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  1. grudlian.

    Episode 224.5 - Minisode 224.5

    If people follow the walk through a single spray in the air, I don't think it's a big deal. But I also think perfumes/colognes generally don't smell good. I'd rather have the absence of odor than any manufactured smells. I'm just really sensitive to perfumes in general and, other than hand soap which I can't find unscented anywhere, I don't have anything in my house with perfumes.
  2. grudlian.

    Episode 224.5 - Minisode 224.5

    I need to back up June and Paul about cologne. Anyone wearing perfume and cologne can stop. I'd even argue people with scented deodorant, scented anything can stop. If you want to have something to cover up odors in your bathroom or near a litter box or something, that's cool. I don't want you bringing new scents outside your home.
  3. grudlian.

    Bonus Reel: Joker & Taxi Driver

    Early Letterman could maybe fit this bill but certainly not to the extreme of Joker. He definitely invited regular nobodies on air and made fun of them with Stupid Human Tricks. SPOILERS FOR JOKER Besides stuff others have said, this was my biggest issue with this movie while I watched it was linking it to Batman. As a movie about an abused, mentally ill man, it's good enough. Every time Bruce Wayne came up, it was laughable. When they showed the origin story for Bruce was the most groan inducing thing I've seen in a while. If this wasn't a super villain origin story, it's just an insulting look at abuse and mental illness.
  4. grudlian.

    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    I don't know if this is purely a phone issue but I still can't like things! If everyone who wrote something useful or funny could pretend I liked it, I'd appreciate it.
  5. grudlian.

    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    I instinctively tried to like this post like an idiot.
  6. grudlian.

    Joker (2019)

    The idea of him being a failed stand up comedian who finally breaks comes from a graphic novel The Killing Joke. I don't think it was ever his officially canon origin but its certainly the most popular origin for the last 30 years.
  7. grudlian.

    Episode 223.5 - Minisode 223.5

    My pick for the movie I would go way too hard for is No Retreat No Surrender. I would maybe travel just to be in the live audience.
  8. grudlian.

    American Graffiti

    As someone who is binging the entire Halloween franchise currently (planning on skipping the Rob Zombie ones though), Godfather might feel an awful lot shorter.
  9. grudlian.

    American Graffiti

    Yeah. I'll agree with this. Im not going to force someone to watch something again. Maybe with enough time in between but certainly not a third time. If someone puts in the time for a second viewing, they've done more than enough.
  10. grudlian.

    American Graffiti

    Maybe because Dazed And Confused isn't all that great? I'd even argue Everybody Wants Some is better and doesn't feel as much like nostalgia for some recently bygone era. I disagree with the idea that a movie has to grab you the first time. I've definitely grown to appreciate movies I dismissed the first time. Sometimes I'm not ready for them. Sometimes I've misinterpreted the movie. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a particular film. For example, this movie. I saw it once when I was probably 10 and, like Taylor Anne, at the insistence of my mother. I didn't get it at all. To put it in perspective, my mom had to explain that Wolfman Jack was a real person and that guy was the real Wolfman Jack. This time, I got it. But I think the nostalgia porn aspect of it isn't entirely 1962 but also that time in your life. You could change this film to 1982 or 2012 and the themes are still relevant even if the details like music and cruising the strip have changed. This is as much a movie about teens in the verge of adulthood, being stuck in the same town forever, being unsure of the future, the last night with the only friends you've ever had, and so on. There's nostalgia to it but it's not just baby boomer porn. It's practically a Bruce Springsteen song on film.
  11. grudlian.

    American Graffiti

    Pretty sure that caller said "butthole" not "pothole".
  12. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 76 I Kissed a Vampire

    I assume her assertion that she's not the girl next door is that she's not the colloquial "girl next door" archetype even though she seems to fit that definition as well. So, you're right. She couldn't be a more on the nose example of a girl next door.
  13. grudlian.

    Musical Mondays Week 76 I Kissed a Vampire

    I did a little bit of research on the claim that this is the second lowest grossing movie of all time. It definitely isn't. There are lots of movies that have made less than $1000. Given it's total gross of $1794 and the average ticket cost in 2012 of $7.96, this movie only had 225 people go see it in theatres. That's an average of about 20 people per theatre. Not surprisingly, it only ran for 1 week.
  14. grudlian.

    HDTGM Classics Resurrection!

    I messed around with this for a couple minutes and think it should work for us. I didn't try to host anything but this looks like a pretty solid replacement. It directed me to get Chrome when I tried to open the link in Firefox. So, maybe you need the app if you don't use Chrome? This looks like a pretty good find, Polly!
  15. grudlian.

    HDTGM Classics Resurrection!

    I really hope this works out. I'll try to remember and check this out tonight.