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  1. festivestar585

    Looking for an episode

    In which ep does Beverly casually reveal how her parents died? I don't want to go into too much detail for fear of spoiling it for new listeners, because it's such a great moment...
  2. John Han... short for John Hancock... 'short for John Hancock'... four words... Four Washington Lane... IT'S A PROTEST!
  3. Mic check. Aaand, tape rolling. Aaand, room sound. Check, check. Lemme go grab those waters real quick. In 5, 4, 3, nose, 1: Heynongman, festivestar585 (festivestar585) here. I know we haven’t met before - is THIS your card? But I’m gonna open up the plug bag real quick for this personal ‘sclusie: I started consuming all this Bing Bong content during the dog days of AuggieDoggie in the year two thousand and fourteen, and now, in the Thicke of Dec, I’m officially caught up - just in time to break off a new hundo! Yiiiiit’sbeen awhiiiile, but - and maybe it’s just me, but for me - I'm pretty proud. If anyone wants to womp up the jams or give me big ups - and I pray that you do - I’m definitely a person of several stars and stripes. All joking a salad, I’m so happy to know all of the pee-cast (podcast) characs (characters) and get all of Hot Saucerman’s ‘inside baseball’ references. I feel like the real deal holyfield and no longer live in fear of spoilers, even the ones in the ep (episode) titles. Long live Comed… Comdy… Com… ugh. Comedybingbong. THE WOLF DEAD. Also, it’s sunny and chilly where I am, so I hope that helps you, wherever and whenever you read this. Which is hopefully not at the Post Office. Alright, let's close up the ol' plug bag. [Closing up the plug bag / Do ba DO ba do ba DO ba / Closing up closing up / CLOSING UP CLOSING UP / BRO! / That’s a good song! / That’s a good song! / That is a good song. / That song’s okay. / That’s a GREAT song! / I didn’t like that song. / Was that even a song? / That’s a gooooood song! HEE / DAT'S NOT VERY GOOD SONG / The only good songs are hymns.]