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  1. I remember Duckman so why can’t I remember king chicken?
  2. FTFY - I kind of brought it up earlier, but I really hate seeing Frank get killed off even though he is the villain because of that Question for the group - what are your favorite Tim Curry performances/characters? I think mine is Wadsworth from Clue.
  3. I haven’t seen it - haven’t seen it on any free streaming sites yet. But yes, I would also want to see it for Laverne Cox.
  4. Yes...the tv version starring Laverne Cox and directed by the guy who did High School Musical. I dunno, I’ve always felt the deaths at the end were out of place. Don’t these aliens believe in due process?!
  5. I’ve seen this a few times and have always wondered why exactly Riffraff and Magenta kill Frank at the end? Has anyone seen the remake?
  6. I would like to see an AvPvF. I wanna see if she can out-jog them all.
  7. Yaaaaaas, bring him to the dark side
  8. Not once did the green baize vampire mention a soggy bottom
  9. I watched with captions and it didn’t help me. Like I knew they were speaking English, but I couldn’t understand what they were talking about.
  10. Let’s face it, the best Blur work is Gorillaz, am I right folks?
  11. What do you mean, "pot" a ball? Re: powers, so was he or was he not a vampire? Do vampires have telekinesis? Why did he "freeze" during his interview? What the heck is this movie?
  12. Are you sick of vampires yet? Too bad, cuz we're watching the movie the BFI called "undoubtedly the only vampire snooker musical in cinema history"...