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    Episode 248.5 — Minisode 248.5

    I agree to some degree, there are some big budget movies that I think they should do (Sound of Thunder, Virus, Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li), but I do enjoy a good episode like Money Plane as well. I watched VelociPastor this past weekend and that was roughhhhhhhhh, it was in on the joke which made it not a good choice. I don't mind movies that are trying to be "good" or at least not in on the joke and generally have at least a couple million in the budget to make a professional looking film. I don't mind if they are straight to video or theatrical releases, just movies trying to be something but they turn out as something else completely. Do enjoy the mixing of genres though.
  2. To be honest, I do not know what Red Letter Media is, but I am glad HDTGM pre-dates them.
  3. It is the same general concept, but it is not nearly as funny and I am not really sure they are trying to be. They also say they are doing good movies as well that shouldn't be reviewed as highly. Maybe its because they have to keep it PG rated, but it just wasn't as entertaining as HDTGM. Next week they are doing Mortal Kombat, so they are just copying the HDTGM in a less funny manner.
  4. CNU2007

    Jacob's Ladder (2019)

    Will there be a Jacob's Ladder scenario? It is at 5% on Rotten Tomatoes and its a shame as I quite like Michael Ealy.
  5. Is this new podcast from Rotten Tomatoes called "Rotten Tomatoes is Wrong" a ripoff of HDTGM? Their first episode is out today and it is about Spider-Man 3. Seems like their angle is bringing on guests who think a rotten movie is actually good. What do we think of this? https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/article/rotten-tomatoes-is-wrong-about-spider-man-3/
  6. CNU2007

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    For reasons I still do not know, I had a copy of the Swordfish soundtrack on CD and the entire soundtrack is done by Paul Oakenfold, the techno guy. From what I recall it was not very good, maybe the lapdance song is good, the rest is forgettable. Just an odd memory from my high school or college days, wonder if I still have it somewhere. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swordfish_(soundtrack)
  7. Rotten Tomatoes released their worst movie sequels of all time. To qualify for the list, a movie needed at least 10 official critic reviews so I am sure some older sequels were left off for that reason. https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/guide/worst-sequels-of-all-time/ How many of these has HDTGM done? Speed 2, Highlander 2, am I missing any others? There are some such as Son of Mask or any of the Baby Genius movies that would work for future episodes. What sequels are missing from this list that should be there?
  8. CNU2007

    A Sound of Thunder (2005)

    Please make this the first live show once things get back to normal!!! Thanks
  9. CNU2007

    Mindhunters (2004)

    I remember seeing a trailer before another movie for this a couple years before it was released, must have been bumped. I thought it was interesting and then forgot about it until I saw a tv ad years later and had a weird deja vu moment where I thought it was all a dream or similar film, but it turns out it was the same film. Separate from all that I haven't seen it in a few years but I have seen it a couple times and enjoyed it both times. I know its not a good movie, but it is certainly enjoyable and delivers what it intends to. Think its too "good" to be on HDTGM but the marionette scene certainly qualifies. It is available on Hoopla, the library app, which proves that it is a piece of worthwhile cinematic art.
  10. A gang of art thieves goes to rob an old man in an apartment building, however a couple of cops are there trying to evacuate everyone. This is all occurring during a Category 5 hurricane in Puerto Rico. While Mel Gibson is in this, the main character is played by Emile Hirsch, yet another actor with a history of violence against women. Hirsch plays a cop who doesn't want to be evacuating people, he has a new partner who is young and eager, there is David Zayas playing the bad guy who calls himself John the Baptist (no idea why), there is the old guy with a bunch of art in this rundown apartment building, there is crotchety Mel Gibson, a retired cop who is on dialysis and needs a fecal transplant. Yes, he says he needs a fecal transplant and describes what that means!!! Did I mention there is a guy with a "pet" locked in a room in his apartment that eats 100 pounds of meat at a time and is trained to attack cops? Also Kate Bosworth (who is married to the director) is in this as Mel Gibson's daughter and to eventually flirt with Hirsch. Practically the entire movie takes place in the apartment complex as the radios are out due to the hurricane. Do you think it is bad enough for HDTGM? It does have two actors with violence against women keeping their careers on life support and sets it in a hurricane in Puerto Rico which may not be the best idea since it could be too soon after Hurricane Maria. Plus a bunch of white people fighting off the bad guys who are Hispanic isn't necessarily ideal either.
  11. An elite group of soldiers on a covert mission to retrieve a scientist from an underground lab encounter an ancient evil in the facility. Directed by Jason Connery, yes Sean Connery's son. So its very possible that Sean Connery has watched this fine film. Starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ron Perlman, Henry Rollins, Ray Winstone, and Taryn Manning in this low budget movie that takes place almost entirely in an underground bunker. This was made right when Cuba was in the middle of his epic run of straight to video films. It has themes of the first Resident Evil movie with a military unit going down to the bottom of an underground bunker and there are some obstacles in the form of "zombies" but it just doesn't add up to anything. They go down 900 feet in an elevator, is that even possible?!? Nobody is particularly worried when people go missing or disappear, in fact they seem to just forget about them until someone asks where they are. A number of pointless flashback scenes that are pretty much just there to fill time. When the reveal occurs Cuba specifically doesn't seem to change expression at all, Plus the "bad guy" who plays them says she is ready to die then a scene later she doesn't want to be killed so its odd. Plus nobody in the military actually seems to have their name on their uniforms which seems like a simple detail to fix. Also why is one of the presumably US military guys towards the end have a British accent?
  12. CNU2007

    Virus (1999)

    This is based on a comic or graphic novel? A video game? Toys? Did they think this was going to be some type of hit? Even if they did a good job, this isn't the type of movie that would generally spawn merch and toy sales. WTF
  13. CNU2007

    Virus (1999)

    This one seems to have slipped off the radar, but it is crazy bad, but somehow super fun to watch at the same time. I have no idea why Donald Sutherland is in it, Jamie Lee Curtis regrets being in it. It is about a mechanical virus on an abandoned ship, and the Donald Sutherland/monster is just one of the nuttiest things in any movie I have ever seen. I think they would have a blast with it, though June would probably not be happy she saw it, but they would all have questions for days! Put this on your short list!
  14. CNU2007

    Soul Man (1986)

    Based on the premise alone, this movie has to get covered. It is a legitimate "How Did This Get Made?" question, who thought this was a good idea to create? If anything its too controversial for the podcast to do right now. Or the perfect time to do it, one or the other.
  15. CNU2007

    Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

    Has HDTGM done any Chuck Norris movies other than Top Dog? For just a pure action movie, I think the podcast would do a great job with Lone Wolf McQuade. Hadn't thought about this movie for a while but I saw it in high school maybe on DVD and really loved it, but it is crazy!