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  1. gigi-tastic

    236 - THE GREAT WALL (Live)

    I don't know much about Chinese history . This actually isn't going to be very useful, I just wanted to show everyone one of my favorite pieces of art from my local museum ( The Flint Institute of Art). It's a Han dynasty model of a watchtower. It has tiny watchmen with crossbow, fish, ducks( geese?) .It would have been used as a funerary object to protect the deceased in the afterlife. I don't know why but I just love it. It doesn't photograph as well as it looks in person. Some of the figures look to be missing . In person you can see the fish on the bottom of the "lake" and I don't know... I just think it's neat. I chose this over the creepy painting of one of the Medici that follows you around the room I love or the fantastic tapestries, during an Art Appreciation class . We had to write about our favorite piece and I knew exactly what I was going to write about and I never do that. I just find this little tower fascinating. Long story short visit museums virtually right now and when you can go see your local ones!
  2. gigi-tastic

    236 - THE GREAT WALL (Live)

    From what little I know of dragons in Chinese myth dragons are auspicious. I know that the emperor of China is traditionally associated with dragons.
  3. I mean... I love dogs and knowing bees sense royalty? But I also feel a very strong respect for two of what I feel are the top sapphic films of the 00's along with Bring It On and Cruel Intentions. Honestly every wlw I know who grew up in the late 90's early 2000's was very into Charlie's Angels, Bring It On, and Cruel Intentions. Oh and the Craft but that was,a separate thing. And then again... I literally own converse with the words Ni on them. This is very hard and very cruel.
  4. I honestly forgot today was Monday. Days have lost all meaning and I'm USED to being at home!
  5. gigi-tastic

    Episode 235.5 - Prequel to Episode 236

    I feel like I should put in a request for an Emotional Support June. Also birds remember being dinosaurs and are PISSED. Her fear is valid.
  6. gigi-tastic

    Episode 235.5 - Prequel to Episode 236

    I agree. I cannot handle horror films or anything really dark because I get vivid nightmares. It's always been something that deeply upsets me. I just cannot do it. I once tried to watch an episode of Torchwood with a friend that involved a space manatee thing being used for meat while still alive and my mom had to force me to stop watching because I was sobbing so hard. So even though I really wanted to watch a show that a friend had introduced to me I just had to put my mental wellbeing above our bonding moment. Thankfully she understood and was more than happy to skip that episode. As a general rule if you know that someone can't handle something it's ok to do things separately or picking another option that you both would enjoy.
  7. gigi-tastic

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    As you know @taylor anne photo and I have been rooting for Queen of the Damned to finally get it's due and take it's rightful place in the HGTM Pantheon. Apparently Averly has deemed it not HGTM material according to Paul. I disagree and think that it would be much better than this film. I'm not sure if it's because of Aaliyah's untimely death or if she truly doesn't understand the joy of it's silliness. I think we would have had at *least* two pages on the fashions alone. But I digress. I personally just don't understand why they picked the 5th movie in a series where there's some pretty serious backstory involved. It's hard to talk about a film if you can't understand the context. I honestly don't know if it's even fair to mock some of the stuff because while it's a bonkers film I feel like some of the bonkers stuff would make sense if we knew the backstory. I get that the films and the stories they tell might be dumb but in the context of those stories they make a kind of sense. So It does feel kind of weird that we are dissecting this when we have no understanding of the world or background of this series. Yes this film should be accessible to people, and again this movie is bonkers, but a part of me does wonder if we had covered say movie number one or another self contained movie like I, Frankenstein (or my beloved QotD) would we have a better discussion about the movie and understand it more? Is it fair to go after this movie for things we don't understand when it clearly has a complex worldbuilding and story arc over movies?
  8. gigi-tastic

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    You want to talk about vampires (slayers)?? Two words: BIANCA LAWSON! She played teenagers in tv for 20 YEARS. The woman has not aged. At 18 playing Kendra on Buffy so I want to say 97 /98? Now the vampires walk among us and they have fantastic skin!!!
  9. gigi-tastic

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    I think it's because they are now a part of the show? Like it's become a *thing* to ask their opinions?
  10. gigi-tastic

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    Ok so I looked into the last movie apparently the facility that Selene's daughter grew up in was NOT actually run by humans but by Lycans masquerading as humans trying to make super Lycans and they are using Eve to do so??? I think that the best part is the company is called Antigen . An antigen is a harmful substance like the cold virus, that enters the body and makes it produce an immune response. In a way I guess you could call the vamperism/ Lycanism that Eve carries that makes her a hybrid a form of an antigen? In the movie when she , her mother, and some other random vampire named David( I think he's new to this movie?) get attacked by sickly Lycans her hybrid traits are activated much like the body's immune system would be to a threat. If this company succeeded in building super Lycans ( getting real tired of pretending that's a word) they too would have to have their body's undergo a similar situation. Or you could look at it as this company infecting society ... Whatever. I'm over thinking this but what else do I have to do?!
  11. gigi-tastic

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    I'm starting to question why you know so many of these songs. I don't mind because I love a pin but I'm starting to question how big Creed fan you are
  12. gigi-tastic

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    Isn't that already a thing in the cartoon Gargoyles? Or am I not remembering Gargoyles right? Remember the episode where they talk about gun safety by having the cop lady ( whose name escapes me but I really want to call Carmen?) get straight up SHOT?! Gargoyles went harder than any children's cartoon I can remember.
  13. gigi-tastic

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    Well I for one am glad that Paul's mom enjoys Madame Secretary. Truly the more I learn about her the more I am fascinated by this enigma of a person.
  14. gigi-tastic

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    From what I remember of the 4th movie it's all about how humans have discovered lycans and vampires and hunted them to near extinction. Selene who has been in some kind of coma(?? )wakes up in like a government facility and keeps seeing things from another person's perspective and she thinks it's Michael but it turns out to be her daughter who has been like raised / experimented on in this government facility? They end up escaping a bunch of shit I assume but honestly can't remember. These movies are wild. I'm pretty sure I watched this while sick at home high on Nyquil as you should
  15. gigi-tastic

    We need to start a coronavirus movie group

    I really recommend the show The Detour. It stars Jason Jones and is co produced by him and his wife the always amazing Samantha Bee ( I love their love. They met in an unauthorized production of a Sailor Moon play! ) it's fucking hilarious and the first season deals with maybe deadly hand sanitizer?