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  1. This fits with my theory of their being fake Italians. I now believe they have been faking it since his birth.
  2. So as June noted the Master of Disguise ... Clan? Business? Organization? Whatever they call themselves, is apparently made up of only men with no women in the Disguisey family using the Master of Disguise powers. So is it just because Mama married into the family ( I assume) and the powers of Disguise are genetic and Pistachio is an only child ? Or are the women in the family regardless of marrying into or being born in the family not allowed/cannot inherit the powers. If it's the latter case what happens if a generation is just girls? Are there no masters? Do they have to marry and their husbands become the masters? Do they just hope that they can crank out a male heir? Is this a Henry VIII situation waiting to happen?
  3. I feel like this describes the movie PERFECTLY "1000 faces and not a single clue" is exactly how I would describe this movie.
  4. Is this movie fixable/ saveable? Like I'm on board with the idea of a family who solves crime with the help of disguises. So is there a world where that bare bones idea works? Or is this just not possible?
  5. I'm going to shock you guys but... I don't think the Disguisey are really Italian! They CLAIM to be from Italy. HOWEVER their name ends in a Y! This is important because most Italian surnames end in a vowel, like Medici, Ferrero, or Brambilla. According to Wikipedia " A large number of Italian surnames end in i, due to the medieval Italian habit of identifying families by the name of the ancestors in the plural (which have an -i suffix in Italian). For instance, Filippo from the Ormanno family (gli Ormanni) would be called "signor Filippo degli Ormanni" ("Mr. Filippo of the Ormannos"). In time, the middle possessive portion ("of the") was dropped, but surnames became permanently pluralized and never referred to in the singular, even for a single person. Filippo Ormanno would therefore be known as Filippo Ormanni.[9] Some families, however, opted to retain the possessive portion of their surnames, for instance Lorenzo de' Medici literally means "Lorenzo of the Medici" (de' is a contraction of dei, also meaning "of the"; c.f. The Medicis). Some common suffixes indicate endearment (which may also become pluralized and receive an -i ending), for example: -ello/illo/etto/ino (diminutive "little"), e.g., Bernardello, Vettorello, Iannuccillo, Bortoletto, Bernardino, Ravellino, Verdino -one/ne (augmentative "big"), e.g., Mangione, Bellone, Capone, Pastene, Mantone, Vallone -accio/azzo/asso (pejorative[10]), e.g., Boccaccio, Terrazzo, Varasso" Also you could have an ending based on your region. The few areas where names often end in consonants are Sardinia ( apparently Sardinian is a unrelated Romance language that doesn't follow the same rules. ) , the North East (specifically Veneto and Friuli were brought up a lot on message boards . Apparently the latter is near Croatia and Slovenia and during the fascist regime names were "italiniated" with an ending i.), Names of Jewish descent ( often they were emigrants often). But those names tend to end in S, N, and ICH. S for Sardinia Like Piars, Marras, N for Veneto with Furlan, Brusadin, and for Friuli more Slavic names like Cosulich or Marinich. You get German sounding names in cities near the Austrian alps as well. However notice that not a single one of these kinds of names ends in a Y ! You want to know why?! BECAUSE ITALIAN LACKS THE LETTER Y!!!!!!! Italian has 21 letters in their alphabet and lacks J, K, W, X and Y motherfuckers! They are apparently present in loanwords , or words from other languages, and have their own pronunciation but aren't I'm the official alphabet. I'm telling you the Disguisey family are frauds! Why else would they live like extreme Italian stereotypes? To put people off the scent! It's just yet another layer of deceit! Could it have been the mistake of a careless person at Ellis island? Probably not. The myth of workers at Ellis island changing people's names is one that has been disprove n a bunch of times. Names were actually taken from ships manifests. They were most likely written in the person's country of origin and by someone who spoke the passengers language. Also interpreters were used if need be. The manifests were used to confirm the identity and then checked off. The only name change could happen if a person CHOSE IT. Also they had to do so BEFORE getting to Ellis island because it would be the name they put on the manifest! If course once in the country you could also easily drop your old identity if you wished. Therefore I believe that the "Disguisey" family went to Italy on purpose to flee and add a new layer of disguise to the family. What were they fleeing? A job gone wrong? An old enemy who was about to unmask them? Were they being kicked out of town for their flatulence? I demand answers!
  6. Do we think this is a better get than the Bratz movie she lost out on?
  7. Can you imagine being in a turtle suit processing 9/11? The mind reels
  8. I remember renting the vhs from the local video store as a kid. I think I liked it because I was a child and it was a movie. But was also deeply disappointed in what I was given? I know that I was mostly upset by the lack of Turtle work. I felt like the trailer promised me more of that nonsense than I got. I think that this was the first time I was let down by a movie and realized movies could be bad
  9. Honestly Breen is like a character from the show. I could see Nate playing a version of Breen for a con or them conning Breen. Someone please I beg you write me ridiculous fan fic where this movie is the result of a con . I mean it's basically a con on viewers as is
  10. I mean... Maybe those celebrities run a conspiracy. Maybe Breen with his amazing mind and hacking is the only true non corrupt actor!!! No but seriously he's like the misshapen vague dollar store version of Hutton if you kind of squint. It's the hair and the need to monologue.
  11. Or Timothy Hutton? ( I might still be slightly obsessed with Leverage)
  12. So I don't think that Emily was trying to get drugs from Boardroom , ( I assume he would write scripts for more of Dylan's meds?) Unless Dylan was on benzodiazepines like say Xanax or Valium she would not be getting a high off his medication. Trust me there's no rush from downing a Prozac or a Buspar. At most you get lucky with a Seroquel type and you get super sleepy. Anti depressants and anti psychotics while great for those of us who need them to function are never going to be the new it party drug. Now if you will excuse me I have to go chase the Cymbalta dragon!
  13. I think your right! I'm not sure if she would be allowed to speak to Boardroom Therapist if he hadn't signed anything though. Like if someone in my family tried to call my therapist to say they were concerned about me they probably could talk to the receptionist but that's it.
  14. Someone has had sex on camera on that couch and I'm only 25% positive it wasn't Neil Breen
  15. I thought that too! I was convinced that she hated her for being her step mom... Also for you know shooting her dad.