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  1. Oh gosh. I didn't realize my turn was this soon. I'll have an answer later this afternoon for sure.
  2. grudlian.

    Episode 224.5 - Minisode 224.5

    I'm going to see this but I'm not feeling this casting. I don't have quite the problem with her being in this that I did with her in Hustlers but ugh. I'm just not a fan of Cardi B.
  3. grudlian.

    The Gold Rush

    I like The Gold Rush quite a bit and it's probably my favorite Chaplin movie. I think a lot of his movies are more ambitious (or, doing more emotionally) but Gold Rush is just funnier. It makes me laugh way more than any of his other movies (which often don't work for me on the intended emotional level). If pressed, I would probably say Modern Times or The Kid are "better" movies but I'd rather watch The Gold Rush. For Eisenstein, I can see his importance but I'm not super into his work. All the movies of his that I've seen are very much a reaction to the Soviet Russia Eisenstein lived in which isn't meaningless today but significantly less interesting for me. Alexander Nevsky is probably the one I enjoy most but it's not something you haven't seen done many times since. I wouldn't push anyone really hard to watch it unless they really wanted to see where Braveheart came from.
  4. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    Here's a forum going over the differences between mono and stereo. This is all over the place as far as song order goes but it's the first thing a Google search pulled up. http://www.beatlelinks.net/forums/showthread.php?t=18854 EDIT: Here's a better looking source for Sgt Pepper http://www.columbia.edu/~brennan/beatles/var-1967.html
  5. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    Look at the range of emotion in a mere two seconds. The subtlety and nuance of those raised eyebrows. Where is this man's Oscar?
  6. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    People say more knowledgeable than me have made lists detailing all the differences between mono and stereo Pepper and White Album of you want to Google them. The weirdest is Helter Skelter where the stereo version has an extra coda on the end. I've always loved the idea of someone owning the mono version and getting the stereo version on CD after 20 years and being blown away by that. If I can "well, actually..." myself, a mono version of the Yellow Submarine soundtrack doesn't exist but the songs original to it were eventually released in mono on the mono version of Past Masters a few years ago. The orchestral songs have never been released in mono.
  7. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    Serious shade being thrown at Paul Mccartney's amazing performance in Give My Regards To Broadstreet.
  8. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    Movies were mono at this time (maybe the are exceptions?)). I would summe virtually any streaming or DVD version would be mixed to stereo or 5.1. Maybe mono is an option but I doubt it's the default. So, we probably aren't hearing it as intended for theatres. The Yellow Submarine album was released only in stereo. There was a Yellow Submarine songtrack (not soundtrack) released around 2001 that was remastered and remixed that a lot of people liked. I, being a purist and snob, never listened to it. I would assume modern mixes of the movie utilize this? For Sgt. Pepper (and all the early Beatle albums and even a lot of albums at the time) were definitely mixed differently for mono and stereo. Sgt. Pepper and the white album definitely have notable differences for many songs. Some are even at very different speeds. Some have different sound effects entirely. The main reason for the differences are that more people had mono systems at home in 1967 and more care was put into mono mixing (at least for The Beatles). I don't know why they didn't mix in stereo and simply fold it into a single channel but I assume they had a reason. The mono version of Sgt. Pepper was released in 1967 but stopped being available as stereo became the standard. I don't think it was officially released again until the Beatles remasters in 2010 (or so, I don't remember the exact year).
  9. I didn't vote because my feelings are mixed. It will never go on my top 100 list of personal favorites. But I realize I'm an anomaly in this and my personal enjoyment may not necessarily outweigh what literally every other person has told me who has seen it. Because, again, I can see the quality even if I don't laugh at it. Also, yes to Jaws.
  10. I think it's because they covered them earlier in their run. Then they did two Marx Brothers movies and argued if that was really necessary. That kind of morphed into should anyone be represented twice. I personally think the idea is silly because I don't think it's the AFI's aim to represent every aspect of American film. I guess so or maybe I don't and that's why I'm not actually amused by it. I don't particularly care either way. I've seen it multiple times and never cared much for it except in a purely analytical way. But analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog and all that.
  11. grudlian.

    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    I think we have to give him a bit more time to say something dumb about the future of movies. He didn't come out anti-Roma the same day the nominees were announced last year. Now if Ford V. Ferrari somehow wins best picture...
  12. grudlian.

    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    I also want to say that I'm glad Frozen 2 wasn't nominated for Animated Feature.
  13. grudlian.

    Minisode 230.5

    I loved Opportunity Knocks as a kid. I still work in the "he says you're number one" joke in real life if flipping someone off ever comes up.
  14. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    Most of the soundtrack was either previously released hits, orchestra music by George Martin and a handful of songs that were recorded but unreleased. I want to say All Together Now or Hey Bulldog might have been recorded for the movie but maybe they weren't (not positive either way). The Beatles were not interested in doing the movie since they didn't like the Beatles cartoon show. So, they didn't do much of anything for this until they happened to watch the movie and liked it. That's the only reason the All Together Now sequence even exists.
  15. grudlian.

    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    If we're talking purely on direction and nothing else, I think Joker is at least in the conversation for best direction. I'd put it in over One Upon A Time In Hollywood. I'd put Little Women above both on directing though. Ugh. I hadn't even noticed. That's bullshit. Ford V Ferrari is perfectly fine. Nothing stands out about it but it's maybe better than the sum of its parts. I definitely wouldn't have nominated it for best picture. But it's worth watching.