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  1. Cockney Mackem

    EPISODE #223 - Disclosure (1994)

    Obviously too late for the minisode and the very constructive posts by fellow users about the wider issue of sexual harassment and assault. However, I read an interesting piece of trivia on IMDB that this was one of three major cinema releases in the early 90s to deal with the topic of sexual harassment. This one, which was about a woman being the harasser, Gross Misconduct which was about a woman falsifying a complaint, and Mamet's Oleanna which sort of showed both parties' sides of the story. I think if people tried to get their information about the issue in real life from how it's portrayed in these films, they might get the wrong idea.
  2. Cockney Mackem

    EPISODE #223 - Disclosure (1994)

    One of my very few claims to fame is that I appeared on L!ve TV performing stand-up comedy, which was broadcast straight after the topless darts. My act had to be cleared by Legal before it could be broadcast.
  3. Cockney Mackem


    Ken Russell's baffling, obscene, startlingly excessive, crazy crazy attempt to mash up classical music with his Rock Opera approach to Tommy. It's been mentioned in passing but never given a full recommendation. This article is just a tiny sample of the madness the film contains: https://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2013/feb/06/lisztomania-most-embarrassing-historical-film For those who thought Zardoz was not quite bonkers enough.
  4. Cockney Mackem

    Jewel of The Nile (1985)

    This needs a pod. They must have HURTLED into production of a sequel. Lewis Teague shows everyone what a good job Zemeckis did on the first one by doing an absolutely appalling job of this film. The music is like something from a low end 1980s arcade game. The special effects are dreadful. And apparently Sufi Muslims are magic druids?
  5. Cockney Mackem

    HDTGM movie defenders

    I would say Demolition Man. I think it's a legitimately entertaining film, and a lot of its satirical and comedic stuff lands pretty well. The central idea of the violent angry male archetypes 9f yesterday being a shock to the system of future society has pretty much come true.
  6. Cockney Mackem

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Drop Dead BetFred Phoebe Cates' id manifests as a person due to her wrestling with an addiction to online gambling on English lower league football matches
  7. Cockney Mackem

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Rik Mayall was a good looking fella
  8. Cockney Mackem

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Rik Mayall called it after they made it, when he said it was "too sentimental for over here [the UK] and too over-the-top for over there [the US]."
  9. Cockney Mackem

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    I would respectfully suggest that this is a bit of a stretch
  10. Cockney Mackem

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    I don't think the filmmakers put as much thought into it as you did. They just wanted to have a lot of this kind of thing: And put a touchy feely 90s ending on it.
  11. Cockney Mackem

    Episode 218.5 - Minisode 218.5

    Oh yeah he was HUGE over here. Not all that surprised that he's not known in the US because if the show doesn't cross the pond they don't get seen. SNL isn't really shown in the UK so I've lost count of the number of comedy actors I've seen show up in a film and think, they're new who's that and they're a household name on a par with Will Ferrell. So Rik Mayall was an absolute mainstay of British TV comedy for at least two decades: The Young Ones was huge in the UK in the early 80s, and the cast even had a number 1 hit single. The Comic Strip Presents... wasn't as widely seen but very influential and some big names got a break in their shows/films. He also had notable guest star appearances in three if the four seasons of Blackadder, as well as an iconic turn as a sleazy politician in The New Statesman (think House of Cards with dick jokes). And of course Bottom, which was especially violent and crude. Fun facts: he had a blink-and-you-miss it cameo in American Werewolf In London; and one of his Comic Strip appearances was as iconic bass player in Bad News, a spoof rockumentary which came out at the same time as Spinal Tap. They released an album, produced by Queen's Brian May, which includes a gloriously unlistenable cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.
  12. Cockney Mackem

    Episode 218.5 - Minisode 218.5

    A question for our American friends - how well known is Rik Mayall in the US? He's obviously a national treasure here in the UK, but wasn't sure how much exposure he's had across the pond
  13. Cockney Mackem

    Episode 218.5 - Minisode 218.5

    I have to admit I like it when someone commits to the bit. For example, there was an Irish comedian called Dave Allen, a genius who incidentally did some terrific sketches parodying films like the Exorcist. In his younger days he lost the tip of a finger in some sort of accident, but he would never say how he did it. His own son would ask like "Come on really, how did you do it?" and Dave would make up a different silly story every time. Eventually the great man died without ever telling his son how he did it, which his son loved because he committed to the gag to the very end
  14. Cockney Mackem

    Episode 218.5 - Minisode 218.5

    Surely this has to go on forever, where this fella keeps going but the gang never do a Transformers film...
  15. Cockney Mackem

    Episode 216 - Serenity: LIVE! (w/ Nick Kroll)

    If anyone would like to try a good version of this kind of thing, may I suggest a novel called Bedlam by Christopher Brookmyre?