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  1. My heart will go on and this movie will go on and on and on and on and on and on This week we watched...
  2. Cam Bert

    The Maddening (1996)

    I just watched this movie and never has a movie made me feel more uncomfortable. Swinging at the fences with heavy and hard subject matter is the most overacted melodramatic ways just makes it so awkward and terrible and perfect for this podcast.
  3. Cam Bert

    Episode 235 - Underworld: Blood Wars LIVE!

    I think I, Frankenstein would have been a better movie to go with because it is legit crazy. You are asking the same level of questions about that movie as the hosts are of this movie and the only difference is this movie's questions have been answered in the prior films. I, Frankenstein makes up tons of batshit lore on the spot and you just go with it. Also I watched all these movies no so long ago and my official ranking of the films is: 3 > 1 > 5 > 2 > the animated thing > 4. The forth movie is shit and I just remember not having fun with its level of crazy. I think, X-23ing Selene aside, the problem is the film makers took a side. So this series is basically Vampire vs Werewolf and the first film you get Selene and Scott Speedman who are the heroes of their factions. Neither one is better than the other and you can pick the side you like. Much like things like Warcraft, there is no "bad" side. Both sides have bad people but you are not a bad guy for choosing Horde over Alliance (in fact this is the only and right choice...) and you're not wrong for picking werewolf over vampire. However, as the films go on the Vampires you come to realize are kinda dicks. They basically hunt werewolves and use them as slaves. They keep them oppressed , deny them rights and privileges and for literally doing nothing wrong. It was after the third film that the producers had to look at the vampires and ask "Are we the baddies?" So the forth film really ramps up how evil the werewolves are and how they are doing all these horrible things hoping for a vampire genocide which then forces you into being like "Wow, werewolves are evil I guess I'm team vamp." No! That's why the fifth film the conflict is among the vamps which seems to be the logical place to go, and better than rehashing the same story again.
  4. Didn't they explain that they were trying to get home to Mexico? So the first question is how did these mice get to England in the first place and then how are they getting back to Mexico from NY? That's the more interesting movie.
  5. So the detective guy, if only he said his name or had a catchphrase about his name, was clearly suppose to be Sherlock Holmes right? He had the deerstalker at the start and the pipe. Yet for some reason they decided to make him a New York gumshoe. Did they think that would be funnier in the dub or was it suppose to be that way?
  6. So my big question was did they give this movie to like three different animation studios so they could get it out faster? There are so many different styles and quality of animation. You have the cartoony people, the more realistic people and then the animals. There is no consistent style for any of them or any reason. If you were to tell me they took two separate movies about the cruise ships and tied them together by doing their own in house animated sequences I would 100% believe you.
  7. Cam Bert

    Episode 234 - Prelude To A Kiss

    So I was unable to find this movie online anywhere or to rent or buy reasonably BUT I did listen to the episode. Much like my fellow country men as a Canadian who happens to live in Japan I feel I must chime in on Molson's and Kirin. As far as my knowledge goes their is nothing literally linking these two combines. The first Japanese beer that was imported to America I believe was Sapporo beer in the early mid eighties. While Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo are all available in America more easily now, these beers are actually no longer imported. They are now manufactured and brewed in the United States. In 1996 Anheuser-Busch took over producing Kirin for the American market. In the early 2000s Coors and Molson merged with Coors, so the two brands don't even share a American based manufacture. However, what both these beers have in common is being the generic go to beer. As mentioned in Canada you have Molson's and Labatt's and those are the big two. No matter where you go in Canada you'll find them. They aren't the best but they are the go to standard lager beer. I don't think my grandparents every bought anything else. They had their one brand and they knew what they were getting and it was affordable. Similarly Japan you basically have Kirin or Asahi. Easily a good 95% of restaurants are going to have Kirin or Asahi. They are the big two and the standard go to lager beer. Yes there are other national brands like Sleeman's or Sapporo that you can get and aren't that rare but you have the classic big two. In that sense yes there is a spiritual connection between Molson's and Kirin, but no actual connection. For beer fans wanting to try a good Japanese beer that is often imported, see if you can track down Hitachino or Minoh beer(their stout is excellent). There are technically better ones but not sure of their availability.
  8. It seems as if somebody isn't familiar with Titanic 2
  9. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 86 Purple Rain

    So I've been having a lot of trouble find the MM and HDTGM movies of late so I'm late to the party with this. I mean I have nothing new to add and my review is the same as the rest, great music horrible everything else and I wanted more Morris Day and Jerome. However the movie made me feel gross and uncomfortable with just how aggressive and unapologetic it was towards women. I mean I guess it was the 80s and all but I think even 80 titty comedies have more respect and better treatment of women than this movie. What confuses me is Prince was this sex symbol and all this and yet he comes off as a horrible asshole. I guess we're suppose to forgive him because of his family situation, but really? We never really see him apologize or anything. I dunno. I get why the movie is so beloved it just bummed me out.
  10. How did the date work out? Should I watch as a date or alone?
  11. Cam Bert

