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  1. I definitely will try to participate in discussion! But I don't think it'd be good to have me on the pick list! lol I totally agree with Cameron H.'s assessment.
  2. EternalSammich

    Musical Mondays Week 64 The Wicker Man

    This movie was so perfect for this time of year. I happened to watch both movies (original and remake) by coincidence. I definitely feel like the original version of the film feels more sensible than the remake. Edward Woodward's Sgt. Howie is more calm and ever so slowly builds to frustration. The original is full of songs, sexual energy and they go out of their way to explain their customs to Sgt. Howie. They give him ample opportunities to not go to the May Day festivities and of course he chooses to go. I do like religious juxtaposition of the original and how Sgt. Howie has his place now as a martyr for his beliefs. I also do like that Sgt. Howie gets to warn/curse Lord Summerisle that if the crops fail again, only Lord Summerisle would do as the next sacrifice. Anyway, great film.... and surprisingly musical. I forgot how much music was in the film.
  3. EternalSammich

    Musical Mondays - Week 14 - Phantom of the Paradise

    Um... I love Suspiria. It's worth a watch. Dario Argento's masterpiece. very stylized and colorful. Has the awesome Goblin soundtrack:
  4. OMG This was one of my I-kinda-want-to-pick-this-next movies. Cool!
  5. EternalSammich

    Episode 166.5 - Minisode 166.5

    I'm so excited for this, I think I've watched the trailer at least 4 times. I'm trying not to get too excited or at least have low expectations.
  6. EternalSammich

    Musical Mondays - Week 16 - Krush Groove (1985)

    I tried to watch this movie. I really did. I think I got about 25 minutes in and I kept getting distracted and losing interest. Then I kind of skipped around to see the Sbarro scene for that one song. Yeah.....
  7. EternalSammich

    Episode 166.5 - Minisode 166.5

    It's finally Chopping Mall!!! Finally!!!! I mean, I've seen it before, but I'll watch it again. CHOPPING MALL!!
  8. EternalSammich

    Musical Mondays Off-Week 15 (Joel_rosenbaum's Pick)

    Believe me, I'd love it if I could get her to watch the whole franchise, but either our schedules don't match up or she's reluctant. I did get her to watch a good number of the Hellraiser Franchise.
  9. EternalSammich

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    I don't know if anyone's talked about it, but has anyone seen the pilot for this upcoming show? (It's on Prime Video) Edit: Upcoming show that was first released August 18, 2016 .......
  10. EternalSammich

    Musical Mondays Off-Week 15 (Joel_rosenbaum's Pick)

    I do not get a headache from 3D. I do wear glasses! I kinda don't like 3d just because it doesn't seem worth it to watch most movies in 3D.
  11. EternalSammich

    Musical Mondays Off-Week 15 (Joel_rosenbaum's Pick)

    I've never seen this film.... but I am interested!!
  12. EternalSammich

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    I tried to skim a lot of the thread, but I fwasn't sure if the fact that TimeCop being based on a comic series was mentioned at all? Mike Richardson & Mark Verheiden wrote the comic and then Mark went on to write the screenplay. IDK I just find this interesting. I kind of want to hunt down those comics sometime. Some notes I forgot to mention earlier. At the start of the movie, those horses should've been swiss cheese after being shot at. Someone mentions "Carbon Testing" gold. Radiocarbon dating can't be done on inorganic material though, as far as I know. Can it be tested? Also wouldn't it not have time to age if it was just instantly brought back? I was amused at the safety precaution of using a seat belt, etc, and yet the car disappears right after they go through the time portal. I'm pretty impressed by how much everyone is into the time travel timelines, both the podcast and this forum. You guys are amazing. I definitely enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. I loved the Ron Silver melding together scene in particular.
  13. EternalSammich

    HDTGM Classics - Live "Posting" Group

    This is a really cool idea. I'm CST I usually don't work on Friday evenings so I hope we can do it. I also have not watched Burlesque.
  14. EternalSammich

    Episode 166 - Timecop: LIVE!

    He's wearing a vest, but I appreciate this post. I also appreciate that this video is almost a refresher on the film. JCVD is doing the splits over the counter and dodging that truck!!