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  1. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 245.5 - Prequel to Episode 246

    "I might have been able to build a drone with an Uzi attached. And I could've hired a costume designer who knows how to sew buttons straight on a flight attendant outfit."
  2. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 245.5 - Prequel to Episode 246

    I also like how A-Law is all like "Nah, I didn't really care about Money Plane. It's not like it was this big idea of mine that I would think about at night and have visualized in my dreams since I was a wee tyke. It was just this thing, this goof, this throw-away idea that I didn't really care about" -- as he no doubt held back tears as everyone took the piss out of his passion project.
  3. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    AMAZING COINCIDENCE ALERT! So, Adam Copeland wrestles under the ringname "Edge." Katrina Norman is originally a dancer who, according to her wikipedia page, trained "with the industry's top choreographers at the renowned EDGE [sic] Performing Arts Center." There ... that's all I have.
  4. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    I think they are wearing ponchos, though ... you can see them when they enter screen from behind McGillicuddy ... they just needed face shields, too, I guess.
  5. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    Or even like the audience at a game of Russian Roulette
  6. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    If it were "Harry the Dirty Dog" he would've said, "It would be better to steal the candy and bury it in the backyard." Or if it were "The Hungry Caterpillar" it would've been "yeah, fuck, eat the whole lot -- you'll be a butterfly by tomorrow anyway." Does he go through movements with his art? Does he have a hollow-point collection, and a series done with shotguns?
  7. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    So, there's that scene where Edge-Bun is reading to his daughter, who asks if it's okay to steal from bad people and says she's going to steal another girl's candy. To which Edge-Bun replies "but if you ate it all yourself, you'd get sick, so it's better to share it." And that's supposed to be what makes him moral. But a more accurate analogy for what he actually ends up doing would've been "so it's better to steal the candy and then flush it down the toilet." Which would make him ... I dunno, the Joker?
  8. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    Or it could be like that Banksy painting that was set up to shred once it was bought. The damage actually increases the value.
  9. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    So, no one is going to mention how Bella Voltiac pulls a Derringer out of her vagina when going through the metal detector?
  10. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    When you consider that this movie was made under social distancing guidelines, it makes sense that there are only 15 people in the cast. So, when you peel an entire banana and find a bad spot, what do you do then -- throw the whole thing away? Because you can discover bad bits while peeling slowly as you go. I hope you at least make a mean pudding.
  11. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    Fezziwig Incidentally ... in Rocky, at one point you can see Rocky and Adrienne sitting around watching A Christmas Carol on TV.
  12. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    Speaking as one who lives in the American south, cold showers are a major part of my plan for getting through the next few months. Of course, lots of folks down here are total sociopaths, so ... But if, in that moment, Kaz needs to jump in the shower to suppress a lust demon, might it also be the case that the demon also just wants to take a really cold shower? If I were a demonic incarnation of carnal hunger given corporeal human form and suddenly I discovered what it meant to be cold, I would find that especially gratifying. Perhaps even sexually gratifying, since I am a lust demon and all. Kinda like when Dick from 3rd Planet From the Sun took a drag from a cigarette and said he could feel his lungs for the first time.
  13. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    What you're saying is that if Kaz actually came, he might have gone from Asmodeus to Belphegor?
  14. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    I don't think anyone mentioned that a "gris-gris" (pronounced "gree-gree" like Sonia's sister Miguela's store) is actually a word that refers to a charm or talisman that is meant to ward off evil spirits. Maybe this is some oblique rationale for why Miguela survives her attack from the Mangler? Or maybe, considering her sister is psychic, she has some sort of familial passport to the spirit realm and is able to resist somehow? Or maybe the writers of the movie just had a list of cool sounding spiritual-esque words and picked one at random for the name of the store. Either way, just a little trivium for you.
  15. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 243.5 - Prequel to Episode 244

    Another good one. BTW, the Harley Quinn cartoon that they talk about is really good, too. It's on SyFy, which I don't know if they mention.