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    Exactly! I mean that is great technology and who wouldn't want that. I mean regardless of your passion they could have somebody for you. Hit home runs like Babe Ruth, play hockey like Wayne Gretzky, box like Mike Tyson, draw like Jack Kirby, etc. no matter your interest they have a ball their where you could absorb their abilities for an hour and just use them however you like. That's something that people would keep coming back to again and again. Heck, I don't like car racing but if I could drive a formula one car for an hour like a pro, heck yea I would.
  12. Cam Bert

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    Can we talk about what a horrible business idea this whole plan is? So Danny DeVito wants to bring Michael Jordan to Moron Mountain (not a mountain by the way) where he will chain him up and kids can dunk on him at basketball. First, the aliens that go to Moron Mountain (I mean there isn't even a mountain on that planet) would have to be familiar with the game of basketball and on top of that know who Michael Jordan is. Imagine you go to a theme park and see a cricket pitch and told "Hey do you want to bowl against Sachin Tendulkar?" First question is, "what is cricket?" Okay, maybe you know the sport but even if you know of the sport the second question is "who is Sachin Tendulkar and why should I care?". All of it is meaningless and not going to pull people in unless it is something and someone they are familiar with. So let's say the people at Moron Mountain (there is no fake mountain in the park either) put up video monitors so as you wait in line to dunk on Michael you learn about the sport and why he was the greatest. Now you're over that hurdle you go through the gates to the attraction you see poor Michael chained up unable to move or play unencumbered, wouldn't you at this point feel a bit bad. Clearly it is set up for you to win and if you can beat a handicapped player where is the fun or challenge in that? So even if you decided that you want to go up against him if you know you're going to win every time and you know everybody that goes against him is going to win where is the fun or joy in doing it again or even winning? If Moron Mountain (maybe it's ironic that they are morons and thought they had a mountain) works like Disneyland in which the attractions are free with admission, this would quickly become an unpopular attraction and if you had to fee to play it like a carnival they aren't driving additional sales. Overall all not a great plan.
  13. Cam Bert

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    I see where you're coming from but I have to disagree a bit. The problem is more the studios latch on to something and then make it a commercial for them to make more money. I work with children and Wall-E is not something on their radar. It's a beautiful movie and I've shown it to kids and they loved it and there are Wall-E products but kids are not clamoring for those products. Most kids I work with have no idea who Wall-E is. That's not to say they then won't see the film and maybe want something with him. Movies like Wall-E, Brave, Remember Me, Moana, etc. the commercial products are a by product of a studio trying to make as much money as possible and not the driving cause of the creation of the film thus I wouldn't call them commercials. Kids I teach saw those movies and liked them, but didn't see any kid with that merchandise. I know it exists and maybe somebody got something but it was a movie first and if they can move some units then that's great. However, you know what like 40% of the kids I teach have? Cars. Cars the first one may have been created in an sincere attempt to make some art but every sequel that followed is a commercial for kids to buy their merch. Cars is second only to Star Wars in terms of merchandise sales. You know what is number three? Toy Story. Those movies have many sequels and not because they have stories to tell but because they make money off of merchandise. Again all the Toy Story sequels have messages and were worked on to be films but the only reason there are four of them is they make money in merchandising. Again, I work with children and maybe this is a Japan thing but they know these characters as that characters. They often don't realize they are from a movie or haven't seen the movie. Like a Hello Kitty! they are just a character slapped onto a shirt that you want because you like that image. So while a lot of animated kids films are commercials I wouldn't say almost all but the ones that are stick out a bit more.
  14. Baby we looked at you and we will tell you what we saw, We watched:
  15. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    Yes the auditions were my favourite bit, then the graduation. Ended and started high. It didn't occur to me until you mentioned it that they are suppose to be 14 at the start of the movie. That does change things.
  16. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    To me it's in that classic situation of "Didn't hate it, but won't rewatch it, but will listen to the soundtrack." I was far from hating it. It was a solid "like." I just wished I could have been more connected to the characters which I felt would have come from cutting back on characters as well. I could also see this movie working more for me if the style was more like a documentary like the audition section at the beginning.
  17. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    I agree. There are small moments that just kinda flesh out what life in the school was like. There are a few highlighted extras that you see in scenes, but we never get more from them than that kind of slice of life. Those moments are great and add more to the kind of documentary feel. I just think back to the scene in which Coco gets a ride home from Bruno's dad. She pretends to live in a nice apartment to secretly take the subway.So she's ashamed of where she's from but it's not like Bruno was a rich kid or anything. Yes he had all that electronic equipment but his dad is a cab driver. Then I started thinking about "Oh, does she not want him to know where she lives because he likes her." Which again, she seemed to be vibing with him at the piano. Then none of it matters because there is not resolution to it any of it. It got me thinking "Oh, is that suppose to be a slice of life scene?" If it was it just seemed to be odd those were the characters chosen to make that point.
  18. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    I'm sure this will only be interesting to a few of you so bare with me. Look we all like music, some of us more than others, and we all have genres of music we like. While I have a strong and healthy love of jazz, my biggest musical love will always be electronica. My favourite band is Daft Punk with probably Devo coming in second. This recent trend of ambient music and synthwave has delighted me greatly. All discussions for another time. Bruno is a up and coming electronic musician and sees technology as the future of music. So much so he gets into an argument with his teacher over it arguing that if Mozart was around he'd go electronic. I'm not sure if the writer of the film knew this or not but there was a Japanese man that had a similar thought as well. Tomita Isao better know as TOMITA was an early pioneer of electronic music and the album that really put him on the map was Snowflakes Are Dancing which was an electronic rearrangement of Debussy's music. Later he would make many more "science-fiction symphonies" by adding spacey elements into his rearrangements of other classic musicians most notably him doing a space up version of Holst's The Planets. While who's to say if Mozart was around these modern times if he would stick to classic full orchestras or do it all with technology, I think it is fun to listen to what could have been.
  19. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    Yes! When Leroy asks about the teacher and they say she's at the hospital because her husband is very sick and he goes there you think "Oh, I know they've been butting heads these four years but maybe he does actually respect her." Nope, immediately into the exact same scene they've been having for the last four years! He didn't come to tell her that he actually like Othello or anything just a repeat of the same scene.
  20. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    Predictions for who actually ends up successful? I think Montgomery becomes a success but not acting rather directing or something like that. Bruno eventually gets there but not for awhile. Once computers become more mainstream he starts music there. Again maybe producing more than anything. The real success story is that girl with the OJ Simpson impersonation.
  21. Cam Bert

