... the premise of this film alone... Kitty Mammas on IMDb.
  3. Omaxem

    Episode 255. A Very Nutty Christmas

    Can Real Menβ„’ drink tea? Press Haha for Yes, Sad for No, Huh? for Huh?, and Hedgehog for Juuuuuune.
  4. Omaxem

    Episode 253. Cats

    Right off the bat, I strongly disagree with Paul; This is a bad movie. It is a very bad movie. IMO the thing that really annoys me is the amount of not-giving-a-fuckness that must have been going around during the writing and filming of this thing, the hubris - They really thought, " Well, Cats The Musical ran for I don't know how many years on Broadway, surely they'll lap up anything and everything we'll throw at them ". That scale thing is a basic thing that anyone ( Tom Hooper ) should have figured out on day one. Add to that the fact about the FX people having 4 months to finish the whole film vs 6 months for the trailer, + having to work 90 hour weeks on something that was always going to be a trainwreck? Boo.
  5. Omaxem

    Trailer Talk

    Totally Not Predator, starring ( ? ) Nicholas Cage, who will either be there for the whole film or like 5 minutes tops.
  6. Omaxem

    Episode 248 Velocipastor

    Meet the Raptors Btw, I love that there are still people who think that feathers make dinosaurs less scary. As if a species of 6 ft tall seagulls wouldn't make us extinct in a matter of weeks.
  7. Omaxem

    Episode 247.5: Prequel to Episode 248

    After seeing the film, I'm not sure if you're 100% right or maybe being a bit too hard. I get that there are limitations on having a small budget ( this apparently cost 35K ), and you might as well face those limitations head-on and just be honest/jokey about it, but then there were a couple of scenes when they're definitely playing it cheap on purpose, a couple of actors who are laying it on way too thick, and a couple of lines of dialogue that really straddled the line between 70/80s schlock and just straight on icky/weird. And like @theworstbuddhist said, it's surprisingly boring for something with such a fun premise and only 70 minutes of run time. I guess your mileage may vary, but it's definitely not a chore like some of their picks are.
  8. Omaxem

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    Presented without comment.
  9. Omaxem

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    As a man who may or may not work in a Casino and also hates feet - Same.
  10. Omaxem

    Trailer Talk

    I'll trepeat and say that I thought Palm Springs was a delight and much better than what it sounded like just by reading the synopsis. On a very different register, I saw Relic and it really hit me hard. It's not perfect, it's not horror in the traditional sense ( more high fantasy IMO ), but it handles a very difficult situation in what I thought was a very sensitive and realistic manner. Emily Mortimer ( my bones! ) is as great as ever, and the two other actresses in the film are incredible also.
  11. Paul, June, and Jason discuss the 1987 comedy horror My Demon Lover. They talk about horny demons, the Mangler, the fully clothed shower scene, the castle in the middle of central park, and more. In which I learned that Nick from Family Ties wasn't played by Dermot Mulroney.
  12. *** HUGE SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE *** W in the actual F.
  13. Weekend At Bernies Piranha 3D Jaws Jaws 4 All of the other Jaweses.
  14. Omaxem

    Episode 653 - The 11th Anniversary Show!

    Ok, so i know CBB topics aren't a thing anymore, and i know no one from the show will probably even see it, but i just had to find a way to thank Scott and the folks at Earwolf for all the hard work that they have done and still do. 11 years is a lot, and even though i haven't been around for all of it, you now make a big part of my life and make myself and thousands of other people very happy every week. This is a sincere thank you. As for this ep, i just spent 1 hour and 40 minutes laughing my head off. Jason and PFT are MVPs as always, Gabrus is amazing ( How does he do it? Where does he come up with all these completely different characters? Every. Single. Time. ), Carl and Ego are a joy to listen to, and Lily is a wonderful new addition to the gang. Thank you to all of you
  15. Scott celebrates the 11th Anniversary of Comedy Bang! Bang! with co-host Jason Mantzoukas, fan favorites, plus newcomers. Special guests joining the celebration are treasure hunter Brock Lovett, intern Gino Lambardo, social media expert Francesca Bolognese, singer Roland Gift, and Dairy Queen. Thanks for listening for all these years!