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  1. Quasar Sniffer

    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    The more I think about it, the more I like it. Ewan is, of course, amazing in the film, but one thing I really liked is casting Henry fucking Thomas to act opposite Danny Torrence. I know he's a frequent collaborator of Flanagan's (Haunting of Hill House is magnificent horror storytelling), but it just seems so perfect to have the "kid from ET" to play the ghost version of the father of the other most famous child role of the last 40 years.
  2. A bit, but WAY more out there. I mean, Tom Cruise is an elf and Tim Curry is...
  3. YESSSS! The best musical starring one if the universally accepted "nicest guys" in Hollywood... that is about a real-life absolute fucking monster. I look forward to revisiting it.
  4. Please please do. It's the height of "80s fantasy bullshit that made no money but kept getting made anyway." Fucking Ridley Scott directed it. I LOVE IT.
  5. That makes sense, especially with a character like Eddie, who is undeniably a victim, but is also described as a psychopath who might be better off dead anyway.
  6. I agree that Frank's a charismatic villain, but their position to the characters they oppose are the subjects of mockery and derision, people who need changed. Brad and Janet are repressed (sexually, socially, etc.) squares, Doctor Scott is conspiratorial and duplicitous, and Riff Raff and Magenta are opportunists who are quick to murder Frank when an opening presents itself. So if Frank is the villain, who is the hero? I know Brad is labeled as "A Hero," but that is almost certainly sarcastic.
  7. I also sort of resent this movie for usurping camp and the midnight movie in general. Maybe not so much anymore, but the fandom for Rocky Horror really did bring out this sort of sneering irony to midnight movies. So the Forbidden Planets, the Curse/Night of the Demons that were referenced in the song "Science Fiction" were now objects of derision and mockery. Midnight movies are now places where we throw spoons, not to be genuinely entertained or, God forbid, moved emotionally. That's not the film's fault, but it became part of the phenomenon. Jacques Tourneur was now silly because his movies had no ironic distance, because those kind of films DIDN'T turn the idea of aliens or the supernatural into a camp joke.
  8. My concern with the movie is not really about trans representation. I think language has changed so much since the movie came out, we didn't have the words to really explain a gender and sexuality-fluid character in 1978, so Frank had to sing a song about it. Unfortunate that the backstory for Frank is that they are a LITERAL ALIEN and not just a person that is not all man or all woman, and attracted to both. My problem with the film is that Frank is so determined to get their rocks off, that Rocky is a being created for the sole purpose of getting fucked. Rocky is created with the mind of a child, designed to be nothing but the sex toy for this mad scientist. Not only that, Frank sneaks into both Brad and Janet's rooms, pretending to be the other's fiance, and they molests them until they like it. If we're going to call scenes like James Bond kissing Pussy Galore until she's not a lesbian in 'Goldfinger' a rape (it is), then I think we have to come to terms with what Frank does here. I know this movie is about sexual liberation and personal freedom, buy Frank is FORCING their sexual politics on Brad, Janet, and Rocky, the latter a creature Frank is responsible for bringing into the world. It's pretty gross. Charles Grey is my favorite character.
  9. Quasar Sniffer

    Episode 223.5 - Minisode 223.5

    Even though none of my comments have been plagiarised (I know I haven't been posting much in the show threads), I do take that sort of thing pretty seriously. Last year, some of my comments (of a more weighty topic) were read uncredited on a podcast that I greatly admired, so I had the unenviable task of contacting the show and saying "hey... the show is great... but those are my words." The host immediately apologized profusely, other people from the show reached out to me, and I ended up guesting on the show. So they took it very seriously and demonstrated that what I had to say mattered, and that meant a lot. So for HDTGM or random callers in their cars to use someone's words as their own really irks me. The people who post here have both brilliant and hilarious insights. They deserve to be recognized. With all that said, I am really looking forward to hearing The Gang discuss Starcrash and The Visitor. Those movies are fonts of bonkers cinema!
  10. Quasar Sniffer

    Shameless Promotion of Self

    Why, thank you Cameron!
  11. Quasar Sniffer

    Shameless Promotion of Self

    More stuff: So Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has been my favorite entry in the Indiana Jones franchise since I was a kid, as well as being one of my all-time favorite movies. Ever since Raiders of the Lost Ark was covered on Unspooled, as well as listening to the Matts Gorley and Mira debate the series on James Bonding, I've been putting some serious thought into why I hold it in such high regard. This essay is the ultimate result of all that pondering. Enjoy if you so choose! https://www.film89.co.uk/indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade-1989/
  12. Quasar Sniffer

    Musical Mondays Week 75 Fear of a Black Hat

    @Cinco DeNio I echo the "get well soon" sentiments. I'm sorry you've had to go through these ongoing medical issues, but I sincerely hope you get back to fighting shape soon!
  13. Quasar Sniffer

    Ad Astra

    I wouldn't describe it as bonkers, but it IS a gorgeous film with a great performance by Pitt. I think it does have some problems with character motivation and some of the voiceover is unnecessary and too on-the-nose for my taste, but it was just so wonderful seeing a heartfelt, adult science fiction film being made in 2019.
  14. Quasar Sniffer

    Musical Mondays Week 75 Fear of a Black Hat

    There were so many sections and bits from this movie that were so dead-on, and the music was so good, my jaw was on the floor. Other times, like I mentioned in my Letterboxd review, there is only so much parody of the misogyny and homophobia in hip hop culture of the time you can do before it becomes just that. Show nearly naked butts as you sing about wanting to put your penis inside it isn't making fun of it, it just is that thing. We are what we pretend to be. Ultimately though, the movie is just too entertaining to be denied, and really feels like a proper skewering of rap and hip hop tropes. This is the era of hip hop that I have listened to the most, so maybe those tropes are just imbedded in my brain, with easy access for these jokes. The cast is wonderful, the performances are note-perfect, and there are one-liners galore (even if some are big ol' duds). I had never heard of this movie before watching it for Musical Mondays, but I am very glad I did. Thanks for introducing me to it!
  15. Quasar Sniffer

    Shameless Promotion of Self

    Hey all! I recently made my third appearance on the Film 89 podcast, and I am pretty proud of the result (mostly because I got to talk with two rather accomplished gentlemen about a topic I like very much). We discuss the 1959 Howard Hawks classic Rio Bravo, then pivot in to discussing horror films. My first two appearances on Film 89 were on Apocalypse Now and Star Trek the Motion Picture, so with this episode, I'm channeling some hefty Dad Energy, even if I'm a single dude. Anyway, podcasting with these guys was super fun and I love movies so I wanted to share it with you all. Thanks! https://www.film89.co.uk/the-film-89-podcast-episode-34-rio-bravo-1959-horror-film-special/