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  1. Live from the Beacon Theatre in New York City, Paul, June and Jason discuss the 2002 comedy The Master of Disguise. They talk all things Pistachio Disguisey including the Turtle Club, constant farts, Italian accents, and what it means to be a master of disguise.
  2. HDTGM All-star Rob Huebel joins Paul, June and Jason to discuss the 2012 cult classic, Fateful Findings! Recorded live from the Moore theatre in Seattle, they talk about everything Neil Breen including soft curves, magic, tons of laptops, the salad scene and more.
  3. The Corrs each have small roles in this film! Andrea played Jimmy's oldest sister Sharon, while Caroline, Sharon and Jim Corr were background characters in this as well.
  4. Bugsy Malone was week 22. Keep The Commitments!
  5. Don't forget Bugsy Malone, so it's now four!
  6. Live from The Beacon Theatre in New York City, Paul, June and Jason discuss the 2016 drama High Strung. They talk about violin bad boys, Jazzy's big breakdown, the dance teacher who broke his hips in a concentration camp, and more!
  7. What musical has CamBert picked for us to watch for next week?
  8. Double Dragon is your next movie.
  9. SlidePocket

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    Nope. The trailer even lists it as "Not based on the novel by Patricia Cornwell".
  10. SlidePocket

    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    You mean William Hurt.
  11. Recorded live from Washington, D.C., Paul, June and Jason discuss the 1993 erotic thriller Body of Evidence starring Madonna and Willem Dafoe. They talk about the sassiest judge of all time, the houseboat, the parking garage sex scene, and much more.
  12. SlidePocket

    The Flintstones (1994)

    Her character's name in that: Sharon Stone! Ten years later, the two of them would go on to be in Catwoman.
  13. SlidePocket

    Billionaire Boys Club (2018)

    The film that featured Kevin Spacey post-sexual harassment scandal certainly didn't help matters.
  14. SlidePocket

    Pacific Heights (1990)

    This was the year after Batman, so to see Michael Keaton go from hero to bad guy was what completely selled it.
  15. SlidePocket

    HDTGM All-Stars

    2 appearances: Barry Levinson - Toys, Disclosure