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Favorite Earwolf Podcast

Found 17 results

  1. I don't know what they were thinking when they made this movie. It's the absolute worst thing I've seen that had a wide theatrical release. It's on par with a SyFy original. They tried to do way too much with their effects budget. Unfortunately, there are a lot of effects shots in this movie so the viewer is constantly bombarded with terrible CGI. Most of the film take places in a futuristic city. All of the cars are computer models and they only made 3 or 4 different ones. As a result, there's a ridiculous amount of traffic, all traveling at the same speed, and all made up of only a few unique vehicles. Even worse than that, though, are the green screen walking scenes. At one point it becomes clear that two of the actors are simply standing in place and shifting their weight back and forth rather than walking on a treadmill in front of the screen. That's the level of film making you're dealing with in this movie. The biggest surprise for me when I saw this is that it features Sir Ben Kingsley. That's right, they roped Ghandi into this crapfest. There's a lot more shit to see in this movie, but I'll leave it at that and invite anyone brave enough to experience it on their own.
  2. EricFate

    Saturn 3 (1980)

    This is a film which got a decent amount of HBO airplay while I was young (pre-teen). I remembered being terrified of Hector the robot when I first saw it, but little else (including the name of the film). When I saw the robot pictured on the front of a recent (Dec 2013) Blu Ray release, my reaction was immediate. I knew needed to revisit this film. So I did. And as an adult, I found it terrifying for a different set of reasons. For starters: 1) The acting (or lack thereof) 2) The complete disregard for pacing 3) Keitel's voice (or rather -- Ray Dotrice's voice) I'd love to hear the team react to this film.
  3. overplus

    Starcrash (1979)

    Me and a group have friends have set this movie as a pinnacle of bad movieness. For the past few years we have gathered semi-regularly for our "Bad Movie Club" and 'Starcrash' has been the worst we have come across. It was so bad that it has become a milestone for us. To be part of the upper tiers of the club you must have watched 'Starcrash'. A brief rundown: The synapses from IMDB: "Epic action in outer space when the good guys set out to track the evil Count's secret weapon." It's an italian made Star Wars ripoff which the distinction of being the first film featuring the acting talent of none other then David Hasselhoff. A quote from one of my friends while we first watched it (yes some of us suffered through it twice) is: "Why is space dracula so fat?!?"
  4. Rutger F-ING Hauer! It is London, in the "future" of 2008. The city is permanently under a foot of water due to excessive rainfall. Hauer portrays a burnt-out homicide detective who has survived for years on "Anxiety, coffee and chocolate" after the death of his partner . . . by a literal demonic monster who has come back to terrorize the city and kill again. Quotes: "We need to get bigger guns. BIG F---ING GUNS!" "I don't think this thing thinks it's Satan, I think this thing IS Satan." "Well Satan is in deep shit." Truly an amazing piece of . . . cinema.
  5. schreibot

    Lockout (2012)

    This movie makes zero sense from the beginning. My favorite thing about it is the accents... Guy Pierce does a reasonably good tough guy accent, but there are so many bad american accents... these and the reference to the Lambada are my favorite bad parts. There's some good material here. I will say that the movie is reasonably impressive visually and only cost $20 million (it made $25m)
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1we4wpmYIw4&feature=share&list=PLBE20E11E98793FD7 said.
  7. zombiemaster

    The Host (2013)

    The new film based on Stephanie Myers book, she of Twilight fame. After reading this review from Twitch, I came straight here to recommend this movie get a working over. I know it's still in the theater, but it may be so bad, you want to think about doing it now, instead of when it hits Netflix. http://twitchfilm.co...ng+%28Twitch%29
  8. RuncibleShaw

    Vicious Lips (1986)

    It's a classic story. All-girl punk/new-wave band Vicious Lips has one night to get to the biggest gig of their career. There's just one problem: it's on another planet and their manager has crash-landed their (stolen) spaceship. It's like Jem meets Alien meets a lot of cardboard sets. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0163375/ This movie has everything: music, zombies, aliens, bug zapper musical instruments, breasts (for Jason), and an it-was-all-a-dream ending (also for Jason). I had never heard of this movie before I saw it on my local Comet channel. It's definitely a bad movie, but it has a lot of charm, especially the aesthetic and the music. It kind of drags after the initial setup but I loved the ending.
  9. JohnELTenney

