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  1. Are you sick of vampires yet? Too bad, cuz we're watching the movie the BFI called "undoubtedly the only vampire snooker musical in cinema history"...
  2. tomspanks

    Musical Mondays Week 76 I Kissed a Vampire

    But didn't he at one point get fixated on her neck as if to bite? Granted, he stopped himself in time, but maybe he was afraid he wouldn't be able to once he turned full vampire? Speaking of which, how come Sara didn't want to bite his neck, especially if she was turning into a vampire faster?
  3. tomspanks

    Musical Mondays Week 76 I Kissed a Vampire

    Re: "the girl next door" song, the title is "Forbidden Planet" for some reason? And in the song, Sara spends most of the time saying she's not the girl next door, although she was literally the girl next door?
  4. tomspanks

    Musical Mondays Week 76 I Kissed a Vampire

    Apparently she was a parapsychologist according to her office door? But I think she was more qualified than the dentist, who identified the pointy teeth as incisors even though they were canines. A dentist not knowing the difference between incisors and canines was one of the most unbelievable things in the movie tbh.
  5. tomspanks

    Musical Mondays Week 76 I Kissed a Vampire

    Wasn't it weird how they totally breezed over the part how Dylan became a vampire? Usually that part is given more attention in any vampire movie, no? I actually had to rewind because I completely missed it the first time around (yes, I started zoning out early).
  6. tomspanks

    HDTGM Classics Resurrection!

    @PollyDarton I read some stuff on the internet that there have been some log-in issues with Kast like passwords or activation codes being sent to randoms - have you encountered any issues?
  7. tomspanks

    Musical Mondays Week 76 I Kissed a Vampire

    Coincidence that one of the producers had the same last name as the lead actress? Anyway, the actress is now some kind of herpetologist or snake enthusiast on Instagram. Cool pics though.
  8. Serious question - is this a real movie?
  9. Omg it's Ryan from High School Musical
  10. tomspanks

    Musical Mondays Week 72 Man of La Mancha

    I can’t say I’m surprised lol
  11. tomspanks

    Musical Mondays Week 72 Man of La Mancha

    I really enjoyed this from the music (add me to the list of people who didn't know The Impossible Dream was from this musical), to the set, to the quippy one-liners, to Peter O' Toole's physical comedy. Ngl, I teared up a little at the end. Re: the gang rape. You could interpret it as being a necessary scene to show the differences between the brutal reality of Aldonza's life and Don Quixote's perception of Dulcinea, but on the other hand, I don't know if they had to beat us over the head with it so much? But on the other other hand, maybe it's better that they didn't sugarcoat it? Anyhoo...did anyone else catch Sancho's line "hunger is the best gravy in the world"? It's kind of a throwaway line, but it stuck out to me because Spain doesn't do gravy as we know it. Apparently, the line in Spanish is "la mejor salsa del mundo es el hambre." Usually, if you see salsa on menus, it means "sauce." I mean, gravy is a type of sauce, but I feel like it's an odd translation choice, unless they meant this type of gravy...