    Musical Mondays Week 84 Fame

    So when the movie was done I was left with the question, "Did I enjoy that?" It's been a day and I'm still not sure I know the answer to it. I know it wasn't bad but I'm not sure if I enjoyed it or not. I think that's largely due to the movie jumping between all the characters. They wanted to show you all these different students and their stories and their lives but at a certain point this movie becomes the Ralph, Doris, and Montgomery story. Their story takes up most of the running time. The only problem with that is because you spend so much time with them we just kinda drop in on the other kids at their most dramatic. The other students don't really seem to have any clear end or middle or beginning to their stories. The closest to a full story outside of the main three is Doris. She shows up and states her intention to sleep with Leroy. she sleeps with him, she gets an abortion. Yet you have Bruno and Coco and their thing that goes nowhere, and it end of Coco being sexually assaulted. I get it because "these things" happen but next thing you know she's happy at graduation. It's just weird. Also there is electronic music at graduation so I guess Bruno won in his struggle with the teacher again this storyline just kinda left unresolved. Part of me wishes we saw more of everybody else or at least show us less and focus more on the core three. This sort of imbalance left me just a bit confused and frustrated.
  22. Cam Bert

    Prequel to Episode 232

    Thanks! I'm one of those people that doesn't use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. so I would have missed it.
  23. So this is a minor thing but I think the Bo Derek costume was a bad idea. The opening scene reads "Palermo 1979" and you have Bo Derek dressed as her character in 10. Prior to 10 Bo Derek was in one movie, Orca, so she was a virtual unknown at the time. 10 did break her big into the public consciousness but 10 came out in October of 1979. Based on my research while I couldn't find an exact date for Italy most European countries didn't even get the movie 10 until February of the following year. Running around as Bo Derek from the movie would have been the same as running around as a generic beautiful blond. There is no way anybody in Italian would have know who she was or cared about Bo Derek from the movie 10 in 1979. The fact that Brent Spiner's character knows that it's Bo Derek means this movie either starts in November or December of 1979 or he was a big fan of the movie Orca and was looking forward to her next role.
  24. Because they're both in on it! Oooo... I have a bunch of movies that if I'm in a bad mood I'll put on. Things like Big Trouble in Little China, Tremors, Black Dynamite, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. just things that are undeniable fun and not trying to be anything more. Ghostbusters is the one movie I always go back to the most. It is the movie I have seen the most and probably the movie that really got me into movies when I was young so when I watch it often brings a lot of those feelings back.
  25. This is a movie I always think I have seen and then realized I've just seen it referenced and parodied so much I just think I have seen it.