    The Visitor (1979)

    This is obviously the best Jesus and Commander Yahweh fighting Sateen with birds while Sam Peckinpah performs abortions on Lance Henriksen's devil basketball baby in the hopes that Glenn Ford and Shelly Winters save the Earth from a pong playing, ice skating killer child who does gymnastics after shooting her mom. Totally avilable on You Tube in like 12 parts.
  10. It's a confusing mess of badly written intertwining plots, veteran actors the likes of Jack Palance and Charlton Heston, apocalyptic future and weird eroticism. Apparently there was a very different Japanese version too. It's directed by Alan Smithee which just says it all! I actually watched it first aged 12 at the high of my Parker Lewis crush and for years attributed my "WTF I don't get it" reaction to my young age. Rewatched it recently and nope, my age wasn't the problem... Anyone else seen it/remembers it/cares to explain the logic behind it?
  11. JaredGranda

    Suggestion: The Matrix

    I think The Matrix is the perfect film to be discussed for inclusion into The Canon. It was a major influence on the movies of the 2000's, basically designing a new blueprint for how blockbuster action sequences would be played out in the future, and its cultural impact is undeniable. The main reason I think it deserves its own episode on The Canon, however, is because it is a movie that is highly entertaining but also highly flawed, and it could be easily argued that the impact it had on the film industry was largely negative. I also know that Devin Faraci is an extreme supporter of the Wachowskis and The Matrix, and I'm very curious to see where Amy Nicholson's opinion falls in comparison to Devin's. Basically, not only does The Matrix deserve to at least be considered for The Canon, I think it would make for a very entertaining episode of The Canon.
  12. SlidePocket

    Stealth (2005)

    How has Stealth from 2005 not been covered yet? It was made by Rob Cohen, who had done The Fast and the Furious and xXx, and it shamelessly borrows elements from the likes of Top Gun (fighter pilots), Short Circuit (struck by lightning) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (intelligent robotic being) to not that much success. Not only did it bomb big time at the box office, it brought down Josh Lucas's leading man career and almost brought Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel's fame to new lows. Please see this!
  13. taylor anne photo

    Morgan (2016)

    (I searched and searched for this thread and couldn't find one which is BAFFLING to me) Nepotism at it's finest, my friends. Directed by the son of Ridley Scott and boy howdy does this smell of trying to make his son and his sons friends happy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqmHSR0bFU8 I just heard this described in detail including spoilers and it sounds like the most batshit ripoff of Blade Runner, Ex Machina, Splice, etc etc etc, but not even done well. This looks bad and everyone involved should feel bad.
  14. NicholasHarrington

    Soldier (1998)

    A soldier is dumped on a waste disposal planet and lives among a community of crash survivors on the planet and takes it upon himself to defend his new home when genetic engineered soldiers are ordered to eliminate the crash survivors. "When it comes to details like plot, character development, and genuine excitement, the film is lost in space." - James Berardinelli
  15. Moshe


    Starring Sir Sean Connery: [attachment=2473,55] Plus it's on Netflix streaming
  16. sorrycharlie

    RoboGeisha (2009)

    This movie is a classic Japanese "WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH" kind of movie and it's brilliant. But its also awful at the same time. I hope other's will help me explain it better. I just really want to hear you three pick this movie apart. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1381512/
  17. clancy

    Nerd Poker Forum Soundtrack

    What would life be without music? I'm probably as big a fan of music as I am sci-fi/fantasy/role-playing. It seemed like a good idea to get an ever-growing soundtrack going here in the forum. There are a lot of songs that I really feel like listening to when I'm in a heavy role-playing mindset. I'd love to see others share the music they associate with their gaming lifestyle! Thought I'd kick things off with Blue Öyster Cult's "Black Blade", from the 1980 album "Cultösaurus Erectus". Lyrics penned by sci-fi writer Michael Moorcock. A song about Elric of Melniboné's sword Stormbringer.