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    Trailer Talk

    Jason made fun of us on the show for talking about the Rogue One trailer so why not just consolidate all of our talk and dedicate an entire thread topic to talkin' trailers. Beauty and the Beast just came out today and holy bananas, Batman, I AM SO EXCITED! I don't give a fuck if it's a CGI mess, if it's a literal shot for shot remake, or if the acting is terrible. I will be there for Thursday night previews on the verge of tears because this story means that much to me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvW_L8sTu5E Oh also today I actually saw a guy write the words "...they really should have casted someone easier on the eyes" in regards to Emma Watson as Belle. And yes it was a serious statement.
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    Episode 246.5 - Prequel to Episode 247

    I knew 5 minutes in why this was chosen for HDTGM. But I love everything Michiel Huisman does anyway so 5 stars. I hope Jason calls him Daario the whole time.
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    Episode 241: Ninja III: The Domination

    Just because I think right now correct statistics are super important when discussing these topics I looked this up and according to the 2010 US Census Hispanic/Latinx Americans make up 16.3% while Black/African Americans make up 12.6% of the population. While we may be splitting hairs, those few percentage numbers actually do make up a lot of individuals and are important to factor in. Also looked up what they expect to be reported this year and the Census is expecting it to be reported as 13.4%. Also not criticizing - only think stats are important lol! Also didn't see this movie, but I really appreciate how vocal June and Paul have been on this subject. Please consider looking up your local bail funds because many protestors are being arrested without even being read their rights (happened here in Dallas) and shit is just getting insane.
  4. I reread mine and see how it could be misconstrued. I'm very upset by the choices made regarding these two movies lol.
  5. it's 100,000,0000,0000,000x better
  6. I think you're misunderstanding which one Avaryl vetoed... She vetoed Queen of the Damned, despite Paul telling me he expressed interest in doing it. She never has put a stop to this Transformers nightmare.
  7. He said Avaryl vetoed the choice It's one of those bits that started off funny for me and has gone on long enough that it lost its humor. If they keep doing it maybe it'll get funny again, but who knows how long we'd have to endure it before it got funny again.
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    Musical Mondays Week 92 Mamma Mia!

    Pierce Brosnan is quoted as saying he saw Meryl had already signed on and went ahead and did it without actually knowing wtf he was signing up for lol.
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    Musical Mondays Week 92 Mamma Mia!

    Honestly thank god. I couldn't handle being lied to like that right now.
  11. taylor anne photo

    Musical Mondays Week 92 Mamma Mia!

    I used to haaaaate this movie. I grew up as, and still am, a giant ABBA fan, and I thought this movie was a spit in the face of ABBA's discography. We went to see this on the West End on a choir trip to London literally ONE MONTH before this movie came out, and I was furious with the entire endeavor. Now I will say after having seen this on stage the movie does a lot of good for the concept. Actually filming in Greece (I assume or at least just in a visibly similar area) really makes this thing come alive in a great way. But I still think creating some story around the ABBA songs is a terrible idea. A lot of these songs make no fucking sense when you really think about them any deeper. BUT THEY STILL SLAP! I softened over the years and when I saw Here We Go Again I kinda fell in love with it finally??? Maybe it's just truly my love of the actors chosen for the past scenes. Maybe it's my love for Cher. Speaking of - y'all gotta listen to Cher's ABBA album cause it's just as amazing. Idk what it was but I literally cried at the end and became obsessed with Lily James in even more ways.
  12. It's also on Hulu according to the interwebs but I would not be surprised if they were lying liars who lie, because I've had some major issues with things not being on Hulu lately (looking at you The Great Wall...)
  13. I'm also so in love with Lily James that I think she can do no wrong. Also, Cameron, you never even got to Cher. That's worth literally everything.
  14. The sequel is amazing and I'm already refusing to acknowledge this opinion
  15. Like legit this is so good I can't tell if it's a normal joke or you're actually using such a well placed joke to tell me it's been done lol
  16. I am admitting that I have lost all track of what's been done so my apologies if this has been covered recently. Also I had a hard time picking because there's so many things I want us to talk about but it's impossible to narrow them down. Ultimately I think it's time to talk about... Feel free to watch the sequel as well, because I certainly will.
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    Episode 236.5 — Prequel to Episode 237

    Dammit of course the moment they decide to release Valerian I now can't find it on any of the streaming services I pay for. It has been staring me down for months and I hate watching bad movies unless I know I'm going to listen to the podcast that same week .
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    Episode 226 - Body of Evidence: LIVE!

    This is good to know, cause I was also curious about this. I gotta support my One True Love, Michiel Huisman however I can lmao.
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    We need to start a coronavirus movie group

    I'm waiting in anticipation to be allowed to work from home until further notice (which honestly every company that has this ability should be fucking doing it) and I keep thinking "maybe now I can actually watch The Witcher!"
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    Episode 233.5 — Minisode 233.5

    Okay now I'm going into why I'm so fucking pissed about all of this.
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    Musical Mondays Week 87 Titanic: The Legend Goes On

    THIS MOVIE IS INSANE WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?! I tried to rewatch it because unlike gigi it was not as fresh on my mind and if my memory is correct I saw The Room, Titanic II, and this all in the same weekend in 2012, so I literally blocked everything except the Dog Rap out of my brain. But as I tried to rewatch I was struck by that first scene of the ship sinking how they just reused the same animation over and over as new things happened to the ship. It was too hard to watch that stupid girl's face go through the same surprise multiple times.
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    Musical Mondays Week 87 Preview (gigi-tastic's Pick)

    It only takes 10 minutes for the dog to start rapping. At least I can confirm I have already seen this movie?
  23. taylor anne photo

    Musical Mondays Week 87 Preview (gigi-tastic's Pick)

    Cam Bert knows what's up