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Whoever just farted on zoom

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  1. I can't wait for covid to be over so I can pull down this mask and raw dog the fuck out of the air
  2. Whoever just farted on zoom

    You say tomato, I say kegel ball

    You say tomato, I say kegel ball
  3. Sometimes you just have to look back on your life and think "man, I really wish I hadn't put my dick in that watermelon"
  4. I'm an alternative architect, I can prove it inside. I'll build the eiffel tower out of me, your mom, Jekyll, then Hyde
  5. Excuse me, I've been shopping for a new pocket pussy but I was wondering if I could have your pizza pocket instead, it's making daddy feel all sorts of ways
  6. I picked a pack of wild peckers playing in the park, but they said they'd only peg me if I came back after dark
  7. Mirror mirror on the wall, why's my dick so God damn small?
  8. Riddle me this, riddle me that, why did my peen go splat splat splat?
  9. For a quarter, I'll court her. For a dime, I'll rhyme. But give me some nickels and I'll tickle some pickles.
  10. Hampax hampax, on the wall. Who's shorts did I rip, if you recall?
  11. Whoever just farted on zoom

    (Insert mediocre midweek catchphrase here)

    (Insert mediocre midweek catchphrase here) ScottsPoopyDrawers
  12. Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me thrice with pubic lice ScottsPoopyDrawers
  13. Do me fast, do me hard, do me like Jean Luc Picard ScottsPoopyDrawers
  14. Marscapone, Mark Maron, slap me with your lovers bone ScottsPoopyDrawers
  15. As a horticulture student, this is straight gold. I'd like it more if it ended with 'consult a library near you' though