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  1. Live from Boston, Paul, June and Jason discuss the 2016 horror action film sequel Underworld: Blood Wars. They talk about blood drinking, vampire/werewolf hybrids, UV bullets, and much more.
  2. The Star Wars order decided, Molson drinkers unite, and more on this week's mini-sode! Paul also offers advice as he opens up the Paul Help Line, goes through Corrections and Omissions for Prelude to a Kiss, and opens up the Mail Bag. Plus, find out which movie will be covered next week!
  3. SlidePocket

    HDTGM All-Stars

    2 appearances: Patricia Arquette - Tiptoes, Holy Matrimony 2 appearances: Armin Mueller-Stahl - Theodore Rex, Holy Matrimony 2 appearances: Ben Kingsley - The Love Guru, A Sound of Thunder
  4. SlidePocket

    HDTGM All-Stars

    3 appearances: Stanley Tucci - Burlesque, Monkey Shines, Prelude to a Kiss
  5. SlidePocket

    HDTGM All-Stars

    New episode next week
  6. SlidePocket

    HDTGM All-Stars

    3 appearances: Alec Baldwin - The Adventures of Pluto Nash, The Shadow, Prelude to a Kiss
  7. SlidePocket

    HDTGM and the Oscars

    Prelude to a Kiss Winner Kathy Bates - Misery Patty Duke - The Miracle Worker Nominated Alec Baldwin - The Cooler Ned Beatty - Network Stanley Tucci - The Lovely Bones
  8. SlidePocket

    HDTGM movies and their RT scores

    Prelude to a Kiss - 63%
  9. SlidePocket

    Musical Mondays Week 85 Velvet Goldmine

    With the revelation that Brian has now been living with a new name and a new face, has it always been the case when a once-famous celeb undergoes facial reconstruction surgery and becomes popular under a new name so that nobody will recognize them?
  10. You ever know whatever happened to the life of a mysterious glam rock megastar? Which is why my next pick for this series is... Velvet Goldmine by Todd Haynes, and starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Ewan McGregor, Christian Bale and Toni Collette!
  11. When Pinocchio and Geppetto were climbing out of whale Lorenzini so Pinocchio can lie in order to break free under him, I noticed his regular puppet ears and his ripped out donkey ears were being switched back and forth from different shots.
  12. SlidePocket

    Holy Matrimony

    They covered it in San Francisco last Sunday!
  13. Live from the Beacon Theatre in New York City, Paul, June and Jason discuss the 2002 comedy The Master of Disguise. They talk all things Pistachio Disguisey including the Turtle Club, constant farts, Italian accents, and what it means to be a master of disguise.
  14. HDTGM All-star Rob Huebel joins Paul, June and Jason to discuss the 2012 cult classic, Fateful Findings! Recorded live from the Moore theatre in Seattle, they talk about everything Neil Breen including soft curves, magic, tons of laptops, the salad scene and more.
  15. The Corrs each have small roles in this film! Andrea played Jimmy's oldest sister Sharon, while Caroline, Sharon and Jim Corr were background characters in this as well.