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  1. What Were They Thinking

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    Still, no Swordfish, bros. Do we need to #releasethesnydercut this?
  2. What Were They Thinking

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    It's just weird now that their last episode and the upcoming one were very recent live shows and they haven't released the ones from last year yet.
  3. What Were They Thinking

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    I know I posted a while ago about the same thing but now it's been such a long time and still no sign of the Swordfish or Van Helsing episodes from ages ago. I really hope we're not headed for another Valerian behind the paywall situation.
  4. What Were They Thinking

    Gleaming the Cube (1989)

    Premium Rush is legit great.
  5. What Were They Thinking

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    Gotcha. I was just wondering because I only recently joined the forums but have been listening for a long time. Just didn't know if this was an unusual thing to happen.
  6. What Were They Thinking

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    There are still live shows recorded quite a while ago that haven't gone up yet, right? I remember hearing that they did Swordfish, Van Helsing and (recently) Perfect Stranger. Am I missing any? Just surprised they're not up yet. I hope nothing went wrong during the recordings!
  7. What Were They Thinking

    Episode 198 - Look Who’s Talking Too: LIVE!

    This part definitely stood out to me... Before Julie is even born and when Mikey has his dream sequence about how he's going to be a good big brother to her, how in the world does he know what Julie will look like? Unless Mikey is sneaking up into the womb and taking a gander at the baby, I doubt he would know exactly what she looks like...
  8. What Were They Thinking

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    I'm not gonna lie. I enjoyed this one. It was stupid and really self-indulgent but it was a good-bad movie for me all the way. Oh by the way, hi. I've been listening for a long time but just started posting here now. These guys inspired me to start a bad movie podcast of my own (aka my username, link's in my profile) so I'm a huge fan!