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    Episode 163 - Zodiac vs. Shaun of the Dead vs. Magnolia

    Zodiac all the way. Even though I'm a huge Edgar Wright fan, I can't cast my vote for Shaun when Hot Fuzz exists. Hot Fuzz is the perfect distillation of Wright's sensibilities as well as a seamless combo of action and comedy. In fact, Hot Fuzz is vastly superior to many of the action "classics" that he pays homage to in the film. Every viewing reveals a new joke and unlike the Apatow comedy factory, it is deftly plotted. No unnecessary riffing or improv here. Magnolia is PTA at his most pretentious. Even he is on the record that an hour needs to be cut from the film. Boogie Nights is far more Canon-worthy PTA. Zodiac is not Fincher's best film (that would be Social Network), but it is firmly in his Top 3. It also might be his most personal film as he grew up in the area during the Zodiac killings. Zodiac just might be his definitive statement on obsession in a career of films that focus on obsession. The ensemble acting, period design, cinematography and canny use of CGI are all incredible. It got zero recognition from the Academy and deserves to be in the conversation of truly great films from 00-10.
  2. Would love to see some heroic bloodshed. But any episode on this sub genre has to include Ringo Lam’s City on Fire. Not only did inspire countless imitators, but Tarantino borrowed large chunks of the film for Reservoir Dogs. City on Fire vs. The Killer?
  3. My top pick would be LA Confidential. It simply needs more recognition as of the truly great films of the 90s. Also, one of the very last mainstream studio films aimed squarely at adults. Wish list: Three Kings Trading Places vs. Coming to America To Live and Die In LA Hot Fuzz vs Shaun of the Dead
  4. AbeFroman

    Episode 159 - Caddyshack (w/ Alex Schmidt)

    Like so many other fondly remembered and endlessly quoted films from the 1980s, Caddyshack simply does not hold up in 2018. The film's narrative is a complete mess and it ultimately devolves into a series of admittedly enjoyable riffs by a few comedy legends. It's also hard to root for Danny Noonan, the film's ostensible lead, when he disappears for large chunks of the film. What's the point of making a "Slob vs. Snobs" comedy when we spent more time with the snobs and the slobs are so unlikable (save for Sarah Holcomb, despite sporting the worst Irish accent in history. She was also the mayor's daughter in the infamous pass out scene from Animal House) As a teen in the 90s, this film was indeed a comedy touchstone as well as a gateway to the work of its key players (Ramis, Murray, Chase, Dangerfield). My friends and I would endlessly quote Dangerfield's dialogue to each other, 100% of which is comedy gold. But a relentless barrage of great quotes does not make a comedy classic. If the film is celebrated for its key players, there are far more Canon worthy films of theirs to discuss: Groundhog Day for Ramis and Murray, Fletch for Chevy Chase and Back to School for Dangerfield. In fact, I would argue that Back to School is a far more successful "Slob vs. Snobs" entry than Caddyshack, perhaps the best of the 1980s.
  5. AbeFroman

    Edgar Wright

    Bumping this thread because I recently discovered Hot Fuzz on Netflix and it has quickly become one of my all time favorites. Good Lord, what an endless rewatchable film. Wright is a true original and he has now proven with Baby Driver that he can make a seamless transition to Hollywood.
  6. AbeFroman

    PARIS IS BURNING (1990).

    Big bump for this incredible time capsule of a documentary that is perhaps more relevant in 2018 than ever. It is astonishing in its presentation of 1980s NYC and the subcultures within it. It is hilarious, entharlling, harrowing and heartbreaking all at the same time. The Canon needs to devote an hour to this classic, if for no other reason than to educate people as to where terms like “throw shade” actually came from.
  7. As a Bostonian, I used to love The Departed. And while it remains supremely entertaining, it’s also a complete mess. Nicholson is a disaster and many of its themes (racism, father figures, impotence, masculinity) are ultimately abandoned. The Canon definitely needs some Hong Kong action and IA would be a worthy addition. To that end, I would love to see Hard Boiled or City on Fire receive consideration given their impact on action and crime genre films. Also the rat at the end is indeed too on the nose. However, the very posh Beacon Hill in Boston (the location of Matt Damon’s apartment) is legendary for its rat problem. As the screenwriter is also from Boston, I can’t help but sense that the setting was deliberate.
  8. AbeFroman

    My Own Private Idaho

    The Point Break episode reminded me that Keanu went right from a major studio action film and made this iconic Gus Van Sant indie classic. River Phoenix's best performance ever? A contender for Van Sant's best film, if not his most personal? One of the defining indie films of the 90s? Also, everyone in the cast immersed themselves so much in the street hustler lifestyle that there was major collateral damage afterwards. Many have speculated that this film is where Phoneix and co-star Rodney Harvey picked up the heroin habits that ultimately cost them their lives. Reeves was also rumored to have picked up a habit on this film. A devastating article in Premiere (1998, I think) chronicled the demise of Harvey and the fall out from MOPI. A haunting film that needs more recognition.
  9. AbeFroman

    Never Too Young to Die (1986)

    Stargrove!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM9yR6unqhc Young John Stamos vs.transvestite Gene Simmons?!! Bumping this out of necessity.
  10. AbeFroman

    Lionheart (1991)

    I searched for this film several times here and can't believe there isn't a thread for arguably JCVD's best "fighting" film. Lionheart is a certifiable Thank God This Got Made. Take the best pats of Bloodsport and Kickboxer, sprinkle in the the French Foreign Legion, the bad guy from Cobra, unitards, kilts and a boss fight featuring a behemoth named "Attila". Was released around the world with different titles in almost every market (Wrong Bet, AWOL, Leon, etc.) Please make this happen. We are long overdue for another JCVD live episode.
  11. AbeFroman

    Invasion U.S.A. (1985)

    Bumping this Fox News fever dream of a Chuck Norris film. It is hands down one of the most mean spirited action films ever. Not just for the disturbing coke scene but for the mass slaughter cold open. Please make it a double feature with another coked out Cannon Films shitshow, the majestic Death Wish 3.
  12. AbeFroman

    Street Trash (1987)

    6 replies and no mention of the scene in which characters play hot potato with a severed...ummm....."appendage." !!!!!!!! The entire podcast might be devoted to that scene alone. Caught this in high school after a late night party. My friends and I thought we had ingested very bad drugs. Or really good ones depending on your opinion of Street Trash.
  13. AbeFroman

    Good Weird Movies You'd Recommend for HDTGM

    Liquid Sky (1982) Forbidden Zone (1980) Night of the Creeps (1985) Naked Lunch (1991) Holy Motors (2012)
  14. AbeFroman

    Blame It On Rio (1984)

    To a certain generation (first round of kids to have HBO in the early to mid 80s), this film is monumental. I stumbled across it on cable with a group of friends when we were 8 or 9 and our minds were literally blown. Revisiting it as an adult, it is beyond gross. A disgusting male fantasy that was inexplicably bankrolled and released by a major studio. In light of the recent developments in Hollywood, it would make for an incredible episode.
  15. AbeFroman

    How Do You Know (2010)

    Besides Broadcast News, is there a good James L. Brooks film? Terms of Endearment? Manipulative and overrated. I'll Do Anything? Legendary trainwreck. As Good As It Gets? Another meandering trainwreck in which no acts like a real human being. Spanglish? Good Lord, another mess. He might be a wonderful human being and mentor in the entertainment industry, but his track record in film is spotty at best. Also, his worst tendencies have influenced Judd Apatow and latter day Cameron Crowe.