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  1. Trip Maverick

    Return to Oz (1985)

    I feel this is down to the era of 80s. A lot of risks were taken back then that they wouldnt of dream doing now. Some paid off some didnt. I loved this movie as a kid even with all the creepyness.
  2. Trip Maverick

    Serenity (2019)

    For those in the Uk The film is being released on cinema and on same day the sky store. You know what other film was released on cinema and same day Sky store? Dragon Blade.
  3. Trip Maverick

    Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

    Damn I deleted this movie from My Mind. All I remember is Irons chewing up the scenery like there was no tomorrow.
  4. Trip Maverick

    The Con Is On (2018)

    Check out the movie poster. Actors faces photo shopped onto different bodies always cracks me up.
  5. Trip Maverick

    Basic (2003)

    Thanks For saying Rashomon. I was trying to think of what this style of story telling was like. I need to give Basic another go. I remember liking it when I first saw it.
  6. Trip Maverick

    The Predator (2018)

    I want to Watch DeathToMikeyBay's version of The Predator
  7. Trip Maverick

    Accidental Love AKA Nailed (2015)

    I found out about this movie while going down the imdb rabbit hole. Directed by David O. Russell who then took his name off it so its credited as Stephen Greene. I guess kinda like an Alan Smithee deal. This film is so bad on so many levels. It was filmed in 2008 and shut due to financing issues. Its a crazy film and I was laughing at just how insane it is. If you read the imdb triva page you will see how nuts the production was. I guess they wanted to make a political satire but changed their minds and wanted to make a romantic comedy? Its just bonkers.
  8. Trip Maverick

    Kiss of Death (1995)

    All I remember from this movie was Nic Cages Character only ate food with plastic knifes and folks. The sound metal makes scraping together drove him nuts.
  9. Trip Maverick

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    This thread deserves more Love.
  10. Trip Maverick

    On Deadly Ground (1994)

    Yeah The guys did Glimmer man so they should do this. Easily the worst of the main stream Seagal Movies.
  11. Trip Maverick

    Collateral Beauty (2016)

    I really wanna see this even knowing the insane twist(s)
  12. Trip Maverick

    Serenity (2019)

    Yeah Steven Knight also works on Peaky Blinders and Taboo. I guess they signed on before reading full script?
  13. Trip Maverick

    The Predator (2018)

    Also in my opinion the Predator still stands the test of time. The real predator costume looks good then the new CGI one shows up and its a joke.
  14. Trip Maverick

    Serenity (2019)

    So annoyed its not out till March in the UK
  15. Trip Maverick

    Serenity (2019)

    That is Bonkers beyond any level of film making. How did this get green lit? I have to see this film now.