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  1. I misread that as Popping and I was seized with a fear that I would have to see another break dancing movie
  2. gigi-tastic

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    I just want to cheer on our actual Vice President from California Kamala Harris!
  3. gigi-tastic

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    They cheer her on!
  4. 100% I had the time of my life. When June had her earbud stuck in her earring I truly thought it was a Choice and was like "Wow what a visionary!". I loved it. Didn't *love* the event thing we used. The chat literally moved so fast it made me feel sick but what can I expect from my fellow Balcony Monsters?
  5. gigi-tastic

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    Whichever family member did Gabby's make up should be shot. She looked like a sweaty uncooked chicken breast half the time and a Time Square Elsa the rest. It was Rough.
  6. gigi-tastic

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    I also hated this motion picture
  7. gigi-tastic

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    So technically it would be legal for Gabby ( Gabbi?) To run for governor as California is one of the few states with an age requirement of only 18. HOWEVER in 2010 Proposition 14 passed which prohibits write in candidates in the general election. According to the Wikipedia " It was a constitutional amendment that effectively transformed California's non-Presidential elections from first-past-the-post to a nonpartisan blanket primary (similar to a two-round system). This had the unforeseen consequence of effectively eliminating third party candidates from the final ballots. " Therefore its my understanding that it would have been impossible for Gabby to have been elected as she was never a part of the primary and had no party. She would be seen as a write in candidate. Regardless wouldn't it just be seen as a typo? Why couldn't they have another emergency election ? I'm sure that could have happened as soon as she was decided the winning candidate.
  8. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 104 The Guest

    Well the fit is awful for starters. It looks like a costume out of a bag. At least Sister's (I absolutely did not learn anyone's name. They are Angry Matthew Crowley, Sad Dad, Xanax mom, Brother, and Sister to me) looked lie somewhat real clothing not something from Spirit Halloween. Or if it was a costume a better grade version you know? It literally still looks wrinkled from the bag.
  9. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 104 The Guest

    Is that not the traditional "Thank you for letting me stay in your home " gift? All the family's children get knives?
  10. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 104 The Guest

    Its dumb but I really liked the sister's diner outfit. I know that's weird but no diners near me have cute uniforms ( that probably itch and are awful but let me have the fantasy!) And frankly after years of tv and film telling me they would I feel a bit sad. I liked the color combo! Very peppy. Also sidenote on the topic if costumes no woman I know sleeps in underwear and thigh highs. That's... Not a thing. Sure sleep in underwear I guess but unless those are the socks you wore that day and you were exhausted and just passed out I don't know anyone who's rocking bedtime thigh highs. I myself now have a good sized collection of very cute (very pricey) pj sets. Because pandemic. Can I go outside? No but I cam wear shorts with beach dogs
  11. gigi-tastic

    Governor Gabbi -- Post-Movie Survey

    I resented this motion picture
  12. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 104 The Guest

    When I tried to volunteer at a school to tutor I had to ALWAYS sign in .They were very strict about that. I'm pretty sure in high school you had to be on a form to be able to pick us up in the daytime like if say I got sick and my grandma needed to come get me.
  13. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 104 The Guest

    1. I'm all for Downton Diddy now 2. How do you not know the QUEEN of Downton Abbey? if you only know one thing about the show know Violet!
  14. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 104 The Guest

    Look I'm just saying if Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham was here NONE of this tomfoolery would ever have happened ok?
  15. gigi-tastic

    Musical Mondays Week 104 The Guest

    I just started watching it... Caleb and Cousin Matthew fucked right?